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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 5, Chichester. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1996.

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First references to estates of the deanery are temp. Seffrid II, late 1170s: the dean's long meadow, presum. along the river Lavant at Chichester (Acta no. 90), and his house by the city wall [to the south of the cathedral], through which he was allowed to make a postern to give access to his orchard, fields and barns (Chart. Chichester no. 125). For comments and plan, see T. Tatton-Brown in Chichester Cathedral pp. 225, 227, 233. Dispute between dean and archdcn. over their town estates at Chichester adjudicated by pope before 1179 (Mansi, Concilia XXII 395-6).

Deanery said to be poorly endowed 5 Feb. 1207, when bp. Simon of Wells granted the tithes of the dean's preb. of Westgate to augment the endowment after dispute between dean and chanc. (Acta no. 146; conf. by the chapter Chart. Chichester no. 407); this was the origin of the annexation of preb. Westgate to the deanery (list 36). Land in Appledram mentioned 1341 (Inq. Non. p. 365a).

Further augmentation 11 June 1229 when the preb. of Aldingbourne (see list 10) was dismembered to allow the dean to have the church of Aldingbourne, saving a vicarage (Chart. Chichester nos. 42, 210; for the date see above, Dating; cf. Inq. Non. p. 359a). For Aldingbourne and its church, see VCH Suss. IV 134-8.

For 13th-century chs. relating to the deanery estates, see Chart. Chichester nos. 24, 437-50, 472, 478-9. For the estates in 1535 see Valuation 1535 p. 161.

The deanery house was damaged in 1642 and replaced in 1725; for the evidence of the medieval layout, see Tatton-Brown in Chichester Cathedral pp. 233-4.

On the deanery, see also notes in Walcott, Statutes p. 144 n.

Valuation 1291 Deanery with preb. £53 6s. 8d. (Taxatio p. 137b).


Odo preb. unident., list 41

Occ. once only, in second half of 1108 (Eadmeri Historia Novorum in Anglia, ed. M. Rule (RS lxxxi, 1884), p. 205).

[? Gilbert preb. unident., list 41

Occ. Aug. 1107 × 14 Dec. 1123 (Acta no. 5); prob. also to be identified with G. dean who occ. c. 1107 × 1123 (ibid. no. 4). Possibly a local dean in the area of Hastings and Battle rather than dean of Chichester cathedral.]

Richard preb. unident., list 41

First certain occ. before 1145, perhaps before c. 1139 (Acta no. 13), but possibly in office before death of bp. Ralph Luffa on 14 Dec. 1123 (ibid. no. 10, a spurious ch. which may preserve a genuine witness list). Occ. several times: 12 Apr. 1125 x 1145 (ibid. nos. 14, 16), 2 Feb. 1147 (Chart. Chichester nos. 94-5), and on or shortly after 25 Apr. 1147 (Early Yorks. Chs. VIII, ed. C. T. Clay (Yorks. Archaeol. Soc., 1949) no. 32). Last occ. 3 Aug. 1147 × 20 March 1150 (Reading Abbey Cartularies, ed. B. R. Kemp (Camden 4th series xxxi, xxxiii, 1986-7), I no. 271).

John 'de Greenford' preb. unident., list 41

First occ. mid Feb. 1157 (Chron. Battle p. 162), and occ. on two occasions 5 June 1155 × 10 March 1160 (HMC Report on MSS in Various Collections IV (1907) 47-8, 48-9; Cart. St Frideswide at Oxford, ed. S. R. Wigram (Oxford Historical Soc. xxviii, xxxi, 1895-6) II 231-2. (fn. 1) Also preb. of London (1 Fasti I 57). (fn. 2) Last occ. in ch. dated 1173, so presum. between 25 March and 30 Apr. (Cart. Oseney, ed. H. E. Salter, V (Oxford Historical Soc. xcviii) 3-4; see M. G. Cheney, Roger, Bishop of Worcester, 1164-1179 (Oxford, 1980) p. 282). Bp. of Chichester, el. late Apr. or 1 May 1173; cons. 6 Oct. 1174 (list 1). Son of a canon and father of a clerk (see list 1).

M. Jordan de Melburne (fn. 3) preb. unident., list 41

Archdcn. of Lewes (list 9). First occ. as dean temp. John, bp-el., 1 May 1173 × 6 Oct. 1174 (Cart. Oseney, ed. H. E. Salter, IV (Oxford Historical Soc., xcvii) 338-9). Occ. summer 1175 (Chron. Battle p. 304), mid 1170s (Acta nos. 61, 62; EEA VIII, Winchester 1070-1204 no. 161), and prob. c. 1177 (Chart. Chichester no. 309). (fn. 4)

M. Seffrid II preb. unident., list 41

Archdcn. of Chichester (list 8). First occ. as dean prob. Dec. 1178 (Chart. Chichester no. 125; for similar witnesses, see Early Chs. of Waltham Abbey, ed. R. Ransford (Woodbridge, 1989), no. 26); also occ. 15 Jan. 1179/80 (Acta no. 60) and before c. 26 Apr. 1180, perhaps c. 15 Jan. 1179/80 (ibid. no. 58, a ch. connected with no. 60). Also royal clerk (Chart. Chichester no. 125). Bp. of Chichester, cons. 16 Nov. 1180 (list 1).

