List 21: Prebendaries, Bugthorpe

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 6, York. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1999.

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'List 21: Prebendaries, Bugthorpe', in Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 6, York, (London, 1999) pp. 62-65. British History Online [accessed 15 April 2024]

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Cans. of York held lands in Stockton on the Forest in 1086 (Yorks. DB fo. 298); cath. held in Bugthorpe, Marton (par. Bridlington) (E.R.), and Carlton (par. Stockton) (N.R.) (ibid. fos. 298, 303, 381, 381v, 382).

Church of Bugthorpe and chapel of Stockton belonged to preb. (Reg. Giffard pp. 293-4). In c. 1295 preb. had land, a mill and tithes in Bugthorpe; land, a mill and tithes in Stockton; the farm of Marton; and a manor-house in the city of York (Extents pp. 11-14). See also Cal. Charter Rolls III 113 and CPL V 2.


1291 £40 (Taxatio p. 297a).


? Bartholomew

Archdcn. of Richmond from before 1158 (list 13). Occ. in 1160s in possession of a preb. with land in Carlton, prob. this preb. (EYC I no. 159). Evidently no longer in possession 1167 (below). Occ. as preb. [? South] Newbald after 1164 (list 36).

? M. Robert Butevilain

In possession of a preb, with land in Carlton, prob. this preb., 1167 (Pipe Roll 13 Hen. II (PRS xi, 1889) p. 97). Archdcn. of York from before 14 Oct. 1153, last occ. 13 Dec. 1157 (list 9); dean by 6 May 1158, d. July 1186 (list 2).

M. William de Stainby (fn. 148)

Gift of a preb. by Geoffrey Plantagenet, royal chanc., 6 × 9 July 1189 (Houedene III 274). Occ. as can. 10 Aug. 1189 × 17 Aug. 1191 (ULL Fuller Collection II/17/ 1) and before 1194 (EYC II no. 842; YMF I no. 36). Gr. annulled by kg. 3 Nov. 1194 (Houedene III 274). Evidently restored before Michaelmas 1195 (Pipe Roll 7 Ric. I (PRS new ser. vi, 1929) p. 91). Occ. as this preb. 1195 (HCY III 104). Last occ. as can. presum. March × Sept. 1201 (EYC V nos. 300, 303, YMF I no. 40, all temp. Hugh Murdac, archdcn. of Cleveland, list 10), and after March 1201 (EYC II no. 1261, temp. Adam of Thorner archdcn. York, list 9, and Ralph de Kyme archdcn. Cleveland, list 10; cf. EYC IX no. 112).

? M. Bernard of Saint-Omer

First occ. as Bernard can. 1199 × 1212 (Chs. Vicars Choral no. 72), also 1217, after 15 Aug. (YMF I no. 9) and Nov. 1215 × Aug. 1218 (Reg. Gray p. 133). Occ. several times; succentor from before 1224 (list 7). Occ. as can. in case concerning Bugthorpe, so prob. this preb., 1218-19 (Rolls of Justices, Yorks. no. 918). Last occ. as can. 1233 × 39 (Chart. Fountains I 272). D. by 1253; his executor was M. John le Romeyn the elder (YMF I no. 12; lists 5, 13, 48).

M. John le Gras (fn. 149)

Royal clerk, on diplomatic missions from 1243 (CPR 1232-47 p. 389; ibid. 1247-58 pp. 31, 235). Preb. of Beverley by 1242 (Beverley Fasti pp. 21-2). Occ. perhaps as can. of York 21 Apr. 1249 (Durham Annals and Documents of the 13th century, ed. F. Barlow (SS clv, 1945) p. 10). Still called clerk 24 Feb. 1250 (Reg. Gray p. 108). Occ. as can. 1266 (ibid. p. 108 n.). In possession of a preb. at York before 18 March 1266, when his d. was wrongly reported and an ineffective gr. of his preb. made to William of Chauvent (CPR 1258-66 p. 570). (fn. 150) Occ. as can. 1267 and 1268 (Reg. Giffard pp. 134, 257; cf. Chs. Vicars Choral no. 323). Last occ. 7 May 1279 (CPR 1272-81 p. 314). D. as this preb. and preb. of Beverley by 11 Nov. 1279 (Reg. Wickwane pp. 2, 12).

