Prebendaries: Cropredy

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 3, Lincoln. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1977.

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. "Prebendaries: Cropredy", in Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 3, Lincoln, (London, 1977) 64-65. British History Online, accessed May 28, 2024,

. "Prebendaries: Cropredy", Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 3, Lincoln, (London, 1977). 64-65. British History Online. Web. 28 May 2024,



Church of Cropredy (Oxon., bp.'s manor T.R.E. and 1086, D.B. I 155b) in existence before 1109, portion of tithes gr. to Eynsham prob. 1094 (Cart. Eynsham I nos. 6-7; see V.C.H. Oxon. X 168); conf. as preb. with chapels by pope 6 Feb. 1146 (R.A.L. I no. 252 p. 199) and 5 June 1163 (ibid. no. 255 p. 207). Pres. by preb. 12 March 1278 (Rot. Gravesend p. 233). Vicarage ordained 1291 (C.U.L., Dd. 10. 28 fo. 105v; cf. V.C.H. Oxon. X 168).

Chapels of Cropredy:

Bourton, by 1279 (V.C.H. Oxon. X 181).

Claydon, 12th-cent. church (ibid. pp. 191-2).

Mollington, 13th-cent. church (ibid. p. 204).

Wardington, 12th-cent. church (ibid. p. 221).

Perhaps also Prescote (ibid. p. 207).


1254 £40; 1291 £66 13s. 4d., vicar £18 (Taxatio p. 38a)



Nephew of Guala, papal legate, so perhaps appd. 1217 or 1218; son of Manfred, a nobleman of Vercelli. Occ. as preb. of York Nov. 1222, but had been succeeded by c. 1227 (York Minster Fasti II 71-2). Occ. as a pluralist 19 Apr., 17 May and 23 Dec. 1233 (Reg. Greg. IX nos. 1234, 1929, 2326 = C.P.L. I 132, 140, 142). First occ. as this preb. 29 March 1235, when he was depr. of all his benefices in England, except this preb., his preb. of Exeter, and the church of Ecclesfield (Yorks., W.) (Reg. Greg. IX no. 2500 = C.P.L. I 145), but had been succeeded in this preb. before 16 June 1237 (below).

M. Adenulf dei Conti of Anagni

Nephew of pope Gregory IX, presum. prov. in succession to Rufinus. First occ. as this preb. in year 17 June 1236 - 16 June 1237 (Rot. Grosseteste p. 394). Also preb. of London (Fasti 1066-1300 I 91), Salisbury, and York; can. of Paris (Les Registres de Jean XXI, ed. E. Cadier (Bibliothèque des Écoles Françaises d'Athènes et de Rome, 2nd ser. xii) no. 1068). Still this preb. 12 March 1278 (Rot. Gravesend p. 233). Still alive 2 June 1287 (Reg. Romeyn I 364). D. by 8 Apr. 1289 (ibid. pp. 376, 378).

Odo de Colonna

Depr. of this preb. by pope, together with all other benefices, at time of excomm. and depr. of Colonna family, 23 May 1297 (Reg. Bon. VIII no. 2389: not in C.P.L.); effective by 30 Dec. (Reg. I fo. 360v). Also preb. of York. Son of John de Colonna de Urbe, and brother of John de Colonna, archdcn. of Huntingdon (ibid.; Dij/55/2/21; and see list 8).

John de Anibaldis

Papal prov. to this preb.; coll. by bp. 30 Dec. 1297 (Reg. I fos. 360v-361r); inst. 3 Jan. 1298 (Dij/55/2/21). Occ. as can. 21 Oct. 1300 (Reg. Bon. VIII no. 3751: not in C.P.L.). Presum. the unnamed Roman who occ. as this preb. in year Sept. 1304 - Sept. 1305 (Edwards, Sec. Caths. p. 328). D. by 6 July 1305 (Reg. II fo. 278v). Presum. a member of the Roman family of Anibaldi (cf. Gregorovius V(1) 158 n.); and therefore related to Richard de Anibaldis de Urbe, can. (list 52).