List 2: Deans

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 6, York. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1999.

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'List 2: Deans', in Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 6, York, (London, 1999) pp. 7-13. British History Online [accessed 11 April 2024]

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Property of deanery difficult to trace (cf. Dobson pp. 63-4). A messuage in York mentioned 1164 × 74 (EEA XX no. 126). Deanery house to S.E. of S. transept of Minster, with land extending to Low Petergate (see R. M. Butler, 'Notes on the Minster Close at York', York Historian xiv (1997) 10-25, at pp. 12 (plan), 14); lic. to crenellate 16 Feb. 1302 (CPR 1301-7 p. 19; cf. Yorks. Inquisitions III, ed. W. Brown (YRS xxxi, 1902) pp. 134-5). A grange in Goodramgate by 1235 × 40 (Chs. Vicars Choral nos. 158 n.).


1291 £373 6s. 8d. (Taxatio pp. 305b, 322a); vicarage of Pickering £6 13s. 4d. (ibid. p. 297b); vicarage of Ellerburn £6 13s. 4d. (ibid.). (fn. 21)


Hugh (fn. 22)

preb. unident., list 50

First dean, appd. by abp. Thomas I before Dec. 1093 (Hugh the Chanter pp. xxv, 12-13, 18-19). Occ. at royal council at Gloucester [25 Dec. 1093] (Regesta II 401, addendum to I no. 338). Occ. 27 May 1108 (Hugh the Chanter pp. 26-7). Occ. Sept. × Dec. 1122 (Regesta II no. 1336). Occ. several times temp. abps. Thomas II and Thurstan (EEA V nos. 21, 39, 40, 43, 63, 68, 70, 74, 82; EYC I nos. 429, 430 (cal. Regesta II no. 1072); EYC II nos. 783, 874). Occ. as dean on visit to Fountains abbey with abp. Thurstan 9 Oct. 1132 (Memorials of Fountains I 24). Retired as old and infirm, to become Cist. monk at Fountains 1135; benefactor to Fountains (ibid. pp. 52-3; see Clay, 'Deans' p. 364). Strong probability that all the occs. are of one man, who was appd. dean as a young man (see discussions by Clay, 'Deans' p. 364; by M. Brett and C. N. L. Brooke in Hugh the Chanter p. xxv; and by J. Burton in EEA V 120). Founded library of Fountains (Memorials of Fountains I 52-3), interested in literature (HCY II 256).

William of Sainte-Barbe (fn. 23)

preb. unident., list 50

Witness to abp.'s charters (EYC VI no. 9, cal. EEA V no. 73, without title; cf. as clerk, EEA V nos. 43 and 57, which are perhaps spurious but may preserve genuine witness-lists). Occ. as can. 1128 and 9 Oct. 1132 (list 50). First certain occ. as dean Dec. 1138 (Richard of Hexham p. 173; John of Hexham p. 299; cf. Councils & Synods I (2) 768-79). (fn. 24) Occ. several times (e.g. EEA V nos. 44, 45, 47, 79, 81; EYC I no. 152, II nos. 783, 1153, III nos. 1313-14). El. bp. of Durham 14 March 1143, cons. 20 June (1 Fasti II 30).

Robert de Gant (fn. 25)

preb. unident., list 50

Kg.'s chanc. from 1140 × 42 to 1154 (Regesta III p. x). First certain occ. as dean 24 July 1147 (John of Hexham pp. 320-1), but occ. possibly earlier, 1142 × 47 (EYC II no. 1181), 1143 × 47 (EYC III no. 1476, cal. EEA V no. 99). Occ. several times temp. abp. Henry Murdac (EEA V nos. 110, 118, 123, 126, 128, 130), at abp. William's return in Apr. 1154 (William of Newburgh p. 80), and temp. abp. Roger, so after 10 Oct. 1154 (ibid. pp. 81-2; cart. see of York: BL Lansdowne MS 402 fo. 80r-v = EEA XX no. 2; EYC III no. 1670 = EEA XX no. 72). Ceased to be kg.'s chanc. on d. of kg. Stephen, Dec. 1154 (Regesta III p. x), but perhaps still alive and dean, addressed in papal letter of 19 Jan. 1157 (EYC I no. 187; for date, see Clay, 'Deans' p. 370, and cf. PUE I nos. 64, 65).

M. Robert Butevilain (fn. 26)

preb. ? Bugthorpe, list 21

Archdcn. of York (last occ. 13 Dec. 1157, list 9). First occ. as dean 6 May 1158 (Cart. S. Petri Glos. II 105-7 = EEA XX no. 37). Occ. frequently. Occ. with full name EYC III no. 1809 and VI no. 23 = EEA XX no. 14. D. as dean July 1186 (Houedene II 310). His son Hugh occ. as can. (unident. preb., list 51).

