Prebendaries: Inkberrow

Pages 46-47

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 8, Hereford. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 2002.

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In the mid 12th cent. this preb. essentially consisted of the church of Inkberrow (Worcs.) and the chapel of St Lawrence (GFL no. 314). In the mid 13th-cent. cath. statutes the preb. of Hyntebridge, i.e. Inkberrow, is said to owe 10 trugs of wheat each year to the common fund (LS II 55). It is not specifically listed in the taxation of pope Nicholas IV c. 1291, apart from a small entry in the running heads stating that the temps. attached to it amounted to 1s 8d (Taxatio p. 171a); the church of Interbelewe, entered separately under the dioc. of Worcester, was assessed at £10 (ibid. p. 217). In 1294 the preb. of Inteberge was assessed at 16m (Reg. Swinfield p. 305). Valor III 9 assessed this preb. at £15 4s 4½d gross, £15 Os 1½d net.



Occ. as episcopal chapl. 1151 × 1155 (Capes, Charters p. 12; cf. MB p. 269) and c. 1155 × c. 1158 (Hereford ch. no. 2767); occ. as preb. of Inkberrow 5 Sept. 1148 × early 1163, prob. before 18 Apr. 1161 (GFL no. 314). Commem. 16 Nov. (app. 1 fo. 45v).

Aymo of Miolans (fn. 1)

Occ. as can. of Hereford, preb. unspecified, 6 Dec. 1268 (CPR 1266-72 p. 305). El. bp. of Maurienne in or by 1273, when he res. his preb., which was prov. by Gregory X to Humbert of Yenne 30 Apr. 1273 (Capes, Charters pp. 133-4; Sayers, Orig. Papal Documents, no. 752). It is likely that the preb. in question was Inkberrow.

[ Humbert of Yenne (fn. 2)

Occ. as pr. and already can. of Hereford in prov. of Gregory X of 30 Apr. 1273 to him of canonry and preb. in Hereford cath., vac. by res. of Aymo, bp.-el. of StJean de Maurienne (Capes, Charters pp. 133-4; Sayers, Orig. Papal Documents, no. 752). The prov. was ineffective because William le Rus had been coll. to the preb., specified as Inkberrow in litigation between Humbert and William, 14 and 21 June 1276 (Reg. Cantilupe pp. 86-7). Humbert accepted Cantilupe's decision in favour of William, 21 June 1276 (ibid. p. 87; cf. Yates, 'Bishop Peter' p. 311).]

William le Rus of Kingstone

First occ. as can. of Hereford, preb. not specified, but presumably not Inkberrow at this point, 1247 × 1253 (Hereford ch. no. 2008; list 36); occ. also 3 May 1268 (CPR 1266-72 p. 223); coll. to the treasury by bp. John le Breton but this was ineffective (list 4). Mand. of bp. Godfrey Giffard of Worcester 23 Apr. 1273 to the dean of Pershore ordering him to induct William le Rus into the church of Inkberrow, as it was part of the preb. of Inkberrow recently conferred on him by the bp. of Hereford (Reg. G. Giffard (Worc.) II 55); occ. as preb. of Inkberrow 14 June 1276 (Reg. Cantilupe pp. 86-7); last occ. as can. 11 Aug. 1276 (ibid. p. 88); referred to as d. 22 Apr. 1277 (ibid. p. 121), and, since he was commem. 12 Apr. (app. 1 fo. 13v), he evidently d. 12 Apr. 1277.

M. William de Montfort

Coll. to precentorship by 19 Nov. 1276, when bp. Cantilupe issued mand. to have him inducted (Reg. Cantilupe p. 111; list 3); inducted as prec. 7 Jan. 1277 (Reg. Cantilupe p. 119). He presumably was also inducted into a preb. at this time, but its identity cannot be ascertained. By 12 Aug. 1280 he held the preb. of Inkberrow, since on this date bp. Cantilupe coll. him to a preb. previously held by M. Ardicio, not specified but described as being better endowed and nearer Hereford than Inkberrow (ibid. pp. 248-50). However, this coll. appears to have been ineffective, since he held Inkberrow until a few days before his d., which occ. 2 Sept. 1294 (1 Fasti I 8). The precentorship and his preb. of Inkberrow were vac. by 21 Sept. 1294, when his successor was coll. (Reg. Swinfield p. 529; and see below). He was also dean of St Paul's (1 Fasti I 8).

[ Philip [? de Comite]

His uncle M. Ardicio de Comite res. his Hereford preb. (prob. Moreton Magna, list 23) by 12 Aug. 1280 and voiced the wish that Philip should succeed him, but Cantilupe decided to coll. William de Montfort to the former and Philip to the preb. previously held by William, i.e. Inkberrow (Reg. Cantilupe pp. 248-50). However, these colls. seem to have been void, since William evidently retained Inkberrow while Philip apparently obtained the preb. of Moreton Magna. Swinfield rewarded William by allowing him to hold the valuable manor of Moreton, worth £20, which he is recorded as holding c. 1291 (Taxatio p. 169).]

Stephen de Swinfield

Coll. to this preb. 21 Sept. 1294 (Reg. Swinfield p. 529; 2 Fasti II 30); inst., as Stephen of Gravesend, in this preb. 22 Sept. 1294 by bp. Godfrey Giffard of Worcester (Reg. G. Giffard (Worc.) II 447). The next can. known to have held this preb. was M. Richard de Vernon, who was coll. 15 Feb. 1319 (Reg. Orleton p. 385).


  • 1. Miolans, castle in commune of St-Pierre-d' Albigny, dép. Savoie, ar. Chambéry, chef-lieu du canton.
  • 2. Yenne, dép. Savoie, ar. Chambéry, chef-lieu du canton.