Sussex Fines: 1-5 Henry V

Pages 227-232

An Abstract of Feet of Fines For the County of Sussex: Vol. 3, 1308-1509. Originally published by Sussex Record Society, Lewes, 1916.

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1 Henry V.

2831. Gregory Ballard, esquire, Robert Sauage, clerk, and Thomas Stokes, clerk, v. John Boyly and Elizabeth his wife; a messuage and a toft in Suthenouere by Lewes; to Gregory, Robert, Thomas and heirs of Thomas. (File 83. No. 1.)

2832. John Joce v. John Andrewe and Agnes his wife; a messuage and 8 acres in Tysehurst; to John Joce. (File 83. No. 2.)

2833. Richard atte Melle of Waldern and Joan his wife v. Richard Walshe and Margaret his wife; 30 acres of land, 12 acres of meadow in Chidynglegh; to Richard and Joan and heirs of their bodies, to hold by render of a rose at Midsummer, contingent reversion to Richard Walshe and Margaret and heirs of Margaret. (File 83. No. 3.)

2834. John Comporthe the younger v. John Hunte and Katherine his wife; a messuage, 50 acres of land, 1d. rent in Grenestede and Worthe, which Margaret late the wife of Walter Smyth holds for life; to John Comporthe. (File 83. No. 4.)

2835. William Palshyde v. Roger Massy and Maud his wife; 6 messuages, 80 acres of land, 6s. 8d. rent in Kirdeforde; to William. (File 83. No. 5.)

2836. Thomas Palmer v. Peter Ferrour of Lamberherst and Alice his wife and William atte Doune and Agnes his wife; a messuage, 10 acres of land, 2 acres of meadow, 2 acres of wood in Lamberherst; to Thomas. (File 83. No. 6.)

2837. John de Moubray, Earl Marshal and Notyngham, brother and heir of Thomas late Earl Marshal, v. John Grey son of Reynold Grey, lord of Ruthyn, and Constance his wife; two-thirds of manors of Eppeworth and Wrote in Lincolnshire, the manors of Aspeley and Alspath and 30 messuages and 30 virgates in Flekkenho and Thurlaston, and two-thirds of manor of Caloughdon in Warwick, two-thirds of manor of Chacumbe in Northants, manors of Sylby and Mountsorell, 100 acres of wood, 100 acres of pasture in Colde Ouerton and two-thirds of manor of Melton Moubray in Leicestershire, manors of Donyngton and Thwayte and two-thirds of manors of Thresk and Honyngham in Yorkshire, Castle of Bedford and manor of Wylyngton, 400 acres of wood, 100 acres of pasture, 40d. rent, a quarter of a . . . . ham, Hawewes, Coupell, Kerdyngton, Bereford, Southyenell, Maldon, Wotton, Yekewell, Salensho, and Bedeford, and advowson of free chapel of Haw . . . . [in Bedfordshire] . . . . and advowson of church of same manor in Worcestershire, manors of Douercourt and Ladyhalle in Moreton, . . . . [in Essex], . . . . [Castle of Br]embre and manors of Kyngesbarnes, Bedyng, Wassyngton, Beaubussh, Horsham, Boseham and Stokton in Sussex, . . . . Gower and Kylveye in Wales in Herefordshire, manor of Tudenham and castle . . . . virgates of land in Alsthorpe by Burghley in Rutland, . . . ., manors of Hanworth, Fornesete, Loppeham, Ersham, South . . . . [in Norfolk], manor of Framelyngham in Suffolk; to the Earl. (D.C.: File 63. No. 11.)

2 Henry V.

2838. Walter Vrry, Walter atte Denne, Robert Mascot and William Cloterwyn v. John More and Astilina his wife; a toft, 18 acres of land, 4 acres of meadow, 8 acres of wood, 2s. 6d. rent in Horsham; to William, etc., and his heirs. (File 83. No. 7.)

