Extracts from the records: 1590

Pages 149-156

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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23 January 1589–90.

Statutum, officeris.

The baillies fand, be the sleuth and abuse of the officeris, that thair tolbuith is filthillie vsit be certane personis repairing thairin nycht and day, be ressone the dure thairof is not lokit be the said officeris . . ., thairfoir, it is statut and ordanit in caice ony tyme heireftir the said tolbuith dure be fund vnlokit in the nycht, and all tymes of the day except quhan the baillies sall resort therto, in that caice they sall be depryvit of thair office.

31 January 1589–90.

Neill, burges.

In presens of the baillies and counsall, Johnne Neill, cordiner, is maid burges and frieman, . . . . quhais fienes ar remittit to him for furneissing yeirlie during his lyftyme vpoune Fastreinisewin of sex guid and sufficient fut ballis, or ellis tuentie schillingis as the price thairof, conforme to ane supplicatioun gevin in be the said Johnne befoir the saidis baillies and counsall for that effect.

Cammeroun, deforceing officer.

The baillies and counsall, being convenit within the counsalhous, vnderstanding that Mathow Cammeroun, cordiner, and James Cammeroun, his sone, ar wairdit for deforceing of Johnne Pawtoun, officer, in executioun of his office, putting ane decreit to executioun, obtenit at the instance of Williame Clerk, wobster, aganis the said Mathow, as also for streking of the said Johnne to the effusioun of his bluid and harling and pudling of him in ane gutter; thairfoir, it is concludit and ordanit be the saidis bailleis and counsall that the said Mathow sall pay the vnlaw of ane deforcement, as also the bluid and wrang committit aganis the said officer and vnlaw thairof; and siklyk ordanit his fredome to be cryit dovne on Mononday nixt to cum, the secund of Februar nixt at ten houris, at the quhilk tyme ordanit the said Mathow and his said sone to compeir at the said mercat croce, bairfuttit and bairheidit, and thair to sitt vpoun their kneis, and ask first God, the saidis baillies and counsall, and partie foirsaid quhome to they haif offendit, forgiffnes, and that thai sall abstein fra the lyk in tyme cumyng, vnder the pane of banisment furth of the toun; and siklyk ordanit thame in the menetyme to remane in waird quhill the premissis be done.

21 February 1589–90.

Flemyng, thesaurer.

The baillies and counsall vnderstanding Archibald Flemyng, thair thesaurer, to be [superexpendit] in the commoun guidis, and for his better support and help, [and] for awanceing of siluer in the tounes effaires, the saidis baillies and counsall has dispensit with ane extremetie of thair old burgessis sones and they that mareis burgessis dochteris, and hes grantit and gevin to him licence and oursicht to tak fra burgessis bairnis and they that mareis burgessis dochteris for thair fines five pundis money, and that quhill Witsonday nixt to cum.

31 March 1590.

Blakburne, hors, buik.

The quhilk day, James Blakburne, merchand, is decernit and ordanit, be aith of pairtie referrit thairto, to content and pay to Thomas Kneland the soume of sextene schillingis money, within terme of law, for the hyre of ane hors to Lanerek, quhilk he promesit to satisfie the said Thomas thairfoir twa yeiris syn or therby, and absoluit the said James fra fourtie schillingis, for the price of ane buik callit the Buik of Nurtour, allegit borrowit be the said James fra him, and that in respect of his aith referrit thairto be the said Thomas.

2 May 1590.

Maister Johnne Cowper, act.

The provest, baillies, and counsall, for the speciall luif and favour quhilk they haif and beiris to maister Johne Cowper, thair minister, as also for the better sustenyng of him into his chairge, of thair meir liberalitie hes gevin and grantit to him the sowme of fyftie markis money, togidder with foure dousane burges ladis coilis, and tuentie pundis money for his hous maill, to be payit to him yeirlie be thair thesaurer, present and to cum, in maner following, viz.—the said siluer at twa termes in the yeir, Witsonday and Martimes in winter, be equall portionis, and the saidis coillis to be delyverit to him at Lambes or thairby yeirlie, and for his seruice in the ministrie at the kirk of Glasgow, and ay and quhill the said provest, baillies, and counsall prowyd him als mekle and als guid during his said seruis, as said is; and the said [maister Johnne] dischargeis all actis of giftis grantit be the saidis provest, baillies, and counsall to him befoir the dait heirof for that effect.

Absoluitour, Stewart, hangingis.

The provest, baillies, and counsall absolvit James Stewart, bailie, fra the wrangus complent gevin in be Andro Baillie, and Alexander Baillie, his sone, allegeand that the said James suld haif ewinit thame to hangingis in the Brvmelaw, the [blank] day of [blank] last bypast.

