Prebendaries: Carlton Kyme

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 3, Lincoln. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1977.

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Church of North Carlton (Lincs.) gr. as preb. by Philip de Kyme, conf. by bp. before Dec. 1184 (cf. R.A.L. I no. 214). Vicarage ordained 9 Feb. 1318 (Reg. II fo. 70v).

Church of Dalby (Lincs.) gr. by Philip de Kyme before 1189, presum. at foundation of preb. (R.A.L. II no. 537; also no. 538); portion belonged to preb. at ordination of N. Carlton vicarage 1318 (cited above).

Payment of 50s. p.a. from bp.'s receipts in archdcnry. of Lincoln, first certainly mentioned c. 1440 (L.S. II(2) 306), but presum. the 50s. p.a. paid to preb. from bpric. receipts in 1181 and 1182 (P.R. 28 Hen. II (P.R.S. xxxi) p. 60); perhaps represented by 40s. p.a. from bp.'s rents in archdcnry. of Lincoln, conf. as preb. by pope 5 June 1163 (R.A.L. I no. 255 p. 206).


1254 £10; 1291 £20


Richard de Kyme

First occ. as can. and preb. Sept. 1182, when he had already been preb. since Sept. 1180 or earlier (P.R. 28 Hen. II (P.R.S. xxxi) p. 60). Occ. as can. in L.P. II, of c. 1187 (app. 33 no. 56). Still can. c. 1200, but treas. for a short period before c. 25 June 1206 (list 5). Vacated this preb. and treasurership before c. 25 June 1206 (Rot. Litt. Pat. p. 66b). Presum. a relative, perhaps son, of Philip de Kyme, founder of the preb. (for whose career see H.K.F. II 119-22).

[Philip de Lucy

Royal gr. of this preb. and treasurership, to succeed Richard de Kyme, s.v., c. 25 June 1206 (Rot. Litt. Pat. p. 66b). Evidently ineffective, because does not occ. as preb. or treas. (list 5). Papal disp. for illegitimacy, not called can. or treas., 15 March 1224 (Reg. Hon. III no. 4868 = C.P.L. I 95).]

Henry of London (fn. 1)

Archdcn. of Stafford (Lichfield dioc.), 1189-1213. Royal gr. of this preb., to succeed Richard de Kyme, s.v., 27 Dec. 1207 (Rot. Litt. Pat. p. 78a). Bp.-el. of Exeter 1209. Became abp. of Dublin, el. and temps. before 5 March 1213 (ibid. p. 97b), cons. before 24 May (ibid. p. 99a).

M. Thomas de Birland (fn. 2)

Archdcn. of Northumberland from between 7 Aug. 1272 and 8 Nov. 1275, and had been succeeded by Apr. 1281 (Fasti 1066-1300 II 41). First occ. as can. 9 July × 10 Oct. 1284 (R.A.L. X no. 2955). Bp. of Lincoln's official 24 Apr. 1291 (Reg. Sutton II 91). Occ. as this preb. 28 Oct. 1292 (R.A.L. II no. 548) and 20 Sept. 1293 (Reg. Sutton IV 114-15). Last occ. in year Sept. 1304 - Sept. 1305 (Edwards, Sec. Caths. p. 327). D. as this preb. by 22 June 1305 (Reg. II fo. 278r).


  • 1. A member of the London family of Blund; see E. St. J. Brooks, in Jnl. of Royal Soc. of Antiquaries of Ireland lx (1930) 1-22.
  • 2. ? Burland, Yorks., E. For his career, see also Biog. Ox. I 192.