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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1541-1857: Volume 2, Chichester Diocese. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1971.

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The following abbreviations are used for works in print which are cited in the text three or more times.

This is not an exhaustive list of works consulted.

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Acts of the Privy Council Acts of the Privy Council of England, ed. J. R. Dasent. 32 vols., 1542-1604. London, 1890-1907.
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West Sussex Record Office, Chichester


Ep. 1/1 Episcopal registers:

Ep. 1/1/4 Edward Story II, 1478-1503, Richard FitzJames, 1503-6, and Robert Sherborne II, 1523-9

Ep. 1/1/5 Robert Sherborne I, 1508-21

Ep. 1/1/6 Richard Sampson, 1536-43, George Day, 1543-51 and 1554-6, and John Scory, 1552-3

Ep. 1/1/7 John Christopherson, 1557-8, William Barlow, 1559-69, Richard Curteys, 1570-82, and Thomas Bickley, 1585-96 (fn. 1)

Ep. 1/1/8 Anthony Watson, 1596-1605, Lancelot Andrewes, 1605-9, Samuel Harsnet, 1609-19, and Peter Gunning, 1670-5 (fn. 2)

Ep. 1/1/9 the cover and one page of the register of Richard Montagu, 1628-38 (fn. 2)

Ep. 1/1/10 Ralph Brideoke, 1675-8, John Lake, 1685-9, Simon Patrick, 1689- 91, Robert Grove, 1691-6, John Williams, 1696-1709, and Thomas Manningham, 1709-22 (fn. 3)

Ep. 1/1/11 Thomas Bowers, 1722-4, Edward Waddington, 1724-31, Francis Hare, 1731-40, Matthias Mawson, 1740-54, and William Ashburnham, 1754- 97 (fn. 4)

Ep. 1/3 General subscription books and papers

Ep. 1/6 Presentations

Ep. 1/6C Nominations

Ep. 1/10 Instance books, Chichester consistory court
Ep. 1/18 Libri cleri, visitation citations
Ep. 1/19 Registers of orders
Ep. 1/20 Visitation papers
Ep. 1/24 Parish register transcripts
Ep. 1/69 Institution and collation papers
Ep. 1/70 Resignation papers
Ep. 11/16 Parish register transcripts
Ep. 111/4 Act books
Ep. 111/8 Parish register transcripts
Ep. 111/12 Account books
Cap. 1/1 Statute books:
Cap. 1/1/2 Statute book B
Cap. 1/3 Act books:
Cap. 1/3/2 Act book B, 1660-1712 (fn. 5)
Cap. 1/3/3 Act book C, 1710-39
Cap. 1/3/4 Act book D, 1739-74
Cap. 1/3/5 Act book E, 1775-1802
Cap. 1/3/6 Act book F, 1802-49
Cap. 1/3/7 Act book G, 1849-76
Cap. 1/4 Chapter minutes
Cap. 1/6 Episcopal election papers
Cap. 1/8 Bishops' installation mandates to dean and chapter (fn. 6)
Cap. 1/9 Installation bonds made by dignitaries and prebendaries
Cap. 1/10 Chapter papers
Cap. 1/12 Cartularies:
Cap. 1/12/1 includes a copy of episcopal register Sept.-Nov. 1571
Cap. 1/12/3 Dean Hayley's cartulary
Cap. 1/23 Communar's accounts:
Cap. 1/23/3 Communar's accounts Sept. 1555-Sept. 1585
STC 1 Registers of wills
STC 111 Consistory court diaries
STD 1 Registers of wills

Diocesan Registry, 5 East Pallant, Chichester

Registers of Ashurst Turner Gilbert, 1842-70, and Richard Durnford, 1870-75 (Register A)

Register of Richard Durnford, 1875-91 (Register B)

Registers of Richard Durnford, 1891-5, Ernest Roland Wilberforce, 1895-1907, and Charles John Ridgeway, 1908-19 (Register C)

East Sussex Record Office, Lewes

Registers of various parish churches in East Sussex

Public Record Office, London

C 66 Patent rolls

C 209 Bishops' patent rolls

Index 16816 Index to bishops' patent rolls, 24 Geo. III-38 Vic.

E 331 Chichester Bishops' certificates

E 334 First-fruits, composition books

PCC Prerogative court of Canterbury, registers of wills and administration act books, formerly at Somerset House

British Museum

Add. MSS. 5697-9 William Burrell's Sussex collection (contains monumental inscriptions, and copies made c. 1780 of some parish registers since lost)

Add. MSS. 39326-546 E. H. W. Dunkin's Sussex collection

Lansd. MSS. 985-7 part of White Kennett's collection, containing biographical memoranda

Somerset House

Death certificates

Lambeth Palace Library

The registers of the archbishops of Canterbury

Greater London Record Office, County Hall

Registers of various parish churches in the Inner London Area

Guildhall Library, London

Registers of various parish churches in the City of London

MS. 2480/1-4 A. W. Jewers, Monumental Inscriptions in City Churches

Bodleian Library, Oxford

MS. Ashmole 1144 pp. 367-92 Calendar of institut ns by Richard Montagu, bishop of Chichester, 1629-34


  • 1. There is a gap for most of Richard Curteys's episcopate, 1571-8.
  • 2. There is a gap 1619-70, though the register of Richard Montagu, 1628-38, has been partially reconstructed in Suss. Arch. Coll. lxxxvi 141-54, by W. D. Peckham, from Bodl. Libr., MS. Ashmole 1144 and P.R.O., E 331 Chichester.
  • 3. There is a gap for the episcopate of Guy Carleton, 1678-85.
  • 4. The register of institutions in William Ashburnham's register ends in 1793, and there are no further bishops' registers until that of Ashurst Turner Gilbert in 1842. See p. ix n. 2.
  • 5. There is a typewritten transcript by W. D. Peckham, Add. MS. 10905.
  • 6. These have been calendared by W. D. Peckham, Pamp. Box VI.