29 May 1590.

Wrang, Andersoun.

Johnne Andersoun, Burro, is decernit, of his awin confessioun, in ane wrang and amerchiament of court for casting doune of Issobel Burne, seruand to maister Dauid Wemyss, on hir bak, presing to haif deforceit hir, and for casting of ane clod at hir and hitting hir on the heid, as also for speiking of sindrie abhominable wordis, nocht wordie of reheirsall, scho being doing the said maister Dauid hir maisteris dois at the Skellis Myre.

Wrang, Clogy.

Alspaith Clogy, dochter to Thomas Clogy, is decernit in ane wrang and amerchiament of court for casting of stanes at Cristiane Sauchie and byting of hir throuch the arme and latting the peice flesche quhilk scho bait fall in the watter; and absoluit Katherine Richie, spous of the said Thomas, and Marioun Clogy, hir dochter, fra the complent gevin in be hir aganis thame, and absoluit Cristiane Sauchie fra the said Alspaith Clogys complent.

2 June 1590.

Jamesoun, collectour of the kirk.

Comperit Sir Mark Jamesoun, and renuncit and ourgaif in favouris of the collectouris of the kirk, to the weill thairof, ten markis restand of ane yeirlie annuall of ten markis quhilk hes to be vpliftit of Williame Porterfeildis tenement for [the byruns] restand of the 1587 and 1588, and farther ten merkis for the Witsonday and Mertimes annuell in anno 1589.

Actum, Andersoun.

The baillies, vnderstanding that Jhonne Andersoun, Burro, wes convict, of his awin confessioun, in ane wrang, for castyng dovne of Issobell Burne, seruand to maister Dauid Wemyss and presing to haif deforceit hir, to the grit offence of God and sclander of the said Issobel, thairfoir statut and ordanit that the said Johnne Andersoun sall dispasche himself furth of the toun, and remane of the same during the dempstare and baillies will, and in caice he be fund at ony tyme thaireftir within the said toun it is expreslie prowydit and ordanit that he sal be instantlie tane and scurdgit throuch the same, and to be perpetuallie banischit thairfra in all tyme cumyng.

4 June 1590.

Statutum, roiping of gudis.

The provest, baillies, and counsall hes statut and ordanit that vpoun Witsontwyisday yeirlie in tyme cumyng, becaus the Mylndame is sett in few, quhilk wes the place of thair conventioun for roiping of thair commoun gudis and vther thingis, that efter the outputting of the outlandimeris in the morning and ryding about the marches, they sall all convene betuix the buttis of the Grene and thair rope all thingis that suld and aucht to be ropit yeirlie, in presence of the haill commounaltie; and immediatlie the saidis provest, baillies, and counsall pas to the tolbuith, and thair, in thair counsallhous, chuse and elect sik honest men as thesaurer, clerk, maister of werk, and menstrallis, as they wer wont to chuse at the Mylndame in tyme bypast.

9 June 1590.


The names of the Outlandimeris:—Thomas Pettigrew [and seven others].

Faltis gevin vp be the outlandimeris.

Item, they find the haill middingis in the Drygait sett furth vpoun the calsay, quhilk settis the watter vpoun the same and hoillis the said calsay.

Item, findis that Alesoun Watsoun hes sett furth hir dyk vpoun the eist lone that passes fra Litill Sanct Mongois Kirk to Camlache Brig.

Item, Johne Cochrane hes sett furth his dyk and hes tane vp the hail lone passing doune to Sanct Mongois treis, whereby it is nocht possibill to ane hors to gang by ane othir.

Item, it is to be rememberit to visie Johnne Dalrumpillis yaird.


[The casualties and customs of the bridge set for a year for 80 merks.]

Treasurer, clerk, maister of work, menstrallis.

[From a leet of six, John Finlay, merchant, chosen treasurer; from a leet of two, Mr. John Ros chosen "commoun clerk for this present yeir, nominat be the haill counsall;" from a leet of four, Thomas Pettigrew chosen master of work; "continewis the menstrallis for this yeir, viz., Johone Cuthbert, Archibald Borland."]

Raid of Somerhill.

It is statut and ordanit, for the observatioun of the Sabboth day, that the raid of the Somerhill salbe continewit till the twentie thrie day of Junii instant, being Twysday of that oulk, and to stand swa this yeir onlie, or langer as salbe concludit be the provest, baillies, and counsall.

Bellis, pwnterschipe.