2839. Peter Colyn v. Richard Walshe and Margaret his wife, Thomas Frank and Joan his wife, William Hydenye and Isabel his wife; a messuage, a toft, 46 acres of land, 6 acres of meadow, 4 acres of wood in Esthodelegh and Waldern; to Peter. (File 83. No. 9.)

2840. Thomas Baron of Cycestr' v. Thomas Steere of Cycestr' and Alice his wife; 3 messuages in suburb of Cycestr'; to Thomas Baron. (File 83. No. 10.)

2841. John Stoute and William Stoute and Katherine his wife v. Richard Bradbrugge and Agnes his wife; 4 messuages and 10 acres in Horsham; to John, William, Katherine, and heirs of William. (File 83. No. 11.)

2842. Richard . . . . [citizen and] fishmonger of London, and William Herlynghurst of Canterbury v. William Acden of Kent; . . . . 267 acres of land, 47 acres of meadow, 140 . . . . in Iden, Peesmerssh, Beklee, Rye and Setelescombe and a moiety of the manor of Marlee and advowson . . . . chaunterie in church of Blessed Mary of Rye in Sussex, and a messuage, 72 . . . . in Wyttesham in Kent; to Richard, etc. (D.C.: File 63. No. 16.)

2843. The Venerable father in Christ, Thomas, Bishop of Durham, Nicholas Motte, rector of church of Swynesheuede, John Henege, Richard Lumbard, clerk, John Ouerton and Richard Fryth v. Thomas la Warre, clerk; manor of Wakirley and advowson of church of Wakirley in Northants, and manor of Middelton in Sussex; to the demandants and their heirs. (D.C.: File 63. No. 21.)

3 Henry V.

2844. Simon Harold v. William Lardyner and Joan his wife; a messuage in Cliua by Lewes; to Simon. (File 83. No. 12.)

2845. Richard Swan and Richard Warde v. William Birche and Agnes his wife; 4 messuages, 5 acres of land, 4 acres of meadow in Saleherst; to Richard and Richard and heirs of Richard Swan. (File 83. No. 13.)

2846. Roger Gunter and Joan his wife v. John Janyn and Alice his wife; a messuage, 40 acres of land, 2 acres of wood in Ovyng; to Roger and Joan. (File 83. No. 14.)

2847. Richard Wakehurst and John Waleys v. John Borde of Lyndefeld and Isabel his wife; 40 acres of land, 3 acres of meadow in Lyndefeld and Erthyngleghe; to Richard and John and heirs of Richard. (File 83. No. 15.)

2848. William Darell, John Darell, Robert Rolston . . . . Rye v. Richard Brigge and Katherine his wife; manor of Est Sutton [in Kent] . . . . in Ocle in Sussex and a mill in Ocle in said county; to William, etc. (D.C.: File 63. No. 34.)

4 Henry V.

2849. John Hogeman v. Thomas Hogeman of Haylesham in Sussex, bocher, and Joan his wife; a messuage and 1 acre in Herstmonceux; to John. (File 83. No. 16.)

2850. Michael Chete, chaplain, Richard Farnfold, Laurence Hyldere and Edmund Snellyng v. Robert Cakton and Alice his wife; 3 messuages and 12 acres in Stenyng and Brembre; to Michael, etc., and his heirs. (File 83. No. 17.)

2851. John Alveray the younger, Robert Langregg, Thomas Berdefeld, William Heyward of Westhothlyghe and Richard atte Melle the younger v. Thomas May of Estgrenested and Agnes his wife; 3 messuages, 200 acres of land, 26 acres of meadow, 32 acres of pasture, 18 acres of wood, 18s. rent in Estgrenestede and Lyndefeld; to John, etc., and his heirs. (File 83. No. 18.)

2852. Henry Fyssher v. John Bukholt and Agnes his wife; 7 acres in Burghersshe; to Henry. (File 83. No. 19.)

2853. John Mascall of Bokstede v. Adam Aleyn, citizen and wevere of London, and Katherine his wife; a toft, 21 acres of land, 3d. rent in Bokstede; to John. (File 83. No. 20.)

