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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 4, Salisbury. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1991.

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Church of Odiham (Hants, not in DB) conf. to cath. by Henry I 1107 x 35 (RSO I 201, cal. Regesta II no. 1972). Prob. assigned to chanc. by bp. Roger shortly before Dec. 1139 (cf. Regesta III no. 787; above, p. xxv and n.). Gr., with churches of Liss and Bentworth (Hants), 'ad opus magistri scole Sar", by Stephen Dec. 1139 (Regesta III no. 789; cf. ibid. no. 787). Not mentioned in papal conf. 1146 (PUE II no. 53). Restored to cath. 19 Oct. 1157 by Henry II (Sar. Chs. pp. 29-30); conf. to cath. by Henry II 1158 (RSO I 204).

Preb. of Brixworth annexed to chancellery 6 Nov. 1240 (see list 23).

Chanc. had tenement next to the schools, 1326 (B. 475, 526-7). A small estate in Stratford-sub-Castle (Old Sarum) belonged to chanc. (see VCH Wilts. VI 202).

Deeds relating to chancellery III/Chancellor/21 May 1225, 6 Nov. 1274, 15 Dec. 1274, c. 1274, 23 Jan. 1274/5, 4 Aug. 1278, 12 June 1282.


1226 chancellery 15m.; 1291 church of Odiham £66 13s. 4d., church of Bentworth £17 6s. 8d., church of Liss £16 13s. 4d.


On the title of chancellor and its precursors, see Inst. pp. 83-7.

Masters of the schools

M. Guy of Etampes (fn. 1) preb. unident., list 65

Prob. first mag. schol. A pupil of Anselm of Laon, sent by bp. Hildebert of Le Mans to act as mag. schol. for bp. Roger, c. 1107 (PL clxxi col. 219; Actus Pontificum Cenomannis, ed. G. Busson and A. Ledrou (1901) p. 425, from which it is clear that he was also can. of Salisbury). Also can. of Lincoln (Actus Cenom. p. 425; omitted from 1 Fasti III), archdcn. of Rouen, precentor and mag. schol. of Le Mans. Bp. of Le Mans 1126, d. 1136 (Actus Cenom. pp. 422-42; Ord. Vit. VI 360, 478). Does not occ. at Salisbury, so may have returned to France some years before 1126; he occ. at Le Mans as precentor in 1120 (PL clxxi col. 319) and at Chartres as archdcn. of Rouen. in 1123 (D. Spear, 'Les archidiacres de Rouen', Annales de Normandie xxxiv (1984) p. 23). A Paris Master, author of Dialectica (see R. W. Hunt, 'Studies on Priscian II', Medieval and Renaissance Studies, ii (1950) 17, 41, re-pd. in The History of Grammar in the Middle Ages, ed. G. L. Bursill-Hall (Amsterdam, 1980) pp. 55, 79; R. M. Thomson, 'The library of Bury St Edmunds', Speculum xlvii (1972) p. 635).

[? M. Ailwin preb. unident., list 66

Occ. as can. once only, 1122 or a little earlier, together with dean Serlo (Kealey p. 238). Possibly mag. schol. (cf. Kealey p. 92).]

An unnamed mag. schol. occ. prob. Dec. 1139 (Regesta III no. 789).


Philip preb. unident., list 65

Occ. as chanc. once only, 1155 x 61 (RSO I 218). (fn. 2) Possibly to be identified with Philip, chanc. of abp. Theobald by Sept. 1152 to 1161 (see C. R. Cheney, English Bishops' Chanceries (Manchester, 1950) p. 29; and Saltman, Theobald index sub Philip), who may be the same man as Philip de Sal' (of Salisbury), who occ. among abp.'s clks. between early 1150 and Sept. 1152 (Saltman, Theobald p. 482; cf. Cheney loc. cit. and JS Epp. I p. xviii n.). Not likely to be identified with Philip de Sancto Edwardo, who occ. as can. and clk. of bp. Jocelin, and was responsible for correction of cath. books temp. Baldwin chanc. (Sar. Stats. p. 38, also pd. RSO I 224, some time before Nov. 1184); (fn. 3) last occ. as can. 7 Jan. 1213/14; and d. before 27 Nov. 1214 (unident. preb., list 66).

Baldwin preb. unident., list 65

First certain occ. early 1182 (HMC Wells I 21bis; cf. EEA II no. 227) and occ. several times before bp. Jocelin's res. in 1184, before Nov. (Sar. Stats. p. 38, also pd. RSO I 224; Sar. Chs. p. 43; HMC Wells I 38-9; Cart. Reading II 89; Cart. Waltham no. 111). Occ. frequently with bp. Hubert (RSO I 241, 243; Cart. Reading I 158). (fn. 4) Last occ. 1197 x Aug. 1205 (cart. Bath: BL Egerton MS 3316 fo. 69v). (fn. 5) Donor of a cope (Ceremonies p. 172, from RSO MS p. 168, initial 'B.' wrongly pd. as 'R.' in RSO II 130). (fn. 6)

M. Hugh de Gaherst (fn. 7) preb. unident., list 65

Occ. as clk. or chapl. witnessing charters of Richard of Ilchester, bp. of Winchester (1174-88) and his successor Godfrey de Lucy (1189-1204) (see, e.g., Reg. Pontissara II 412, 452; RSO I 221, 240), and chs. of Herbert Poore, bp. of Salisbury, 10 Dec. 1198 (BL, Cotton MS Claud. C. ix fo. 184r) and 18 Apr. 1201 (Cart. Reading I 169; cf. HMC Wells I 21, of 1182/3, with Salisbury clergy). First occ., as H. chanc., 1206/7 (Cart. Sandford II no. 264), as Hugh chanc. 27 May 1208 (Windsor, St George's Chapel Muniments, XI. G. 21 (original ch.), pd. RSO I 190, from RSO MS p. 38), with full name and title after 21 Dec. 1206 (Rochester Diocesan Records, at Maidstone, Kent Archives Office, 'Liber Temporalium' fo. 132r). Sent to dioc. Winchester to collect alms for the new cath., Dec. 1219 (RSO II 12). Occ. frequently. Last occ. at laying of foundation stone of new cath., 28 Apr. 1220 (RSO II 13). Had been succeeded by by 20 Sept. 1220 (below). Presum. not to be identified with man of same name who occ. without title as scribe of a charter issued by dean William de Waude, after 20 Sept. 1220 (RSO I 289).

