Sussex Fines: 21-22 Richard II

An Abstract of Feet of Fines For the County of Sussex: Vol. 3, 1308-1509. Originally published by Sussex Record Society, Lewes, 1916.

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'Sussex Fines: 21-22 Richard II', in An Abstract of Feet of Fines For the County of Sussex: Vol. 3, 1308-1509, (Lewes, 1916) pp. 208-210. British History Online [accessed 22 April 2024]

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21 Richard II.

2679. William Brenchesle and Joan his wife v. Richard Huntyngdon; a messuage, a mill, 400 acres of land, 37 acres of meadow, 200 acres of pasture, 300 acres of wood, 100 acres of heath, £6 7s. 9d. rent and rent of 4 tapers (cereorum), a pound of pepper, a goose, a cock, 4 hens and 50 eggs in Bexle, Nennefeld, Hoo, Croweherst, Cattesfelde, Holyngton and Batayle; to William and Joan and heirs of their bodies, contingent remainder to heirs of body of Joan, in default of such heirs one moiety to remain, successively, to her sisters Elizabeth or Alice, to Stephen Playstede, Thomas his brother, John Farnebergh, clerk, Agnes his sister, the heirs of their bodies, or right heirs of Joan, Elizabeth and Alice; the other moiety to remain to Alice, Elizabeth, Stephen, Thomas, John, Agnes, heirs of their bodies or right heirs of Joan, Elizabeth and Alice. (File 79. No. 10.)

2680. Robert Oxenbregge and William Marchaunt v. John Salerne and Agnes his wife; a messuage, 152 acres of land, 10 acres of wood, 40 acres of heath, 310 acres of marsh, £4 13s. 4d. rent in Idenne, Playdenne, Rye and Bekkele; to John and Agnes for life, remainder to William son of Roger Asshburnham and Ann his wife, daughter to the said John and Agnes, and heirs of their bodies, contingent remainder to right heirs of John. (File 79. No. 11.)

2681. Richard Edward and Anastase his wife v. Thomas de Brounflet and Margaret his wife; manor of Malham in Sussex; to Richard and Anastase for life, to hold by render of a rose at Midsummer, reversion to Thomas and Margaret and heirs of Margaret. (File 79. No. 12.)

2682. John Reymes the elder v. John Reymes the younger and Margery his wife; a moiety of the manor of Hydeneye; to John and Margery and heirs of their bodies, contingent remainder to right heirs of John the younger. (File 79. No. 13.)

2683. Thomas Coupere, clerk, rector of church of Jeuyngton, Thomas Cartere, vicar of church of Erlyngton, and Edward Meryoth, vicar of church of Chytynlegh, (by Gilbert Hamme) v. Thomas Lefhurst and Alice his wife; a messuage, 120 acres of land, 5 acres of meadow, 8d. rent in Chaluyngton, Erlyngton and Selmeston; to Thomas Coupere, etc., and his heirs. (File 79. No. 14.)

2684. Thomas Grubbe v. Richard Budde of Fremfeld and Eleanor his wife; a messuage and 30 acres in Wythihamme; to Thomas. (File 79. No. 15.)

2685. William Harry v. William Hope and Isabel his wife; a messuage in Saleherst; to William Harry. (File 79. No. 16.)

22 Richard II.

2686. Vincent Fynch and Isabel his wife v. William Repown and Joan his wife; manor of Iklysham, which Nicholas Haute, chivaler, and Alice his wife hold for life of Alice; reversion to Vincent and Isabel. (File 79. No. 17.)

2687. William Swynhamme and Amice his wife v. Gilbert Lityl of the parish of Hoo and Joan his wife and William atte Welle and Isabel his wife; a messuage, 44 acres of land, 3 acres of meadow, 14s. rent in Neuinefelde, Warbilton, Bexle and Hoo; to William and Amice. (File 79. No. 18.)

2688. William Eeme and Robert atte Gate v. John de Monkewyke of Asshewell and Isabel his wife; 3 messuages, 2 acres of land in Cicestr' and suburbs of Cicestr'; to William and Robert and heirs of William. (File 79. No. 19.)

2689. William Brenchesle v. Roger Isle; manor of Fernthe; to William. (File 79. No. 20.)

2690. Robert Pobelewe, clerk, William Cu, clerk, William Wygemere, clerk, Thomas Pacchyng, John Fowel and Nicholas Stalyngburgh, clerk, v. William Neel, citizen of Cicestr', and Alice his wife; 14 messuages, 23½ acres of land, 9s. 8d. rent in Cicestr' and the suburb of the same city and Shapewyk; to William Wygemere, etc., and his heirs. (File 79. No. 21.)

2691. Nicholas Potyn and Thomas Wallere v. Richard son of Thomas Grygge; manor of Fernthe and a messuage, 40 acres of land, 40 acres of pasture, 3 acres of wood, 10s. rent in Fernthe; to Nicholas and Thomas and heirs of Nicholas. (File 79. No. 22.)

2692. John Horwe v. John Shosmyth and Alice his wife; a messuage, 28 acres of land, 3 acres of meadow, 1 acre of wood, 5s. 3d. rent in Wadeherst; to John and Alice and heirs of their bodies, contingent remainder to right heirs of Alice. (File 79. No. 23.)

2693. Thomas Oxenbregge v. Robert son of Robert Passele, knight; 25 acres of meadow in Pesemerssh which Ann, late the wife of Robert Passele, knight, holds for life; reversion to Thomas. (File 79. No. 24.)