Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 6, York. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1999.

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'Index', in Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 6, York, (London, 1999) pp. 135-151. British History Online [accessed 15 April 2024]

Aberford (W.R.)

Acchelin, Acelin, see Attilin

Achard, can.

Acklam (E.R.)

Acomb (Northumb.)
-, (W.R.)

Acton Burnell (Salop)

Adam de Belstede

Adam of Bitton

Adam le Brus

Adam of Osgodby

Adam of Thorner

Adderbury (Oxon)
-, see also Thomas of Adderbury

Adelulf, prior of Nostell

Adenulf dei Conti of Anagni

Adrian IV, pope

Adrian V, pope

Agnes Fossard

Agnes de Grandson

Agnes de Percy

Agnes de Vescy

Ailred of Rievaulx

Ailric, can.

Ailward, can. of Beverley

Ailward, can. of York

Aimery de Rochechouart

Alan, M., can.

Alan, father of Achard

Alan Basset

Alan of Melsonby

Albano (Italy), cardinal-bp.

Albert of Lavagna

Aldebrandinus Caetani

Alexander, can.

Alexander, IV, pope

Alexander, succentor of vicars

Alexander of Bayeux

Alexander of Dorset

Alice de Gant

Alne (N.R.)

Amadeus of St John

Amaury de Montfort

Ambrose, prior of Nostell

Ampleforth (N.R.)
-, preb.

Anagni (Lazio, Italy) see Adenulf dei Conti of Anagni; John of Anagni

Ancher Pantaléon of Troyes

Andrew de Grimston

Andrew of Languissel

Angers (France), bp.

Angerus, M., can.

Anglesey (Cambs.), Aug. priory

Anjou (France), count

Anselm, abp. of Canterbury

Ansfrid, can.

Ansketil, prior of Hexham

Ansketil, of Nostell

Antony Bek

Apesthorpe (Notts.)
-, preb.

Apulia, see Simon of Apulia

Arches, honour (DB)
-, see also Osbern de Arches

Arenis, see Robert de Arenis

Arkendale (W.R.)

Arnulf, M., can.

Arnulf of Lisieux

Arnulf Sottovagina (Sottewaine)

Arraz, see Stephen de Arraz

Arundel family
-, see also Osbert Arundel; Reginald Arundel; Roger Arundel

Ashley (Northants)

Attilin, M., can.

Aubigny, see Roger d'Aubigny; Samson d'Aubigny

Augustine, prior of Newburgh

Aumale (Seine-Maritime, France), countess

Aunay (Launay-sur-Calonne, Calvados, France),
-, see also Ralph d' Aunay

Aunerus, M.

Avignon (France), bp.

Avranches (France), bp.

Axminster (Devon)

Aymer de Valence

Aymo of Savoy

Bacun, see Simon Bacun

Bar-le-Duc (Meuse, France)
-, see also Henry, count of Bar-le-Duc; Theobald of Bar-le-Duc

Barkston (W.R.)

Barlby, see Robert de Barlby

Barmby Moor (E.R.)

Barnby, preb.

Barnstaple, Devon, archdcn.(Exeter dioc.)

Baro, see Ralph de Baro

Bartholomew, archdcn. of Richmond

Bartholomew of Ferentino

Bartholomew des Roches

Barugh, Great and Little, N.R.

Basset, see Alan Basset; Fulk Basset; Stephen Basset

Bath and Wells, bp.
-, see also Wells

Bavent, see Roger de Bavent

Bayeux (France), bp.
-, cath., can.
-,-, chapter
-,-, precentor
-,-, treas.
-, see also Alexander of Bayeux; Osbert of Bayeux; Thomas I ('of Bayeux'); Thurstan of Bayeux; William of Bayeux

Beal (W.R.) see Robert de Behal

Beaulieu, see Hugh of Beaulieu

Beaumont (Maine, France), vicomte
-, see also Charles de Beaumont; Louis de Beaumont

Becket, seeThomas Becket

Bedford, archdcn. (Lincoln dioc.)
-, see also Ralph of Bedford

Behal, see Robert de Behal

Bek, see Antony Bek

Bellesmains, see John of Canterbury

Belmeis family

Belstede, see Adam de Belstede

Benedict, cardinal, see Boniface VIII

Benedict, nephew of Robert of Winchester

Benedict of Peterborough

Berard of Naples

Bernard, prior of Hexham

Bernard of Clairvaux

Bernard de Got

Bernard of Languissel

Bernard of Saint-Omer

Bernard, Elias son of, see Elias

Bertram de Bulmer

Berwick, see John de Berwick

Bessy, see Hugh de Bessy

Beverley (E.R.), Minster, can.
-, chanc.
-, chapter
-, prec.
-, provost
-, sacrist
-, see also William of Beverley

Bichill, preb., see Knaresborough

Bilton (W.R.)
-, preb.

Birstall (W.R.), see William of Birstall

Biseth, see Robert Biseth

Bishop Auckland (co. Durh.), college, can.

Bishop Wilton (E.R.)
-, preb., see Wilton

Bitton (Glos.) see also Adam of Bitton; Robert de Button; Thomas of Bitton

Blois (Loir-et-Cher, France), count
-, see also Henry of Blois

Blund, see John Blund

Blyth (Notts.), Ben, priory
-, see also William de Blyth

Bodham, see William de Bodham

Bogo de Clare

Bole (Notts.)
-, preb.

Bonaventura, abp.-el.

Boniface VIII, pope

Boniface of Cocconato

Boniface of Saluzzo

Bordeaux (France), abp.

Botevant, preb.

Boville, see Sewal de Boville

Boys, see Guy de Boys

Boyton (Wilts.)

Bramham (W.R.)

Brand, M., can.

Brantingham (E.R.)

Brawby (N.R.)

Brearton (W.R.)

Bréauté, see Fulk de Bréauté; Nicholas de Bréauté

Breton, see Walter le Breton

Bridge Hewick (W.R.)

Bridgnorth (Salop), college, can.
-, dean

Bridlington (E.R.), Aug. priory

Broi, see Philip de Broi

Brun, see Richard le Brun

Brus, see Adam le Brus

Buckingham, archdcn. (Lincoln dioc.)

Bugthorpe (E.R.)
-, preb.

Buher, see Walter Buher

Bully fee (DB) see also Roger de Bully

Bulmer, see Bertram de Bulmer

Burchard du Puiset

Burgundy (France), count

Burnel family, see also Robert Burnel; William Burnel

Burton, West (Notts.)

Burton Salmon (W.R.)

Bury St Edmunds (Suff.), Ben. abbey, abbot,

Butevilain family, see also Robert Butevilain

Button, see Bitton

Caen (Calvados, France), see also John of Caen

Caetani, see Aldebrandinus Caetani; Francesco Caetani; James Caetani; John Caetani

Calixtus II, pope

Calne, see William of Calne

Cambrai (France), bp.