M. Matthew of Chichester preb. unident., list 41

Archdcn. of Chichester (list 8). First occ. as dean in first year of bp. Seffrid II, 16 Nov. 1180 × 15 Nov. 1181 (Acta no. 120). Occ. several times. (fn. 5) Also preb. of Hastings (ibid. no. 104) and rector of Wonersh (Surr.) (Curia Regis Rolls I 88). Provision for his anniversary, Chart. Chichester no. 408. Last occ. late in the period 1192 × 97 (Acta no. 72). (fn. 6) Listed by Herbert of Bosham among the 'eruditi' of abp. Thomas Becket, 'natione et cognomine Cicestrensis' (Materials for the History of Thomas Becket, ed. J. C. Robertson et al. (7 vols., RS lxvii, 1875-85) III 526-7).

Seffrid preb. unident., list 41

Treas. (last occ. March 1196, list 6). First occ. as dean 1197/8 (Acta no. 101). Also occ. presum. March 1196 × Feb. 1201 (ibid. no. 131). Last occ. after 8 March 1198 (Early Chs. of Waltham Abbey, ed. R. Ransford (Woodbridge, 1989), no. 131). (fn. 7) Nephew of bp. Seffrid II (Acta no. 68, where he attests as nephew of dean Seffrid, c. 1177 × c. 26 Apr. 1180). (fn. 8)

M. Nicholas de Laigle (fn. 9) preb. Westgate, list 36

Prob. to be identified with Master N. de Aquila, master of the schools of Avranches, who occ. 7 Dec. 1198 (Die Register Innocenz' III, ed. O. Hageneder et al., I (Graz and Cologne, 1964) no. 442) and 17 March 1199 (ibid. II (Rome and Vienna, 1979) no. 18). First occ. as dean of Chichester before Feb. 1201 (Innocent III, Cal. Letters no. 292). Occ. several times before el. bp. 1209; el. quashed before 24 July 1213 (list 1). Dean of Avranches, by 1211 (Gallia Christiana XI (Paris, 1874) 506, cf. ibid. cols. 59-60); occ. as dean of Avranches and canon of Chichester 26 May 1220 (Chart. Sele no. 41). Prob. to be identified with M. Nicholas de Aquila, who was commem. at St Evroult on 16 Feb. (St Evroult obit., Recueil des historiens... de la France, ed. M. Bouquet et al. XXIII (Paris, 1894) 485).

Deanery of Chichester in king's hands from March 1210 to Michaelmas 1212 (Pipe Roll 14 John p. 86).

M. Simon de Peregorz (fn. 10) preb. [Westgate, list 36]

First occ., as Simon dean, 9 May 1218 (Chart. Chichester no. 403). Occ. several times. Last occ., as Simon dean, Nov. 1227 (ibid. no. 410; see also above, Dating). Occ. with full name and title, having died before 21 May 1232 (EEA IX, Winchester 1205-38 no. 18).

M. Thomas of Lichfield (fn. 11) preb. [Westgate, list 36]

Chanc. (last occ. Nov. 1227; list 5). Chapter met to elect a dean 11 June 1229 (Chart. Chichester no. 42; on the date, see above, Dating). First occ. as dean soon after 11 June 1229 (Chart. Chichester no. 210; on the date, see above, Dating) and on 17 Apr. 1230 (Suss. Fines I no. 258). Occ. many times. Last occ. Apr. 1239 and March 1239/40 (Chart. Chichester nos. 507, 404), and possibly later, after 1235 (ibid. no. 1027). Provision for his anniversary ibid. nos. 420, 473, 476. Certainly died before 5 Oct. 1248 (ibid. no. 395). For his writings, see Russell, Dict. of Writers, pp. 165-6.

M. Geoffrey of Gloucester preb. [Westgate, list 36]

Canon by 26 May 1220 (preb. unident., list 42), not chanc., as thought by Peckham (see below, list 5, n. 52). First occ., as Geoffrey dean, Aug. 1241 (Chart. Chichester no. 550), and as G. dean, Feb. 1241/2 (ibid. nos. 157, 355). Occ. many times. Last occ. 10 Oct. 1254 (ibid. no. 250) and after 11 Jan. 1254 (ibid. no. 261). Provision for his anniversary 17 July 1247 (ibid. no. 595). His handwriting identified in Liber Y (see Peckham's comments, ibid. p. viii).

M. Walter of Gloucester (fn. 12) preb. [Westgate, list 36]

Canon by 31 Jan. 1244 (preb. unident., list 42). Still canon 29 Oct. 1255 (preb. Waltham, list 35). Papal indult to hold deanery together with church of Norton (Lincoln dioc.) 2 Aug. 1256 (Reg. Alex. IV no. 1463 = CPL I 334). First occ. as dean 10 Aug. 1256 (Chart. Chichester no. 636). Occ. many times. Last occ. 19 Oct. 1272 (ibid. no. 928). Died before 18 June 1276 (CPR 1272-81 p. 148). Provision for his anniversary 19 May 1258 (Chart. Chichester nos. 629, 634).