Hubert Walter (fn. 27)

preb. unident., list 50

Clerk of Ranulph de Glanville, appd. dean by kg. on d. of Robert Butevilain, s.v., July 1186 (Houedene II 310). Also royal justice and baron of Exchequer (C. R. Cheney, Hubert Walter (1967) pp. 21-2). One of five candidates nom. by cans. for abpric. Sept. 1186, rejected by kg. (Gesta Hen. II I 352, passage omitted in Houedene II 310). Bp. of Salisbury, el. 15 Sept. 1189, cons. 22 Oct. (1 Fasti IV 3).

Henry Marshal (fn. 28)

preb. unident., list 50

Appd. dean by kg., s.v., 15 Sept. 1189 (Houedene III 16; cf. L. Landon, Itinerary of King Richard I (PRS new ser. xiii, 1935) p. 7), and ord. subdcn. and dcn. same day (Houedene III 17). Appt. opposed by abp.-el. Geoffrey; instal. as can. but not as dean by Hamo prec. (ibid.). Henry's appt. and that of Burchard the treas. conf. by abp.-el. Dec. 1189 (ibid. p. 28), but both excomm. by abp.-el. 5 Jan. 1190 (ibid. p. 31). Occ. as dean several times. Also royal justice (see, e.g., Pipe Roll 5 Ric. I (PRS new ser. iii, 1927) pp. 70, 77). Bp. of Exeter, el. before 10 Feb. 1194 (Councils & Synods I (2) 1041-2), cons. before 30 March (Houedene III 241).

M. Simon of Apulia (fn. 29)

preb. South Newbald, list 36

Chanc. (list 4). Lengthy dispute between abp., kg. and cans. in which abp. Geoffrey attempted to appt. his half-brother Peter 1193 (see also list 9, under M. Peter of Dinan), kg. requested appt. of John provost of Douai, and abp. then appd. Simon of Apulia. Simon el. dean by cans. when abp. tried to remove him in favour of M. Philip of Poitou before end of 1193 (Houedene III 221-3). Simon nom. by pope Jan. 1194 (ibid. pp. 229-30) and after a case was invested with deanery by pope 17 May (HCY III 92-4; cf. PUE II no. 271 of 14 June). Returned to York Feb. 1195, and was received as dean by cans. 12 Feb. (Houedene III 283-4, cf. pp. 272-3). Occ. frequently. For his seal, see Durham Seals no. 3332. Bp. of Exeter, el. before 13 Apr. 1214 (cf. below; and see EEA XI pp. xlvi-xlvii), cons. 5 Oct. (Cant. Profs. no. 148).

[M. Bartholomew des Roches

Nephew of Peter des Roches, bp. of Winchester (1205-38). Archdcn. of Winchester by 28 May 1213 (1 Fasti II 93). Had ineffective royal coll. to deanery, s.v., 13 Apr. 1214 (Rot. Litt. Pat. p. 113b). Can. of York, unident. preb. (list 51).]

M. William Testard

preb. Dunnington, list 24

Archdcn. of Nottingham (list 12). Nom. dean by kg., s.v., 20 Sept. 1214 (Rot. Litt. Claus. I 202b). Royal assent, s.v., 29 Oct. 1214 (Rot. Litt. Pat. p. 123a). No other occ. as dean. (fn. 30)


preb. unident., list 50

Treas. (last occ. 1216, list 5). First certain occ. as dean 1 March 1218 (Reg. Gray p. 132), though possibly occ. 1217 (Furness Coucher II 92-3, 321, see Clay, 'Archdeacons' p. 427 n.). Occ. several times, last 24 Aug. 1219 (Percy Chartulary [ed. M. T. Martin] (SS cxvii, 1911) no. 100). Had been succeeded by ? 8/9 Apr. 1220 (below). His son Hamo occ. 1199 × 1214 (EYC VI no. 137) and 12 May 1215 (Rot. Litt. Pat. p. 180a; cf. EYC I no. 228).

M. Roger de Insula

preb. Wetwang, list 47

Chanc. of Lincoln (last occ. 29 March 1220, 1 Fasti III 17). Can. of York from before 1217 (list 47). First occ. as Roger the dean ? 8/9 Apr. 1220 (York Fabric Rolls p. 144) and with full name and title c. 24 June 1220 (Cart. Rievaulx no. 364). Occ. several times. Last certain occ. 29 Jan. 1233 (Reg. Gray p. 57), but prob. still in office 21 March 1233 (ibid. p. 59). His chantry at altar of St John of Beverley in York Minster (York Fabric Rolls p. 288). Possibly writer of epitaph of Simon de Montfort, earl of Leicester (d. 1218) (Sharpe, Handlist no. 1572).