Camilla, see Tedisius de Camilla

Canterbury, abp.
-, clerk
-, abp.-el.
-, archdcn.
-, see also John of Canterbury

Cantilupe, see Hugh de Cantilupe; Thomas de Cantilupe; Walter de Cantilupe

Carlisle, bp.
-, bp.-el.

Carlton (par. Stockton-on-the-Forest, N.R.)

Carlton Husthwaite (N.R.)
-, preb. see Husthwaite

Cave, North (E.R.)

Cave, South (E.R.)
-, preb.
-, see alsoWilliam of Cave

Cawood (W.R.)

Caythorpe (E.R.)

Ceccano family, see also Thomas de Ceccano

Charles de Beaumont

Charny, see Peter de Charny

Chartres (France), cath., can.
-, prec.
-, vicomte

Chauvent (Switzerland), see also William of Chauvent

Chemillé, see William de Chemillé

-, bp.
-, see also Peter of Chester

Chichester, bp.
-, cath., can.
-,-, chanc.
-,-, dean
-,-, prebs.
-,-, prec.

Childswickham (Glos.)

Church Fenton (W.R.)
-, preb. see Fenton

Cincius, pr.

Clairvaux (France), Cist. abbey, monk
-, see also Bernard of Clairvaux

Clare, see Bogo de Clare; Richard de Clare

Clarel, see John Clarel

Clay, Sir Charles (1885-1978)
-, see also William del Clay

Clayworth (Notts.)

Clement IV, pope

Cleveland (N.R.), archdcns.
-, vice-archdcn.
-, archdcnry.

Cliffe, South (E.R.)

Clifford, see Richard de Clifford; William de Clifford

Clifton (W.R., near York)

Cocconato (Asti, Italy) see also Boniface of Cocconato; Uberto of Cocconato

Colchester, archdcn. (London dioc.)

Cologne (Germany)

Colonna family, see also John de Colonna; John de Colonna son of Landulf

Conan, archdcn.

Conisbrough (W.R.)

Copt Hewick (W.R.)

Corbeil (Seine-et-Oise, France) see also Peter of Corbeilv

Corbridge (Northumb.) see also Thomas ofCorbridge

Corner, la, see William de la Corner

Cornubia, see Richard de Cornubia

Cornwall, earl
-, see also Richard of Cornwall

Cornwell (Oxon) see also Richard deCornubia

Cottam (E.R.)

Cottesbrooke (Northants)

Coulton (N.R.)

Coutances (France), cath.
-, see also Walter of Coutances; William of Coutances

Coventry, archdcn.
-, Lichfield, bp.,
-, see also Lichfield

Crassus, see John le Gras; Roger Crassus

Crowcombe (Somt)see also John de Crowcombe

Cunde, Cundi, see Roger de Cunde

'D.', prec.

Daniel, nephew of John le Romeyn

Darlington (co. Durh.), college, can.

David, kg. of Scotland

Derby, archdcn. (Coventry and Lichfield dioc.)

'Derci', see William de Perchi

Dinan (France), see Peter of Dinan

'Dinand', archdcn.

Dodsworth, Roger (1585-1654)

Dorset, archdcn. (Salisbury dioc.)
-, see also Alexander of Dorset

Douai (France), cath., provost

Drax (W.R.)

Driffield, Great and Little (E.R.)
-, preb.

Droxford (Hants) see also John of Droxford

Dublin, cath., can.

Dugdale, Sir William, xxxii

Dunnington (E.R.)
-, preb.

Durand, archdcn.see also Nicholas son of Durand; William son of Durand

Durham, archdcn.
-, bp.
-, bp.-el.
-,-, cath., chapter
-,-, prior
-,-, priory

E. Ruffus

Ealdred, abp.

East Riding, archdcns.
-, vice archdcn.
-, archdnry.

Ebrard, see Erard

Ecclesfield, see Stephen de Ecclesfield

Edmund, earl of Cornwall

Edmund de Mortimer

Egiptius, see John Egiptius of Ferentino; Peter of Ferentino

Eleanor, countess of Leicester

Eleanor, queen

Elias son of Bernard

Elkesley (Notts.)

Ellerburn (N.R.)

Elloughton (E.R.)

Ely, Ben. abbey, abbot
-, bp.
-, bp.-el.
-, see also William of Ely

Erard, M., can.

Eresby (Lincs.) see also Philip de Willoughby

Ernisius de Tywa

Espec, see Walter Espec

Eu, see William of Eu

Eugenius III, pope

Eustace, M.

'Everard', see Erard

Evesham (Worcs.)
-, Ben. abbey
-, see also Hugh of Evesham; Simon of Evesham

Ewelme, see Nicholas of Ewelme

-, bp.
-, cath., chapter
-,-, can.
-,-, dean
-, see also John of Exeter

Eya, see Philip de Eya

Fairburn (W.R.)

Farrer, William

Fécamp (Seine-Maritime, France), Ben. abbey, abbot
-, see also William of Fécamp

Fenton (Church Fenton, W.R.), preb.

Fenwick, see Thomas de Fenwick

Ferentino (Italy), see Bartholomew of Ferentino; John Egiptius of Ferentino; Peter of Ferentino; Roffredus of Ferentino; Stephen of Ferentino

Fieschi family

Figheldean (Wilts.) see also Peter of Figheldean

Finchale (co. Durh.), Ben. priory

Fishlake (W.R.)

Flambard,, see Ralph Flambard

Flammaville, see Maud de Flammaville

Flaxton (N.R.)

Flixton (Lancs.), preb. in Lichfield cath.

Foliot, see Gilbert Foliot

Forde, see Robert de la Forde

Fossanova (Lazio, Italy) see also Stephen of Fossanova

Fossard, see Agnes Fossard; Nigel Fossard; Robert Fossard
-, honour (DB)

Foston on the Wolds (E.R.)

Fountains (W.R.), Cist. abbey
-, abbot
-, monk

Francesco Caetani

Francesco Caetani (the younger)

Franciscus, M.

Fridaythorpe (E.R.)
-, preb.

Fulk, can.

Fulk, steward of Percy honour see also Gilbert son of Fulk

Fulk Basset

Fulk de Bréauté

Fulk Lovel

Fulk Paynel

G., ? preb. Warthill

Gaimar, see Geoffrey Gaimar

Gandavo, see Simon de Gandavo

Gant, see Alice de Gant; Gilbert de Gant; Hugh de Gant; Robert de Gant; Walter de Gant

Gargrave (W.R.)

Gate Helmsley (N.R.)

Gentile Orsini

Geoffrey, archdcn. of Nottingham

Geoffrey, archdcn. of York

Geoffrey, can.

