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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1541-1857: Volume 10, Coventry and Lichfield Diocese. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 2003.

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abp. archbishop
adm. admitted
ant. antiquities
app. appendix
archdcn. archdeacon
archdcnry archdeaconry
B.A. bachelor of arts
B.C.L. bachelor of civil law
B.Cn.L. bachelor of canon law (until 1535)
B.D. bachelor of divinity
Bodl. Libr. Bodleian Library, Oxford
bp. bishop
bpc. bishopric
Brit. Libr. British Library
c. clause
c. circa
cath. cathedral
chap. chapel
coll. collated, collation
comp. compiled by
conf. confirmation, confirmed
cons. consecrated, consecration
d. death, die, died
D.M. doctor of medicine (Oxford)
depriv. deprivation, deprived
dioc. diocese
ed. edited by, edition
el. elect, elected, election
enthr. enthroned, enthronement
exch. exchange, exchanged
ex inf. information supplied by
f. folio
gr. grant, granted
hist. historical, history
instal. installation, installed
instit. admitted and instituted
Lamb. Lambeth Palace Library
libr. library
lic. licence
LL.B. bachelor of civil law (Cambridge)
M.A. master of arts
m.i. memorial inscription
mand. mandate
MS. manuscript
n.d. no date
occ. occur, occurrence, occurs
p.a. per annum, yearly
P.R.O. Public Record Office
PR parish register
preb. prebend, prebendary
pres. present, presentation, presented
PRT parish register transcript
pubd. published
R.O. record office
reg. register
rept. report
res. resign, resignation, resigned
resid. residence, residentiary
s.d. same day
ser. series
soc. society
stat. statute
succ. succeeded, succession
temps. temporalities
trans. translated, translation
vac. vacant