Prebendaries: Wellington

Pages 59-60

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 8, Hereford. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 2002.

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The preb. of Wellington, whose endowment consisted of the church of Wellington, was established by Robert de Chandos, almost certainly for his kinsman Nicholas de Chandos, c. 1158 × 1163 (Capes, Charters pp. 16-17; GFL no. 315). The preb. of Wellington is said in the mid 13th-cent. statutes to owe 10 trugs of wheat and 20 of oats to the common fund each year (LS II 55). Since the endowments of the preb. included no temps. it is not listed in the main list of Hereford prebs. in the taxation of pope Nicholas IV, but there is a cross-reference in the running head (Taxatio p. 172a) to the entry for the church of Wellington under the deanery of Weston, where it is assessed at £16 13s 4d, with the parson's share of demesne tithes, reckoned separately, amounting to £2 13s 4d (Taxatio p. 158b). The preb. of Wellington is assessed at 30m in the prebendal taxation list entered into bp. Swinfield's register in 1294 (Reg. Swinfield p. 305). Valor III 10 assessed this preb. at £14.


Nicholas de Chandos

Occ. as N. de Chandos, parson of the church of Wellington, which he holds as a preb. (Capes, Charters p. 16, misreading the initial as H; in the original document, Hereford ch. no. 2767, it is clearly an N (see MB p. 269)). Cecilia, mother of Nicholas de Chandos, can., was commem. 24 Aug. (app. 1 fo. 33r), and the obit of a Nicholas de Chandos, not specified as can. but perhaps to be identified with Nicholas, can., was commem. 8 Dec. (app. 1 fo. 50r).

John of Bridgnorth (fn. 1)

Can. by 1271 × 1274 (Reg. Swinfield p. 57; see list 36). Occ. as preb. of Wellington 9 Feb. 1278 (Hereford ch. no. 2316); also occ. as can. and preb. of Wellington 25 Apr. 1283 (cart II. fos. 12v-13v); residentiary 28 Feb. 1289 (Reg. Swinfield p. 214); occ. as resident can., preb. unspecified, 29 Sept. 1295 (Capes, Charters p. 169); occ. holding this preb. 22 Apr. 1296 (Reg. Swinfield p. 337) and 2 March 1297 (Cal. Chanc. Rolls 1277-1326 p. 25); still alive, and a can., 5 Jan. 1303 (Reg. Swinfield p. 380); d. by 17 May 1303 (Reg. Swinfield p. 534; 2 Fasti II 50).


  • 1. Bridgnorth, Salop. Also called John de Ponte or John de Bruge.