Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 4, Salisbury. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1991.

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'Deans', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 4, Salisbury, (London, 1991), pp. 7-12. British History Online [accessed 16 June 2024].

. "Deans", in Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 4, Salisbury, (London, 1991) 7-12. British History Online, accessed June 16, 2024,

. "Deans", Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 4, Salisbury, (London, 1991). 7-12. British History Online. Web. 16 June 2024,



Church of Mere (Wilts.) presum. included in bp.'s manor of Chaddenwick 1086 (DB I 66a); half church gr. to cans. by bp. Osmund 1091 (carta); church conf. to cath. by Henry I 1107 x 35 (RSO I 201, cal. Regesta II no. 1972), by Stephen 1139 (Regesta III no. 787), by pope 26 Nov. III 1146 (PUE II no. 53 p. 209), and by Henry II 1158 (RSO I 204). Prob. assigned to dean by bp. Roger shortly before Dec. 1139 (cf. Regesta III no. 787, and see above, p. xxv). Inventory of church, with chapels of Zeals, Chaddenwick and [Kingston] Deverill, 1220 (RSO I 290-2).

Church of Sonning (Berks.) belonged to bpric. 1066 and 1086 (DB I 58b); gr. to cans. by bp. Osmund 1091 (carta); conf. by pope 26 Nov. 1146 (PUE II no. 53 p. 209). Assigned to dean by 1176 x 93 (cf. RSO I 275, 284, 288). Inventory of church, with chapels of Earley, Sindlesham, Ruscombe, Wokingham, Hurst, Sandhurst and Arborfield, 1220 (RSO I 275-89).

A small estate in Stratford-sub-Castle (Old Sarum) belonged to dean from before 1225 (Sar. Chs. pp. 167-8; RSO I 259-60, II 49-50; cf. VCH Wilts. VI 200-1).

House in close, occupied by M. Robert de Wickhampton as dean (1258-71), given by him, as bp., to deanery in perpetuity 28 Oct. 1277 (Sar. Chs. pp. 355-6, from C. 491, not 'C. 421' as stated).

From time of M. Walter Scammel as dean (1271-84), preb. Heytesbury annexed to deanery (see list 35).


1226 deanery with preb. Heytesbury 80m.; 1291 churches of Mere and Sonning £100


? Walter preb. unident., list 65

Commem. between 30 Jan. and 12 Apr., as 'Gualterus primus decanus Sarum' (Leland, Itin. I 265, from which given in Sar. Stats. p. 4). No other occ. Perhaps appd. by bp. Osmund (1078-99).

Robert (fn. 1) preb. unident., list 65

D. 1111 (Ann. Margam p. 9). No other occ.

Serlo preb. unident., list 65

Occ. as dean twice only: ? July 1115 x Apr. 1116, as S. (RSO I 383, for the date of which see Kealey pp. 234-5), and 1122 or a little earlier (Kealey p. 238). Res., presum. to become a can. of Merton (Aug., Surrey), where he occ. as 'quondam' dean 29 July 1125 (see Kealey p. 235 n. 11, and cf. Records of Merton Priory, ed. A. C. Heales (1898) p. 5). Became abbot of Cirencester 1131 (John Worc. p. 31, for the date of which see Heads of Relig. Houses p. 159 n. 7), and d. 1147, 1148 or 1149 (see Heads pp. 159-60). Commem. 30 Jan. at Salisbury, as 'Serlo decanus Sarum et postea abbas Cirencestriae' (Leland, Itin. I 265, from which given in Sar. Stats. p. 3).

Roger preb. unident., list 65

Occ. once only, and as he presum. held office between Serlo and Azo, this occ. must be dated prob. 1122 x Dec. 1139 (RSO I 215). (fn. 2)

Azo (fn. 3) preb. Potterne, list 47

Prob. to be identified with Azo archdcn. [of Wilts.] and brother of Roger of Ramsbury, who succeeded him as archdcn. before Dec. 1139 (list 10). Occ. several times temp. bp. Roger, before Dec. 1139 (Kealey pp. 254, 264, 266, 267, 269). Last occ. Mar. 1144 x Feb. 1145 (GFL p. 71) and 8 June [1145] (PUE II no. 47).

Robert of Salisbury (fn. 4) preb. unident., list 65

First occ., as dean R., June 1148 (Sar. Chs. pp. 14-15), and as dean Robert 13 Apr. 1149 (Regesta III no. 795). Perhaps to be identified with M. Robert of Chichester, who occ. as can. of Salisbury 1148 (list 66). Also preb. of London (1 Fasti I 57). Last occ. after Dec. 1154 (Sar. Chs. p. 19). Bp. of Exeter, el. 1155, after 28 March, cons. 5 June.