M. Geoffrey of Norwich

preb. unident., list 50

Prec. (last occ. 29 March 1233, list 3). First certain occ. as dean 13 and 14 Dec. 1234 (Yorks. Fines 1232-46 p. 29), but prob. dean by or soon after 28 Dec. 1233 (Reg. Gray p. 243 n., where G. dean and chapter issue conf. of abp.'s ch. of that date). Papal disp. as son of a pr., to hold deanery and unident. preb., 18 March 1236 (CPL I 152 = Reg. Greg. IX no. 3015). Last occ. 28 May 1238 (cart. York: BL Cotton MS Claud. B. iii fo. 11v). His chantry at altar of St Mary Magdalen in Minster founded by his executors, including Simon of Evesham prec. (York Fabric Rolls p. 294; Certificates of ... Chantries ... in County of York [ed. W. Page] (SS xci-xcii, 1894-5) I 13; cf. Chs. Vicars Choral no. 412).

Fulk Basset (fn. 31)

preb. unident., list 50

Rector of Howden by 25 Feb. 1226 (Reg. Gray p. 7 and n.); provost of Beverley by 15 June 1226, last occ. as provost 17 Apr. 1238, had been succeeded by 1240 (Reg. Gray pp. 7, 177; Beverley Fasti p. 6). First occ. as dean July 1239 (cart. York: BL Cotton MS Claud. B. iii fo. 14). Occ. frequently, last 4 Jan. 1243 (Chart. Fountains I 425). Bp. of London, el. c. Dec. 1241, temps. 16 March 1244, cons. 9 Oct. (1 Fasti I 3).

M. Walter de Kirkham (fn. 32)

preb. Bole, list 18

Can. of York, occ. 2 Dec. 1232 (list 18). First occ. as dean 21 June 1244 (cart. York: BL Cotton MS Claud. B. iii fo. 14; cf. Close Rolls 1242-7 p. 258, of 1 Aug. 1244). Also can. of Chichester (1 Fasti V 71-2); preb. of Lincoln (ibid. III 88); dean of St Martin le Grand, London; royal clerk, keeper of wardrobe 1224-31 and 1234-6 (Tout, Chapters I 192-201, 244, VI 25). Bp. of Durham, el. 21 Apr. 1249; described as dean of York when received royal assent 27 Sept. and 17 Oct. (CPR 1247-58 pp. 48, 51); temps. 20 Oct.; cons. 5 Dec. (1 Fasti II 32).

M. Sewal de Boville

preb. Fenton, list 25

Archdcn. of York (last occ. 1248, prob. 5 Nov., list 9). First occ. as S. dean 21 Sept. 1249 (Reg. Gray p. 261 n.). Occ. as M. Sewal dean 6 Nov. 1252 (ibid. p. 212). Last occ. 28 May 1255 (CPR 1247-58 p. 411). Abp. of York, el. c. Oct. 1255, temps. 4 May 1256, cons. 23 July (list 1).

[M. Jordan [Piruntus]

preb. unident., list 51

Deanery vacant 2 May 1256 (CPR 1247-58 p. 471). M. Jordan papal nominee, 1256, with royal support (cf. Close Rolls 1256-9 p. 116), but withdrew for annual payment of 100m., 1257 (Chron. Maj. V 586, 624, 692). Presum. to be identified with M. Jordan Piruntus (Conti), papal notary; preb. of London (1 Fasti I 76-7); archdcn. of Dorset, Salisbury dioc. (ibid. IV 27); became cardinal-dcn. of SS. Cosma e Damiano 1262 (ibid.); still preb. (unident.) of York when d. Oct. 1269 (list 51).]

M. Godfrey of Ludham

preb. unident., list 50

Prec., last certain occ. 20 Aug. 1253 (list 3). First occ. as dean 21 June 1257 (Mon. Ang. IV 276). Abp. of York, royal assent 25 July 1258, cons. 22 Sept. (list 1).

M. Roger of Holderness alias of Skeffling (fn. 33)

preb. unident., list 50

Can. by 1255 (list 50). Clerk of St Albans, appd. dean by abp. Godfrey of Ludham on return from cons. at Viterbo, so some time after 22 Sept. 1258 (Chron. Maj. V 725; see also list 1). Last occ. as dean 1260, being presented to church of Brantingham (E.R.) (Reg. Gray p. 78 n.).

