Prebendaries: Teinton Regis

Pages 100-102

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 4, Salisbury. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1991.

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Kingsteignton (Devon, Exeter dioc.) royal manor 1066 and 1086 (DB I 100b). Churches of Kingsteignton, Harberton, East Allington and West Alvington gr. in prebendam by Serlo 'collector Devon', conf. by bp. Roger 1122 or a little earlier (Kealey p. 238), by Henry I 1121 × 22 (RSO I 381-2, cal. Regesta II no. 1372), and, with church of Kenton, by pope 26 Nov. 1146 (PUE II no. 53 p. 210) and by Henry II 1158 (RSO I 204).

But some difficulty over preb.: prob. added to Psalter list after c. 1150. Preb. annexed to communa, conf. by pope 6 June 1224 (RSO I 365-6, also Reg. Hon. III no. 5032, cal. CPL I 97); but bp. Richard Poore's ordination allows for 40m. p.a. to be paid from preb. to communa (RSO I 386-7, original ch. IV/E.5/Prebend of Teynton/9). Claims to preb. by Serlo's kin on basis of bp. Roger's ch. (Kealey p. 238) surrendered to bp. Aug. 1227 (RSO I 382-3, II 79).

Preb. consisted c. 1226 of church of Kingsteignton with chapel of Highweek and church of East Allington with chapel; while the churches of Kenton and West Alvington, with chapels, and the tithes of Heavitree belonged to the communa of Salisbury, and the church of Harberton with chapels to the cans.' daily distribution in Exeter cath. (Sar. Chs. pp. 171-2). See also ibid. pp. 239-40; CPL I 216: Reg. Bronescombe p. 148; IV/C.4/45; IV/E.3/Kenton/111; IV/E.3/Devon/1-18; IV/E.5/Prebend of Teynton/3, 5-10.

Pr.-preb.; cantoris side; term of residence c. 1270: Oct.-Dec.


1220s 80m.; 1226 80m.; c. 1284 100m.; 1291 Kingsteignton £17 17s. 5d., Allington £6



First preb., 'nutritus' of Serlo, the founder, occ. 1122 or a little earlier (Kealey p. 238).

Martin of Pattishall (fn. 1)

Royal justice 1218-29 (Turner, Judiciary p. 301 and index). First occ. as can. 29 Sept. 1225 (RSO II 37). Occ. as preb. 1224 × 28 (ibid. I 387) and Oct. 1226 × Feb. 1227 (app. 1). Fined for non-residence Feb. 1227 (RSO II 76), excused 9 Sept. 1228 (ibid. p. 104). Also can. of Lincoln, archdcn. of Norfolk by 1228, dean of St Paul's, London (1 Fasti III 132, II 65, I 6). D. 14 Nov. 1229 (Chron. Maj. III 190).

M. Roger of Salisbury (Theologus)

Can., preb. Netheravon, by 3 July 1223 (list 43). Precentor, first occ. [March × July] 1227 (list 3). Occ. this preb. 26 Nov. 1236 (Sar. Chs. pp. 239-40) and 20 Jan. 1238 (CRR XVI no. 198). Still this preb. when became bp. of Bath and Wells, el. before 3 Feb. 1244, temps. 10 May, cons. 11 Sept. (cf. Chron. Maj. IV 287).

Andrew of Lavagna

Succeeded M. Roger of Salisbury in this preb., 1244 (Chron. Maj. IV 287). Precentor to d. (list 3). Occ. as preb. several times (e.g. IV/E.3/Kenton/1, 11; IV/E.5/Prebend of Teynton/3; Reg. Bronescombe p. 148). D. as preb. Feb. 1270 (IV/E.3/Kenton/7; IV/E.3/Devon/3).

M. Stephen de Gurunvile or Goronvile

Precentor and this preb., instal. in succession to Andrew of Lavagna 18 Apr. 1270 (IV/E.5/Prebend of Teynton/8; list 3), but evidently did not hold this preb. (see below). Occ. as preb. Grantham Borealis 21 Dec. 1271 (list 33).

M. William de la Corner

Can. of York and papal chapl.; papal prov. of a canonry with expectation of a preb. in Salisbury 12 Sept. 1264 (Reg. Urbain IV no. 2803, cal. CPL I 418). Coll. to this preb. before 7 May 1270, when he acknowledged limitation of preb. (IV/E.3/ Kenton/7). Described as successor in this preb. of Andrew of Lavagna (IV/E.5/Prebend of Teynton/3). Res. this preb. by 10 Dec. 1274 (Reg. Bronescombe p. 148). Occ. as preb. Highworth May-June 1284 (list 36). Later bp. (list 1).

John of Leicester

Inst. to this preb. 10 Dec. 1274 (Reg. Bronescombe p. 148), but had been succeeded by 6 June 1275 (ibid.; see below). Evidently transf. to preb. Hurstbourne, where he occ. 1284 (list 38).

M. William de la Wyle

Can., unident. preb. by 22 Apr. 1265 (list 65). Adm. to this preb. 30 May 1275 (Reg. Bronescombe p. 148). Occ. this preb. May-June 1284 (app. 2). Archdcn. of Dorset by 11 July 1287, last occ. 2 March 1297 (list 7). D. as this preb. before 21 May 1297 (CPR 1292-1301 p. 249).

John of Binsted (fn. 2)

Controller of king's wardrobe. Royal coll. to this preb., s.v., to succeed William de la Wyle, 21 May 1297 (CPR 1292-1301 p. 249). Renounced orders 1308, married in or before 1311 (C. L. Kingsford, in Essays to R. L. Poole pp. 339, 340).


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  • 2. Near Alton, Hants, where he held land at his d., Cal. Inquisitions Post Mortem VI (1910) p. 285; for his career, see C. L. Kingsford, 'John de Benstede and his missions for Edward I', in Essays in History presented to R. L. Poole, ed. H. W. C. Davis (Oxford, 1927) pp. 332-59.