Henry de Beaumont (fn. 5)

Occ. several times in undated documents between 1155 and 1165 (e.g. RSO I 228, 236; Oxford Chs. no. 25; Dean Cosyn pp. 87-8; Early Yorks. Chs. II no. 1120). Also occ. prob. before Aug. 1158 (Sar. Chs. p. 35, for the date of which cf. conf., before Aug. 1158, RSO I 203-4), before Dec. [1161] (RSO I 218), 13 Dec. [1161] (PUE I no. 88), 20 Dec. [1161] (IV/E.1/ Cannings/4, for the date of which cf. Jaffé nos. 10683-90), after c. 1164 (Dean Cosyn pp. 88-9, temp. R[ichard] dean of Wells). Bp. of Bayeux, el. 1165, and presum. cons. by late summer (Robert of Torigny, in Chrons. of Stephen etc., ed. R. Howlett (RS lxxxii, 1884-9) IV 225; Materials for Becket V 217, cf. ibid. pp. 212, 214; JS Epp. II nos. 137-8 and p. xxv and n.; cf. also Gerv. Cant. I 240, for the king's suggestion that he be el. abp. of Canterbury 1172). As dean he provided for his anniversary (IV/O/a.2).

M. John of Oxford (fn. 6) preb. unident., list 65

King's chapl., and one of royal representatives at diet of Würzburg, May 1165, where he was said to have sworn support on king's behalf for anti-pope Paschal III (JS Epp. II 182-5 esp. p. 183 n. 11 and references cited), but this was later denied by him (ibid. pp. 354-5). Appd. dean by bp. Jocelin at king's request (William FitzStephen in Materials for Becket III 92, and Herbert of Bosham ibid. pp. 392-3). Occ. as dean with king at Woodstock c. May 1165 (Chron. Abingdon, ed. J. Stevenson (RS ii, 1858) II 235; for the date of which cf. Eyton, Itin. Hen. II p. 81 and Heads of Relig. Houses p. 25) and ? late 1165 (Bec Docs. pp. 3-4, cf. Eyton, Itin. Hen. II pp. 87-8). El. annulled by pope 8 June 1166 because of his association with schismatics and because some members of the chapter were in exile with Becket (Materials for Becket V 375), although said by bp. Jocelin to have been el. by consent of unanimous chapter (ibid. pp. 413-14). Excomm. by Becket 12 June 1166 (JS Epp. II 112-13; Materials for Becket V 388, 390, 394-5). Appeal to pope by chapter (Materials for Becket V 416). John sent by king on embassy to Rome July 1166 (JS Epp. II 148-9). Surrendered deanery to pope and received papal coll. to it before Dec. 1166 (ibid. pp. 348-9, 354-5 and p. xxxii; cf. Materials for Becket VI 147-8). Occ. as dean several times. Last occ. as dean 10 Aug. 1175 (G. V. Scammell, Hugh du Puiset, Bishop of Durham (Cambridge, 1956) pp. 276-7). Bp. of Norwich, el. 2 Nov. 1175, cons. 14 Dec. (1 Fasti II 56).

Jordan preb. unident., list 65

Archdcn. [of Salisbury] (list 9). First occ. as dean [June 1176] (Eyton, Itin. Hen. II p. 205). Occ. several times. Last occ. May x Nov. 1193 (RSO I 264, while bp. Hubert Walter was abp.-el., cf. list 1). Donor of vestments at Sonning (RSO I 275).

M. Eustace (fn. 7) preb. unident., list 65

First occ. as dean 5 May 1194 (Landon, Itin. Ric. I p. 92). Also keeper of king's seal (vice-chanc.), archdcn. of Richmond 1196, treas. of York and archdcn. of East Riding 1196 (York Minster Fasti I 23). Occ. several times. Last occ. as dean 27 July 1197 (Landon, Itin. Ric. I p. 120). Bp. of Ely, el. 10 Aug. 1197, cons. 1 or 8 March 1198 (1 Fasti II 45).