Geoffrey, count of Anjou

Geoffrey, prior of Nostell

Geoffrey, provost of Beverley


Geoffrey de Muschamp

Geoffrey of Norwich

Geoffrey Plantagenet
-, abp.
-,-, abp.el.
-,-, royal chanc.
-,-, treas.
-,-, chs. mentioned

Geoffrey de Sancto Medardo (or Sancto Marco),


Gerard, abp.

Gerard, archdcn.

Gerard, can.

Gerard de Grandisson, archdcn. of Dorset

Gerard de Grandisson, preb. of York

Gerard son of Osbert

Gerard de Vuippens

Gernagot, can.

Gernagot, Nicholas son of, see Nicholas

Gerold, can.

Gerold Grossus

Gerold son of Serlo,

Gervais, see John of Exeter

Gervase, can.

Giffard, see Godfrey Giffard; Hugh Giffard; Walter Giffard

Gilbert, can.

Gilbert, chapl. of John son of Letold

Gilbert, prec.

Gilbert Foliot

Gilbert de Gant ,(DB)

Gilbert of Salisbury

Gilbert son of Fulk

Gilbert de Tywa

Giles le Rous

Gimundus, can.

Giovanni Romanus, and his wife Maria

Giso, bp. of Wells

Givendale, Little (E.R.)
-, preb.

Glanville, see Ranulph de Glanville

Gloez, see William de Gloez

-, archdcn. (Worcester dioc.)
-, earl
-, see also Walter of Gloucester

Godard, M., can.

Godfrey Giffard

Godfrey de Kimitone (of Ludham)

Godfrey de Lucy

Godfrey of Ludham

Goodmanham (E.R.)

Got, see Bernard de Got; William (Seguin) de Got

Grafton (W.R.)

Grandisson (Grandson) family see alsoAgnes de Grandson; Gerard de Grandisson;John de Grandisson; Odo de Grandisson

Gras, le, family see also John le Gras

Grateley (Hants)

Greenfield, see William de Greenfield

Gregory IX, pope

Gregory of York

Grey family, see also Henry de Grey; John de Grey; Robert de Grey; Walter de Grey

Grimston (par. Dunnington, E.R.)

Grimston (par. Kirkby Wharfe, W.R.)

Grimston, see Andrew de Grimston; Martin de Grimston; Thomas de Grimston

Grimston, North (E.R.)

Grindale (E.R.)

Grossus, see Gerold Grossus

Grunerius son of Peter de Vico Placentini

Guala, papal legate

Guisborough (N.R.), Aug. priory

Guy, M., abp.'s clerk

Guy, M., mag. schol.

Guy de Boys

H., [? vice-]archdcn. of Cleveland

Haget family, see also Robert Haget

Hambleton (W.R.), see also William ofHambleton

Hambye (Manche, France)

Hamo, dean
-, preb.
-, prec.
-, treas.
-, his son Hamo

Hamo de Valognes

Hamund, can.

Handsworth (W.R.)

Harenis, see Robert de Arenis

Harewood (W.R.)

Harold, M., can.

Hasculf Paynel

Hatfield, see Thomas Hatfield

Haxby (N.R.)

Healaugh (W.R.)

Hedon, see Thomas de Hedon

Helmsley (N.R.)

Henry, can.

Henry (III), count of Bar-le-Duc

Henry I, kg.

Henry II, kg.
-, his wife Eleanor
-, his son Henry

Henry III, kg.

Henry of Blois

Henry de Grey, can.

Henry de Grey, clerk

Henry of Huntingdon

Henry of Lavagna

Henry Marshal

Henry de Merdene

Henry Murdac, abp.

Henry of Newark
-, abp.
-,-, archdcn. of Richmond
-,-, dean
-,-, preb.

Henry of Skipton, archdcn. of Nottingham

Henry of Skipton, vicar of Gargrave

Henry de Somerset

Henry de Sully

Herbert, can.

Herbert of Winchester
-, his wife Emma
-, see also William Fitz Herbert

Herbert, see Peter Fitz Herbert

Hereford, bp.
-, cath., can.
-,-, prec.

Hereman, bp. of Salisbury

Hervey Walter

Heslington (E.R.)

Hexham (Northumb.), church
-, Aug. priory
-,-, can.
-,-, priors
-, see also John of Hexham; Richard of Hexham

Hilary, M., abp.-el.

Hillam (W.R.)

Hinderwell (N.R.)

Holdebert, can.see also Stephen son of Holdebert; William son of Holdebert

Holderness (E.R.), see Roger of Holderness

Holgate (W.R., near York)

Holme (Holme Archiepiscopi), preb.

Holme Archiepiscopi (E.R., lost village),

Honington, see J. de Honington

Honorius, M., can.

Honorius II, pope

Honorius IV, pope

Hooton Roberts (W.R.)

Hotham (E.R.)

Howden (E.R.)
-, college, can.
-, see also Roger of Howden

Hoyland High (W.R.)

Hubert, [? vice-]archdcn. of York

Hubert Walter

Huddleston (W.R.)

Huggate (E.R.)

Hugh, archdcn.

Hugh, can. (son of Robert Butevilain)

Hugh, count of La Marche

Hugh, dean

Hugh of Beaulieu

Hugh de Bessy

Hugh de Cantilupe

Hugh de Cantilupe (another)

Hugh the Chanter, see Hugh Sottovagina

Hugh of Evesham

Hugh de Gant

Hugh Giffard

Hugh de Menethorpe

Hugh Murdac

Hugh de Pinconio

Hugh du Puiset

Hugh du Puiset, vicomte of Chartres, and his wife Agnes

Hugh Sampson

Hugh of Selby

Hugh Sottovagina (Sottewain) the Chanter, archdcn. of Cleveland
-, historian
-, preb.
-, prec.
-, his relatives

Hugh de Tywa

Hugolino, cardinal-bp. of Ostia, see Gregory IX

Huntingdon, Aug. priory, can.
-, earl, 2n
-, see also Henry of Huntingdon

Huntington (N.R.)

Husthwaite (Carlton Husthwaite, N.R.), preb.
-, see also John of Husthwaite

Ilbert de Lacy (DB)

Innocent III, pope

Innocent IV, pope

Insula, see Peter de Insula; Roger de Insula

Isabel, widow of kg. John

Ivinghoe (Bucks.) see also Ralph of Ivinghoe

J. de Honington

James Caetani

James Judici

James son of Nicholas

James of Spain

Jeremy, abp.'s clerk

Jeremy, archdcn. of Cleveland

Jeremy, can. of Rouen

Jernegan of Tanfield

Jocelin of Louvain

John, bp. of Exeter

John, cardinal-dcn. of S. Maria in Cosmedin

John, cardinal-dcn. of S. Nicola in Carcere Tulliano, see Nicholas III

John, count of Mortain, 38; kg.