The quhilk day, the provest, baillies, and counsall hes gevin thair twa commoun bellis, viz., the mort and skellet bellis, togidder with the office of pwnterschipe, to George Johnstoune, for ane yeir to cum, and that for the soume of thrie scoir pundis to be payit in maner following, viz., tuentie pundis thairof in hand, tuentie pundis at Lukismes, and tuentie pundis, in compleit payment of the said thrie scoir pundis, at Beltane thairefter; and hes fund Johne Mure, flescheour, and Williame Hereot, cautioneris and souerties, coniunctlie and seuerallie, alsueill for gude payment of the said soume promittit be him, as for gude service to be done, and the said George Johnstoun is decernit to releiff his said souerties of the premissis, and of all that may follow thairvpoun.

Item, for guid ordour keiping, and for eschewing the tumult and out [cry] of the commoun people, to the offence of the said George [in using of] the offices forsaidis, the provest, bailles, and [counsall] hes decernit and ordanit that gif ony persone rail or [rais ane outcry agains the] said George in vsing of his said offices [thay sall] be punisit in this maner, viz., ony being of the rich of ane . . . to pay for everie falt xvi s., for vtheris and being beggeris laddis to be scurdgit throw the toun and vthirwayis punischit at the discretioun of the baillies.

23 June 1590.

Actum pro the gadge.

Anent the complent gevin in be maister Adame Wallace, commoun procuratour, bering that quhair it is nocht vnknawin to the provest, baillies, counsall, and communitie of this toun, that thair is ane commoun ordour tane vpoun the quantitie of treis, and ane gadge appointit for the same, quhilk is ressavit and vsit for the maist pairt throuch the haill seyferand touns, and na ordour tane in this toun as yit thairintill, desyring that sik ordinance wer tane in this toun that the tries wer nocht to the extreme quantitie because of penuritie and skairnes of tymer, nather yet ouir litill quantitie, far differant fra the principall gadge, for eschewing of [the breking] thairof be the serchear, and that the saidis treis that ar to be sett vp may be of sik quantitie as salbe thocht expedient, thairfoir the saidis baillies, counsall, and communities, being thairwith ryplie adwysit, hes aggreit and condiscendit all in ane voce that the haill treis that ar to be sett vp salbe of the quantitie of fyvtene gallounes, and the Houtipas treis nocht to be translatit, and that ane gadge salbe appointit be the toun for that effect, and continewit the penaltie upoun the contravenaris of this act quhill it be set doune be the provest, bailleis, counsall, and deaconis, within thair counsallhous.

30 June 1590.

Smith, wrang.

Williame Smith, merchand, is decernit and convict of his awin proper confessioun of ane wrang and amerchiament of court, for the wrangus cumyng to Dauid Robesoun, servand to maister Johne Ros, court clerk, he being in sober and quiet maner cumyng doune the Kingis Streit, and thair for pulling furth ane quhingar, and streking at him thairwith, of very sett purpois, prouisioun and foirthoucht fellony to haif bereft him of his lyfe, and dome gevin therupoun.

6 July 1590.

Court of Craignathe.

The Court of Craignathe haldin thairat be honorabill men, Williame Cunynghame, Robert Rowatt, and James Stewart, bailleis of the burgh and citie of Glasgow; the suttis callit; the court confirmit; dempster, Andro Fairy.

The sute roll being callit the absentis they ar vnlawit and amerchiat, conforme to vse and wont, and dome gevin thairvpoun.

The peace of the fair wes proclamit be David Coittis, mair of fie, vpoun the Grene, and be James Andersoun, toun officar, vpoun the tolbuith stair, eftir the forme and tennour vnderwrittin:—Forsamekle as the sevint day of Julij approcheand is the fair day of the burgh and citie of Glasgw of auld, heirfoir, I, in our Soverane Lordis name, and als in name and behalf of the baillie of the regalitie of Glasgw, and provest and baillies of the same, commandis and chargis and als inhibits and forbiddis all our Soverane Lordis lieges that nane of thame tak vpoun hand to molest or trouble ony persone or personis repairand to the said fair, remaneand thairin, or passand thairfra, for ald feid or new, for auld dett or new, or brek the peace of the said fair be way of tuilzie or trublance, for the space of aucht dayis nixt thairefter, vnder the pane of ten pundis ilk fault vnforgevin.

18 July 1590.

Jamesoun, annuals, etc.

