List 40: Prebendaries, Salton

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 6, York. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1999.

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'List 40: Prebendaries, Salton ', in Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 6, York, (London, 1999) pp. 95-97. British History Online [accessed 13 April 2024]

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Salton (N.R.): held by cath. in 1086 (Yorks. DB fos. 303, 380v).

Preb., together with 100s. p.a. from archdcnry. of W.R., gr. to Hexham priory (Aug., Northumb.) by abp. Thurstan 19 Oct. 1119 × 25 Jan. 1140 (Priory of Hexham I 57-8, II 109, 134, cal. EEA V no. 51A). See also EYC I no. 450 of 1143 × 53.

In c. 1295 preb. was rector of Salton, with land and a manor-house and a mill in Salton, land in Brawby, Great Barugh, Little Barugh, East Newton, Flaxton (all held by cath. in 1086, Yorks. DB fo. 303) and Millington (abp.'s in 1086, ibid. 302v) (Extents pp. 16-17).

Land in Ogleforth in 1366 (Chs. Vicars Choral no. 368).

Prebendal house in Petergate 1455 (RCHM York V 62).


1291 £53 6s. 6d. (Taxatio p. 297a).


The prebendaries of Salton were the priors of the Aug. house of Hexham.

Priors of Hexham

See Heads of Relig. Houses pp. 165-6, and Priory of Hexham pp. cxl-clxxxii. (fn. 195)


Can. of Huntingdon (Aug., Hunts.). First prior of Hexham, from foundation 1113. D. 18 March 1130 (John of Hexham p. 284; cf. Symeonis Monachi Opera Omnia, ed. T. Arnold (RS lxxv, 1882-5) II 247).

Robert Biseth

Can. and chamberlain of Hexham, appd. prior by abp. Thurstan 1130 (John of Hexham p. 284). Res. to become Cist. monk of Clairvaux 1141, on hearing news of el. of William Fitz Herbert as abp. (ibid. p. 311; list 1).

Richard (fn. 196)

Conf. as prior by dean and chapter of York, s.v., 1142 (John of Hexham p. 311). (fn. 197) Occ. several times, last 1162 × 67 (HCY III 80). D. before Ailred abbot of Rievaulx, so some time before 12 Jan. 1167 (referred to by Ailred as if already dead, Priory of Hexham I 193: 'Ricardum ... qui cum esset in seculo ...'). (fn. 198) Author of chronicle (see above, Sources).


First occ. 1162 × 74, perhaps 1162 × 64 (Priory of Hexham II 86 = EYC I no. 146, cal. EEA XX no. 46). Occ. several times, last 1191 × 94 (EYC I no. 345). (fn. 199) Author of chronicle (see above, Sources).


Occ. 26 May 1209 (Pedes Finium Ebor. regnante Johanne [ed. W. Brown] (SS xciv, 1897) p. 156), after 1215 (cart. York: BL Cotton MS Claud. B. iii fo. 31; Reg. Gray p. 276), Jan. 1221 × Feb. 1223 (H. H. E. Craster, 'Some Bingfield deeds', Archaeologia Aeliana 3rd ser., xxi (1924) 189-90), and March 1221 × 1222 (Bodl., Top. Yorks. e. 9 fo. 82v).


First occ. as prior 5 Aug. 1226 (cart. York: BL Cotton MS Claud. B. iii fos. 45v-46), and from 11 Feb. 1227 (Feet of Fines, Northumberland and Durham, ed. A. M. Oliver and C. Johnson (Newcastle upon Tyne, 1933) nos. 84, 179). Occ. several times, last Michaelmas 1242 (cart. Malton: BL Cotton MS Claud. D. xi fo. 114).

John de Lasenby

First occ. as John prior 1251 (Collectanea Top. & Gen. (1840) 42, from cart. Hexham; cf. above Richard, note). Occ. as John prior 1252 × 55 (Reg. Gray p. 291). Last occ., as John de Laysingby prior, shortly before 29 March 1269 (J. Hodgson, Hist. of Northumb. III. 2 (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1828) 13). (fn. 200)

[Richard of York

His el. quashed by abp. n.d., presum. 1269 (Priory of Hexham I app. p. xxii, cal. Reg. Giffard p. 156).]

Henry de Merdene

Prior of Osney (Aug., Oxon), el. to Hexham 11 Nov. 1269 (Ann. Oseney p. 229). An unnamed prior occ. 16 May 1280 (Reg. Wickwane p. 133). Henry prior d. by 29 Jan. 1281 (ibid. p. 226).

William del Clay

Can. of Hexham, one of two sent by subprior to seek lic. to el. in succession to Henry 29 Jan. 1281 (Reg. Wickwane p. 226). Lic. to el. gr. by abp. 2 Feb. (ibid.). Conf. of his el., with mandate to install at York 28 Feb. 1281 (ibid. p. 5). W. prior of Hexham not resident, excused for contumacy, prob. autumn 1291 (Misc. Reg. fo. 4r).

Thomas de Fenwick

Unnamed prior whose el. was conf. by abp.'s vicar 5 March 1292, instal. in this preb. same day (Misc. Reg. fo. 5r). Last occ. 28 Apr. [1311] (Reg. Greenfield I 233). Res. 29 Apr. 1311 (Priory of Hexham I app. pp. xlix-1).


  • 195. I am grateful to Professor David Smith for much help with the 13th-cent. priors, in advance of his forthcoming The Heads of Religious Houses, England and Wales, 1216-1377.
  • 196. For his career, see DNB.
  • 197. He occ. as prior in a ch. dated 8 Sept. 1141 (Collectanea Topographica & Genealogica vi (1840) 42, from cart. Hexham, now Leeds, Yorks. Archaeol. Soc. MS 542, fos. 7v-8r); for the possibility that this date is wrong, see Heads of Relig. Houses p. 166 n. 1.
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  • 199. Temp. abp. Geoffrey and Simon of Apulia, chanc. of York (lists 1, 4).
  • 200. Presum., in the light of the evidence on Henry de Merdene, the date of his apparent last occ., 26 July 1271, is wrong (Northumberland and Durham Deeds p. 200 is drawn from a transcript by Roger Dodsworth which may be inaccurate).