Yorkshire Fines: 1603

Pages 203-205

Feet of Fines of the Tudor Period [Yorks]: Part 4, 1594-1603. Originally published by Yorkshire Archeological Society, Leeds, 1890.

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* John Graves Christopher Mappleton and Ann his wife 2 messuages, &c., in Kingston upon Hull.
* Katherine Peck Edward Dalton and Dorothy his wife Messuage and a windmill with land in Myton.
* Francis Grene William Thompson and Mary his wife 2 messuages in Kingston upon Hull.
** Gregory Armytage and Edward Armytage James Graye and Alice his wife Manor of Eplebie and 6 messuages and 4 cottages with lands in Eplebie, Saltmarshe, Laxton, Gowle, Swinflete, Rednes, Uslett, Whitgift, Cottingham, Howdon, Wyton, and Sudcoats, and the tithes in grain and hay in Gowle, and 4 messuages and 5 cottages with land in Kingston upon Hull.
Matthew Midgeleye Edmund Hylylye and Joseph Wormall Messuage with land in Midgleye. A warrant against the heirs of Arthur Boyes, deceased.
William Fenton Roger Portington, esq., and Mary his wife Messuage, &c., in Leedes Kirkegate.
Anne Feildinge and Israel Feildinge George Wandesford, esq., William Wandesford, gent., and Francis Wandesford, gent. Messuage and a cottage with lands in Strathforth als. Stratforth.
Thomas Hanson and George Sonyar Roger Sonyar and Elizabeth his wife Messuage and a cottage with lands in Shelley.
Thomas Lockwood and William Lockwood John Booth, senr., gent. 2 messuages and a cottage with lands in Lynthwayte, North Crosland, Quarmbie, and Croslandhalff.
John Hothome, esq., and Jane his wife Richard Markes 6 messuages with land in Beverley.
Francis Richemond Thomas Sayle and Brigitt his wife 12 acres of land in Doncaster.
John Heslerton Alvered Heslerton and Richard Heslerton Messuage and a burgage with lands in New Malton.
Michael Bairstowe John Stubleye and Thomas Brooke Lands in Heckmondwicke and Batleye.
Abraham Lister, JamesRemyngton, Simon Taylor, and John Nutter William Kitchinge Messuage and a cottage with lands in Eckleshill.
Richard Rawson, Roland Revell, and Thomas Armfeild Christopher Needham and Elena his wife Lands in Kimberworth and Marsbroughe.
George Rawneslawe, Charles Turner, Henry Preisteleye, and Thomas Royde Michael Godleye and Isabel his wife 2 messuages and 3 cottages with lands in Risheworthe.
Richard Tempest, esq., and John Townley, gent. William Burnley, gent., and Thomas Burnley, his son and heir apparent 6 messuages and 4 cottages with lands in Eckleshill.
Matthew Thompson, Robert Nelson, John Boulton, and John Richardson William Robinson, gent., and Edith his wife Messuage with lands in Brotherton, Byron, Sutton, Poole, Kellington, Whitley, and Eigbroughe.
William Strickland, esq. Robert Starke and Frances his wife and Jeremiah Mitford and Agnes his wife Messuage with lands in Bridlington.
William Raper, senr., de Howe, and William Dunne, senr., de Warlowby Moore Edwin Sandys, esq., and Elizabeth his wife 6 messuages with lands in Pickall.
Anthony Wade George Pollarde and Elizabeth his wife Messuage with lands in East Carleton, West Carleton, and Guyseley.
John Hodgkinson, gent., and Samuel Rabankes, gent. William Carington and Ann his wife 8 messuages with lands in Spontoune, Lashingham, Rosdaile, and Apleton, to be held for a term of 59 years at an annual rent of 1d.
Robert Mirfine and William Smyth George French, gent., and Johanna his wife and Robert Slater and Elizabeth his wife Lands in Tickhill.
Edward Brooke Christopher Popeley, gent., and Mary his wife and John Stubley and Alice his wife Lands in Gomersall.
Richard Nayler Thomas Woode and Dorothy his wife and George Halestead and Agnes his wife Messuage, a mill for grain, and a fulling mill with lands, and the moiety of one acre of land covered with water in Stansfeilde.
Jane Yonge, widow Robert Taylor and Ann his wife, William Becham, and Margaret Jewetson Manor of Lunde and 6 messuages and 7 cottages with lands in Lunde.
Richard Batt and Nicholas Nayler Ranulph Fearnley 2 messuages with lands in Birkenshawe and Gomersall.
Thomas Ashley Thomas Crabtree and Margaret his wife Messuage with lands in Staynford.
Nicholas Brigham, gent. Robert Saltmarshe, esq., and Margaret his wife Messuage with lands in Gransmore.
James Thwaites, esq. Thomas Lascelles, kt., and William Lascelles, esq., his son and heir apparent The manor of Sowerby and 30 messuages and 40 cottages with lands in Sowerby.
Anthony Atkinson Richard Thekeston, esq., and Elianora his wife and John Robinson and Mary his wife Manor of Temple Dowsker als. Temple and 2 messuages and a watermill with lands in the same.
William Robinson, gent. Ralph Babthorpp, esq., and William Babthorpp, gent., his son and heir apparent Messuage and 2 cottages with lands in Sutton near Ferrybrigg and Brotherton, and a fourth part of the manor of Sutton near Ferrybrigg.
Marcus Saltonstall and James Oldefeild John Kinge and Elizabeth his wife 2 messuages with lands in Skircote.
William Fletewood, esq. Thomas Challoner, kt., and Elizabeth his wife Manor of Gisbourne als. Gisborough and 40 messuages and 2 mills with lands in the same.
George Harpyn, senr., and George Harpyn, junr. Matthew Marshe and Mary his wife Messuage and a cottage with lands in Clayton and Heighe Hoiland. A warrant against Michael Wentworth de Kirskell, esq., and his heirs, and against the heirs of Thomas and Michael Wentworth, esqs., both deceased, the father and grandfather of Michael, and against Henry Gascoigne de Sturton, esq., and Thomas Whitley de Clayton, and their heirs.
Thomas Fairfax, kt., Henry Slingesby, kt., Henry Savile, esq., Thomas Metcalf, esq., Thomas Talbott, esq., Thomas Heyber, esq., and Paul Hammerton, esq. John Hammerton, esq. Manors of Hellyfeild and Newton and 40 messuages, 20 cottages, and a watermill with lands in the same and in Longe Preston, Risheworthe, and Sawreby Deane.
Richard Smyth, gent., and Ralph Willson Robert Saltmarshe, gent., and Margaret his wife and John Wormall, gent. Messuage with lands in Thornholme and Nafferton.
John Lockewood and William Brooke George Lockewood, William Lockewood, his son and heir apparent, and George Lockewood, junr. Messuage and a cottage with lands in Golkar and Quernebye.