Prebendaries: Upavon

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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 4, Salisbury. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1991.

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Church of Upavon (Wilts.), which was already in the possession of the Norman abbey of Saint-Wandrille, created preb. by bp. H[erbert Poore] 1194 × 1207 (Cal. Docs. France no. 182). (fn. 1) Abbots of Saint-Wandrille became cans. of cath. (ibid.; cf. RSO II 61, 104), prob. in exchange for abbot's gr. to bp. and cath. of churches of Whitchurch, Sherston and Wilsford (RSO I 229-33; IV/E.3/Whitechurch & Sorestan/1, 3).

Preb. last to be added to Psalter list.

Preb. consisted of church of Upavon and chapel of Charlton, with tithes and land, and pension in chapel of Rushall; also pensions in churches of Boughton and Moutlon (Northants) and Bridport (Dorset); administered from priory at Upavon (see J. L. Kirby in VCH Wilts. III 396-7 and D. A. Crowley ibid. X 164-5, 166). Prior of Upavon acted as proctor of abbot; surrendered right to houses in Salisbury close 1289 (HMC Var. Coll. I 346). For earlier documentation, see F. Lot, Etudes critiques sur l'abbaye de Saint-Wandrille (Paris, 1913) pp. ciii-cv, nos. 72, 76, 98; also Cal. Docs. France nos. 60, 174, 175; Papsturkunden in Frankreich, ed. J. Ramackers (Göttingen, 1937) nos. 17, 39. See also VCH Wilts. III. 396-7 and X 162-72.

Pr.-preb.; cantoris side; term of residence c. 1270: July-Sept.


1220s 20m.; 1226 20m.; c. 1284 20m.; 1291 £26 13s. 4d.


The prebendaries of Upavon were the abbots of Saint-Wandrille, whose proctors in England were the priors of Upavon. For a list of the latter, see J. L. Kirby, in VCH Wilts. III 397.



El. 1194 (GC XI 181). Occ. at Rouen 16 Oct. 1197 (Landon, Itin. Ric. I p. 123). Adm. as preb. of Upavon 1212 × 17 (Cal. Docs. France no. 182, as 'R.'; cf. RSO I 229-33 as 'R.', but IV/E.3/Whitechurch & Sorestan/1 gives 'Reginaldus'). D. in England 24 Sept. 1207 (GC XI 181).


El. 1207 (GC XI 181). D. Apr. 1219 (ibid.).

William de Braio (fn. 2)

Prior, el. abbot 1219 (GC XI 181). Excused, not named, 15 Aug. 1226 (RSO II 61); not summoned 9 Sept. 1228 (ibid. p. 104). Res. 1235 (annals of Saint-Wandrille, in Rec. Hist. France XXIII 425).

Robert de Antonio

Prior, el. abbot 1235; d. 10 May 1244 (ibid. p. 425)

Peter Mauvyel

Monk, instal. as abbot 17 July 1244; d. 26 Oct. '1255', but 1254 must be intended (ibid.; cf. below).

Geoffrey de Naytot

Prior, conf. as abbot by abp. of Rouen 3 Nov. 1254 (J. de Laborde, Layette du trésor des chartes III (Paris, 1875) no. 4127; annals of Saint-Wandrille p. 425 and n. 6). Occ. 11 June 1262 (Cart. Bradenstoke no. 547), 21 Nov. 1285 (ibid. no. 503), and 25 Feb. 1286 (ibid. no. 557). D. 18 Apr. 1288 (annals of Saint-Wandrille p. 426).

William de Noirevilla

Prior, succeeded as abbot 1288 (ibid.), May (GC XI 181). D. 1303 or 1304 (annals of Saint-Wandrille p. 426).


  • 1. It is suggested by D. A. Crowley, in VCH Wilts. X 170 and n. 51, that this should be dated 1212 × 17, citing in support CRR VI 122, 189. But this records a dispute over the advowson, which may well have taken place after the establishment of the preb. A document intimately related to the foundation ch. is IV/E.3/Whitechurch and Sorestan/1, which gives the name of Reginald, abbot of Saint-Wandrille, who d. in 1207, see below.
  • 2. Prob. to be identified with 'Willelmus abbas Wandragesili' named anachronistically in chapter list of May-June 1284, app. 2.