Prebendaries: Cleeve

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 7, Bath and Wells. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 2001.

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'Prebendaries: Cleeve', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 7, Bath and Wells, (London, 2001), pp. 42-43. British History Online [accessed 17 June 2024].

. "Prebendaries: Cleeve", in Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 7, Bath and Wells, (London, 2001) 42-43. British History Online, accessed June 17, 2024,

. "Prebendaries: Cleeve", Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 7, Bath and Wells, (London, 2001). 42-43. British History Online. Web. 17 June 2024,



[Old] Cleeve (Som.): royal manor in 1086 (Godwin TRE) (DB I 86d).

Church of Cleeve gr. to abbey of Le Bec-Hellouin by Robert son of Gerold before 1141 (Select Documents of the English Lands of the Abbey of Bec, ed. M. M. Chibnall (Camden 3rd ser., lxxiii) 5-6 (no. viii)); conf. by bp. Reginald 23 June 1174 × 27 Nov. 1191 (EEA X no. 82). Church gr. to Wells as preb. by William de Roumare (heir of Robert son of Gerold), conf. by bp. Reginald c. 1189 × 27 Nov. 1191 (ibid. no. 162). Church conf. to Bec by bp. Savaric 19 Sept. 1192 × Lent 1195 (ibid. no. 194), appropriated to Bec same date (ibid. no. 195; cf. Documents of Bec pp. 15-16 (no. xxviii)). Settlement of controversy between Bec and Wells settled 1199/1200 by establishment of church of [Old] Cleeve as preb. to be held by abbot of Bec (EEA X nos. 196-7; Cal. II 549 (no. 16) = I 489; Cal. II 549 (no. 17) = Documents of Bec pp. 20-1 (no. xxxviii); F. A. Cazel, 'Norman and Wessex chs. of the Roumare family', in A Medieval Miscellany for D. M. Stenton (PRS n.s. xxxvi, 1962 for 1960) pp. 77-88 at p. 88): abbot and monks to enjoy full fraternity with church of Wells, and since residence impossible they were to appoint a choir vicar and pay him 4m p.a. In the same year, and prob. at the same time, church of [Old] Cleeve was leased by Bec to abbot and convent of Cleeve for 44m p.a., of which 4m was to be paid to choir vicar; conf. by abp. Apr. 1199 × March 1200 (EEA III no. 337 and note). Monks of Cleeve paid to Bec 44m p.a., of which 4m was paid to abbot of Bec's vicar for his residence in church of Wells (Documents of Bec p. 35). See also M. M. Morgan, The English lands of the Abbey of Bec (Oxford, 1946; corrected reprint 1968) pp. 142-3.

Abbot and convent of Cleeve described in 1315 as perpetual lessees under Bec (Reg. Drokensford p. 85; cf. Cal. I 386-7, of 1320).

Abbot of Bec, however, was preb. of Wells: his contributions to prebends' charges demanded 1243 (Cal. I 76). See also Reg. Drokensford pp. 97-8, 185-6, 193.

Valuation 1291 £26 13s 4d (Taxatio p. 199b, with marginal note: Okeburn Ab'); £26 13s 4d prebenda de Clive que est abbatis de Becco (Taxatio p. 200b).



(See also 1 Fasti IV 87-8, as prebs. of Ogbourne in Salisbury cath.)

William (fn. 1)

Monk of Bec, became 12th abbot [11 July] 1198 (Chronique du Bec, ed. A. A. Porée (Rouen, 1883) p. 26, cf. ibid. p. 27, using lunar months, as with Robert de Clairbec, ibid. pp. 38-9, cf. p. 35). Unnamed abbot of Bec occ. as can. at el. of bp. Jocelin, early 1206 (below, app. 2 no. 11). Occ. 27 May 1208 (Reg. S. Osmundi I 189-90, cf. ibid. pp. 228-9). D. 18 Sept. 1211 (Chron. Bec p. 27; cf. The Bec Missal, ed. A. Hughes (Henry Bradshaw Soc. xciv, 1963) p. 8 and Porée, Histoire du Bec II 587).

Richard de Saint-Léger (Sancto Leodegario) (fn. 2)

Justiciar of Bec, el. 13th abbot 26 Sept. 1211, bl. 1 Oct. (Chron. Bec pp. 27-8). Became bp. of Evreux, el. 17 July 1223, cons. 27 Aug. (ibid. p. 31).

Henry de Saint-Léger (Sancto Leodegario) (fn. 3)

Claustral prior, bl. as 14th abbot 28 July 1223 (Chron. Bec p. 32). His proctor excused attendance at Salisbury chapter 15 Aug. 1226 (Reg. S. Osmundi II 61). Not summoned to episcopal el. at Salisbury Sept. 1228 (ibid. p. 104). Buried 23 June 1247 (Chron. Bec p. 34), perhaps d. same day (cf. Bec Missal p. 5; Porée, Histoire de Bec II 584).

Robert de Clairbec (Clarobecco) (fn. 4)

Vineator of Bec, el. 15th abbot 22 July 1247, bl. 8 Sept. (Chron. Bec p. 35). D. 23 Nov. 1265 (ibid. pp. 38-9). Commem. 24 Nov. (Bec Missal p. 10; Porée, Histoire du Bec II 590).

John (fn. 5)

Claustral prior, bl. as 16th abbot 27 Dec. 1265 (Chron. Bec p. 39). D. 11 Oct. 1272 (ibid. p. 42). Commem. 12 Oct. (Bec Missal p. 9; Porée, Histoire du Bec II 588).

Peter de La Cambe (fn. 6)

Prior of Envermeu, el. and bl. as 17th abbot, n.d. (Chron. Bec pp. 42-3); as 15 Feb. 1274 fell in first year of his rule, he was presum. el. on or after 16 Feb. 1273 (ibid. p. 43). D. 2 Nov. 1281 (ibid. p. 45).

Hymer de Saint-Hymer

Prior of Saint-Hymer-en-Auge (a dependency of Bec), el. 18th abbot 26 Nov. 1281, bl. 7 Dec., instal. 10 Dec. (Chron. Bec pp. 46-7). D. 15 Nov. 1304 (ibid. p. 134).


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