Prebendaries: Potterne

Pages 88-90

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 4, Salisbury. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1991.

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Manor of Potterne (Wilts.) part of pre-Conquest Sherborne episcopal estates (see AS Chs. Sherborne pp. xxxviii-xxxix, xlii), perhaps transf. to Ramsbury c. 909 (ibid. pp. xlv n. 63, lvii). Bp.'s manor 1066 and 1086 (DB I 66a). Seized by king Stephen 1139 and restored to bp. 1148 (Regesta III no. 794).

Churches of Potterne (fn. 1) and [West] Lavington gr. to cans. by bp. Osmund 1091 (carta). Conf. by pope 26 Nov. 1146 (PUE II no. 53 p. 209).

Preb. prob. in existence by c. 1150, entered second in Psalter list, so perhaps intended to be held by deans. Preb. annexed to bpric. in place of Horton, list 37, papal conf. 11 May 1255 (RSO I 196-7).

Tithes of Imber belonged to preb. c. 1226 (RSO II 30); deeds concerning tithes of Imber 1238 (Sar. Chs. pp. 246-8, original chs. IV/C.3/Lavington/2, 13), and of Potterne 1239 (Sar. Chs. pp. 250-1, original ch. IV/C.3/Potterne/17). Other deeds concerning preb., B. 399, 455.

In 13th century variously called preb. of Potterne, of Lavington, of Potterne and Lavington, and of Lavington and Potterne. See also VCH Wilts. VII 202, 211; and N. D. McGlashan and R. E. Sandell, 'The bishop of Salisbury's house at his manor of Potterne', Wilts. Archaeol. Magazine lix (1964) 85-96.

Pr.-preb.; decani side; term of residence c. 1270: Oct.-Dec.


1220s 50m.; 1226 50m.; c. 1284 50m.; 1291 £50.



Dean from before Dec. 1139 to after March 1144 (list 2); prob. to be identified with Azo archdcn. [of Wilts.] before Dec. 1139 (list 10). (fn. 2) Evidently held this preb. as dean some time between 1142 and June 1148 (RSO I 239, of ? c. 1176). (fn. 3)


Archdcn. of Dorset by 1200 (list 7); dean by 29 Aug. 1215, d. 23 Aug. 1220 (list 2). Occ. this preb. both as archdcn. (Sar. Chs. p. 73) and as dean (ibid. p. 81).

M. Elias of Dereham (fn. 4)

First occ. as can. 19 Sept. 1222 (Sar. Chs. p. 122). Occ. frequently. Occ. this preb. Oct. 1226 × Feb. 1227 (app. 1, 'Lavinton et Poterne'), n.d. (RSO II 30, 'Lavinton'), 16 Aug. 1238 and 11 Aug. 1239 (Sar. Chs. pp. 246-8, 250-1, 'Lavintone'). Warden of the communa, occ. 11 July 1224 (RSO II 22); bp.'s seneschal 1227 × 28 and 31 March 1228 (Niger fos. 199r, 73r); bp.'s attorney in final concords 1227 and 1228 (Sar. Chs. pp. 182, 192); one of custodians of vacant bpric. 22 July 1228 (Pat. R. 1225-32 pp. 195-6). Also preb. of Wells and Lincoln (1 Fasti III 73). Sculptor and perhaps architect (see Selby Whittingham, A Thirteenth-Century Portrait Gallery at Salisbury Cathedral (Friends of Salisbury Cath., 2nd ed. 1979), with useful references; cf. J. Harvey, English Mediaeval Architects (1984) 81-2). D. 1245, by 2 Dec. (Chron. Maj. IV 418; B. 455). His revenues said to have been seized by pope for M. Martin de Summis (Chron. Maj. IV 418).

M. John de Offington (fn. 5)

Proctor at Roman Curia 1242-3; papal chapl. by 1247. Preb. of Wells and Lincoln (1 Fasti III 76). Occ. this preb. 2 Dec. 1245 (B. 455). D. 1251 (Chron. Maj. V 230).

Preb. annexed to bpric. in place of Horton (list 37), papal conf. 11 May 1255 (RSO I 196-7).


  • 1. For an account of the timber church that existed from the 10th to the 12th centuries, see N. Davey, 'A pre-Conquest church and baptistery at Potterne', Wilts. Archaeol. Magazine lix (1964) 116-23.
  • 2. The man called Azo who occ. holding land in Potterne 16 Oct. 1173 seems to have been a layman, RSO I 253-4 (where the date is given wrongly as 17 Oct.).
  • 3. Robert de Bellofago, listed as this preb. by Jones, Fasti p. 410, was preb. Horton, list 37. He was in possession of land in Bishops Cannings 1155 × 61, but this was not prebendal land and passed to the communa on his d., RSO I 217-18.
  • 4. Almost certainly West Dereham, Norf., see A. H. Thompson, in Archaeol. Jnl. xcviii (1942 for 1941) 1-35, at p. 2. For his career, see also Major, 'Familia', esp. pp. 540-5; J. Harvey, English Mediaeval Architects (1984) pp. 81-2; Russell, Dict. p. 27; cf. above, p. xxix and n. 8.
  • 5. Perhaps Uffington, Berks. (but see 1 Fasti III 76n.); for his career, see Biog. Ox. III 1927-8.