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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 4, Salisbury. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1991.

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abp. archbishop
abp.-el. archbishop-elect
abpric. archbishopric
addit. additional
adm. admitted
ann. annals
app. appendix
appd. appointed
appt. appointment
archaeol. archaeological
archdcn. archdeacon
archdcnry. archdeaconry
archit. architectural
Aug. Augustinian
BL British Library
Ben. Benedictine
Bodl. Bodleian Library, Oxford
bp. bishop
bp.-el. bishop-elect
bpric. bishopric
c. circa
CUL Cambridge University Library
cal. calendared
can. canon
cart. cartulary
cath. cathedral
cent. century
ch. charter
chanc. chancellor
chapl. chaplain
chron. chronicle
Cist. Cistercian
clk. clerk
coll. collate, collated,collation
commem. commemorated,commemoration
conf. confirm, confirmation,confirmed
cons. consecrated, consecration
d. death, died
D. & C. Dean and Chapter
dcn. deacon
depr. deprivation, deprive
dioc. diocese
disp. dispensation, dispensed
ed. edited, edition, editor
el. elect, elected, election
enthr. enthroned
esp. especially
exch. exchange, exchanged
excomm. excommunicated, excommunication
f., ff. following
fo., fos. folio, folios
Gilb. Gilbertine
gr. grant, granted
inqu. inquisition
inst. instituted, institution
instal. installation, installed
jnl. journal
Libr. Library
lic. el. licence to elect
M. Master
m. membrane
mand. mandate
n.d. no date
n.s. new series
nom. nominated, nomination
obit. obituary
occ. occur, occurred, occurrence, occurs
PRO Public Record Office, London
par. parish
pd. printed
pr. priest
preb. prebend, prebendary
pres. presentation, presented
presum. presumably
prob. probably
prof. obed. profession of obedience
prov. provided, provision
qua. quashed
RO Record Office
Rec. Record
reg. register, registrum
res. resign, resignation, resigned
rest. restoration, restored
s.a. sub anno
s.v. sede vacante
ser. series
Soc. Society
spirs. spiritualities
subdcn. subdeacon
susp. suspended, suspension
temp. tempore
temps. temporalities
transf. transferred
treas. treasurer
unident. unidentified
univ. university
vac. vacant