Sussex Fines: 1-10 Edward IV

Pages 272-275

An Abstract of Feet of Fines For the County of Sussex: Vol. 3, 1308-1509. Originally published by Sussex Record Society, Lewes, 1916.

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1 Edward IV.

3157. John Pelham, knight, John Goryng the younger, Humfrey Heuster and William Snoddon v. John Fitz John and Joan his wife; 4 messuages, 2 tofts, a mill, 16 acres of land, 2 acres of meadow, 1 acre of moor in Midhurst and Wollavyngton; to Humfrey, etc. (File 92. No. 1.)

3158. Nicholas Morley and Joan his wife, Nicholas Gerlyngton, John Morley and Richard Clapeham v. John Waleys and Margaret his wife; manor of Glynde and a water-mill called Milenke in Glynde; to Nicholas Morley and Joan and heirs of Joan; John and Margaret and heirs of Margaret to warrant against Edmund, Abbot of Westminster, and his successors. (File 92. No. 2.)

3159. John Gate v. Nicholas Freme and Joan his wife; 2 messuages, a pigeon house, 6½ acres of land in Cicestr'; to John. (File 92. No. 3.)

3 Edward IV.

3160. Ralph Verney, Richard Nedeham, Richard Suthwell, esquire, Thomas Burgoyn, Thomas Bryan, Hugh Fenne, Henry Spelman, Edward Story, clerk, Richard Lake, clerk, Thomas Randolf, clerk, John Norlong and William Purchas v. John Leukenore, esquire, and Joan his wife; manor of Passhele and 100 acres of land, 200 acres of wood in Tycheshurst, Echyngham and Burgherssh; to Thomas Randolf, etc. (File 92. No. 4.)

3161. John Bulman, William Gaynesford, Robert Corbet and John Bolt v. John Couper and Cecily his wife; a messuage and 60 acres in Hartfeld; to John Bulman, etc. (File 92. No. 5.)

3162. Richard Cowepere of Rugewyke v. Thomas Marche of Craule and Joan his wife; a messuage and 4 acres in Rugewyke; to Richard. (File 92. No. 6.)

3163. Robert Delve, Richard Prophet, Alexander Wode and Thomas Beste v. Thomas Honyton, esquire, and Margaret his wife; manor of Worthe in Little Horsted; to Robert, etc. (File 92. No. 7.)

4 Edward IV.

3164. John Harlyng and John Nicolas v. Thomas Smyth and Joan his wife; a messuage, 30 acres of land, 3 acres of meadow, 30 acres of wood, 40 acres of heath in Worth; to John and John and heirs of John Harlyng. (File 92. No. 8.)

3165. Richard Jay v. Thomas Nicolson and Joan his wife; a messuage, 100 acres of land, 10 acres of meadow, 10 acres of wood in Isfeld; to Richard. (File 92. No. 9.)

3166. Richard Jay, William Doppe and Thomas Lynder v. Richard Brede and Julian his wife; a messuage, 60 acres of land, 1 acre of meadow in Erthynglegh; to William, etc. (File 92. No. 10.)

5 Edward IV.

3167. John Dryell, clerk, John Skarborowe, clerk, William Fagger, Andrew Theccher, Nicholas Aptot, Thomas Hylder and Thomas Byllyngton v. Thomas Joyner and Joan his wife; a messuage, 74 acres of land, 12 acres of meadow, 22s. rent and pasture for 100 sheep in Wyllyngdon; to John Dryell, etc. (File 92. No. 11.)

3168. Thomas Strykenbold and Robert Crouche v. Stephen Adam and Alice his wife; 5 messuages, 10 acres of land, 10s. 4½d. rent in parish of Playden; to Thomas, Robert and heirs of Thomas. (File 92. No. 12.)

3169. Nicholas Boylle, citizen and clothworker of London, John Stokker of London, esquire, John Metcalf, Peter Alfrey, Robert FitzHerberd, William Costantyne, Ralph Byrd, John Fayre, Robert Blunt, Robert Cartlage and John Hert v. Thomas Covele of Howebury in parish of Eard in Kent, gentilman, and Elizabeth his wife; a messuage, 50 acres of land, 8 acres of meadow, 60 acres of pasture, 80 acres of wood, 4 acres of moor, 16d. rent in parish of Estgrenstede; to Nicholas, etc. (File 92. No. 13.)

