London and Middlesex Fines: Richard I

Pages 1-4

A Calendar To the Feet of Fines For London and Middlesex: Volume 1, Richard I - Richard III. Originally published by Hardy & Page, London, 1892.

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1. Roger, son of Pascarius, and Peter Passator. 10 messuages and half a virgate of land and half an acre of meadow in Westminster. Anno 10.

2. John, son of Edward, and Hibernicus de Luitone and Matilda, his wife. One acre of meadow in Westminster. Anno 10.

3. Clementia and Juliana, daughters of Martin, and Gilbert le Brazur. One messuage in Westminster. Anno 10.

4. Matilda, daughter of Alwin Tornegold, and Richard le Paumer, William, son of Asketill, and William Ruffu'. Half a virgate, and 2 acres of land and one messuage in Stanewell and Bedefunte. Anno 10.

5. Geoffrey, son of Osbert, and Andrew Plundit (?). 40 acres of land in Stebehee. Anno 10.

6. Ailwin de Alprinton and Richard de Hinton. One virgate of land in Greneford. Anno 10.

7. Walter, son of Gerard, and Matilda, daughter of Alexander. One hide of land in Bedefunte. Anno 10.

8. Richard de Ely, and Constantine, son of Alulf. One virgate of land in Egeswere. Anno 10.

9. Ailward de Cherringe and Hawisia, his wife, and the abbot of Westminster. 3 virgates of land in Tudinton. Anno 9.

10. Ralph de Septemfontibus, and John, son of Eadward Prepositus. One acre of land in the vill of Westminster, next the road towards the Hospital of St. James. Anno 9.

11. Roger Enganet and Geoffrey Picot. One acre of meadow in the vill of Westminster, in Langedich', in exchange for two acres of land in the fields of Westminster, which Matilda, who was the wife of Alnoth, held within the Long Hedge (Longa Haia). Warranty by Nicholas, son of Geoffrey, and William, son of Ordric. Anno 9.

12 & 13. Lucy, daughter of Wufr' Boquinte, and John, her son. 2 carucates of land in Heggeswer; to wit, all the land which the same John holds of the fees of William de Reimes and Adam Boquinte in Heggeswer, and 5s. rent from the land where timber is sold, which Robert Barun gave to the same Lucy. Anno 9.

14. William, son of Thurstan de Coleham, and William, abbot of Westminster. Concerning a proxy (senescantia) of the abbey of Westminster. Anno 9.

15. Ralph de Cormeiles and Matilda, his wife, and Estrilda, sister of the same Matilda, by John Burguinum, their attorney, and Henry, son of Ailwin. One virgate and a half of land in Stebenee which belonged to Edwin Bilewit, Walter Bilewit, and John Bilewit. Anno 9.

16. Richard, son of Edward, and Ralph de Septemfontibus. One virgate of land in Chelchud'. Anno 8.

17. Ralph de Heirun of Estre, and Ralph de Heirun of Edelm'. A fourth part a knight's fee and one virgate of soccage land (terra de soccag') in Edelmer'. Anno 8.

18. Letia de Montini (?), widow of Henry Foliot and Ermemard' (sic), prioress, and the convent of Clerkenwell. 2 virgates of land in Clerkenwell; to wit, 13 acres of land in which the priory of the said nuns is founded, which lie in the court of the same, within the walls and without, on all sides, and extend to the court of the hospitalers of Jerusalem; and the land which is between the court of the same nuns, on which there is a great vivary (vivarium) (fn. 1) and in which valley (valle) is Skinnereswell; and 3 perches of land beyond the valley towards the north in the length of the valley to Holeborne; and the same valley and vivary, if there be a vivary; and the land which is between that valley and Godewell below the road to Holeburn, and above the road towards the east, to the ditch; and 3 perches of land beyond Godewell, below the road and above the road toward the north; and 5 acres of land next the aforesaid valley which lies in length towards the south and towards the north; and the land and meadow which is between Holeburn and the ditch which goes from Holeburn to the mill of the aforesaid nuns; and this same ditch; and the site (sede) of the mill aforesaid; and the curtilage next that mill; and the land and meadow and garden, which are between the aforesaid mill and gardens of the hospitalers of Jerusalem, which is upon Holeborne; and the lands and messuage and rent and gardens which are between the aforesaid garden of the hospitalers aforesaid and the bar of Smethefeld upon the river of Fackeswell, towards the north; and the land and messuage which the aforesaid nuns have of the fee of the same Letia between the aforesaid river and Chikennelan; and one messuage before the house which was of Robert de Foleli; and 2 acres of land next the street which goes from the bar without Aldredesgate towards Iseldon, next the garden of the hospitalers of Smethefeld; and all the field which is between Wite . . . hesi (?) and Farncroft; and all Farncroft; and the little valley next Farncroft toward the north, in length from Farncroft; and the ditch beyond that valley towards the north; and all the land which Wll' Clericus of Smethefeld held of the same Letia, next the curtilage of the aforesaid nuns, towards the east; and all the land which . . . . Ratte held of the fee of the same Letia, in Neweton; and 4 acres of land of the fee the same Letia in Steple; and one mark rent from the third part . . . . and the service to the same part to which pertains the capital messuage of Wat'nesd'. Anno 8.

19. Alice Gule, and John de Westmonasterio. One messuage in Westminster which the said Alice claims as dower of Ralph Gule formerly her husband. Anno 8.

20. Isabella . . ., by Roger, son of Alan, her attorney, and Ermegard, prioress of Clerkenwell. 2 virgates of land in Bote . . . . [Torn]. Anno 8.

21. Goda, daughter of Effreed, and William de Westmonasterio. The dower of the said Goda, in a messuage in Westminster, which Alan, who was the husband of the same Goda, held. Anno 7.


  • 1. The word is apparently vivarium, but it may be read vinarium.