List 35: Prebendaries, North Newbald

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 6, York. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1999.

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'List 35: Prebendaries, North Newbald ', in Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 6, York, (London, 1999) pp. 89-91. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]

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North and South Newbald (E.R.): cans. held 28 car. 2 bov., with church and pr., in 1086 (Yorks. DB fos. 302v, 381v).

In c. 1295 preb. of N. Newbald was rector of church, with a manor-house, land and watermill, and bondmen in North Cave (E.R.) (Extents pp. 34-5).

Prebendal house in Stonegate (RCHM York V 233).


1291 £53 6s. 8d. (Taxatio p. 297a).


M. Stephen of Fossanova (fn. 186)

Kg.'s envoy, first occ. as can. c. 31 Oct. 1203, his diligence commended by pope in letter to kg. (Letters of Innocent III no. 512 = Reg. Innoc. III VI 275). Cardinal-pr. of SS. XII Apostoli, created 1213, d. 1227 (Eubel I 39; see Maleczek, Kardinalskolleg pp. 179-83). Papal chamberlain. Res. preb. by 3 Jan. 1214 (Rot. Litt. Pat. p. 107a): identification as this preb. depends on succession below. Uncle of Peter (below) and of Stephen de Ferentino, preb. of Southwell (Reg. Gray p. 62).

M. Peter of Ferentino

Royal coll. of preb. to Peter, in succession to M. Stephen of Fossanova, his uncle, s.v., 3 Jan. 1214 (Rot. Litt. Pat. p. 107a); mandate to induct him into this preb. (ibid. p. 138a, where Neuland' is an error for Neubaud', MS). Papal subdcn. Occ. as can. several times, last before 16 July 1253 as 'M. Peter called Egiptius can. of York' (CPL I 301 = Reg. Innoc. IV no. 7665). Immediate predecessor of William de Wickwane in this preb. (ibid.; Cheney, 'Letters of Wickwane' pp. 636-7). D. at Viterbo early in 1265 (Reg. Grég. X no. 81, cal. CPL I 442-3). Called M. Peter Egiptius of Ferentino; uncle of John Egiptius of Ferentino and of Leonard his brother, cans. of Southwell (CPL I 254 = Reg. Innoc. IV no. 4453), and perhaps of Peter of Ferentino, papal chapl., who occ. as rector of St Michael's, York, 18 July 1265 (Reg. Clém. IV no. 154, cal. CPL I 430-1).

M. William de Wickwane

Chanc. by 12 Feb. 1264 (list 4). Abp.'s coll. to this preb. 1265, disputed by Ancher Pantaléon, who had papal prov. (below). Wickwane had possession, and appd. a proctor in his cause 19 Oct. 1266 (Cheney, 'Letters of Wickwane' pp. 637-9; cf. Reg. Grég. X no. 81, cal. CPL I 442-3; Reg. Giffard p. 170). Ancher res. claim by 21 Sept. 1268 (below), but pope overruled Wickwane's claim and ordered Ancher to be put in possession 25 Oct. 1272 (Reg. Grég. X no. 81, cal. CPL I 442-3). Presum. transf. to unident. preb. Abp. of York, el. 22 June 1279; cons. 17 Sept.; temps. 28 Oct. (list 1).

Ancher Pantaléon of Troyes

Nephew of pope Urban IV, cardinal-pr. of S. Prassede, created 1262 (Eubel I 45; cf. CPR 1258-66 pp. 221, 252). Preb. Warthill (list 45). Papal prov. of preb. in succession to M. Peter of Ferentino, presum. early 1265 (Reg. Grég. X no. 81, cal. CPL I 442-3). Dispute with M. William de Wickwane, who was in possession (above). Also claimed preb. Wetwang (list 47). Res. both claims by 21 Sept. 1268 in return for 100m. annual pension, i.e. 40m. from this preb. and 60m. from Wetwang (CPR 1266-72 p. 259; Reg. Giffard pp. 6, 7, 107, 243-4); abp.'s conf. 21 May 1269 and order for pension from this preb. to be paid by Wickwane 3 March 1271 (Reg. Giffard pp. 224-5; cf. pp. 116-18, 138). Pope overruled Wickwane's claim and ordered Ancher to be put in possession 25 Oct. 1272 (Reg. Grég. X no. 81, cal. CPL I 442-3). Ancher occ. as can. at el. of abp. Romeyn in Rome, conf. 17 Feb. 1286 (Reg. Hon. IV no. 278, cal. CPL I 483). Also preb. of Salisbury (1 Fasti IV 67). D. 1 Nov. 1286 (Eubel I 45; cf. Reg. Romeyn I 361).

[Peter de Sabello

Refused abp.'s offer of this preb. in succession to cardinal Ancher 6 Jan. 1287 (Reg. Romeyn I 361). Became preb. Bugthorpe (list 21).]

Pandulph de Sabello

Papal prov. to this preb. in succession to cardinal Ancher, abp.'s mandate to dean and chapter to induct 3 Feb. 1287 (Reg. Romeyn I 363). Also preb. of Lincoln and Salisbury (1 Fasti III 69-70, IV 127) and of many churches in France (CPL I 544 = Reg. Nic. IV nos. 6248-9). Papal prov. of next vacant dignity or office, abp.'s mandate to dean and chapter 4 July 1306 (Reg. Greenfield I 7). Preb. claimed by Richard of Cornwall by royal coll. 7 Jan. 1310 (CPR 1307-10 p. 204). Richard of Cornwall adm. to this preb. and instal. 20 Feb. 1311 (Misc. Reg. fo. 19r). Pandulph evidently dispossessed, involved in disputes, and finally res. preb. in exch. for annual pension 1319 (see 2 Fasti VI 68; also Reg. Melton I fo. 89r-v). Subdean of York, admitted by proxy 23 May 1311; d. by 7 May 1327 (2 Fasti VI 15; 1 Fasti III 69-70). A member of the Roman family of Savelli; son of Luke de Sabello de Urbe (CPL I 544 = Reg. Nic. IV nos. 6248-9; cf. Gregorovius V (1) 118-19, V (2) 504 n.), and thus related to Peter de Sabello, preb. Bugthorpe (list 21) and to pope Honorius IV (1285-7).


  • 186. Fossanova was the Cist. abbey in Lazio, Italy, where Thomas Aquinas d. in 1274. M. Stephen was a member of family of Ceccano; cf. M. Thomas de Ceccano, preb. Riccall, list 39.