3170. John Bulman, gentilman, Richard Skynner and Thomas Wody v. Thomas Perot of Hertfeld and Joan his wife; a messuage, 2 gardens, 34 acres of lands, 11 acres of meadow, 4 acres of pasture, 3 acres of wood in Hertfeld; to John, etc. (File 92. No. 14.)

3171. Richard Holbeme v. Richard Englond and Alice his wife; a messuage in Lewes; to Richard Holbeme. (File 92. No. 15.)

6 Edward IV.

3172. Walter Fuller and John Fuller v. Thomas Corsle and Elizabeth his wife; a messuage and 9 acres in Saleherst; to Walter, John and heirs of Walter. (File 92. No. 16.)

3173. John Knyght the elder and John Knyght the younger v. William May and Isabel his wife and John Coo and Sarra his wife; a messuage, a toft, a garden, 35 acres of land, 3 acres of meadow, 7 acres of wood in parish of Rederfeld; to John and John and heirs of John Knyght the elder. (File 92. No. 17.)

3174. Thomas Kyngwode, Richard Boddell, Robert Forger and Richard Baker v. Simon Water and Joan his wife; a messuage, 60 acres of land, 8 acres of meadow, 30 acres of pasture, 6 acres of wood, 3s. 2d. rent in Hethfeld; to Richard Baker, etc. (File 92. No. 18.)

3175. John Goryng, Thomas Couert and Thomas Bartelot v. John Kyng; manor of Burketon otherwise Bodeketon and 2 messuages in Cicestr'; to Thomas Couert, etc. (File 92. No. 19.)

3176. John Stanney v. Richard Stapulton and Elizabeth his wife; a messuage in Cicestr'; to John. (File 92. No. 20.)

7 Edward IV.

3177. Simon Smyth v. John Gerueys and Joan his wife; 20 acres of land, 6 acres of meadow in Framfeld; to Simon. (File 92. No. 21.)

3178. William Cheyne, esquire, and John Cheyne and Agnes his wife v. John Hoget and Joan his wife and Richard Streter and Alice his wife; 2 messuages, 170 acres of land, 30 acres of meadow in Ryngmere; to William, John, Agnes and heirs of John (File 92. No. 22.)

8 Edward IV.

3179. John Lukke of Fairecrouche, Thomas Kyngewode, Walter Myles and John Mayster v. William Turk and Joan his wife; a messuage, 100 acres of land, 20 acres of wood in Wadeherst; to John Lukke. (File 92. No. 23.)

3180. John Purfote and Peter Purfote v. John atte Welle of Chetynglegh and Elizabeth his wife; 138 acres of land, 4 acres of meadow, 8 acres of wood in Arlyngton and Haylesham; to John, Peter and heirs of John. (File 92. No. 24.)

3181. Robert Wase and Joan his wife v. John Shory and Emma his wife; a messuage and 20 acres in Storghton; to Robert and Joan. (File 92. No. 25.)

3182. Thomas Hoo, esquire, Richard Leukenore, esquire, Bartholomew Bolney, Henry Kyghley, esquire, Roger Philpot, Henry Assheburn, William Lemyng, John Sherman and Thomas Boket v. John, Duke of Norfolk, and Elizabeth his wife and Henry Bradfeld, clerk; manors of Bromes in Chilgroue, Shapwyke, Egle, Compton, Westmerdon and Litilworth, and 1060 acres of land, 100 acres of meadow, 740 acres of wood, 40 acres of heath, £13 18s. rent in Chilgroue, Bercompe, Compton, Westmerdon, Worthe, Horsham, Westden, Boxgraue, Ilesham and Treford in Sussex [and lands in 15 other counties]; to Thomas Boket, etc. (D.C.: File 74. No. 64.)

9 Edward IV.

3183. John Apseley, esquire, v. Roger Cradell and Alice his wife; a messuage, 2 gardens, 10 acres of land, 4 acres of meadow, 30 acres of pasture in Warneham; to Roger and Alice to hold for life by render of a rose at Midsummer, reversion to John and his heirs. (File 92. No. 26.)

10 Edward IV.

3184. John Fust, Roger Skete and John Voys v. Thomas Ayloue and Agnes his wife; 4 messuages, 2 gardens, 12 acres of land, 10d. rent in Horsham; to John Fust, etc. (File 92. No. 27.)