M. Robert de Hertford preb. Wilsford, list 61

First occ., as M. Robert chanc., 20 Sept. 1220 (RSO II 17), and with full name and title 17 Jan. 1222 (Sar. Chs. p. 121, '16 Kal. Feb.' in original charter, IV/C.4/29). Occ. frequently. Last occ. 17 Feb. 1236 (Sar. Chs. p. 237), and had been succeeded as chanc. by 1 Dec. 1236 (below). (fn. 8) Dean by 24 Feb. 1237/8 (list 2).

M. Richard preb. unident., list 65

Occ. once only, 1 Dec. 1236 (HMC Var. Coll. I 342, pd. from I/7/M-N/6). The only M. Richard with whom this man might be identified is M. Richard de Bremble, preb. Bitton by 1226 (list 21).

M. Adam de Essebi preb. Brixworth, list 23

Subdean (last occ. 29 July 1237, list 11). First occ., as M. Adam chanc., 24 Feb. 1237/8 (Sar. Chs. p. 242). Occ. several times. Last occ., with full name and title, 6 Nov. 1240, when his preb. annexed to chancellorship (ibid. pp. 259-60). D. before 16 June 1241 (Reg. Innoc. IV no. 331, temp pope Gregory IX, cal. CPL I 203).

M. Ralph de Hecham (fn. 9) preb. Brixworth, list 23

Pres. to church of Brixworth some time between 6 Nov. 1240 and 16 June 1241 (Rot. Grosseteste p. 200), so presum. also chanc. by that date (cf. E.40/12126 of 31 Dec. 1241, pd. Mon. Ang. VI (1) 506 (xviii), attestation omitted in cart. copy, cal. Cart. Lacock no. 253). Occ. frequently. Last occ. 9 Sept. 1271 (Sar. Chs. p. 352). D. by 29 March 1272 (Rot. Gravesend p. 119). Perhaps to be identified with Ralph chanc. who was commem. 21 Nov. (Sar. Stats. p. 13), and if so, prob. d. c. 21 Nov. 1271. Owned Salisbury, D. & C. Libr. MS 142 (Med. Librs. p. 304, Suppt. p. 109; and cf. above, p. xxxviii and n.).

M. Simon de Micham preb. Brixworth, list 23

Can. (unident. preb., list 65). Inst. as chanc. to Brixworth 29 March 1272 (Rot. Gravesend p. 119). Occ. frequently. Also can. of Wells, occ. 11 Oct. 1284 (C. 531). Dean, el. 11 July 1287 (list 2).

M. Ralph of York II preb. Brixworth, list 23

Can. (preb. Horton, list 37). Inst. to Brixworth by proxy 15 Jan. 1288, after some delay (Reg. Sutton II 63), so presum. chanc. by that time. First certain occ., as Ralph chanc., 10 May 1288 (app. 3). Occ. frequently. D. 21 Nov. 1309 (Reg. Gandavo II 717). Owned and donated seven MSS to cath. (Cat. Libr. Sal. nos. 11, 44, 45, 91, 102, 142, 161; cf. Med. Librs. p. 303).


  • 1. 'de Stampis', Ord. Vit. V 238, VI 478; cf. PL clxxi col. 321, witness c. 1100. He was a Breton from Ploërmel, Actus Cenom. p. 424, cf. Ord. Vit. VI 360.
  • 2. Temp. Henry, dean. list 2, and before papal conf. of Dec [1161], PUE I no. 88.
  • 3. This duty belonged to the chanc. prob. by c. 1160, see Inst. p. 96 (cl. 20) and p. 86. The virgate of land which Philip received for correcting the books was gr. c. 1220 to M. R[obert de Hertford], chanc., Sar. Stats. p. 54.
  • 4. Although 'Ralph' occ. as chanc. in RSO I 247 and in RSO MS p. 63, this is a mistranscription of the original ch. of bp. Hubert, which gives 'Baldwin', IV/E.5/Lyme & Halstock/3.
  • 5. Temp. Savaric, bp. of Bath and Glastonbury.
  • 6. M. Peter, pr., said to have ruled the schools at the time of a miracle performed by St Osmund, some time between c. 1180 and 1214, Can. Osm. p. 38 (temp. Philip de Sancto Edwardo, can., list 66). Possibly to be identified with Peter Picot, preb. Warminster (list 60), cf. J. E. Sayers, Papal Judges Delegate in the Province of Canterbury, 1198-1254 (Oxford, 1971) p. 227, or with P- de Wilton (list 66).
  • 7. ? Gayhurst, north Bucks.
  • 8. There is an error in Cart. Bradenstoke no. 7, where he is said to occ. 26 March 1237: both MSS of the cart. give 16 March 1234, BL, Stowe MS 925 fo. 28r and Cotton MS Vitell. A. xi fo. 145r.
  • 9. Oxford Master by 1231. D.Th.; chanc. of univ. Oct. 1241 x Oct. 1242; for his career, see Biog. Ox. II 903.