Prebendaries: Offley

Pages 46-48

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541: Volume 10, Coventry and Lichfield Diocese. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1964.

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M. John de Kynardessey 1328-1332.

Preb. formed 30 June 1328 from preb. of Eccleshall (CPL. 11 276). Kynardessey then preb. of Eccleshall and gr. lic. to retain preb. of Offley for lifetime (ibid.). Exch. preb. of Offley with John de Marisco for preb. in Gnosall colleg. ch., Staffs., 20 Nov. 1332 (Reg. 11 (Northburgh) f. 151b).

M. John de Marisco M.A. 1332-1352.

By exch. Nov. 1332. Exch. preb. with Nicholas de Swinnerton for preb. of Gaia Major, 20 Sept. 1352 (Reg. 11 (Northburgh) f. 193).

Nicholas de Swinnerton 1352-1358.

By exch. Sept. 1352. D. before 28 Jan. 1358 (Reg. 11 (Northburgh) f. 199b).

M. John de Thoresby D.C.L. ?-1370.

Probably coll. after d. of Swinnerton 1358, since prov. to canonry with reservn. of preb. 6 May 1353 (CPP. 1 245). Estate ratif. 7 Oct. 1370 (CPR. 1367-1370 p. 463). Exch. preb. with John Turk for preb. of Nunwick, Ripon colleg. ch., Yorks., 19 Dec. (Reg. IV (Stretton) ff. 65b-66; York, Reg. Thoresby ff. 71-71b).

M. John Turk Sch.Th. 1370-1376.

By exch. Dec. 1370. Mand. adm. 23 Dec. (Reg. IV (Stretton) f. 66). Exch. preb. with Richard de Sprydlynton for preb. of Yetminster Prima, Salisbury, 2/10 Oct. 1376 (ibid. f. 70b; Salis., Reg. Erghum f. 22).

Richard de Sprydlynton 1376-1382.

By exch. Oct. 1376. D. before 3 Oct. 1382 (Bodl. Libr., MS. Ashmole 794 ff. 193b-194).

M. William de Ashton B.C.L. 1382-1383.

William Ballshaw 1382-1396.

Ashton adm. 3 Oct. 1382 (Bodl. Libr., MS. Ashmole 794 ff. 193b-194). Ballshaw adm. Oct. (ibid. ff. 194b-195). Ashton res. 1383 when coll. to preb. of Eccleshall; Ballshaw d. as preb. before 21 March 1396 (Reg. VI (Scrope) f. 47b).

M. Stephen Scrope D.C.L. 1396-1397.

Coll. 21 March 1396 (Reg. VI (Scrope) f. 47b). Adm. 22 March (A.C. 1 f. 45). Preb. of Colwich 1397.

Nicholas Bubwith 1397-1406.

Coll. 20 Nov. 1397 (Reg. VI (Scrope) f. 50). Exch. preb. with Thomas Bubwith for St Radegund's chap., St. Paul's cath., London, 6 Feb. 1406 (Reg. VII (Burghill) ff. 73-73b).

M. Thomas Bubwith 1406-1425.

By exch. Feb. 1406. Adm. 20 Aug. (A.C. 1 f. 73b). Estate ratif. 31 Jan. 1407 (CPR. 1405-1408 p. 244). Res. before 17 May 1425 (Reg. IX (Heyworth) f. 52b).

John Conge 1425-1429.

Coll. 17 May 1425 (Reg. IX (Heyworth) f. 52b). Adm. 28 May (A.C. 1 f. 105b). Exch. preb. with Humphrey Radeley for preb. of Cudworth, Wells, 23 June 1429 (Reg. IX (Heyworth) f. 58).

Humphrey Radeley 1429-1438.

By exch. June 1429. Exch. preb. with Walter Schiryngton for deanery of St John's colleg. ch., Chester, 15 March 1438 (Reg. IX (Heyworth) f. 123b).

Walter Schiryngton 1438-1440.

By exch. March 1438. Adm. 19 March (A.C. 1 f. 147). Exch. preb. with Edmund Tebbet for preb. of Mora, St Paul's, London, 25 May 1440 (Reg. IX (Heyworth) f. 41).

Edmund Tebbet 1440.

By exch. May 1440. Exch. preb. with Roger Wall for wardenship of Denwall hospital, with ch. of Burton in Wirral, Ches., and preb. in St. John's colleg. ch., Chester, 15 Sept. (Reg. IX (Heyworth) f. 68b).

Roger Wall 1440-1449.

By exch. Sept. 1440. Preb. of Eccleshall 1449.

M. Lawrence Booth B. C.L. 1449.

Coll. 17 June 1449 (Reg. X (Booth) f. 16b). Exch. preb. with Thomas Pulter for preb. of Oxgate, St Paul's, London, 12 Nov. (ibid. f. 17b).

Thomas Pulter 1449-1452.

By exch. Nov. 1449. Res. before 21 June 1452 (Reg. X (Booth) f. 20).

M. Lawrence Booth Lic.C.L. (again) 1452.

Coll. 21 June 1452 (Reg. x (Booth) f. 20). Res. same year. (fn. 1)

Ralph Birom (fn. 1) 1452.

Res. this preb. before 7 Dec. 1452 (CPR. 1452-1461 p. 28).

John Meneley 1452-1480.

Royal gr. 7 Dec. 1452 (CPR. 1452-1461 p. 28). D. before 1 Apr. 1480 (A.C. 11 f. 1b).

M. Edmund Hals B.Cn.L. 1480-1481.

Adm. 1 Apr. 1480 (A.C. 11 f. 1b). Preb. of Colwich 1481.

M. Ralph Heicote B.Cn.L. 1481-1499.

Adm. 15 May 1481 (A.C. 11 f. 2). D. before 29 Nov. 1499 (Reg. XIII (Arundel) f. 211b).

Peter Greves 1499-1509.

Coll. 29 Nov. 1499 (Reg. XIII (Arundel) f. 211b). Adm. 10 Jan. 1500 (A.C. 11 f. 36b). Res. before 31 March 1509 (Reg. XIV (Blythe) f. 26b).

M. John Dowman D.C.L. 1509-1525.

Coll. 31 March 1509 (Reg. XIV (Blythe) f. 26b). Adm. s.d. (A.C. 111 f. 9b). Res. before 11 Aug. 1525 (A.C. IV f. 19b).

M. John Rashall (fn. 2) B.C.L. 1525-1531.

Adm. 11 Aug. 1525 (A.C. IV f. 19b). D. before 9 June 1531 (ibid. f. 80).

M. Edmund Steward B.C.L. 1531-1559.

Adm. 9 June 1531 (A.C. IV f. 80). D. 1559 (Alumni Cantabrigienses, comp. J. & J. A. Venn IV 161).


  • 1. Booth is said by Le Neve-Hardy to have exch. preb. of Offley with Ralph Birom for preb. of Tervin in 1452. There is no account of this exch. in bp. Booth's reg. but it must have taken place c. August when Birom res. the preb. of Offley.
  • 2. The name of this prebendary is given as 'William Rushall' by Le Neve-Hardy and he is said to have held the preb. of Offley until 1559/60 when he 'quitted it for Wellington', but it is clearly stated in the Lichfield Chapter Acts that Edmund Steward was coll. to Offley 1531 when the preb. was vac. by the d. of John Rashall.