William de Langeton alias of Rotherfield (fn. 34)

preb. Strensall, list 42

Archdcn. of York (last occ. 11 March 1252, list 9). Nephew of abp. Walter de Grey, who obtained papal disp. for him for an additional benefice 25 Nov. 1254 (Reg. Gray pp. 214-15, cf. CPL I 308 = Reg. Innoc. IV no. 8237). Prob. rector of Great Mitton (W.R.) from 23 Apr. 1255 (Fasti Paroch. IV 100). First occ. as dean c. 16 March 1262 (cart. Byland: BL Egerton MS 2823 old fo. 204). El. abp., as William of Rotherfield, dean of York, 12 or 13 March 1265; el. qua. summer or autumn 1265 (list 1). Occ. frequently as dean. El. bp. of Carlisle 13 Dec. 1278, but declined (1 Fasti II 21; Reg. Nic. III no. 636, cal. CPL I 461). D. as dean 15 July 1279, and was buried in south transept of Minster (tomb and inscription illustrated from a MS of Roger Dodsworth by F. Drake, Eboracum (1736) p. 494; cf. Reg. Gray p. 122 n.). (fn. 35) Chantry at altar of St John Baptist in Minster for his soul and John de Langeton, his successor as archdcn. of York (York Fabric Rolls p. 290; and see Chs. Vicars Choral no. 533 note); also chantry at altar of St Stephen in Minster for his soul and abp. Walter de Grey founded by William de Langeton his nephew and heir (York Fabric Rolls p. 301); and chantry at altar of St Edward in Minster founded 1292 (Reg. Romeyn I 283). Had another nephew called Walter de Langeton (Reg. Giffard p. 35). Presum. related to John de Langeton, his successor as archdcn. of York (list 9). To be distinguished from William of Rotherfield, archdcn. of Richmond 1217-38 (list 13), and from William of Rotherfield, treas., who d. by 7 Jan. 1242 (list 5).

M. Robert of Scarborough (fn. 36)

prebs. Knaresborough, Husthwaite, lists 31, 30

Archdcn. of E.R. (last occ. [22 June] 1279, list 11). El. dean, conf. by abp. 30 Oct. 1279 (Reg. Wickwane p. 1). El. challenged, comm. appd. to settle question 16 Jan. 1280 (ibid. p. 3, cf. p. 1-2 of 1 Nov. 1279). Letters dimissory to be ord. pr. 6 March 1280 (ibid. p. 90). One of kg.'s envoys to pope 1282-3 (CCR 1279-88 p. 235). Disputes with abp. (see Beverley Fasti p. 91 and n.). Depr. by abp. John le Romeyn, mandate for new el. 26 Sept. 1287 (Reg. Romeyn I 369). Sequestration of deanery ordered 4 Apr. 1290 (Misc. Reg. fo. lr). Res. deanery, preb. Husthwaite and preb. of Beverley 8 May 1290, in return for annual pension of 400m. for life (ibid. p. 385; Beverley Act-Book II 160; Beverley Fasti p. 90). D. before 10 March 1291 (Reg. Romeyn I 109).

M. Henry of Newark

preb. Weighton, list 46

Archdcn. of Richmond (last occ. 10 Feb. 1290, list 13). Commendation to deanery 27 Feb. 1290, mandate to install dated 12 May 1290 (Reg. Romeyn I 384 and n.; cf. Misc. Reg. fo. lr). Adm. 20 May, instal. 10 June (Misc. Reg. fo. lr). Also preb. of London (1 Fasti I 31); can. of Hereford and Wells; can. of Southwell (preb. North Muskham, coll. 1287). Abp., el. 7 May 1296, temps. 21 June 1297, cons. 15 June 1298 (list 1).

Deanery claimed by proctor for M. Bartholomew of Ferentino 19 Oct. 1298, but claim dropped (Misc. Reg. fo. 9r). Bartholomew was preb. of London (1 Fasti I 82).

William of Hambleton (fn. 37)

preb. Warthill, list 45

Archdcn. of York (list 9). El. before 12 Dec. 1298 (Reg. Newark p. 212). (fn. 38) Dispute over papal reservation of a dignity in York for Francesco Caetani, cardinal- dcn. of S. Maria in Cosmedin, preb. Knaresborough (list 31), whose res. was ordered by pope 18 March 1300 (Reg. Greenfield I 12). Hambleton prov. by pope 18 March 1300 (Reg. Bon. VIII no. 3481, cal. CPL I 586), but last occ. as archdcn. 25 June 1300 (list 9). Royal chanc. from 16 Jan. 1305 to d. (Tout, Chapters II 11-12, VI 6). D. at Fountains abbey 19 Apr. 1307 (CCR 1302-7 p. 529; CPR 1301-7 p. 518). His chantry at altar of St Anne, St Anthony and St Crux in Minster founded 12 Apr. 1307 (York Fabric Rolls p. 277).