M. Richard Poore preb. Charminster, list 26

Brother of bp. Herbert Poore (1194-1217) (Ann. Wint. p. 65). Became dean 1197 (ibid.). Unsuccessful candidate for bprics. of Winchester 1205 and Durham 1213 (1 Fasti II 86, 30). Occ. as dean several times. Last occ. as dean 15 Sept. 1214 (Nova Const., statute relating to vicars). Bp. of Chichester, temps. 7 Jan. 1215, cons. 25 Jan.; translated Salisbury, temps. 27 June 1217 (list 1). Prob. responsible as dean for final stages in composition of Osmund's Institutio (Inst. pp. 93-4, pd. ibid. pp. 94-7); prob. compiler of Consuetudinarium (US I pp. xvii-xx, pd. ibid. pp. 1-212 and RSO I 1-185), and of the Ordinale (see above, p. xxvii).

Adam preb. Potterne, list 47

Archdcn. of Dorset (last occ. 7 Jan. 1213/14, list 7). First occ. as A. dean 29 Aug. 1215 (Sar. Chs. pp. 78-9; cf. Rot. Litt. Pat. p. 140a, where an unnamed dean occ. 18 Aug. 1215, and Chron. of Election of Hugh abbot of Bury St Edmunds, ed. R. M. Thomson (OMT, 1974) pp. 156-7). Occ. several times. Identity as Adam, previously archdcn. of Dorset, established by evidence of preb. Potterne (list 47). D. at Sonning 23 Aug. 1220, buried at Old Salisbury 25 Aug. (RSO II 15). Bequeathed vestments at Sonning (ibid. I 275) and gave ornaments to the cath. (ibid. II 137, 138, also pd. Ceremonies pp. 178-9).

William de Waude (fn. 8) preb. Heytesbury, list 35

Precentor (list 3). El. and instal. 20 Sept. 1220 (RSO II 15-17). Occ. frequently. Last certain occ. 1 Dec. 1236 (HMC Var. Coll. I 342), but prob. the unnamed dean who occ. 12 Jan. 1236/7 (Cal. of Charters relating to Selborne, ed. W. D. Macray (Hants Rec. Soc., 1891) p. 20). For his visitation of prebendal churches in 1220, see RSO I 275ff. Evidently compiler of RSO account of events in cath. chapter 1217-29 (pd. RSO II 1-123; see Jones, ibid. p. x, for personal references in text, to which should be added an important reference on p. 12, which appears to clinch identification of compiler with W[illiam de Waude] precentor in 1219). A man of the same name, monk of Colchester, became abbot of Colchester in March 1238 (CPR 1232-47 p. 211) and had res. by Apr. 1245 (ibid. p. 450).

M. Robert de Hertford (fn. 9) preb. Wilsford, list 61

Chanc. (last occ. 17 Feb. 1236, and had been succeeded by 1 Dec. 1236, list 4). First occ. as dean 24 Feb. 1237/8 (Sar. Chs. p. 241). D. 9 Feb. 1257 (Chron. Maj. V 616; cf. Ann. Tewkes. p. 159). Commem. 9 Feb. (Sar. Stats. p. 4).

M. Robert de Wickhampton preb. [Heytesbury], list 35

Can. (preb. unident., list 65). First occ. as dean 17 Jan. 1258/9 (Cart. St Nich. p. 60). Described as papal chapl., disp. to be promoted to bp., notwithstanding his illegitimacy, 1 Feb. 1263 (CPL I 388, not in Reg. Urbain IV). Occ. frequently. Bp. of Salisbury, el. 23 Feb. 1271, cons. [13] May 1274, temps. 15 Aug. (list 1).

M. Walter Scammel preb. Heytesbury, list 35

Treas. (list 5). El. 9 Sept. 1271 (Sar. Chs. pp. 352-3), although still called treas. 27 Dec. 1271 (CPR 1266-72 p. 612). Occ. several times. Donor of Salisbury, D. & C. Libr. MS 153 (Med. Librs. p. 303). Bp. of Salisbury, el. 26 June 1284, temps. 10 Aug., cons. 22 Oct. (list 1).

M. Henry of Braunstone preb. [Heytesbury], list 35

Archdcn. of Dorset (last occ. 14 July 1284, list 7). First occ. as dean 29 Aug. 1285 (HMC Var. Coll. I 344). Occ. several times. Bp. of Salisbury, el. 2 Jan. 1287, cons. 1 June (list 1).

M. Simon de Micham (fn. 10) preb. Heytesbury, list 35

Chanc. (list 4). El. 11 July 1287 (HMC Var. Coll. I 355). Occ. several times (cf. app. 3). Last occ. 10 Apr. 1297 (Cal. Various Chancery Rolls 1277- 1326 (1912) p. 49). Commem. 8 June (Sar. Stats. p. 8). Perhaps d. c. 8 June 1297 (cf. below). Owned Salisbury, D. & C. Libr. MS 105 (Cat. Libr. Sal.).