John, kinsman of archdcn. Jeremy

John XXI, pope

John, preb. South Cave

John, M., preb. Fridaythorpe

John, prior of Nostell

John, provost of Douai

John of Anagni

John Bellesmains, see John of Canterbury

John de Berwick

John Blund

John of Caen

John Caetani degli Orsini, see Nicholas III

John of Canterbury (Bellesmains),

John Clarel

John de Colonna

John de Colonna son of Landulf

John de Crowcombe

John of Droxford

John Egiptius of Ferentino

John of Exeter (Gervais, Gervasii)

John de Grandisson

John le Gras

John de Grey

John de Grey of Rotherfield, and his wife Hawisia

John of Hexham

John of Husthwaite

John de Kirkeby

John de Lacy

John de Langeton the elder

John de Langeton the younger

John de Lasenby

John de Lethebroc

John Marshal

John Maunsel the elder

John Maunsel the younger

John de Mettingham

John de Morton, see John le Romeyn the younger

John de Morwick

John le Romeyn the elder, archdcn. of Richmond,
-, preb.
-, subdean
-, treas.
-, his family

John le Romeyn the younger (son of the elder)
-, abp.
-,-, el. at Rome,
-,-, preb.
-,-, his family

John of St John

John of Salisbury

John de Sancto Laurentio

John son of Letold

John son of Robert

John Thoresby

John de Tywa, can.

John de Tywa, knight

John de Warenne, can.

John de Warenne, earl of Surrey

Jordan, can. (1150s)

Jordan, can. (c. 1200)

Jordan, M., can.

Jordan Orsini

Jordan Piruntus

Judici, see James Judici

Kendal (Kirkby Kendal) (Westmld)

Kimitone, see Godfrey de Kimitone

Kings Ripton (Hunts.)

Kirkby, South (W.R.)

Kirkby Kendal, see Kendal

Kirkby Malzeard (W.R.)

Kirkby Overblow (W.R.)

Kirkby Wharfe (W.R.)

Kirkeby, see John de Kirkeby

Kirkham (E.R.)
-, Aug. priory,
-,-, prior,
-, see also Walter de Kirkham

Knaresborough (W.R.)
-, preb.

Kyme, see Ralph de Kyme

Lacy, see Ilbert de Lacy; John de Lacy; Robert de Lacy; Roger de Lacy

la Forde, Lafford, see Robert de la Forde

Lanchester (co. Durh.), college, can.

Laneham (Notts.) and see also Roger of Laneham; Roland of Laneham; William of Laneham

Lanfranc, abp. of Canterbury

Langeton, see John de Langeton; Walter de Langeton; William de Langeton

Langford (Notts.)
-, preb., see Masham

Langres (France), bp.

Langtoft (E.R.)
-, preb.

Langtoft (? N.R.)

Langton-by-Wragby (Lincs.), see also Simon of Langton; Stephen of Langton

Languissel (near Nîmes, France), see also Andrew of Languissel; Bernard of Languissel

Laon (France), cath., can.

Lasenby, see John de Lasenby

Laughton (Laughton en le Morthen, W.R.), preb.,

Laurence, clerk

Laurence, M., can.

Laurence, M., preb. Strensall

Laurence of Lincoln

Laurence de Sancto Nicholao

Lausanne (Switzerland), bp.

Lavagna (near Genoa, Italy) see also Albert of Lavagna; Henry of Lavagna; Percival of Lavagna

Laysingby, see John de Lasenby

Le Mans (France), cath., can.

Le Puiset (Eure-et-Loir, France), family see also Burchard du Puiset; Hugh du Puiset

Leake (Notts.)

Ledes, see William de Ledes

Leeds (W.R.), see also Paulinus of Leeds

Leicester, countess
-, earl

Lennerton (W.R.)

Leofric, bp. of Exeter

Leonard, can. of Southwell

Leonard, M., papal chapl.

Leonard Odelini

Lethebroc, see John de Lethebroc

Letold, see also John son of Letold

Letolf, can.

Lichfield, cath., can.
-,-, chanc.
-,-, preb.
-,-, see Flixton
-,-, prec.
-, see also Thomas of Lichfield

Liège (Belgium), bp.

Limoges, see Margaret of Limoges

Lincoln, archdcn.
-, bp.
-, bp.-el.
-, cath., can.
-,-, chanc.
-,-, dean
-,-, prebs., see also Nassington
-,-, prec.
-,-, treas.
-, earl
-, see also Laurence of Lincoln

Lisiard de Musters
-, his son John

Lisieux (France), bp.

Llandaff, cath. can.
-, treas.

London, archdcn.
-, bp.
-, cath. of St Paul
-,-, can.
-,-, chanc.
-,-, dean
-,-, college of St Martin le Grand, dean
-,-, provost
-, see also Walter of London

Longchamp, see William Longchamp

Lotherton (W.R.)

Louis de Beaumont

Louis of Savoy

Louth (Lincs.), see also William de Luda

Louvain, see Jocelin of Louvain

Lovel, see Fulk Lovel

Lucy, see Godfrey de Lucy; Richard de Lucy

Luda, see William de Luda

Ludham (Norf.) see also Godfrey of Ludham; Richard of Ludham; Thomas of Ludham

Luke, nephew of Robert of Winchester

Luke de Sabello de Urbe

Lumby (W.R.)

Lusignan (France), see Aymer de Valence

Lutton, see Nicholas de Lutton

Lyfing, abp.

Lyon (France), abp.
-, cath., can.

Lythe (N.R.)

M., can.

Macrus, see Roger Macrus

Magnus, see Robert Magnus

Mainard, M., can.

'Majoricensis' (? Mallorca), can.

Malapalude family, see also Nicholas de Malapalude; Philip de Malapalude; Richard de Malapalude; Roger de Malapalude; William de Malapalude

Malet honour (DB) see also Robert Malet

Mallorca (?), can.

Manfred of Vercelli

Mappleton (E.R.)

Mar, see Roger de Mar

Marche, count of La Marche

Margaret of Limoges

Marisco, see Richard de Marisco

Market Weighton (E.R.)
-, preb., see Weighton

Marmion, family, see also Roger Marmion

'Maroman', 'Maromari', see Roger 'Maroman'

Marshal, see Henry Marshal; John Marshal; William Marshal

Martin IV, pope

Martin de Grimston

Martin of Pattishall

Martin de Sancta Cruce

Marton (E.R.)

Marton (W.R., Claro)

Marton (W.R., Craven)

Masham (N.R.)
-, preb.

Maton, see Richard de Maton

Matteo Ross Orsini

Matthew Scot

Matthew Sottavagina (Sottewain)

Maud de Flammaville

Mauley, see Peter de Mauley; Stephen de Mauley

Maunsel, see John Maunsel

Maurice, M., can.

