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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541: Volume 2, Hereford Diocese. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1962.

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Abergwili, Carm. colleg. ch. prebs. in: Llandogy (Llandygwydd, Card.), 32; Trallwng (Breck.), 46

Bangor, Caern., bp., 2 (bis)

Barnby, preb., see Howden

Bartonsham, preb., see Hereford

Bath and Wells, Som., bp., 3. See also Wells

Bawtry, Yorks., 48

Berkswell, Warwicks., 4

Birdbrook, Essex, 6

Bosham, Suss., royal free chap., preb. of Funtington (Suss.), 14

Bullinghope, preb., see Hereford

Canterbury, Kent, 4, 16

Carlisle, Cumb., bp., 34

Chichester, Suss.:
-, bp., 2, 19, 36
-, cath., prebs. in: Ferring (Suss.), 51; Firle (Suss.), 33

Church Withington, preb., see Hereford

Colwall, preb., see Hereford

Cottenham, Cambs., 34

Coventry and Lichfield, bp., 2, 20. See also Lichfield

Cowpes, preb., see London, St. Martin's-le-Grand

Credenhill, Herefs., 10

Crowhurst, preb., see Hastings

Cublington, preb., see Hereford

Cusop, Herefs., 48

Eastington, Glos., 7

Ecchinswell, Hants, Nuthanger portion in, 46

Eccleston, Ches., 21

Eigne, preb., see Hereford

Episcopi, preb., see Hereford

Ewithington, preb., see Hereford

Exeter, Devon:
-, bp., 2, 24, 38, 42
-, cath., preb. in, 51

Ferring, preb., see Chichester

Firle, preb., see Chichester

Flamstead, Herts., 7

Funtington, preb., see Bosham

Gorwell and Overbury, preb., see Hereford

Hampton, preb., see Hereford

Hastings, Suss., royal free chap.: deanery, 21; preb. of Crowhurst (Suss.), 17

-, archdcnry, 5-6
-, bp., 1-3
-, cath., prebs. in: Bartonsham (Herefs.), 14-15; Bullinghope (Herefs.), 15-17; Church Withington (Withington, Herefs.), 17-18; Colwall (Herefs.), 18-19; Cublington (in Madley, Herefs.), 19-20; Eigne (Eign St., etc., Hereford), 20-2; Episcopi, 22-3; Ewithington (Withington, Herefs.), 23-4; Gorwell and Overbury (Gorwall in Woolhope parish, Herefs.; Overbury nr. Hereford), 24-5; Hampton (Herefs.), 26; Hinton (Herefs.), 26-7; Hunderton (Herefs.), 28-9; Huntington (Herefs.), 29-30; Inkberrow (Worcs.), 30-1; Moreton and Whaddon (Moreton Jeffreys, Herefs.; Whaddon, Glos.), 31-3; Moreton Magna (Moreton Jeffreys, Herefs.), 34-5; Moreton Parva (Moreton Jeffreys, Herefs.), 35-7; Nonnington (Nunnington in Withington parish, Herefs.), 37-8; Norton (Norton Canon, Herefs.), 38-9; Piona Parva (Canon Pyon, Herefs.), 39-41; Pratum Majus (in Withington parish, Herefs.), 41-2; Pratum Minus (in Withington parish, Herefs.), 42-4; Preston (Preston on Wye, Herefs.), 44-5; Putson Major (in Hereford), 45-7; Putson Minor (in Hereford), 47-8; Warham (Herefs.), 48-9; Wellington (Herefs.), 50-1; Withington Parva (Withington, Herefs.), 51-2; Woolhope (formerly preb., Herefs.), 32, 45

Heytesbury, Wilts., prebendal ch., preb. of Swallowcliffe (Wilts.), 17

Hinton, preb., see Hereford

Howden, Yorks., colleg. ch., preb. of Barnby (Yorks.), 50

Hunderton, preb., see Hereford

Huntington, preb., see Hereford

Imber, Wilts., 21

Inkberrow, preb., see Hereford

Kedington, Suff. (?), 7, 52

Langton by Spilsby, see St. Peter de Langton

Leach, dioc. Worc. (= Northleach, Glos. ?), 10

Lichfield, Staffs., colleg. ch. of St. Chad, 43. See also Coventry and Lichfield

Llandogy, preb., see Abergwili

-, bp., 2, 4, 17, 28, 34
-, cath. ch. of St. Paul: Northburgh chantry in, 24; preb. of Twiford (Twyford, Mdx.), 40; St. Radegund's chap., 14, 46
-, ch's in: St. Botolph, 25; St. Clement Danes, 13
-, priory of St. Bartholomew, Smithfield, 16
-, St. Martin's-le-Grand colleg. ch., 36; preb. of Cowpes (probably in Maldon, Essex), 46