  • 21. Both Pickering and Ellerburn had belonged to the kg. in 1086 (Yorks. DB 299, 300, 380v).
  • 22. 'H.' dean issued a ch. which confirms a ch. of abp. Thurstan, who is referred to as 'pie memorie' (EYC I no. 358); this would suggest a date after Thurstan's death in Feb. 1140, and accordingly Clay placed H. between William of Sainte-Barbe and Robert de Gant. But the ch. does not survive in the original, and if it is genuine, it is likely to have been issued by dean Hugh, who attested abp. Thurstan's ch., c. 1125 × 1133 (EEA V no. 74, illustrated pl. II): in that case 'pie memorie', applied to abp. Thurstan, is probably an interpolation. M. Brett, The English Church under Henry I (Oxford, 1975), p. 197 n. 4, also suggests that the two chs. are of even date. I am indebted to Dr N. Vincent for his help on the use in 12th-cent. chs. of the phrases 'pie memorie' and 'bone memorie': these expressions invariably indicate that the person referred to was dead, despite some recent claims to the contrary (e.g. J. R. Davies, 'Liber Landavensis: its date and the identity of its editor', Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies xxxv (1998) 7-8 and n. 40).
  • 23. Sainte-Barbe-en-Auge, arr. Lisieux, Calvados, France.
  • 24. Farrer's dating of c. 1126 × 1129 for EYC II no. 1012 should be emended to 1135 × 43 (see list 20, notes).
  • 25. Possibly to be identified with Robert, brother of Walter de Gant, and therefore son of Gilbert de Gant the Domesday tenant-in-chief, EYC II no. 1222; cf. Clay, 'Deans' p. 366.
  • 26. Prob. a member of family of Butevilain of Cottesbrooke, Northants; see W. Farrer, Honors and Knights' Fees I 80-1, and Clay, 'Deans' p. 371.
  • 27. Son of Hervey Walter and nephew of Ranulph de Glanville, see C. R. Cheney, Hubert Walter (1967), pp. 16-17; DNB s.n. Hubert.
  • 28. Son of John Marshal and brother of William Marshal, earl of Pembroke.
  • 29. A lawyer, possibly author of a Summa; see Kuttner and Rathbone p. 306 and n. 14.
  • 30. Kg.'s letter forbidding chapter to el. S., dean of York, to abpric., June 1215, must use the term decanus in error, as the individual referred to, Simon of Langton, was can. (list 42) but not dean of York; Rot. Chart. p. 207b, discussed by Clay, 'Deans' p. 376.
  • 31. Younger son of Alan Basset of Wycombe (Bucks.), Chron. Maj. IV 89. Had church of Winterbourne Bassett (Wilts.), Chartulary of Lewes, portions relating to other counties (Sussex Rec. Soc., 1943), 'Wilts., Devon and Dorset portion', ed. W. Budgen and L. F. Salzman, no. 8. For his career, see DNB.
  • 32. Presum. Kirkham, E.R. For his career, see DNB.
  • 33. Skeffling is a village in Holderness, E.R. He occ. at Oxford 1252; for a note on his career, see Biog. Ox. II 948.
  • 34. Rotherfield Greys, Oxon; see above, Walter de Grey, abp., list 1.
  • 35. YMLA L1/7 (Torre) fo. 264 (554) says he d. in June 1279 and was buried in the chapel of Our Lady by the clock-house.
  • 36. Member of the Ughtred family of Scarborough, N.R., see YMF I 10 and Beverley Fasti p. 90.
  • 37. Hambleton, par. Brayton (W.R.), where he founded a chantry chapel 1307 (Certificates of . Chantries . in the County of York [ed. W. Page] (SS xci, xcii, 1894-5) II 232). For his career and other livings, see Beverley Fasti pp. 123-4, where, at p. 123 n. 3, it is pointed out that 2 Fasti VI 6, 17, 86 and YMF I 10, II 80 are in error in giving William of Hambleton the title of Master, which 'is unsupported in both the Beverley Chapter Act Book and the archbishops' registers, apart from a reference in a papal document (Reg. Greenfield I 13) which is at variance with all others'. See also DNB s.n. Hamilton.
  • 38. YMLA L1/7 (Torre) fos. 261 (549) and 265 (555) give 9 Id. (sic) Dec. 1298 for his el., possibly intending 9 Dec. (5 Id.).