Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1541-1857: Volume 6, Salisbury Diocese. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1986.

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'References', in Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1541-1857: Volume 6, Salisbury Diocese, ed. Joyce M Horn( London, 1986), British History Online [accessed 17 July 2024].

'References', in Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1541-1857: Volume 6, Salisbury Diocese. Edited by Joyce M Horn( London, 1986), British History Online, accessed July 17, 2024,

"References". Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1541-1857: Volume 6, Salisbury Diocese. Ed. Joyce M Horn(London, 1986), , British History Online. Web. 17 July 2024.

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Wiltshire Record Office

Registers of the bishops of Salisbury:

D1/2/14 Edmund Audley, 1502-24
D1/2/15 Laurence Campeggio, 1524-34
D1/2/16 Nicholas Shaxton, John Capon and John Jewel, 1535-71
D1/2/17 Edmund Gest and John Piers, 1571-84
D1/2/18 John Coldwell, 1591-6
D1/2/19 Henry Cotton, 1598-1615
D1/2/20 Robert Abbot and Martin Fotherby, 1615-19
D1/2/21 Robert Tounson and John Davenant, 1620-40
D1/2/22 Brian Duppa, Humphrey Henchman, John Earles, Alexander Hyde and Seth Ward, 1641-74
D1/2/23 Seth Ward, 1674-88
D1/2/24 Gilbert Burnet, 1693-1712
D1/2/25 Gilbert Burnet, William Talbot, Richard Willis and Benjamin Hoadly, 1712-28
D1/2/26 Benjamin Hoadly, Thomas Sherlock and John Gilbert, 1728-57
D1/2/27 John Thomas, Robert Hay Drummond, John Thomas and John Hume, 1757-76
D1/2/28 John Hume and Shute Barrington, 1777-89
D1/2/29 Shute Barrington and John Douglas, 1790-1807
D1/2/30 John Fisher, 1807-18
D1/2/31 John Fisher and Thomas Burgess, 1818-35
D1/2/32 Thomas Burgess, 1826-37
D1/2/33 Edward Denison, 1837-45
D1/2/34 Edward Denison, 1845-54
D1/2/35 Edward Denison and Walter Kerr Hamilton, 1849-55
D1/2/36 Walter Kerr Hamilton, 1855-7
D1/2/37 Walter Kerr Hamilton, 1858-60
D1/2/38 Walter Kerr Hamilton, 1859-62
D1/2/39 Walter Kerr Hamilton, 1863-6
D1/2/40 Walter Kerr Hamilton and George Moberly, 1867-71
D1/2/41 George Moberly, 1872-6
D1/2/42 George Moberly, 1877-82
PR Deposited parish registers
PRT Parish register transcripts of churches in Wiltshire, Berkshire and Dorset

Salisbury Cathedral Library

Dean and Chapter Records

Chapter Act Books:

CA 14, 1538-63
CA 15, 1563-88, 1603-6
CA 16, 1589-98
CA 17, 1623-42
CA 18, 1660-75
CA 19, 1675-96
CA 20, 1696-1741
CA 21, 1741-96
CA 22, 1796-1813
CA 23, 1818-34
CA 24, 1834-51
CA 25, 1851-64
CA 26, 1864-77
CA 27, 1877-89
CA 28, 1889-99
Communars' accounts

Berkshire Record Office

PR Deposited parish registers

British Library

Lansdowne MSS. Biographical memoranda from various volumes of White Kennett's collection

Dorset Record Office

PR Deposited parish registers

Lambeth Palace Library

Registers of the archbishops of Canterbury

Public Record Office

C 66 Patent rolls
C 209 Bishops' patent rolls
E 331 Cant. Archbishops' certificates for Salisbury diocese sede vacante
E 331 Salis. Bishops' certificates for Salisbury diocese
E 334 Composition books
Index 16816 Index to bishops' patent rolls, 24 Geo. III-38 Vic.
PROB 6, 11 Prerogative court of Canterbury, registers of wills and administration act books
SP State papers