Ludlow, Salop, ch. of St. Laurence, 9

Lyme and Halstock, preb., see Salisbury

Mapledurham, Hants, 30

Meliden, preb., see St. Asaph

Michelmersh, Hants, 46

Moreton and Whaddon, preb., see Hereford

Moreton Magna, preb., see Hereford

Moreton Parva, preb., see Hereford

Newington, Oxon., 32

Nonnington, preb., see Hereford

Northleach, see Leach

Norton, preb., see Hereford

Norwich, Norf., bp., 50

Nuthanger, portion, see Ecchinswell

Ostia, Italy, card. bp., 12

Overbury, preb., see Hereford, Gorwell and Overbury

Patrick Brompton, Yorks., 18

Pembridge, Herefs., 22

Petersfield, Hants, 30

Piona Parva, preb., see Hereford

Plymouth, see Sutton by Plymouth

Pontesbury, Salop, colleg. ch., portion or preb. in, 22, 40

Pratum Majus, preb., see Hereford

Pratum Minus, preb., see Hereford

Preston, preb., see Hereford

Putson Major, preb., see Hereford

Putson Minor, preb., see Hereford

Reynalton, Pemb., 38, 52

Rochester, Kent, bp., 2, 3, 19

Rome, 4, 16

St. Asaph, Flints.:
-, bp., 31
-, cath., preb. of Meliden (Flints.) 52

St. Davids, Pemb., bp., 2, 6, 11, 28, 35

St. Jean de Maurienne, France, bp., 4

St. Martin's-le-Grand, see London

St. Mawgan in Meneage, Cornw., 14

St. Paul's cath., see London

St. Peter de Langton, dioc. Linc. (=Langton by Spilsby, Lincs.?), 36

St. Radegund's chap., see London, St. Paul's

Salisbury, Wilts.:
-, bp., 2, 3
-, cath., prebs. in: Lyme and Halstock (Lyme Regis, Dors.; Halstock, Dors.), 17; Torleton (Tarleton or Tarlton, Glos)., 33; Yatesbury (Wilts.), 39

Saltwood, Kent, 32

Shropham, Norf., 8

Shropshire, archdcnry, 6-8

Smithfield, see London

South Cave, preb., see York

South Molton, Devon, 37

Staunton on Wye, Herefs., 10, 41

Stratfieldsaye, Hants, 48

Sudbourne, Suff., 19

Sudbury, Suss., archdcnry, 8

Sutton by Plymouth (now Plymouth), Devon, 18

Swallowcliffe, preb., see Heytesbury

Swindon, Glos., 26

Symondsbury, Dors., 24

Tamworth, Staffs., royal free chap., preb. of Wilmcote (Warwicks.), 21

Thockrington, preb., see York

Thurcaston, Leics., 13

Timberscombe, preb., see Wells

Torleton, preb., see Salisbury

Trallwng, preb., see Abergwili

Twiford, preb., see London

Wappenbury, Warwicks., 38

Warham, preb., see Hereford

Wedmore, preb., see Wells

Wellington, preb., see Hereford

Wells, Som., cath., prebs. in: Timberscombe (Som.), 31; Wedmore II (Som.), 21. See also Bath and Wells

Westbury, Salop, colleg. ch., portion in, 47

Westminster, royal free chap. of St. Stephen, prebs. in, 8, 37

Whittington, Glos., 8, 10

Wilmcote, preb., see Tamworth

Winchester, Hants, bp., 45

Windsor, St. George's chap., 9, 13

Withington, Herefs., 10

Withington Parva, preb., see Hereford

Woolhope, see Hereford

Worcester, bp., 1, 25, 30, 32, 39

Yatesbury, preb., see Salisbury

York, cath., prebs. in: South Cave (Yorks.), 16; Thockrington (Northumb.), 32