Sussex Fines: 11-15 Edward IV

Pages 276-279

An Abstract of Feet of Fines For the County of Sussex: Vol. 3, 1308-1509. Originally published by Sussex Record Society, Lewes, 1916.

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11 Edward IV.

3189. John Voyce, Stephen Comber and Richard Wodselle v. William Wode and Petronilla his wife; 60 acres of land, 3 acres of meadow in Horsham; to John, etc. (File 92. No. 28.)

3190. John Stanney, John Goryng and Peter Veske v. Rose Farnfold, one of the daughters and heirs of Agnes Farnfold; 40 acres of land, 3 acres of wood and half a messuage in Eston; to John Stanney, etc. (File 92. No. 29.)

3191. Henry Wykyng, Richard Waller, John Rye, John Voys and William Potter v. William Waller the younger and Isabel his wife; a messuage, a garden, 2 acres of land in Horsham; to Henry, etc. (File 92. No. 30.)

3192. John Arundell, Bishop of Chichester, John Wode the younger and John Stanney v. Thomas Abury and Cecily his wife; a messuage in Cicestr'; to the Bishop, etc. (File 92. No. 31.)

3193. John Stanney, John Wode the younger and Humfrey Hewester v. John Fust and Elizabeth his wife; a third of the manor of West Thorney and advowson of the church of West Thorney; to John Stanney, etc. (File 92. No. 32.)

3194. Henry Bompstede, Thomas Rygby, John Don the elder, Ralph Kemp, William Prat and John Parker v. John Fust and Elizabeth his wife; 2 messuages, 6 gardens, 150 acres of land, 36 acres of meadow in Wernham and Roughsparre; to Henry, etc. (File 92. No. 33.)

12 Edward IV.

3195. John Somer the younger and Agnes his wife v. William atte Hill and Maud his wife; 14 acres of land in Horsham; to John and Agnes. (File 92. No. 34.)

13 Edward IV.

3196. William Cheyne, Richard Theccher and John Pope v. Robert Norton and Edith his wife; a messuage and 30 acres of pasture in Warbulton; to William, etc. (File 93. No. 1.)

3197. Thomas Nicholas v. John Gate and Margaret his wife; a messuage, 68 acres of land, 3 acres of meadow, 8 acres of wood, 4d. rent in Worthe; to Thomas. (File 93. No. 2.)

3198. Richard Baker v. Richard Ponte and Isabel his wife; a messuage, a garden, 60 acres 1 rood of land in Maughfeld and Waldern; to Richard Baker. (File 93. No. 3.)

3199. Robert Durham v. John Foster and Joan his wife; a messuage and 6 acres in Wadeherst; to Robert. (File 93. No. 4.)

14 Edward IV.

3200. Richard Martyn, esquire, v. John Taillour and Joan his wife and William Taillour; a messuage and 20 acres in HorstedeKeynys and Flecchyng; to William and heirs of his body, contingent remainder to John and his heirs. (File 93. No. 5.)

3201. Thomas Wyldegos, John Bower of Hertfeld, the younger, and John Alfrey of Wythyham v. Thomas Baker of Wythyham and Joan his wife; a messuage, 60 acres of land, 14 acres of meadow in Estgrenestede and Hertfeld; to Thomas Wyldegos, etc. (File 93. No. 6.)

3202. Nicholas Burges v. Richard Pengherst and Alice his wife; a messuage, 80 acres of land, 6 acres of meadow, 6 acres of pasture in Hethefeld and Helynglegh; to Nicholas. (File 93. No. 7.)

3203. Thomas Troys, esquire, v. Roger Leukenore, knight; manor of Sheffeld and 30 messuages, 10 tofts, 800 acres of land, 30 acres of meadow, 600 acres of pasture, 400 acres of wood, £26 15s. rent in Flecchynge, Estgrenestede, Holdelegh, Horstedekeynes, Litelhorstede, Hertfeld, Ukfeld and Alueston in Sussex, and 200 acres of land, 100 acres of wood, £6 13s. 4d. rent in Godstone, Lyngefeld, Lagham and Horne in Surrey; to Roger for life, remainder to Richard Leukenore the younger, esquire, son of the said Roger, and heirs male of his body, contingent remainders to Richard's brothers Roger Leukenore the elder, esquire, and Edward Leukenore, esquire, heirs male of their bodies, heirs male of Sir Roger, heirs of his body, or his right heirs. (File 93. No. 8.)

3204. William Breche and Ann his wife, third of the daughters and heirs of John Beche, v. William Stent and Agnes his wife, one of the daughters and heirs of John Beche, and Joan Beche, another of the said daughters; two-thirds of a messuage, 110 acres of land, 5 acres of meadow, 2 acres of wood in Westalyngton in parish of St. John Baptist sub-castello by Lewes, Hammyssay and Chaylegh; to William Breche and Ann and heirs of Ann. (File 93. No. 9.)

15 Edward IV.

3205. John Gounter v. John Sulyard and Giles Gounter and Elizabeth his wife; 2 messuages, 332 acres of land, 14 acres of meadow, 30 acres of wood, 3s. 4d. rent and rent of 2 capons in Racton, Borne and Aldesworth; to John Gounter; Giles and Elizabeth and heirs of Elizabeth to warrant against John, Abbot of St. Peter's, Westminster, and his successors. (File 93. No. 10.)

3206. Thomas Stydolf, gentleman, v. Thomas Grey, son of Elizabeth, Queen of England, consort of the Lord King, and Cecily, Lady of Haryngton and of Bonevyle, his wife; manor of Merston in Sussex (and estates in eight other counties); to Thomas Grey for life, remainder to Cecily and her heirs. (D.C.: File 76. No. 101.)

3207. The King v. Richard Martyn, clerk; (estates of the Duchy of Lancaster in fourteen counties, including) the castle, lordship and manor of Peuensey, manors of Willyngdon, Maresfeld, Grenestede, Seeford and Endelwyke, and 100 messuages, 300 acres of land, 200 acres of meadow, 300 acres of pasture, 160 acres of wood, £40 rent in Peuensey, Willyngdon, Maresfeld, Grenested, Seeford, Endelwyke and Bourne, and the Forest of Asshedown, and the appointment and grant of the offices of bailiff of Southwarde, Westwarde and Coteleswarde within the castle (sic) of Asshdon, and of the appointment and grant of the office of portreve of Peuensey and of the office of bailiff of the Castle Gate of Peuensey, and of the office of bailiff of the fees and liberty of the honour of the Eagle in Sussex, and of the office of feudary and bailiff of the liberty of the Duchy of Lancaster in Sussex; reversion of the estates, which are held by the Queen for life, to Richard Martyn for one month, remainder to Thomas, Cardinal of St. Ciriac and Archbishop of Canterbury, William, Bishop of Ely, Richard, Bishop of Salisbury, Robert, Bishop of Bath, Thomas, Bishop of Lincoln, John, Bishop of Rochester, Henry, Earl of Essex, Anthony, Earl Ryvers, William Hastynges of Hastynges, knight, John Russell, clerk, William Dudley, clerk, John Gunthorp, clerk, Thomas Burgh, knight, Thomas Mongomery, knight, Thomas Vaughan, knight, Richard Fowler, William Husee and their heirs. (D.C.: File 76. No. 102.)