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An Abstract of Feet of Fines For the County of Sussex: Vol. 1, 1190-1248. Originally published by Sussex Record Society, Lewes, 1903.

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The following Fine is bound up in the first File of Sussex Fines:— Inter Radm. de Leneham pet' et priorem et conventum de Warsingthan ten':—De quinque solid' et quatuor denar' redditus in Warshan; unde placitum fuit inter eos:—Rads. remisit &c:—Pro hoc fine prior et conventus remiserunt Rado. duodecim denar' redditus quos Wills. fil' Helye eis reddebat annuatim de viginti acris terre in Ternīges. [7° Ric. I.]

"Sussex" is written at the bottom of this Fine, but in a recent hand; and as there is a Fine between Ralph de Lenham and William fil' Helye concerning 20 acres of land in Terning amongst the Norfolk Fines, I think it must evidently belong to that county.

In File I., Nos. 6, 14, 15, 16 and 17 are quite illegible.

Fine 11.—The Bayham Chartulary in the British Museum shows that the name which is here wanting is Richard de Verdun.

Fine 12.—For redo', read redd'.

Fine 14, lines 6 and 9.—For 7 read et.

Fine 109.—For anstrum read austrum.

Fine 121.—For auscilium read auxilium.

Fine 167, last line but one.—For cincunque read cuicunque.

Fine 204.—For Thorncia, read Thorneia.

Fine 259.—For dotum, read dotem.

Fine 349.—For Kinredeford, read Kiuredeford.

Fine 359.—For Kenredeford, read Keuredeford.

Fine 408.—For Johem. ux' ejus, read Joham. ux' ejus.