2854. William Wodefold v. Thomas Larke and Margaret his wife; a messuage and half an acre in Lewes; to William. (File 83. No. 21.)

2855. John Frensshe of Wynchelse and Thomas Thonder the younger v. William Catton of Wynchelse and Joan his wife; a messuage and 50 acres in Ikelesham; to John and Thomas and heirs of John. (File 83. No. 22.)

5 Henry V.

2856. William Burdon v. William Gardyner of Fernthe in Sussex, husbondman, and Alice his wife; a messuage, 70 acres of land, 1½ acres of meadow in Maghfelde; to William Burdon. (File 83. No. 23.)

2857. John Halle the elder, John Halle the younger, Robert Oxbregge and Adam Iwode v. John Asshbornham; manors of Skoteneye, Iwhurst, Apedale and Courthope; reversions of manors of Skoteneye, Apedale and Courthope and half manor of Iwhurst, held for life by Joan late the wife of Roger Asshbornham, and of the other half of manor of Iwhurst, held for life by Joan late the wife of William Brenchesley, knight, to John, John, Robert, Adam and heirs of John Halle the younger. (File 83. No. 24.)

2858. John Alfray of Estgrenestede, the elder, and John his son v. John Humfray of Lyngfeld, the elder, and Agnes his wife; a toft, 24 acres of land, 8 acres of wood, 1½ acres of pasture, 4s. rent in Worth; to John and John and heirs of John Alfray. (File 83. No. 25.)

2859. William Cheyne, John Martyn, Robert fitz Robert of London, grocer, and Robert fitz Robert the younger v. Roger Waltham, esquire, and Joan his wife; manor of Blakeham and 400 acres of land, 58 acres of meadow, 500 acres of pasture, 500 acres of wood, £6 rent in Withyham, Hertfeld, Grenestede and Coweden; to Robert fitz Robert the younger, etc., and his heirs. (File 83. No. 26.)

2860. Peter Denet and Edward Pollard v. John Frecok and Joan his wife; a messuage, 20 acres of land, 30 acres of heath in Flecchyng; to Peter and Edward and heirs of Peter. (File 83. No. 27.)

2861. Henry fitz Johan, citizen of London, and Beatrice his wife v. John Hexham and Joan his wife; a third of the manor of Westethorneye and of the advowson of the church of the same manor; to John and Joan and heirs of John, paying to Henry and Beatrice during their life 60s. yearly. (File 83. No. 28.)

2862. William Kynwolmerssh, clerk, and Robert Chichele of London v. Ralph Clerk, vicar of church of Lamberherst; manors of Skoteneye, Courthope and Apedale, which Joan late the wife of Roger Asshebornham holds for life; reversion to William and Robert and heirs of Robert. (File 83. No. 29.)

2863. John Shelley and Idonea his wife v. William Thirlewall and Agnes his wife; 2 messuages, 163 acres of land, 11 acres of meadow, 4 acres of wood, 20s. 1d. rent in Tenderden, Roluynden, Benynden, Whightresham, Stoon, Appuldore and Promhill in Kent, a messuage, 151 acres of land, 13s. rent in Promhill, Playden, Rye and Ewehurst in Sussex; to William and Agnes for life of Idonea, paying yearly £8, remainder to Henry Merston, clerk, Robert de Frampton and heirs of Robert. (D.C.: File 64. No. 54.)

2864. John Godard, knight, and William Ryman v. John Jardyn and Ann his wife; manor of Bowele and Southmundham and £4 12s. 0d. rent and rent of a rose in Southmundham in Sussex, and manor of Marteleston in Berks; the premises, including reversion of one-third of manor of Bowele and Southmundham which Joan late the wife of Thomas Jardyn held for life, to John Jardyn and Ann and heirs of their bodies, contingent remainder to right heirs of John Jardyn. (D.C.: File 64. No. 58.)