Prebendaries: Axford

Pages 44-45

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 4, Salisbury. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1991.

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Axford, a hamlet in parish of Ramsbury, and thus part of bp.'s manor of Ramsbury (Wilts.) 1066 and 1086 (cf. DB I 66a; and see VCH Wilts. XII 48, 50). Presum. an estate and/or rights included in appurtenances of Ramsbury church, given to cans. by bp. Osmund 1091 (carta).

Preb. prob. in existence by c. 1150 (Psalter list), and certainly by 1186 (PR 32 Hen. II p. 167; cf. 33 Hen. II p. 187 and 34 Hen. II p. 184). Agreement with abbot of Sherborne over tithes of Haydon (near Sherborne), Sherborne and 'Brumesleya', presum. part of ancient episcopal estate in Sherborne, many miles from Axford, c. 1155 x 1189 (Sar. Chs. p. 34, temp. Clement abbot of Sherborne, see Heads of Relig. Houses p. 70). Can. of this preb. claimed one hide in Lillington (Dorset), near Sherborne, as ancient prebendal land, 1200 (CRR I 135, 347). Called preb. of Axford and Haydon 1291 (Taxatio p. 182a).

Subdcn.-preb.; cantoris side; term of residence c. 1270: Jan.-Mar.


1220s 3m.; 1226 32s.; c. 1284 3m.; 1291 £5



Occ. once only, as succentor and this preb., c.1155 x 1189 (list 12).

Preb. accounted for 20s in 1186, 2m in 1187, 20s in 1188, and prob. vacant in those years (PR 32 Hen. II p. 167, 33 Hen. II p. 187, 34 Hen. II p. 184).

M. Gregory

Occ. this preb. twice in 1200 (CRR I 135, 347). Perhaps to be identified with Gregory who occ. as can. Apr. or May 1193 (Cart. Reading I no. 204), 1197 x 1215 (Sar. Chs. p. 72) and 1213 x Jan. 1215 (Cart. Loders no. 30). Perhaps to be identified with Gregory de Cumba, who occ. without title before Jan. 1215 (IV/E.5/Prebend of Charminster & Bere/14), and as can. 7 Jan. 1213/14 (Nova Const.), 14 Nov. 1215 (C. 479, pd., with witnesses omitted, Sar. Chs. p. 79), and 1215 x 20 (RSO II 34). Gregory, can., was donor of Salisbury cath. MS 41, for the soul of M. Adam his father and John succentor his brother (list 12) (Cat. Libr. Sal.).

Stephen of Tisbury

First occ. as can. 29 Sept. 1225 (RSO II 38). Occ. this preb. Oct. 1226 x Feb. 1227 (app. 1). Archdcn. of Wilts. by 15 Aug. 1226, d. between 9 May and 1 Aug. 1246 (list 10).

M. John of Derby

Occ. this preb. May-June 1284 (app. 2) and as can. 11 July 1287 (HMC Var. Coll. I 355), 10 May 1288 (app. 3) and 16 July 1319 (Sar. Stats. p. 138). Also can. of Wells; dean of Lichfield, el. 1280, d. 12 Oct. 1319 (H. Wharton, Anglia Sacra (1691) I 442; cf. Reg. Martival I 141).