Peter of Savoy (fn. 11) preb. Heytesbury, list 35

Can. (preb. Highworth, list 36). First occ. as dean 30 June 1297 (CPR 1292-1301 p. 257). Also preb. of York (York Minster Fasti II 61-2; 2 Fasti VI 70) and prob. also of Hereford (2 Fasti II 17); precentor of Lincoln (1 Fasti III 15); dean of Bridgnorth and of St Martin le Grand, London; treas. of Llandaff. Going to Rome 1 Apr. 1298 (CPR 1292-1301 p. 337), and evidently absentee thereafter (Reg. Gandavo I 16, 163-4; CPR 1301-7 p. 234; cf. Reg. Pontissara I 174). Dean until became abp. of Lyon by papal prov., cons. by 7 Aug. 1308 (Reg. Clem. V no. 2895, not given in CPL), d. by Nov. 1332 (Eubel I 316). Not to be confused with man of same name, son of Louis of Savoy, preb. of York and Salisbury, who d. by 17 Oct. 1312 (York Minster Fasti II 87; 2 Fasti III 28).


  • 1. Osbert, chapl. of Eye (Herefs.) and [rural] dean of Leominster (see B. R. Kemp, in Bull. Inst. Hist. Res. xliii (1970) esp. p. 9), was prob. the 'Osbertus decanus', who was commem. 21 Feb. in a Reading cal. (BL, Cotton MS Vesp. E. v fo. 12r, entry pd. Sar. Stats. p. 4), and mistakenly appears in Le Neve-Hardy II 612 as dean of Salisbury.
  • 2. Not to be identified with 'Rogerus decanus' who was commem. in a Reading cal. 6 Oct. (BL, Cotton MS Vesp. E. v fo. 16r, entry pd. Sar. Stats. p. 12), and mistakenly appears in Le Neve-Hardy II 612 as dean of Salisbury. He was prob. a monastic or rural dean, see B. R. Kemp, EHR lxxxiii (1968) 505-15; cf. Ralph the dean who occ. 1130 x 35, Cart. Reading II 273.
  • 3. His name appears also as 'Atio' (e.g. Kealey p. 264) and 'Atse' (RSO MS p. 95, incorrectly pd. as 'Ada' in RSO I 337).
  • 4. For this name, see Ann. Plympton p. 30; called 'of Chichester' c. 1190, Reg. Walter de Stapeldun, ed. F. C. Hingeston-Randolph (1892) p. 112. Not to be confused (as in Ann. Plympton p. 30 n. 23 and Saltman, Theobald pp. 126-7) with his predecessor at Exeter, Robert Warelwast (1138-55), see JS Epp. I 9n and GFL p. 533.
  • 5. Beaumont is a common place-name in France, and there is no evidence to link Henry with the family of Beaumont-le-Roger (Eure) or with Beaumont-en-Auge (Calvados), although a Norman origin seems likely. For a note on his career, see GFL p. 530, also S. E. Gleason, An Ecclesiastical Barony of the Middle Ages (Cambridge, Mass., 1936) pp. 31-5.
  • 6. Son of Henry of Oxford, sheriff; for his career and reputed writings, see Biog. Ox. II 1414, GFL p. 537, JS Epp. II pp. xxxi-xxxiii, EEA VI pp. xxxiv-xxxvi.
  • 7. Benefactor of St Victor, Paris; for his career and reputed writings, see Biog. Ox. III 2173-4; see also above, p. xxxix.
  • 8. Also 'Walde', 'Walda', 'Weude' (sometimes corrupted to 'Wende'); he prob. came from a local family: it was from Henry de 'Wande' that bp. Richard Poore purchased land for the erection of St John's chapel, Harnham, Cart. St Nich. p. xliv, cf. ibid. pp. 78, 82, 92, 96.
  • 9. Oxford Master; for his career, see Biog. Ox. II 917.
  • 10. M.A., D.Th., prob. of Oxford; also called 'Migham'; for other variants of his name and for his career, see Biog. Ox. II 1272.
  • 11. Son of Thomas of Savoy and thus the king's kinsman, cf. CPR 1292-1301 p. 77; see genealogies in Eugene L. Cox, The Eagles of Savoy (Princeton, 1974) pp. 462-3 and The Green Count of Savoy (Princeton, 1967) pp. 376-7.