List 31: Prebendaries, Knaresborough

Pages 82-84

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 6, York. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1999.

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Bichill the original name of the preb., which, except the preb.'s capital dwelling- house, dean and chapter gr. to abp. who added it to church of royal manor of Knaresborough (W.R.) 13 Nov. 1230 (Reg. Gray p. 51). Arrangement made in 1233 for church to become part of preb. after d. or change of life of Peter de Rievaux (ibid. p. 63), conf. by Nicholas de Stuteville Oct. 1233 (Yorks. Fines 1232-46 p. 6). Quitclaim of advowson of church by kg. 20 Aug. 1280 (CPR 1272-81 p. 396).

In c. 1295 preb. was rector of Knaresborough, with a manor-house and land and tithes in Knaresborough, Scriven, Brearton, Arkendale, Bilton and Walkingham; a garden in York, where the capital dwelling-house of preb. of Bichill formerly stood (Extents pp. 17-19).


1291 £46 13s. 4d.; vicarage £10 (Taxatio p. 297a). c. 1295 £47 13s. 1d. after expenses (Extents p. 19).


William of York

Clerk, first occ. inst. to Kings Ripton (Hunts., Lincoln dioc.) 1219 ×20, on pres. of the legate [? Guala] (Rot. Welles III 33; cf. Letters of Guala no. 104). Chancery clerk ([C. A. F. Meekings,] 'Six letters concerning the eyres of 1226-8', EHR lxv (1950) 492-504). Abp.'s coll. to preb. of Bichill, mandate to install dated 8 Dec. 1230 (YMF I no. 32). Preb. Ampleforth by 28 Sept. 1235 (list 14).

? Philip de Eya

Said to have been this preb., papal chapl., c. 1243, when he was party to an accord touching the exemption of the preb. from the archdcnry. of Richmond (YMLA L1/7 (Torre) fos. 446v-447r (976-7)). Prob. to be identified with preb. of London who first occ. 9 Aug. 1257 and d. 4 Apr. 1277 (1 Fasti I 44, 63). In service of Richard, earl of Cornwall, 1250-73 (CPR 1247-58 pp. 61, 397, 589), whose son and heir Edmund, earl of Cornwall, lord of Knaresborough, claimed advowson of church 1277 (CPR 1272-81 p. 240).

M. Robert of Scarborough

Dean, el. conf. 30 Oct. 1279 (list 2). Res. preb. Grindale 18 Nov. 1279 (list 28). Occ. as this preb. 10 May 1280, paying £20 p.a. to John de Mettingham (later preb. Bole, list 18) (Reg. Wickwane p. 258). Transf. to preb. Husthwaite on abp.'s coll. 20 Dec. 1280 (list 30); received from abp. promised bond in 100m. for delivering this preb. 14 Apr. 1281 (Reg. Wickwane p. 319).

Gilbert of Salisbury

Subdean, by abp.'s coll. 10 Feb. 1267; last occ. 13 Sept. 1281; his successor appd. 20 Dec. 1281 (list 6). Transf. from preb. Bole (list 18) to this preb. on abp.'s coll. 20 Dec. 1280 (Reg. Wickwane p. 5). Successor in preb. coll. 20 Dec. 1281 (below).

M. Thomas of Bitton

Preb. Holme from 16 Oct. 1272 (list 29). Abp.'s coll. to this preb. 20 Dec. 1281 (Reg. Wickwane p. 9). Also archdcn. of Wells 1268-84, dean of Wells from 1284. Bp. of Exeter, el. 8 Oct. × 30 Nov. 1291, temps. 2 Dec., cons. 16 March 1292.

Francesco Caetani

Preb. Riccall (list 39). Nephew of cardinal Benedict (later pope Boniface VIII, 1295-1303). Abp.'s mandate to admit him to this preb. by proxy ? 12/ 13 Apr. 1292 (Reg. Romeyn II 13). Instal. in this preb. by proxy 15 Apr. 1292 (Misc. Reg. fo. 5r). Cardinal-dcn. of S. Maria in Cosmedin, created 17 Dec. 1295 (Eubel I 51). Papal reservation of a dignity in York opposed by abp., archdcn. and subdean when deanery became vacant June 1298 (CPL I 580 = Reg. Bon. VIII no. 2924; see list 2). Archdcn. of Richmond 1301-17 (2 Fasti VI 25). Also preb. of Salisbury (1 Fasti IV 86). This preb. vacant by his d. 16 May 1317 ('Vacant benefices 1316-19' p. 145; Paravicini Bagliani, Testamenti pp. 85-6). Younger man of same name treas. York, prebs. Stillington, Wilton (2 Fasti VI 12-13, 78, 92).