Fines for divers and other counties: Henry III

Pages 215-218

A Calendar To the Feet of Fines For London and Middlesex: Volume 1, Richard I - Richard III. Originally published by Hardy & Page, London, 1892.

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HENRY III. Divers Counties.

7. Beatrice, widow of William de Berners, and Ralph de Berners. A third part of the manors of Roinger, Berneston, and Berewic, dower of the said Beatrice, in Ysendon and Ykelingeham. (Remainders).—Herts, Essex, Middlesex, and Suffolk.—Anno 4.

35. Lucy, prioress of Wyteneya, and James de Haverhill. Rents in Bedefont, Sutherop, and London (set out).— Middlesex and Northampton.—Anno 8.

138. Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Hereford and Essex, and Master Roger de Cantilupo. Land in Enefeud, and also land in Hedinton, in the county of Wilts (described).— Middlesex and Wilts.—Anno 22.

243. Cristiana Lovel, and Richard Lovel. The manors of Kary, Wyncalton, and Pydecumb, and the advowson of the church of Cauers, and land which Cristiana held in dower of the said Richard, in the county of Somerset, and also land in Stanes, in the county of Middlesex, saving certain land of Albreda de Stanes.—Middlesex and Somerset.—Anno 33.

314. Thomas, son of Ralph, and Jordan de Eynho. Land in Sabrichesworde (Remainders) and grant by the said Thomas to Hugh, son of Richard de Aqua, of a messuage in Westminster.—Hertford and Middlesex.—Anno 39.

332. William, son of William de Bello Campo, and William de Bello Campo, of Bedeford, the father. The castle and barony of Bedeford, the manor of Bello Campo, and premises in Hendon and Iclynton, and also the manors of Hannes, Kerdinton, Wylyton, Ronhal, Kaysho, and Aylewik. Endorsed Hugh de Ver, earl of Oxford, puts in a claim.— Bedford, Essex, Cambridge, and Middlesex.—Anno 41.

423. William, son of William de Wyndesor, and William de Wyndes'. The manor of Stanwell, in the county of Middlesex, and the manor of West Hakeborn, in the county of Berks.—Middlesex and Berks.—Anno 40.

452. Robert Pugeys, and Amice, his wife, and Thomas de la Puille, whom Henry de Wytemers vouched to warrant. A rent in Stokes, and a tenement in la Puille.—Buckingham and Middlesex.—Anno 43.

454. Nicholas de Yatyngeden, and John de Bathon'. The manor of Uppe Lamburn, in the county of Berks, and premises in Fynesbery and Stebenheth, in the county of Middlesex. (Remainders). Anno 43.

462. Adam de Stratton, and John, son of Saer. The manor of Shenle, in the county of Hertford, and the advowson of the churches of the same manor, land in Retherheth, in the county of Surrey, and premises in London, which John held, as well of the inheritance of Saer, son of Henry, father of the said John, as of the inheritance of Dionisia, daughter of William Senys, aunt of the same John. Anno 44.

HENRY III. Various Counties.

25. Richard, prior of Holy Trinity, London, and William de Berking, and Alice, his wife. Land in Edelmeton. Anno 11.

81. Jordan de Oxehaye, and Margery, his wife, and William de Say, whom John le Faukener, and Beatrice, his wife, vouch to warrant. Premises in Edelmeton. Anno 32.

HENRY III. Unknown Counties.

19. Clementia, widow of Peter Aurifaber, by Thomas, her son, her attorney, and Joan, widow of Henry, son of Reinerus. Half a messuage in Innocents' street. Joan vouches to warrant, Secrus, her son. Anno 3.

52. Henry Buquointe, and William de Reynes, whom John de Stibbing vouches to warrant. Premises in Stanmer. Anno 14.

59. John Gerlande, and Lucy, his wife, and Henry Bocointe. A road and common of herbage in Stanmere (described). Anno 18.

144. Geoffrey de Jarpenvill, and Alice Lungepeye, and Nicholas Lungepeye. Premises in Little Stanmer, whatsoever Ranulph Bokquoynte formerly held in the same vill. (Remainders). Anno 45.

154. Gilbert, prior of Holy Trinity, London, and John, son of John. Land in Edelmeton. Anno 49.

155. Adam de Stratton, and John, son of Saer. Premises in Retherheth, and a rent in London, which William de Cres, and Mary, his wife, held in dower of the said Mary. Anno 52.

162. Adam de Stratton, and Henry de Lacy, and Margaret, his wife. The manors of Egeswere and Kyngesbyr'. Anno 57.

164. Adam de Stratton, and Richard Kyppetre, and Joan, his wife, Margaret Bukoynte, and Margery Bukoynte. Premises in Stanmere, Eggeswere, and Westminster. Anno 57.

165. Adam de Stratton, and John le Butyler, and Margaret, his wife. A rent in London, and land in Harpesfeld, in the county of Hertford, which John de Brulewell formerly held. Anno 57.