Meaux (E.R.), Ben. abbey

Medicus, see Roger Medicus

Melsonby (N.R.), see also Alan of Melsonby; Roger of Richmond

'memorie': 'bone memorie', 'pie memorie'

Menethorpe (E.R.), see also Hugh de Menethorpe

Merdene, see Henry de Merdene

Messina (Sicily), cath., prec.

Mettingham (Suff.), see also John de Mettingham

Micklefield (W.R.)

Middlesex, archdcn. (London dioc.)

Milford, North (W.R.)

Milford, South (W.R.)

Millington (N.R.)

Mitton, Great (W.R.)

Melton, see William Melton

Monk Fryston (W.R.)

Monkgate (in York), see Thomas of Monkgate; York, city

Montbrun, see Peter de Montbrun

Montfort, see Amaury de Montfort; Simon de Montfort

Morgan, archdcn. of Richmond

Mortain (Manche, France), count
-, honour (DB)

Mortimer, see Edmund de Mortimer; Roger de Mortimer

Morwick, see John de Morwick

Mottisfont (Hants)

Moutiers (Ille-et-Vilaine, France), see also Lisiard de Musters

Mowbray, family
-, honour
-, see also Roger de Mowbray

Murdac, see Henry Murdac; Hugh Murdac

Muschamp, see Geoffrey de Muschamp

Muskham (Notts.)
-, North (Notts.), preb. in Southwell Minster

Musters, see Lisiard de Musters

Naples (Italy), see Berard of Naples

Napoleo Orsini

Narbonne (France), abp.
-, cath., can.

Nassington (Northants), preb. in Lincoln cath.,

Nawton (N.R.)

Newark (Notts.)
-, see also Henry of Newark

Newbald (N.R., near York)
-, (? E.R.), (preb. Riccall)
-, (? N.R.), (preb. Warthill)
-, North (E.R.)
-,-, preb.
-, South (E.R.)
-,-, preb.

Newburgh (N.R.), Aug. priory
-, prior

Newthorpe (W.R.)
-, preb.

Newton, East (N.R.)

Newton on Ouse (W.R.)

Nicholas, can., (c. 1130 - c. 1155)

Nicholas, can., (c. 1160 - c. 1180)

Nicholas, M., can.

Nicholas, cardinal-bp. of Tusculum

Nicholas, nephew of Gregory IX

Nicholas, III, pope (John Caetani degli Orsini),

Nicholas, IV, pope

Nicholas de Bréauté

Nicholas of Ewelme

Nicholas de Lutton

Nicholas de Malapalude

Nicholas of Selby

Nicholas son of Durand

Nicholas son of Gernagot

Nicholas son of Hugh

Nicholas de Stuteville

Nicholas de Trailli

Nicholas of York, archdcn. of Wilts.

Nicholas of York, can.

Nicholas of York, clerk

Nicholas of York, official of bp. of Salisbury

Nicholas, James son of, see James

Nigel Fossard (DB)

Nîmes (France), bp.

'Norcie Waleys', see also Richard de Cornubia

Norfolk, archdcn. (Norwich dioc.)

Normandis, see Stephen de Normandis

Northampton, archdcn. (Lincoln dioc.)
-, earl

Northumberland, archdcn. (Durham dioc.)

Northwell (Notts.), preb. in Southwell Minster

Norwich, bp.
-, see also Geoffrey of Norwich

Nostell (W.R.), Aug. priory
-, priors

Nottingham, archdcns.
-, archdcnry.
-, St Mary's church

Nowell, see Ralph Nowell

Odelini, see Leonard Odelini

Odo, bp. of Bayeux

Odo de Grandisson

Old Malton (N.R.)

Oliver of Sutton

Orkney, bp.

Orléans (France)

Orsini, see Gentile Orsini; Jordan Orsini; Matteo Rosso Orsini; Napoleo Orsini; Nicholas III

Osbaldwick (N.R.)
-, preb.

Osbern de Arches (DB)

Osbert, M., can.

Osbert Arundel

Osbert of Bayeux

Osbert, Gerard son of, see Gerard

Osgodby (E.R.), see also Adam of Osgodby

Osmund, bp. of Salisbury

Osney (Oxon), Aug. priory, prior

Ossington (Notts.), Hospitallers, prior

Ostia (Italy), cardinal-bp.

Otley (W.R.)

Otto, cardinal-dcn. of S. Maria in Via Lata

Otto of Tonengo

Ottobono, cardinal

Ouseburn, see Roger de Ouseburn

Oxford university, chanc.

P., succentor of vicars

Pagham (Suss.)

Palestrina (Italy), cardinal-bp.

Pandulph de Sabello

Pantaléon, see Ancher Pantaléon

Paris, cath., can.

Passelew, see Thomas Passelew

Passemer, see William Passemer

Pattishall (Northants), see also Martin of Pattishall

Paulinus of Leeds, see also Thomas son of Paulinus

Paynel, see Fulk Paynel; Hasculf Paynel

Pembroke, earl

Penistone (W.R.)

Pepin, see Roger Pepin

Perchi, see William de Perchi

Percival of Lavagna

Percy honour
-, steward

Percy, see Agnes de Percy; Richard de Percy; William de Percy

Peter, archdcn. of Lincoln

Peter, archdcn. of Nottingham

Peter, nephew of John le Romeyn

Peter de Charny

Peter of Chester

Peter of Corbeil

Peter of Dinan

Peter of Ferentino

Peter of Figheldean

Peter Fitz Herbert
-, his son Reginald

Peter Gimund of Rome

Peter de Insula

Peter de Mauley

Peter de Montbrun

Peter de Rievaux

Peter des Roches

Peter de Ros

Peter Russinol

Peter de Sabello

Peter of Savoy, preb. South Newbald

Peter of Savoy, preb. Wistow

Peter of Sherburn

Peter son of Nicholas Sarraceni

Peterborough, see Benedict of Peterborough

Philip de Broi

Philip de Eya

Philip de Malapalude

Philip of Poitou

Philip de Willoughby

Pickering (N.R.), see also Robert of Pickering; William of Pickering

Pinconio, see Hugh de Pinconio

Piruntus, see Jordan Piruntus

Plantagenet, see Geoffrey Plantagenet

Pocklington (E.R.)

Poitiers, bp.

Poitou, see Philip of Poitou

Pontefract (W.R.), Cluniac priory, monk

Pontifical, Romano-German

Pont, l'Evêque (Calvados, France), see also Roger of Pont l'Evêque

Poppleton, Upper (W.R.)

Porto (Italy), cardinal-bp.

Preston (E.R.)

Preston (Lancs.)

R., can.

R., succentor

Rainer, sub-archdcn. of Cleveland

Ralph, archdcn. of Cleveland

Ralph, archdcn. of Richmond

Ralph, can.

