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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541: Volume 7, Chichester Diocese. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1964.

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Chichester, Diocesan Record Office

Ep. 1/1/2 Register of Richard Praty, 1438-45.
Ep. 1/1/3 Register of Edward Story 1, 1478-1503.
Ep. 1/1/4 Registers of Edward Story 11, 1478-1503, Richard FitzJames, 1503-6, and Robert Sherborne 11, 1523-9.
Ep. 1/1/5 Register of Robert Sherborne 1, 1508-21.
Ep. 1/1/6 Registers of Richard Sampson, 1536-43, George Day, 1543-51 and 1554- 1556, and John Scory, 1552-3.
Ep. 1/1/7 Registers of John Christopherson, 1557-8, William Barlow, 1559-69, Richard Curteys, 1570-82, and Thomas Bickley, 1585-96.
Ep. 111/4/1 Dean's Court Act Book 4, sometimes known as 'Borelle'.
Ep. vi/1/4 Liber E.
Ep. vi/1/5 Liber P.
Chapter Records: Cap. 1/13/1, 2, 1/14/1, 1/23/1, 2.


Canterbury Cathedral Library

Registrum A
Registrum F
Registrum S

Lambeth Palace Library

The registers of the archbishops of Canterbury.

Oxford, Bodleian Library

MS. University College 148. Dean Crucher's Book.
MS. Ashmole 1146. Liber D of Chichester.

Somerset House

PCC: Registers of wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury.