Index of places

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541: Volume 7, Chichester Diocese. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1964.

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, 'Index of places', in Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541: Volume 7, Chichester Diocese, (London, 1964) pp. 68-70. British History Online [accessed 27 May 2024].

. "Index of places", in Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541: Volume 7, Chichester Diocese, (London, 1964) 68-70. British History Online, accessed May 27, 2024,

. "Index of places", Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541: Volume 7, Chichester Diocese, (London, 1964). 68-70. British History Online. Web. 27 May 2024,

Abergwili, Carm., colleg. ch., preb. in, 45

Aldenham, Herts., 11

Alton Borealis, preb., see Salisbury

Amport, Hants, 6

Ardingly, Suss., 25

Avara, Lebanon, 49, 53

Bargham, preb., see Chichester

Barnby, preb., see Howden

Bath and Wells, Som., bp., 29, 34, 44. See also Wells

Bawtry, Yorks., 50

Beddingham, Suss., 25n

Beminster Prima, preb., see Salisbury

Berwick St John, Wilts., 35

Bishop's Cleeve, Glos., 52

Bishopshurst, preb., see Chichester

Bolney, Suss., 32n, 33

Bracklesham, preb., see Chichester

Bradninch, Devon, 13

Bromyard, Herefs., ch., portion in, 27

Bursal preb., see Chichester

Bury, preb., see Chichester

Callipoli, Thrace, bp., 49

Canterbury, Kent, abp., 32

Carlisle, Cumb., bp., 2, 3, 15

Chagford, Devon, 42

Charing, Kent, 42

Chelmsford, Essex, free chap. of St Margaret, 8, 47

Chichester, Suss.:
-, archdcnry, 11-13
-, bp., 1-4
-, cath., prebs. in: Bargham (Barpham, in Angmering, Suss.), 53; Bishopshurst (in Albourne, Suss.), 14-16; Bracklesham (in East Wittering, Suss.), 16-17; Bursal, 53; Bury (Suss.), 17; Colworth (Suss.), 17-19; Eartham (Suss.), 19-20; Exceit (Exceat, in Westdean, E. Suss.), 53-4; Ferring (Suss.), 20-1; Firle (West Firle, Suss.), 21-3; Fittleworth (Suss.), 23-4; Gates (in Alding- bourne, Suss.), 24-5; Hampstead (Hemp- stead in Arlington, Suss.), 25-6; Heathfield (Suss.), 27; Henfield (Suss.), 28-9; High- leigh (in Sidlesham, Suss.), 29-30; Hova Ecclesia (Hove, Suss.), 30-2; Hova Villa (Hove, Suss.), 32-3; Ipthorne (in Rumbold- swyke, Chichester, Suss.), 33-4; Mardon (East Marden, Suss.), 34-6; Middleton (in Arlington, Suss.), 36-7; Oving (Suss.), 7, 37; Seaford (Suss.), 37-9; Selsey (Suss.), 39-40; Sidlesham (Suss.), 40-2; Somerley (in East Wittering, Suss.), 42-3; Sutton (by Seaford, Suss.), 43-4; Thorney (in East Wittering, Suss.), 45-6; Waltham (Upwaltham, Suss.), 46-7; Westgate (Westergate in Alding- bourne, Suss.), 4, 48; Wiccamical prebends, 53-4; Wightring (West Wittering, Suss.), 48-9; Wilmington (Suss.), 49; Windham (Wyndham, in Shermanbury, Suss.), 54; Wisborough (Wisborough Green, Suss.), 50-1; Woodhorn (in Oving, Suss.), 51-2

Chiswick, preb., see London

Colworth, preb., see Chichester

Compton, Suss., 13

Consumpta-per-Mare, preb., see London

Coombe and Harnham, preb., see Salisbury

Coventry and Lichfield, bp., 4 (bis), 46. See also Lichfield

Crantock, Cornw., colleg. ch. of St Crantock, preb. in, 19

Curborough, preb., see Lichfield

Denham, Bucks., 50

Dublin, abp.,2, 5

Dunnington, preb., see York

Durham, bp., 14, 21

Durnford, preb., see Salisbury

Earley White Knights (in Earley), Berks., 41

Eartham, preb., see Chichester

Eastbourne, Suss., 6

Eastwood, Essex, 42

Ely, Cambs., bp., 11, 59

Exceit, preb., see Chichester

Exeter, Devon:
-, archdcnry, 18
-, bp., 46, 49

Ferring, preb., see Chichester

Firle, preb., see Chichester

Fittleworth, preb., see Chichester

Fréjus, France, bp., 43

Gaia Minor, preb., see Lichfield

Gates, preb., see Chichester

Grestain, Eure, France, 49

Hampstead, preb., see Chichester

Hampton Lucy (formerly Hampton Episcopi), Warwicks,. 28

Hastings, Suss.:
-, All Saints ch., 9
-, royal free chap., 18

Havant, Hants, 14

Heathfield, preb., see Chichester

Henfield, preb., see Chichester

-, bp., 2
-, cath., prebs. in: Moreton and Whaddon (Moreton Jeffreys, Herefs.; Whaddon, Glos.), 22; Wellington (Herefs.), 21

Heytesbury, Wilts., colleg. ch., preb. of Swallowcliffe (Wilts.), 31

Highleigh, preb., see Chichester

Hinton, Little, Wilts., 15

Holdgate, Salop, colleg. ch., preb. in, 44

Horton, nr. Eton, Bucks., 36

Hova Ecclesia, preb., see Chichester

Hova Villa, preb., see Chichester

Howden, Yorks., colleg. ch., preb. of Barnby (Yorks.), 41

Hurstbourne and Burbage, preb., see Salisbury

Hurstmonceaux, Suss., 25

Hurworth, co. Dur., 50

Ipthorne, preb., see Chichester

Ireland, 1

Kilmore, co. Cavan, Ireland, bp., 2

Lewes, Suss.:
-, archdcnry, 13-14
-, priory, 11, 17

Lichfield, Staffs., cath.: precentor, 7; prebs. in: Curborough (Curborough and Elmhurst, Staffs.), 27; Gaia Minor (formerly Gaye or la Gaye in suburbs of Lichfield), 19. See also Coventry and Lichfield

Lincoln, cath., prebs. in: Marston St Lawrence (Northants.), 23; South Scarle (Notts.), 9; Stow St Mary (Stow by Gainsborough, Lincs.), 36

Llandaff, Glam., bp., 1

-, bp., 1, 2, 3, 44.
-, cath. ch. of St. Paul, prebs. in: Chiswick (Mdx.), 18, 50; Consumpta-per-Mare (in Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex), 34; Pancratius (St Pancras, Mdx.), 52n
-, ch's in: St Dunstan, St Michael, Cornhill, 51
-, St Martin's-le-Grand colleg. ch., preb. in, 4

Lyminge, Kent, 41

Malling, South, Suss., colleg. ch., deanery, 42; chancellor's preb., 34;

Mardon, preb., see Chichester

Marlborough, Wilts., 50

Marlow, Great, Bucks., 11

Marston St Lawrence, preb., see Lincoln

Mathry, preb., see St Davids

Mayfield, Suss., 12

Mells, Som., 46

Middleton, preb., see Chichester

Moreton and Whaddon, preb., see Hereford

North Newbald, preb., see York

Norwich, Norf., bp., (bis)

Oving, preb., see Chichester

Oxford, Merton college, 49

Pancratius, preb., see London

Potterspury, Northants., 20

Rochester, Kent, bp., 2, 3, 31

Rouen, France, cath., preb. in, 32

St Asaph, Flints., bp., 3

St Crantock, see Crantock

St Davids, Pemb.:
-, bp., 2, 3, 14, 41
-, cath., preb. of Mathry (Pemb.), 28

Salisbury, Wilts.:
-, bp., 2, 49
-, cath., dean, 59; prebs. in: Alton Borealis (Alton Pancras, Dors.), 16, Beminster Prima (Beaminster, Dors.), 52n, Coombe and Harnham (Coombe Bissett, Harnham, nr. Salisbury, Wilts.), 10, Durnford (Wilts.), 8, Hurstbourne and Burbage (Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hants; Burbage, Wilts.), 50, Stratton (Dors.), 45, Torleton (Tarlton, Glos.), 30

Seaford, preb., see Chichester

Selsey, preb., see Chichester

Shalford, preb., see Wells

Shenley, Bucks., 50

Sidlesham, preb., see Chichester

Somerley, preb., see Chichester

South Scarle, preb., see Lincoln

Stow St Mary, preb., see Lincoln

Stratton, preb., see Salisbury

Strood, Kent, 9

Sutton, preb., see Chichester

Sutton, Long, Lincs., 12, 35

Sutton Courtenay, Berks., 8

Swallowcliffe, preb., see Heytesbury

Terrington, St Clement, Norf., 41

Thorney, preb., see Chichester

Tidenham, Glos., 42

Tilbury, West, Essex, free chap., 35

Torleton, preb., see Salisbury

Tothill, chap., see Westminster

Waltham, preb., see Chichester

Wellington, preb., see Hereford

Wells, Som., cath., deanery, 55; preb. of Shalford (Essex), 46. See also Bath and Wells

Westgate, preb., see Chichester

Westminster, Mdx.:
-, royal free chap. of St Stephen, prebs. in, 37, 44
-, Tothill chap., 32

Wightring, preb., see Chichester

Wilmington, preb., see Chichester

Windham, preb., see Chichester

Windsor, Berks., St George's chap., prebs. in, 16, 19

Wisborough, preb., see Chichester

Witley, Surr., 33

Woodhorn, preb., see Chichester

-, archdcnry, 52n
-, bp., 1, 2

Yelvertoft, Northants., 7

-, abp., 2, 4
-, minster; prebs. in: Dunnington (nr. York), 28, North Newbald (Yorks.), 28; chap. of St Mary and Holy Angels, preb. in, 35