M. Hugh of Evesham

Preb. Botevant, res. by 11 Nov. 1279; also archdcn. of Worcester by 9 June 1275 (list 19). Abp.'s coll. to this preb. in succession to M. John le Gras, with mandate to induct, 12 Nov. 1279 (Reg. Wickwane p. 2). Abp.'s proctor to pope 1280 (ibid. p. 183). Cardinal-pr. of S. Lorenzo in Lucina from Apr. 1281 (Eubel I 43). Physician to pope Martin IV (1281-5). Occ. as can. at el. of abp. Romeyn at Rome, conf. 17 Feb. 1286 (Reg. Hon. IV no. 278, cal. CPL I 483). D. as this preb. at Rome 27 July 1287 (Reg. G. Giffard (Worc.) II 333; Ann. Worc. p. 494; Reg. Romeyn I 369). For his will, see Paravicini Bagliani, Testamenti pp. 42, 207-15. Author of 'Quaestiones' on fevers and a sermon (Sharpe, Handlist no. 510).

Peter de Sabello

Occ. as can. at el. of abp. Romeyn at Rome, conf. 17 Feb. 1286 (Reg. Hon. IV no. 278, cal. CPL I 483). Papal prov. to next vacant preb. (Reg. Romeyn I 361). Refused abp.'s offer of preb. Botevant 23 Sept. 1286 (list 19) and of preb. [North] Newbald 6 Jan. 1287 (list 35). Abp.'s mandate for his induction by proxy to this preb. in succession to M. Hugh of Evesham 23 Sept. 1287 (Reg. Romeyn I 369). Also can. of Lincoln (1 Fasti III 134). D. as this preb. at Rome before 22 Feb. 1288 (Reg. Nic. IV no. 446, cal. CPL I 494; Reg. Romeyn I 371). Nephew of pope Honorius IV (1285-7) (Reg. Hon. IV no. 278, cal. CPL I 483); member of Roman family of Savelli and thus related to Pandulph de Sabello, preb. North Newbald (list 35).

Peter of Chester (fn. 151)

Rector of Whalley (Lancs.) by 23 Dec. 1253 (see Fasti Paroch. IV 113). Provost of Beverley by 1 May 1278, to d. by 18 Feb. 1295 (Beverley Fasti p. 7). Abp.'s coll. to this preb. in succession to Peter de Sabello, with mandate to install, dated 5 March 1288 (Reg. Romeyn I 371). Papal injunction to abp. to revoke coll. as Peter de Sabello had d. at Rome during vacancy in papacy and pope Nicholas IV (1288-92) had prov. Andrew of Languissel to this preb.; papal mandate to induct Andrew 13 Jan. 1289 (Reg. Nic. IV no. 446, cal. CPL I 494).

Andrew of Languissel (fn. 152)

Papal chapl., prov. by Nicholas IV to this preb., with mandate to induct 13 Jan. 1289; prov. made at request of Andrew's brother, Bernard cardinal-bp. of Porto (Reg. Nic. IV no. 446, cal. CPL I 494). Bp. of Avignon, prov. 15 March 1290 (Reg. Nic. IV nos. 2414-15).

M. Bernard of Languissel

Coll. to this preb. in succession to Andrew of Languissel by Bernard cardinal- bp. of Porto, under papal letters; abp.'s mandate to induct by proxy 9 Aug. 1290 (Reg. Romeyn I 389). Occ. as this preb. by proxy 30 June 1291 (Misc. Reg. fo. 3r). Brother of cardinal Bernard and of Andrew de Languissel (Paravicini Bagliani, Testamenti p. 47) and therefore to be identified with bp. of Nîmes, Aug. 1280, d. 8 Jan. 1323.

M. Stephen de Mauley

Archdcn. of Cleveland, coll. 17 July 1289 (list 10). Abp.'s coll. to this preb., mandate to install dated 23 Nov. 1298 (Reg. Newark p. 215). Occ. as can. 5 Jan. 1301 (Misc. Reg. fo. 9v) and 20 May 1304 (Chs. Vicars Choral no. 505). D. as this preb. 12 Aug. 1317 ('Vacant benefices 1316-19' p. 146).


  • 148. Prob. Stainby, Lincs., as suggested in YMF II 16 n.
  • 149. He was D.Cn. and C.L; for his career, see Biog. Ox. II 1127. He was a member of the le Gras family, lords of Studley (W.R.); for his possible affinity with abp. Walter de Grey, see Beverley Fasti p. 22 n. He is prob. to be identified with John Crassus who occ. as can. 1274 (Durham D. & C., 2.2 Ebor. 18 = Cart. III ii fo. 72v).
  • 150. Later in the year William of Chauvent had royal coll. to subdeanery and unident. preb. 8 Nov. 1266 (lists 6, 50).
  • 151. Illegitimate son of John de Lacy, earl of Lincoln and constable of Chester. For his career, see Beverley Fasti p. 7, Beverley Act-Book I p. xxix, and Fasti Paroch. I 6.
  • 152. Near Nîmes, France.