William of Bracklesham (fn. 13) preb. [Westgate, list 36]

Chanc. (last occ. 27 Dec. 1271, list 5). First occ. as dean 1275/6 (Chart. Chichester no. 664). Occ. frequently. Provision for his anniversary, ibid. nos. 624, 663, 698-700. Last occ. 18 Nov. 1295 (Suss. Fines II no. 1101).

M. Thomas of Bersted (fn. 14) preb. [Westgate, list 36]

Archdcn. of Lewes (list 9). Occ. as newly el. dean 26 Sept. 1296 (Reg. Winchelsey I 139-40), but prob. already dean 1 July 1296, when he occ. without title, suing for land in Birdham, prob. deanery (Suss. Fines II no. 1105). Also occ. as dean 10 July and 4 Aug. 1298 (Chart. Chichester nos. 1075, 701). Last occ. 6 Aug. 1298 (ibid. no. 702). Presum. a relative of M. Stephen of Bersted, bp. (1262- 87) (list 1), and of Stephen of Bersted, canon (list 42).

M. William de Greenfield (fn. 15) preb. [Westgate, list 36]

Royal clerk, by 1290. Occ. as non-resident dean, continuing lectures at university [of Oxford], 16 Dec. 1299 (Reg. Winchelsey I 370; cf. Reg. Bon. VIII no. 4848 = CPL I 605). Also preb. of London (1 Fasti I 55), and of York (York Minster Fasti II 51); pluralist (see Fasti Dunelmenses (Surtees Soc. cxxxix, 1926) p. 53). As dean of Chichester appointed royal chanc. 30 Sept. 1302 (CCR 1296- 1302 p. 602). Abp. of York, el. 4 Dec. 1304; cons. 30 Jan. 1306; temps. 31 March 1306 (2 Fasti VI 3).


  • 1. Temp. Robert II, bp. of Exeter.
  • 2. Where he succeeded Robert, bp. of Exeter, cf. previous note.
  • 3. There are places called Melbourn in Cambs., and Melbourne in Derbys. and Yorks. E., but not in Suss.
  • 4. For the date, see Acta p. 211, where Mayr-Harting associates the case mentioned in this ch. with Pipe Roll 23 Hen. II p. 191, of Sept. 1176 × Sept. 1177, and refers also to the evidence of Curia Regis Rolls VIII 357-8.
  • 5. A scribal error in the Templars' cart. seems the only explanation for the occ. of 'S.' as dean on 28 Oct. 1185: Mayr-Harting emends 'M.', Acta no. 139.
  • 6. This ch. is attested by Richard, archdcn. of Chichester, whose predecessor M. Peter occ. in 1192/ 3, list 8.
  • 7. The apparent occs. in Chart. Chichester nos. 154-5 are in error for S[imon de Peregorz], as will be clear by reference to Chart. Chichester nos. 147-8, of the 1220s.
  • 8. Temp. dean Seffrid II and bp. John 'de Greenford', lists 2, 1.
  • 9. Prob. a member of the family of Laigle, Orne, arr. Mortagne-sur-Huine; see L. C. Loyd, Origins of some Anglo-Norman Families, ed. C. T. Clay and D. C. Douglas (Harleian Soc. ciii, 1951), p. 52, and K. Thompson, 'The lords of Laigle', Anglo-Norman Studies xviii (forthcoming, 1996).
  • 10. Presum. Périgueux (Dordogne, France).
  • 11. It seems certain that Thomas came from Lichfield (the only possible identification for the placename 'Lichfeld') and was a protégé of bishop Ralph de Neville, who had been dean there; cf. list 5, where Thomas is seen to have succeeded Ralph de Neville as chancellor of Chichester very soon after the bishop's consecration.
  • 12. Not to be identified with archdcn. of York of same name, 1282/3-1288, for whom see York Minster Fasti I 37.
  • 13. In East and West Wittering, W. Suss.; PN Suss. I 87. His father Ellis and his mother Agnes had chantries in the priories of Michelham (E. Suss.), Linchmere and Durford (both W. Suss.), Chart. Chichester nos. 698-700. He was patron of Lordington (an extinct parish in Racton, W. Suss.), where Walter of Bracklesham (below, list 12) was rector, ibid. nos. 695-7. The derivation of the place name Lordington is Old English, 'Leofred's farm', PN Suss. I 52-3; cf. the mysterious toponymic 'de Sancto Leofardo' used by M. Gilbert (canon, treas., bp.: lists 41, 6, 1) and M. John (precentor: list 4).
  • 14. W. Suss.: PN Suss. I 90-1.
  • 15. He was D.C.L. and D.Cn.L.; for a note on his career, see Biog. Ox. II 820-1. He was a kinsman of Walter Giffard, abp. of York, and of Godfrey Giffard, bp. of Worcester (Reg. William Greenfield, Abp. of York 1306-1315, ed. W. Brown and A. H. Thompson (5 vols.: Surtees Soc. cxlv, cxlix, cii- ciii, 1931-40), V pp. liv-lx).