The quhilk day, comperit within the counsalhous of Glasgow, in presens of the baillies and counsall thairin convenit, Sir Mark Jamesoun, and producit ane lettre of fundatioun of fyve pundis yeirlie annuallrent to be vptane furth of his mans and orchaird besyd the Stabilgrene quhairof thair suld be payit to the foir almoushous thrie pundis, to the bak almoushous pertenyng to the toun twenty schillingis, and to the hospitall of the seik folkis at the Brigend of Glasgw tuentie schillingis yeirlie, of the dait of the xxvj° of Marche, the yeir of God jm vc thrie scoir sevin yeiris, ratifeit and approvit be maister Robert Rollok upoun the fourt day of September, the yeir of God jm vc foure scoir ane yeiris, as also ratifeit and authoriseit be the Presbiterie of Glasgow the last day of Marche, the yeir of God jm vc foure scoir ten yeiris; item, ane obligatioun of maister Dauid Rollokis of Kinclady, for payment of the samyn yeirlie annuallrent, conforme to the fundation, of the dait the xxviij day of Marche the yeir of God jm vc thrie scoir sevin yeiris, as also ratifeit be maister Robert Rollok, his sone; item, ane instrument of seasing of ane yeirlie annuallrent of fourtene schillingis, to be vpliftit furth of ane barne in Sanct Tenois Gait, foundit to the toun clerk of Glasgow and the maister of Sanct Nicolace almoushous, equallie betuix thame, for thair ingaddering and distributioun of the foirsaidis annuallis, of the dait the last day of Februar, the yeir of God jm vc foure scoir ane yeiris; item, ane instrument quhair the said Sir Mark Jamesoun wes infeft in the mans and orchard abone writtin, be Johnne Panter, his mother brother, vpoun conditioun that he suld fund the foirsaid yeirlie annuall to the pure, of the dait the aucht day of Januar, the yeir of God jm vc threttie aucht yeiris; item, the auld fundatioun, quhair the said Sir Mark, conforme to the will of the said Johnne Panter, and speciall conditioun of his awin infeftment, foundit the foirsaid yeirlie dewtie furth of the foirsaid mans, of the dait the fyft of Nouember, the yeir of God jm vc threttie nyne yeiris; item, sex instrumentis of seasings, all in ane parcheament skyn, contenand in haill fourtie ane schillingis yeirlie annuall foundit be the said Sir Mark to the pure of the hospitall of Glasgw, with particular seasingis of the same annuall, besyd the parcheament skyn, with ane transumpt of ane instrument of ellevin schillings, to be vpliftit of Johne Brwmes hous in Tronegait; item, the copy of the chartour of the setting of the few to Maister David Rollok, be the said Sir Mark, of the tenement and orchaird besyd the Stabilgrene; item, the copy of the fundatioun of the foirsaid fyve pundis; item, ane transumpt of ane instrument of . . . schillingis annuallrent, to be vpliftit of the tenement now pertenyng to Mathow Boyd in Tronegait; item, ane decreit obtenit befoir the commissar of Glasgw aganis Johnne Ottirburne and Issobel Baillie, his spous, tennentis and occupyaris of the foirsaid mans and yaird, of the foirsaid annuall rent of fyve pundis, of the dait the aucht of Marche, the yeir of God jm vc foure scoir aucht yeiris. Quhilkis evidentis the said Sir Mark delyverit in ane litill box, to be keipit in the commoun kist for furthcumyng to the weill of the pure, and to be patent at sik tymes as neid repuyrit, quhilk they acceptit upoun the conditioun foirsaid; quhairupoun the said Sir Mark askit instrumentis.

Duncan, Blair.

In presens of the baillies and counsall, comperit David Duncane, seruand to George Esdaill, and Williame Blair, pypar, and become in the provest and baillies and counsallis will, viz. the said David Duncane for clymmyng upoun the croce and breking of the samin, and the said Williame Blair for being upoun the heid of the said croce and playing upon the heid thairof with ane pyp; and George Esdaill is becumin souertie for the said David, and Johne Mure, fleschour, for the said Williame, for fulfilling of the baillies and counsall will, and to enter thame this day aucht dayis.


The baillies and counsall hes condiscendit that Johne Forquhar, merchant, salbe payit of the soume of ten pundis money restand awand him of ane hogheid wyne, quhilk wes delyverit to the Kingis symbleris, and that of the rest of the fut of twa severall stentis, viz. the rest of the stent collectit for outreiking ane schipe to Denmark, and the rest of James Dalzells stent, togidder with the rest of the compt collectit to the men of weir that geid to the north.

21 July 1590.

Wrang, Donaldsoun.

The quhilk day, Johnne Donaldsoun, merchand, is decernit in ane wrang and amerchiament of court, of his awin confessioun, for cumyng to the Lady Knokdodelanis yaird, and breking of the cropis of the treis, and dinging doune of the fruit of the same, and hes cumyn in hir will thairfoir.