Archdeacons: St Davids

Pages 53-54

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 9, the Welsh Cathedrals (Bangor, Llandaff, St Asaph, St Davids). Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 2003.

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Issues of various manors in Pebidiog (Valor IV 319a-b).

Preb. of Meidrum attached in 14th cent. (2 Fasti XI 59).

Valuation 1291 £2 (Taxatio p. 274a).


[? R-

Archdcn., addressed in mandate of Gilbert earl of Pembroke 1138 x 48, concerning church of Daugleddyf (Penfro), in this archdcnry. (Cart. of Worcester Cath. Priory, ed. R. R. Darlington (Pipe Roll Soc., n.s., xxxviii, 1968) no. 253). If genuine document, R. is not likely to be identified with Rhydderch archdcn. of Carmarthen (below, list 41), and therefore presum. archdcn. of St Davids. But authenticity of document not beyond question, cf. St Davids Acta no. 2 and note).]

Pontius (fn. 1)

First occ. as archdcn. 1175/6 (St Davids Acta no. 32) and 1174 x 8 May 1176 (ibid. nos. 33, 69 (at p. 92, ch. of chapter)). Also occ. 7 Nov. 1176 x 16 July 1198 (ibid. no. 47). An opponent of Gerald of Wales 1199-1201 (Letters of Innocent III no. 341, of 23 July 1201), but subsequently supported Gerald and occ. among cans. whose lay tenements were confiscated on justiciar's orders 1202 (Gir. Cambr. III 214). Last occ. 7 Dec. 1203 x 1214 (St Davids Acta no. 69, at p. 93). For the identification of his archdcnry. see Gir. Cambr. III 325, and cf. ibid. p. 319. Father of Martin son of Pontius (below, list 46) and of Pontius son of Pontius (St Davids Acta no. 69, at p. 93).


Occ. as archdcn. of St Davids in a series of chs. for Margam abbey 21 June 1215 x 1222 (Episcopal Acts I 350-2 (D449-52)).

M. Hugh of Clun

Prob. can. of St Davids when he occ. twice together with archdcn. Martin 21 June 1215 x 1222 (Episcopal Acts I 351-2 (D451-2)). Occ. as can. 27 Oct. x Dec. 1219 (St Davids Acta no. 77). First occ. as archdcn. of St Davids 27 Oct. 1219 x 27 Jan. 1229, prob. before 1223 (ibid. no. 78; cf. ibid. no. 75). Occ. several times. Last occ. 9 Feb. x 5 Oct. 1231 (ibid. no. 92). D., and had been succeeded in this archdcnry., by 5 Oct. 1231 (ibid. nos. 93-4).

M. Jordan of the Three Mountains (fn. 2)

First occ. as archdcn. of St Davids 5 Oct. 1231 (St Davids Acta no. 93). Disp. to hold a benefice in addition to this archdcnry. and 12m from church of Hailsham (Sussex) 12 June 1238 (CPL I 175).

Richard de Knovill (fn. 3)

First occ. as archdcn. of St Davids 26 July 1248 x 11 July 1255 (St Davids Acta no. 124). Presum. the unnamed archdcn. of St Davids who occ. at synod 10 Oct. 1253 (ibid. no. 122). Last occ. by proxy at synod 12 Nov. 1259 (ibid. no. 131).

M. Peter de Quivel (fn. 4)

First occ. as archdcn. of St Davids 20 Dec. 1276, when he was coll. to a canonry of Exeter (Reg. Bronescombe II no. 1211). Archdcn. until became bp. of Exeter, royal assent 7 Oct. 1280 (CPR 1272-81 p. 398), temps. 11 Oct. (ibid. p. 399), cons. 10 Nov. (Ann. Oseney p. 284).

M. Robert de Haverford

Treas. of St Davids from 6 Sept. 1278 (above, list 37). Succeeded as archdcn. of St Davids late 1280 (Ann. Camb. p. 106). Occ. 18 Nov. 1287 (St Davids statutes, BL Harley MS 6280 fo. 54r).

M. John Foke

Can. of St Davids, occ. 18 Nov. 1287 (St Davids statutes, BL Harley MS 6280 fo. 54r). First occ. as archdcn. of St Davids, one of three scrutineers in disputed episcopal el. of 1293 (CPL I 564). Occ. as J. archdcn. of St Davids 20 Jan. 1307 (Rotuli Parliamentorum (1783) I 190a; cf. 2 Fasti XI 59).


  • 1. William, who appears as first archdcn. of St Davids, c. 1128, in Menevia Sacra p. 174 and Browne Willis, Survey of St Davids (1717) p. 162, was actually archdcn. of Carmarthen (below, list 41).
  • 2. 'Trismontium'.
  • 3. Brother of Bogo de Knovill, prominent administrator in Wales and custodian of vacant bpric. of St Davids 1280 (for whom, see R, A. Griffiths, The Principality of Wales in the Later Middle Ages: the Structure and Personnel of Government, I, South Wales 1277-1536 (Cardiff, 1972) pp. 91, 167, 193, 207, 227, 241).
  • 4. Son of Peter and Helewisa de Quivel of Exeter. For his career, see Biog. Ox. III 2208.