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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 8, Hereford. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 2002.

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abp. archbishop
addit. additional
app. appendix
appd. appointed
appt. appoint, appointment
archdcn. archdeacon
archdcnry. archdeaconry
BL British Library, London
Bodl. Bodleian Library, Oxford
bp. bishop
bp.-el. bishop-elect
bpric. bishopric
c. circa
cal. calendar, calendared
can. canon
car. carucate
cart. cartulary
cath. cathedral
cent. century
ch. charter
chanc. chancellor
chapl. chaplain
clk. clerk
coll. collate, collated, collation
commem. commemorate, commemorated, commemoration
conf. confirmation, confirmed
cons. consecrated, consecration
CUL Cambridge University Library
d. death, died
dcn. deacon
dioc. diocese
disp. dispensation
el. elect, elected, election
excomm. excommunicate, excommunicated, excommunication
fl. floruit
gr. grant, granted
inst. instituted, institution
M. Master
mag. magister
mand. mandate
occ. occur, occurred, occurrence, occurs
pd. printed
pr. priest
preb. prebend, prebendary
prec. precentor
PRO Public Record Office, London
prob. probably
prof. obed. profession of obedience
prov. provided, provision
res. resignation, resigned
subdcn. subdeacon
temp. tempore
temps. temporalities
transl. translated, translation
treas. treasurer
unident. unidentified
univ. university
vac. vacant
WAM Westminster Abbey Muniments