Ralph, prior of Nostell

Ralph, succentor of vicars

Ralph d'Aunay

Ralph de Baro

Ralph of Bedford

Ralph Flambard

Ralph of Ivinghoe

Ralph de Kyme

Ralph Nowell

Ralph de Sancta Columba

Ralph de Sancto Laurentio

Ralph de Valognes

Ralph de Warneville

Ranulph, can.

Ranulph, treas.

Ranulph de Glanville

Ranville (arr. Vire, Calvados, France)

Reginald, can. Southwell

Reginald Arundel

Reims (France), cath., can.

Reiner of Skipton

Reinevilla, Reineville, family, see also Thomas de Reinevilla

Rennes (France), bp.

Retford (Notts.)

Riccall (E.R.)
-, preb.

Richard, abbot of Whitby

Richard, M., can.

Richard, earl of Cornwall

Richard, I, kg.

Richard, ? preb. Warthill

Richard, succentor of vicars

Richard, succentor of vicars (another)

Richard le Brun

Richard de Clare

Richard de Clifford

Richard de Cornubia

Richard of Cornwall

Richard of Hexham

Richard de Lucy

Richard of Ludham, and his wife Eda

Richard de Malapalude

Richard de Marisco

Richard de Maton

Richard 'de Norcie Waleys', see also Richard de Cornubia

Richard de Percy

Richard de Taunton

Richard de Umfraville

Richard de Warter

Richard of York

Richard, William son of, see William

Richer, can.

Richmond, archdcns.
-,-, vice-archdcn.
-, archdcnry.
-, honour
-, sheriff
-, see also Roger of Richmond

Rievaulx (N.R.), Cist. abbey, abbot
-, see also Ailred of Rievaulx

Rievaux, see Peter de Rievaux

Ripon (W.R.)
-, Minster, can.

Ripplingham, see Robert de Ripplingham

Robert, cook of John son of Letold

Robert, ? preb. Grindale

Robert, preb. Warthill

Robert, provost of Beverley

Robert, vice-archdcn. of York

Robert de Arenis

Robert de Barlby

Robert de Behal

Robert de Bethune, bp. of Hereford

Robert Biseth

Robert Burnel

Robert Butevilain
-, his son, see Hugh, can.

Robert de Button

Robert Fossard

Robert de Gant

Robert de Grey

Robert Haget

Robert de Lacy

Robert de la Forde

Robert de la Forde senior

Robert Magnus

Robert Malet (DB)

Robert Pepin, see also Roger Pepin

Robert of Pickering

Robert de Ripplingham

Robert de Ros

Robert of Scarborough

Robert son of William

Robert son of William Fitz Ralph

Robert de Turnham

Robert of Winchester

Robert of Woodkirk

Robert, John son of, see John

Rochechouart (Haute Vienne, France), vicomte; see also Aimery of Rochechouart; Simon of Rochechouart

Roches, see Bartholomew des Roches; Peter des Roches

Rochester, bp.-el.

Roffredus, M., can.

Roffredus of Ferentino

Roger, abbot of Evesham

Roger, ? archdcn. of Cleveland

Roger, can. (1130s)

Roger, M., can. (1254)

Roger, prior of Durham

Roger Arundel

Roger d'Aubigny

Roger de Bavent, and his wife Matilda

Roger de Bully (DB)

Roger Crassus

Roger de Cunde

Roger of Holderness

Roger of Howden

Roger de Insula

Roger de Lacy

Roger of Laneham

Roger Macrus

Roger de Malapalude

Roger de Mar

Roger Marmion

Roger 'Maroman' ('Maromari')

Roger Medicus, can. of Lincoln

Roger Medicus, can. of York

Roger de Mortimer

Roger de Mowbray
-, his clerk

Roger de Ouseburn

Roger Pepin, M., subdean

Roger Pepin, M. (another)

Roger Pepin, succentor

Roger of Pont l'Evêque, abp.
-,-, his chapl.
-,-, his clerk
-,-, his nephew
-,-, his son
-,-, chs. mentioned

Roger Reinfrei, William son of, see William of Coutances

Roger of Richmond

Roger de Sancto Edmundo

Roger of Seaton

Roland of Laneham

Romanus, see Giovanni Romanus; James Caetani; John le Romeyn; Jordan Orsini; Stephen the Roman

Rome, cardinal-dcn., S. Adriano
-,-, S. Eustachio
-,-, S. Maria in Cosmedin
-,-, S. Maria in Porticu
-,-, S. Maria in Via Lata
-,-, S. Nicola in Carcere Tulliano
-,-, SS. Cosma e Damiano
-, cardinal-pr., S. Crisogono
-,-, S. Lorenzo in Lucina
-,-, S. Maria in Trastevere
-,-, S. Prassede
-,-, SS. XII Apostoli
-, cardinals, see also Albano; Ostia; Palestrina; Porto; Tusculum
-, S. Spirito in Sassia hospital

Romeyn family, see also John le Romeyn

Ros family, see also Peter de Ros; Robert de Ros

Rostand, M.

Rotherfield Greys (Oxon), see also William de Langeton (alias of Rotherfield); William of Rotherfield

Rouen (France)
-, abp.
-, archdcn.
-, cath., can.
-,-, dean
-,-, prec.
-,-, treas.

Rowley (E.R.)

Rufinus, can.

Rufinus of Tonengo

Rufus, Ruffus, see Giles le Rous

'Rumfredus Scottus'

Russinol, see Peter Russinol

Sabello, see Pandulph de Sabello; Peter de Sabello

St, Albans (Herts.), Ben. abbey, abbot
-,-, clerk
-, clerk

St Davids, cath. can.

St Giles, see Simon de Sancto Egidio

St John, see Amadeus of St John; John of St John

Saint-Omer (Pas-de-Calais, France), cath., can.,
-, see also Bernard of Saint-Omer

Sainte-Barbe-en-Auge (Calvados, France), 8n;
-, see also William of Sainte-Barbe

Sainte-Mère-Eglise (Manche, France), see William of Sainte-Mère-Eglise

Salisbury, bp.
-,-, official
-, cath., can.
-,-, chapter
-,-, dean
-,-, prebs.
-,-, treas.
-, see also Gilbert of Salisbury; John of Salisbury

Salton (N.R.), 95
-, preb.

Saluzzo (Italy), marquis, see also Boniface of Saluzzo

Sampson, archdcn. of York

Sampson, bp. of Worcester

Sampson, see Hugh Sampson

Sampson, abbot of Bury St Edmunds, xxvii

Samson d'Aubigny

Sancta Columba, see Ralph de Sancta Columba

Sancta Cruce, see Martin de Sancta Cruce

Sancto Edmundo, see Roger de Sancto Edmundo

Sancto Egidio, see Simon de Sancto Egidio

Sancto Laurentio, see John de Sancto Laurentio; Ralph de Sancto Laurentio

Sancto Marco, Sancto Medardo, see Geoffrey de Sancto Medardo

Sancto Nicholao, see Laurence de Sancto Nicholao

Sarraceni, Nicholas, see Peter son of Nicholas Sarraceni

Savard, prior of Nostell, 60

Savelli family, see also Luke de Sabello; Pandulph de Sabello; Peter de Sabello

Savoy, see Aymo of Savoy; Louis of Savoy; Peter of Savoy; Thomas of Savoy; William of Savoy

Scarborough (N.R.), see also Robert of Scarborough

Scot, Scottus, see Matthew Scot; Rumfedus Scottus

Scotland, 4; see also David, kg. of Scotland

Scriven (W.R.)

Seamer (N.R.)

Seaton (Rutl.), see also Roger of Seaton

Selby (W.R.), see Hugh of Selby; Nicholas of Selby

Senlis (Oise, France), see Simon of Senlis

Sens (France), abp.

Serlo, M., can.

Serlo son of Serlo

Serlo de Sunninges

Serlo, Gerold son of, see Gerold

Sewal de Boville, abp.
-, archdcn. of York
-, dean
-, preb.

Sherburn in Elmet (W.R.)
-, preb.
-, see also Peter of Sherburn

Sigillo, see Simon de Sigillo

Simeon, abbot of Ely

Simon, can.

Simon, nephew of cardinal Nicholas

Simon of Apulia

Simon Bacun

Simon of Evesham

Simon de Gandavo

Simon of Langton

Simon de Montfort
-, his wife, see Eleanor, countess of Leicester

Simon of Rochechouart

Simon de Sancto Egidio (St Giles)

Simon of Senlis

Simon de Sigillo
-, his sister Alice
-, his son Robert

Simonburn (Northumb.)

Sinningthwaite (W.R.), Cist. priory, prioress

Sirus, ? mag. schol

Skeffling (E.R.), 11n; see also Roger of Holderness

Skelton (N.R., near Saltburn)

Skelton (N.R., near York)

Skipton on Swale (N.R.), see also Henry of Skipton; Reiner of Skipton

Skipwith (E.R.)

Sleaford (Lincs.), see also Robert de la Forde

Somerset, see Henry de Somerset

Sottovagina (Sottewain), see Arnulf Sottovagina; Hugh Sottovagina; Matthew Sottovagina; Thomas Sottovagina; William Sottovagina

Southwell (Notts.)
-, Minster, can.,
-,-, chapter
-, see also William of Southwell

Spain, see James of Spain

Stafford, archdcn. (Coventry and Lichfield dioc.),
-, college, dean

Stainby (Lincs.)
-, see also William de Stainby

Stanford on Avon (Northants)

Stanton (unknown county)

Steeton Hall (W.R.)

Stephen, brother of count of Burgundy

Stephen, can. (3 or more individuals)

Stephen, kg.
-,-, his clerk

Stephen, nephew of cardinal-bp. of Palestrina

Stephen, prior of Nostell

Stephen de Arraz

Stephen Basset

Stephen de Ecclesfield

Stephen of Ferentino

Stephen of Fossanova

Stephen of Langton

Stephen de Mauley

Stephen de Normandis

Stephen the Roman

Stephen son of Holdebert

Stephen of Sutton

Stephen de Vancha

Stillington (N.R.)
-, preb.

Stockton on the Forest (E.R.)

Strensall (N.R.)
-, preb.

Stubbs, see Thomas Stubbs

Studley (W.R.)

Stuteville, see Nicholas de Stuteville; William de Stuteville

'Suchon' (? near York)

Sully, see Henry de Sully

Sunninges, see Serlo de Sunninges

Surrey, earl

Sutton on Trent (Notts.), see also Oliver of Sutton; Stephen of Sutton

Sylvanus, abbot of Rievaulx

T., can.

Taney, see Walter de Taney

Tanfield, see Jernegan of Tanfield

Taunton (Somt)
-, archdcn. (Bath and Wells dioc.)
-, see also Richard de Taunton

Tavistock (Devon), Ben. abbey, abbot

Taynton (Glos.)

Tedisius de Camilla

Testard, see William Testard

Tew (Oxon), see also Tywa

Theobald, abp. of Canterbury

Theobald of Bar-le-Duc

Thockrington (Northumb.)
-, preb.

Thomas, I ('of Bayeux'), abp.
-, his nephew, 2; see also Thomas II, abp.
-, chs. mentioned

Thomas II, abp.
-, chs. mentioned

Thomas, brother of John le romeyn the elder

Thomas, prec.

Thomas of Adderbury

Thomas Becket, abp. of Canterbury

Thomas of Bitton

Thomas de Cantilupe

Thomas de Ceccano

Thomas of Corbridge, abp.
-, chanc.
-, preb.
-, sacrist of chapel

Thomas de Fenwick

Thomas de Grimston

Thomas Hatfield

Thomas de Hedon

Thomas of Lichfield

Thomas of Ludham

Thomas of Monkgate

Thomas Passelew

Thomas de Reinevilla

Thomas de Sancto Stephano

Thomas of Savoy

Thomas son of Paulinus

Thomas Sottovagina (Sottewain)

Thomas Stubbs

Thomas of Wakefield

Thomas de Wythen

Thoresby, see John Thoresby

Thorner (W.R.), see also Adam of Thorner

Thornton (Lincs.), Aug. priory, can.

Thorpe Salvin (W.R.)

Thouars (Deux Sèvres, France), archdcn.

Thurstan, abp.
-, his nephew, see also Osbert of Bayeux
-, chs. mentioned

Thurstan, archdcn. of Nottingham

Thurstan of Bayeux

Tickhill (W.R.)

Tillemir, see William Tillemir

Tole, see William son of Tole

Tollerton (N.R.)

Tonengo (Asti, Italy)
-, see also Otto of Tonengo; Rufinus of Tonengo

Topcliffe (N.R.)

Torpenhow (Cumb.)

Torre, James

Tosti, can., see also William son of Tosti

Tours (France), abp.
-, cath., treas.

Trailli, see Nicholas de Trailli

Troyes, see Ancher Pantaléon of Troyes

Tunstall (E.R.)

Turcope, Turcople, Turcopula, see Geoffrey Turcople

Turnham, see Robert de Turnham

Tusculum (Italy), cardinal-bp.

Tywa, see Ernisius de Tywa; Gilbert de Tywa; Hugh de Tywa; John de Tywa

Uberto of Cocconato

Ughtred family

Ulleskelf (W.R.)
-, preb.

Ulrich, lord of Vuippens

Umfraville, honour, see also Richard de Umfraville

Urban IV, pope

Vacarius, M., can.

