Prebendaries: Haydour-cum-Walton

Pages 71-72

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 3, Lincoln. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1977.

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Church of Haydor (Lincs.) already in existence in 1086 on land of Guy de Craon (D.B. I 367c); not mentioned as belonging to Lincoln until 1242 × 43, when prob. preb. (Book of Fees II 1037); certainly preb. ('Haydor cum Walton') by 1291 (Taxatio p. 56b). Chapels of Kelby and Culverthorpe mentioned at ordination of vicarage of preb. 17 Dec. 1318 (Reg. II fo. 81r).

Walton (next Aylesbury, Bucks., presum. part of royal manor of Aylesbury T.R.E. and 1086) conf. to cans. by pope 28 Apr. 1139 (R.A.L. I no. 249), and conf. as preb. 6 Feb. 1146 (ibid. no. 252 p. 199) and 5 June 1163 (ibid. no. 255 p. 207). Called preb. of Walton 1206 × 19 (ibid. × no. 2848) and 1254 (Val. Norwich p. 278).

Church of St. Margaret, Pottergate, Lincoln, gr. to cathedral and bp. by king Henry I 1102 × 15, ? 1114 (Regesta II no. 1056 = R.A.L. I no. 24). This church, and property in Pottergate evidently held by David archdcn. of Buckingham in 1150s, presum. as part of preb. Sutton (Dij/78/2/63-4; below list 63). Same property in Pottergate part of preb. of William of Ste.-Mère-Église c. 1198 (A/1/8 no. 524, cf. nos. 521-3, and Dij/78/2/53-4, 58-62), and part of preb. of Robert Bardolf c. 1200 (R.A.L. X nos. 2739, 2839-44, 2848; same property as William of Ste.Mère-Église's, see references cited above). Robert Bardolf's preb. called 'de Waltona' 1206 × 19 (R.A.L. X no. 2848). But same property held as part of preb. Sutton 1215 × 19 and c. 1220 (ibid. nos. 2845, 2856) and called preb. St. Margaret c. 1220 (ibid. nos. 2846-7, same property as Robert Bardolf's, see ibid. nos. 2839-44); and held by Matthew de Stratton, archdcn. of Buckingham and preb. Sutton, 1221 × 30 (Dij/78/2/52, cf. nos. 56-7; and below list 63). Dispute between Matthew de Stratton and John de Vercellis, preb. Walton, over church of Buckingham, referred to pope: first mentioned 30 Jan. 1236 (Reg. Greg. IX no. 2948 = C.P.L. I 150-1); sentence conf. 20 Apr. 1239, adjudging church of Buckingham to belong to preb. Walton, and archdcn. of Buckingham ordered to restore it to John de Vercellis (Reg. Greg. IX nos. 4836-9 = C.P.L. I 181), another mand. for rest. of church of Buckingham to preb. Walton 26 March 1244 (Reg. Innoc. IV no. 568 = C.P.L. I 208); final settlement, 19 Sept. 1245, adjudging church of Buckingham to belong to preb. Sutton, and church of St. Margaret, Pottergate, to belong to preb. Walton, conf. by pope 24 Sept. 1245 (Reg. Innoc. IV no. 1517 = C.P.L. I 221). (fn. 1) St. Margaret, Pottergate, part of preb. Haydour-cum-Walton in 1291 (Taxatio p. 56b).

Vicarage of Haydor and St. Margaret, Pottergate, with chapels of Kelby and Culverthorpe, ordained 17 Dec. 1318 (Reg. II fo. 81r).


1254 £35; 1291 £40


William of Ste.-Mère-Église (fn. 2)

Occ. as can. in L.P. II, of c. 1187 (app. 33 no. 3). A case concerning his preb. in Bucks., summer 1194 (Three Rolls of the King's Court, ed. F. W. Maitland (P.R.S. xiv) p. 39). Occ. presum. as this preb. c. 1198 (A/1/8 no. 524; see above, note on St. Margaret, Pottergate). Also dean of Mortain, preb. of London (Fasti 1066-1300 I 48), archdcn. of Wilts. (Salisbury dioc.). Became bp. of London, el. after 7 Dec. 1198, cons. 23 May 1199 (ibid. p. 2).

Robert Bardolf

First occ. as can. (unident. preb.) in L.P. II, of c. 1187 (app. 33 no. 30). Last occ. c. 1198 (R.A.L. II no. 637, see app. 45) and c. 1200 (ibid. × no. 2840). Occ. as this preb. c. 1200 (ibid., and nos. 2739, 2839-44), posthumously called preb. Walton 1206 × 19 (ibid. no. 2848, cf. Dij/78/2/59-60).

John de Vercellis

Occ. as this preb. in dispute with Matthew de Stratton, archdcn. of Buckingham and preb. Sutton (list 63), over church of Buckingham: first reference to dispute 30 Jan. 1236 (Reg. Greg. IX no. 2948 = C.P.L. I 150-1), final settlement 19 Sept. 1245, conf. by pope 24 Sept. (Reg. Innoc. IV no. 1517 = C.P.L. I 221; see above). Also can. of Beauvais 1244 (Reg. Innoc. IV no. 610 = C.P.L. I 208). Last occ. as can. of Lincoln 27 Jan. 1251 (Reg. Innoc. IV no. 4993 = C.P.L. I 266). His name suggests that he was perhaps related to Rufinus, son of Manfred of Vercelli and nephew of the papal legate Guala, can. before 1237 (list 32).

Preb. vacant 1298 (Reg. Sutton VI 54).

M. Walter of Wootton

Archdcn. of Huntingdon, from 30 June 1295 (list 8). Transf. from preb. Buckden after Feb. 1299 (list 24), by year Sept. 1304 - Sept. 1305 (Edwards, Sec. Caths. p. 328). Last occ. in year Sept. 1307 - Sept. 1308 (Bj/2/4 fo. 39r). D. as archdcn. and this preb. 19 Apr. 1308 (A/2/22 fo. 11r).


  • 1. The church of St. Peter, Eastgate, is unaccountably conf. to preb. Walton in C.P.L. I 221 (detail not in Reg. Innoc. IV no. 1517); but this church certainly belonged to the precentory, see list 3, and R.A.L. X no. 2694.
  • 2. Manche, France; see L. C. Loyd, Origins of some Anglo-Norman Families, ed. C. T. Clay and D. C. Douglas (Harleian Soc. ciii) p. 93.