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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1541-1857: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1969.

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The following abbreviations are used for works in print which are cited in the text three or more times. This is not an exhaustive list of works consulted.

Acts of the Privy Council Acts of the Privy Council of England, ed. J. R. Dasent. 32 vols., 1542/7-1601/4. London, 1890-1907.
Cal. S.P. Dom. Calendar of State Papers preserved in the Public Record Office, Domestic series. 89 vols., 1547-1704. London, 1856- 1939.
Cant. Inst. sede vac. Calendar of Institutions by the Chapter of Canterbury sede vacante, ed. C. E. Woodruff. Kent Records, VIII, 1923.
C.P.R. Calendar of the Patent Rolls preserved in the Public Record Office. 15 vols., 1547-72. London, 1924-66.
Diary of Henry Machyn The Diary of Henry Machyn, ed. J. G. Nichols. Camden Society, 1847.
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Gent. Mag. The Gentleman's Magazine.
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Hennessy, Novum repertorium G. Hennessy, Novum repertorium ecclesiasticum parochiale Londinense. London, 1898.
Hist. Reg. Chron. The Historical Register . . . Chronological Diary, 1724-38.
L. & P. Letters and Papers of the Reign of Henry VIII, ed. J. S. Brewer. 23 vols. in 38. London, 1862-1932.
Lloyd, Memoires D. Lloyd, Memoires of the Lives, Actions, Sufferings and Deaths of those . . . personages that suffered . . . from the year 1637 to the year 1660. London, 1668.
Lond. Gaz. London Gazette.
Lond. Mag. The London Magazine and Monthly Chronologer.
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Ridley's Works The Works of Nicholas Ridley, ed. H. Christmas. Cam bridge, 1843.
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Wriothesley's Chronicle Wriothesley's Chronicle, ed. W. D. Hamilton. 2 vols. Camden Society, 1875-7.


St. Paul's Cathedral Library

Registers of the Dean and Chapter, 1536-1868 (one hiatus 1642-60), cited as Reg. D. & C. with appropriate dates.

St. Paul's Cathedral minute books:

F.C. 1 1660-4
F.C. 2 1664-85
F.C. 3 1686-1726
F.C. 4 1729-55
F.C. 5 1755-84
F.C. 6 1833-60

Acta Capitularia, 1667-87, F.C. 11.

D. & C. Muniment Book, 1826-54, F.C. 16.

D. & C. Muniment Book, 1854-1911, F.C. 17.

Shelf F.C. unnumbered, a bundle comprising two unfoliated volumes of Rough Accounts, 1727-61 and 1761-80.

Shelf F.C. unnumbered, three unfoliated volumes of Rough Muniments, 1786-90, 1790-4, and 1794-1803.

Guildhall Library, London

Registers of the bishops of London:

MS. 9531/8 1489-1505 Richard Hill, Thomas Savage, William Warham and William Barons.
MS. 9531/9 1506-22 Richard FitzJames.
MS. 9531/10 1522-30 Cuthbert Tunstal.
MS. 9531/11 1530-39 John Stokesley.
MS. 9531/12 1539-59 Edmund Bonner and Nicholas Ridley.
MS. 9531/13 1559-94 Edmund Grindal and John Aylmer.
MS. 9531/14 1596-1621 Richard Bancroft, Richard Vaughan, Thomas Ravis, George Abbot and John King. A loose quire of 14 folios relates to 1627.
MS. 9531/15 1628-60 William Laud and William Juxon.
MS. 9531/16 1660-75 Gilbert Sheldon and Humphrey Henchman.
MS. 9531/17 1675-1713 Henry Compton I, containing institutions.
MS. 9531/18 1675-1713 Henry Compton II, containing general business.
MS. 9531/19 1714-29 John Robinson and part of the register of Edmund Gibson.
MS. 9531/20 1729-62 Edmund Gibson, Thomas Sherlock, Thomas Hayter.
MS. 9531/21 1762-87 Richard Osbaldeston, Richard Terrick and Robert Lowth. Part i contains general business and part ii institutions.
MS. 9531/22 1787-1809 Beilby Porteus.
MS. 9531/23 1809-28 John Randolph and William Howley I, containing general business.
MS. 9531/24 1809-28 John Randolph and William Howley II, containing institutions.
MS. 9531/25, 26 1830-7 Charles James Blomfield I i, ii, containing general business and institutions.
MS. 9531/27, 28 1828-42 Charles James Blomfield II i, ii, containing general business and institutions.
MS. 9531/29, 30 1843-47 Charles James Blomfield III i, ii, containing general business and institutions.
MS. 9531/31, 32 1847-56 Charles James Blomfield IV i, ii, containing general business and institutions.
MS. 9531/33 1856-60 Archibald Campbell Tait I.
MS. 9531/34 1861-5 Archibald Campbell Tait II.
MS. 9531/35 1866-8 Archibald Campbell Tait III.
MS. 9531/36 1869-75 John Jackson I.
MS. 9531/37 1875-80 John Jackson II.
MS. 9531/38 1881-4 John Jackson III.
MS. 9531/39 1885-91 John Jackson IV and Frederick Temple I.
MS. 9531/40 1892-6 Frederick Temple II.
MS. 2480/1-4 A. W. Jewers, Monumental Inscriptions in City Churches.

Registers of various parish churches in the City of London.

Public Record Office, London

C 209 Bishops' patent rolls.
C 66 Patent rolls.
E331 London Bishops' certificates.

Somerset House

PCC: registers of wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury.

Death certificates.

Lambeth Palace Library

The registers of the archbishops of Canterbury.

Greater London Record Office, County Hall

Registers of wills proved in the consistory court of London.

Registers of various parish churches in the Inner London area.

Essex Record Office, Chelmsford

D/P: Registers of various parish churches in Essex.

Hertfordshire Record Office, Hertford

D/P: Registers of various parish churches in Hertfordshire.