Valence, see Aymer de Valence

Valognes family, see also Hamo de Valognes; Ralph de Valognes

Vancha, see Stephen de Vancha

Varneville-Bretteville (Seine-Maritime, France)

Vauclair (Aisne, France), Cist. abbey, abbot

Vercelli (Italy), see Manfred of Vercelli

Verdun (France), bp.

Vescy,, see Agnes de Vescy

Vico Placentini, see Grunerius

Villandraut (Gironde, France)

Vuippens (cant. Fribourg, Switzerland), see also Gerard de Vuippens; Ulrich, lord of Vuippens

W., archdcn. of Nottingham

W., can.

Wadworth (W.R.)

Wakefield, see Thomas of Wakefield

Walcher, bp. of Durham

Waleby, see William de Waleby

Walkelin, bp. of Winchester

Walkingham (W.R.)

Wallop, Nether (Hants)

Walter, archdcn. of York

Walter, prec.

Walter le Breton

Walter Buher

Walter de Cantilupe

Walter of Coutances

Walter Espec, and his sister Aubreye

Walter de Gant

Walter Giffard, abp.

Walter of Gloucester

Walter de Grey, abp.
-, his relatives

Walter de Grey the younger

Walter de Kirkham

Walter de Langeton

Walter de Langeton, can.

Walter of London

Walter de Taney

Walter de Wisbech

Walter de Woburn

Walter, see Hervey Walter; Hubert Walter

Walthe of, prior of Kirkham

Warenne, see John de Warenne

Warneville, see Ralph de Warneville

Warter, see Richard de Warter

Water Fulford (E.R.)

Warthill (N.R.)
-, preb.

Watton-at-Stone (Herts.)

Wawne (E.R.)

Weaverthorpe (E.R.)

Weighton (Market Weightom E.R.), preb.

Wells, archdcn.
-, bp.
-, cath., can.
-,-, chapter
-,-, dean
-,-, treas.

Wetwang (E.R.)
-, preb.

Whalley (Lancs.)

Wharram-le-Street (E.R.)

Whitby (N.R.), Ben. abbey, abbot
-,-, monk

Whixley (W.R.)

Wiayn, see Thomas de Wythen

Wickwane, see William de Wickwane

Wigginton (N.R., near York)

Wigmore (Herefs.)

William, archdcn.

William, archdcn. (another)

William, archdcn. of Nottingham (1150s)

William, archdcn. of Nottingham (1249)

William, archdcn. of Richmond

William, cardinal-dcn. of S. Eustachio

William I, kg.

William II, kg.

William, nephew of John le Romeyn

William, prec. of Rouen

William, prior of Hexham

William, vice-archdcn. of E.R.

William of Bayeux I

William of Bayeux II

William of Bayeux (another)

William of Beverley

William of Birstall

William de Blyth

William de Bodham

William Burnel

William of Calne

William of Cave

William the chaplain

William of Chauvent

William de Chemillé

William del Clay

William de Clifford

William de la Corner

William of Coutances

William of Ely

William of Eu

William of Fécamp

William Fitz Herbert, abp.
-, treas.
-, canonization
-, chs. mentioned

William de Gloez

William (Seguin) de Got

William de Greenfield

William of Hambleton

William of Laneham

William de Langeton, can.

William de Langeton the younger

William de Langeton, alias of Rotherfield, abp.-el.
-, archdcn. of York
-, dean
-, preb.
-, succentor
-, chantry
-, his relatives

William de Ledes

William Longchamp

William de Luda (Louth)

William de Malapalude,

William Marshal,

William Melton,

William Passemer,

William de Perchi,

William de Percy (DB)

William de Percy, can.

William de Percy of Petworth

William of Pickering

William of Rotherfield, archdcn. of Richmond

William of Rotherfield, treas.

William of Sainte-Barbe

William of Sainte-Mère-Eglise

William of Savoy

William son of Bartholomew

William son of Durand

William son of Holdebert

William son of Ralph

William son of Richard

William son of Roger of Pont l'Evêque

William son of Tole

William son of Tosti

William Sottovagina (Sottewain)

William of Southwell

William de Stainby

William de Stuteville

William Testard

William Tillemir

William de Waleby

William de Wickwane
-, abp.
-,-, chanc.
-,-, preb.

William of Winchester, can. of London

William of Winchester, can. of York

William de Wisbech

William de Wyville

William of York

William, Robert son of, see Robert

Willoughby of Eresby, see Philip de Willoughby

Willoughby on the Wolds (Notts.)

Wilton (Bishop Wilton, E.R.), preb.

Wiltshire, archdcn. (Salisbury dioc.)

Wimund, can.

Winchester, archdcn.
-, bp.
-, cath. priory, monk
-, see also Herbert of Winchester; Robert of Winchester; William of Winchester

Wingrave (Bucks.)

Winterbourne Bassett (Wilts.)

Winteringham (Lincs.)

Wisbech (Cambs.) see also Walter deWisbech; William de Wisbech

Wistow (W.R.)
-, preb.

Withernwick (E.R.)

Woburn, see Walter de Woburn

Wombleton (N.R.)

Woodkirk, see Robert of Woodkirk

Worcester, archdcn.
-, bp.
-,-, clerk

Wycombe (Bucks.)

Wythen, see Thomas de Wythen

Wyville, see William de Wyville

-, abps.
-,-, chanc.
-,-, chapl.
-,-, chs.
-,-, clerk
-,-, datary
-,-, official
-,-, proctor
-,-, registers
-,-, seneschal
-,-, vicar-general
-, archdcns.
-,-, vice-archdcn.
-,-, without territorial title
-,-, Minster, cans., passim
-,-, chancs.
-,-, chantries
-,-, chapel of St Mary and Holy Angels can. sacrist
-,-, chapter penitentiary proctor
-,-, deans
-,-, masters of schools
-,-, prebs.
-,-, precs.
-,-, schools
-,-, subdeans
-,-, subtreas.
-,-, succentors
-,-, treas.
-,-, vicars choral succentors

York, city, churches, St Andrew's priory
-,-, St Leonard's hospital, xxviii; master
-,-, St Mary's abbey, abbot
-,-, St Maurice, Monkgate
-,-, St Michael
-,-, St Michael at Ouse Bridge
-,-, St Sampson
-, mayor
-,-, streets and places, Aldwark
-,-, Barkergate
-,-, Fishergate
-,-, Fossgate
-,-, Goodramgate
-,-, Layerthorpe
-,-, Micklegate
-,-, Minster Close
-,-, Minster Yard
-,-, Monkgate
-,-, Newbigging
-,-, Ogleforth
-,-, Petergate
-,-, St Andrewgate
-,-, Stonegate
-,-, Tang Hall
-,-, unspecified

York, see also Gregory of York; Nicholas of York; Richard of York; William of York