Prebendaries: Loders

Pages 80-81

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 4, Salisbury. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1991.

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Church of Loders and chapel of Bradpole (Dorset), which were already in possession of Norman abbey of Montebourg and its dependent priory of Loders, created preb. by bp. Herbert Poore 1213 × Jan. 1215 (Cart. Loders no. 30, also pd. from a text lacking witnesses, RSO I 225-6), soon after surrender by abbey to bp. and cath. of churches of Powerstock and Fleet 1213/14 (IV/E.3/Powerstock/6, original ch., pd. RSO I 224-5 from RSO MS copy; cf. Sar. Chs. pp. 79-80). Abbots of Montebourg became cans. of cath., required to provide a vicar in pr.'s orders (RSO I 226, also pd. Cart. Loders no. 30). Preb. added to Psalter list. Papal confs. 15 March 1218 (Cart. Loders no. 33), 6 March 1260 (ibid. no. 39, also pd. Reg. Alex. IV no. 3106, cal. CPL I 371), 16 Apr. 1260 (Cart. Loders nos. 34-6). Conf. by bp. 21 Dec. 1239 (ibid. no. 41). Letters of dean and chapter of Salisbury concerning preb., 16 June 1253 (ibid. nos. 31-2).

Tenements in Salisbury close said to belong to preb. (J. Hutchins, History and Antiquities... of Dorset (1863) II 312, but ch. cited does not contain this information, Mon. Ang. VI (2) 1098).

For the priory of Loders, see M. M. C. Calthrop in VCH Dorset II 116-18.

Pr.-preb.; cantoris side; term of residence c. 1270: Apr.-June.


1220s 20m.; 1226 20m.; c. 1284 20m.; 1291 £20

For valuation 1203-4, see Rotuli Normanniae, ed. T. D. Hardy (Rec. Comm., 1835), I 124: £33 unstocked, £40 with stock.


The prebendaries of Loders were the abbots of Montebourg, whose proctors in England were the priors of Loders. For a list of the latter, see VCH Dorset II 118, and Heads of Relig. Houses p. 105.



Occ. 1213/14 (RSO I 224-5) and c. 1223 (A. Teulet, Layette du trésor des chartes II (Paris, 1866) no. 1626). Commem. 27 Oct. (Montebourg obit., Rec. Hist. France XXIII 555).

Baldwin de Longueil

Said to occ. 1242 and 1248, and to have d. 6 June (GC XI 928).

Peter de Crientiis (fn. 1)

Prior of Loders, first occ. 1246, last 1263 (Cart. Loders nos. 84, 45). Said to occ. as abbot 1274 (GC XI 928). Commem. 11 July (Montebourg obit. p. 555).

Thomas Leonard

Said to occ. 1265 (GC XI 928). Commem. 3 Feb. (Montebourg obit. p. 554).


Said to occ. Aug. 1280, July 1284, Feb. 1285, 1288, Sept. 1294 (GC XI 928). Commem. 2 Oct. (Montebourg obit. p. 555).


Said to occ. 1295 (GC XI 928). Commem. 7 May (Montebourg obit. p. 554).

Peter Dorée

Said to occ. 1311 (GC XI 928). Commem. 3 Sept. (Montebourg obit. p. 555).


  • 1. Prob. to be identified with 'Petrus abbas Montisburg" named anachronistically in chapter list of May-June 1284, app. 2.