Extracts from the records: 1627

Pages 357-363

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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24 February 1627.


Ordanes John M'Ben, pistolett maker, to be resauit burges of this burghe be the dean of gild and his counsell, for fourtie merk, in satisfactioun of his fyne, becaus he is ane necessar craftisman to be keipit be the toun.

31 March 1627.

Flesche mercatt.

Ordanes the flescheouris to putt in thair flesche stockis within the mercat place, and not to brek flesche without the same in tyme cuming, vnder the pane of x li. ilk persoun contravenar, toties quoties, to be exactit be the magistratis for the tyme.


The bailyeis and counsell aggreit with John Neill to mak ane new knok and haill furnitour of irne work, als sufficient, fyne, and worthie as the great knok in the laich stipill of the Metrapolitane Kirk, vpoun his awin expenssis, for sax hundrethe merk to be payet be the toun to him, and ane contract to be drawin vp betuix tham and him thairanent.


The bailyeis and counsell gave thair advyse and consent concerning the admissioun of Gawan Nathsmythe to be keiper of the Tolbuithe of the said burghe, he finding his cautioneris nominat, viz., James Nathsmythe of Posso, James Steuart of Flook, and Arthour Nathsmythe, brother to the said Gawan, quhom thai think sufficient; and the conditiounes to be aggreit vpoun anent his feis and service be the bailyeis.

2 April 1627.

Tounes writtis.

The proueist, bailyeis, and counsell ordanes the tounes evidentis, writtis, and buikes, quhilkis ar in Matho Trumbles hous, to be brocht bak to the Tolbuithe, thair to be keipit, and ordanes the bailyeis, dean of gild, and deacon convenar, with the key maisteris, to be present Wedinsday nixt to that effect.


Ordanes tua new cullouris to be anseinyeis to be bocht vpoun the tounes charges, in respect the auld cullouris was brunt the last muster.

7 April 1627.

Act anent Naismethe jevillour.

The proueist, bailleis and counsell electit and nominat, and be thir presentis electis and nominatis Gawan Nathsmythe, mercheant, burges of the said burghe, to be jevelour and keiper of the haill prissoun houssis of the new biggit Tolbuithe of the said burghe, to the feist and terme of Witsounday, in anno jm vjc tuentie aucht yeiris; lykeas, thai ordane the thesaurer of the said burghe to pay to him fourtie merkis money as ane yeirlie pensioun for keiping thairof during his service thairin, he alwayes furneising coillis to the counselhous at all ordiner meittingis of the toun counsell and the ordiner dayes that the dean of gild and his counsell sittis quhen it is necessar; quha being present acceptit the said office in and vpoun him, and hes gevin his aithe of fidelitie to be leill and trew thairintill, and he to haue the feis and causualiteis eftirspecifeit, and keipand the prouisiounes and conditiones vnderwrittin, viz.: that ilk burges and inhabitant within the said burghe that sall be committ to him be the magistratis for the tyme to be putt in jevill sall pay for thair enterie and buiking to him tua schilling, and for ilk xxiiij houris ilk persoun committit remaynes thairin to pay to him tua schilling the first aucht dayes for his jevellour fie, and incais the prissoner remayne longer vndimittit the said Gawane is content thairefter his said jevellour fie be mitigat and moderat be the proueist and bailyeis of the said burghe for the tyme, as thai find it expedient, and he to be content thairwith; lykeas, the prissoneris of the qualitie foirsaid sall be putt be him in the best of the saidis prissoun houssis, except the saidis magistratis or ane of thame direct him quhair thai or ony of tham sould be putt in prissoun; lykeas, it sall be leisum to the saidis burgessis and inhabitantis within the said burghe and ather of tham, being in prissoun as said is, to furneis thamselffis meitt, drink, bedding, fyre, and vther necessaris, and he to gif frie ingres and regres to the furneisseris of the saidis prissoneris twyis ilk day at leist, but ony payment or satisfactioun to be gevin be thame to the said Gawan thairfore. Item, they condiscend that he tak for ilk outtintounesman hapinis to be committ in the said prissoun at ilk ane of thair entereis and buikin four schilling, and four schilling jevellour fie for ilk xxiiij houris that thai remayne thairin vndimittit furth thairof, and they to be furneist be him [with] meitt, drink, bedding and vther necessaris as thai requyre on thair awin chairges, and to be putt in sik of the saidis prissoun houssis as he sall think expedient; prowyding alwayes that sik as beis imprissonet for capitall crymes, truble, molestatioun or ryett done within the said burghe, sall be placet in sik of the saidis prissoun houssis as the magistratis for the tym sall appoynt according to thair cryme. Item, that everie begger, vagaboun, ydell and scebles men and wemen, and all vtheris of that rank and qualitie, hapinis to be incarserat within ony of the said prissoun houssis foirsaid committit to his chairge, thair entrie and jevelour fie sall be modefeit or remittit at the pleasour of the saidis proueist and bailyeis for the tyme. Item, that the said Gawane, or his servand for quhom he sall be ansuerable, sall attend for imputting of prissoneris and outtaking thairof daylie and nichtlie at all occasiounes, and nawayes to be absent thairfra in ony sorte. Lyekas, the saidis proueist, bailyeis, and counsell hes furneist the saidis prissoun houssis [with] sufficient dures, lokis and bandis, for keiping of the saidis pressoun houssis fast and sure, and sua they sall vphald the samyn in tyme cuming, he requyring tham to that effect. Lykeas, thai and the said Gawane actis and obleissis thame to observe, keip, and fulfill to vtheris, the articles, heidis, and conditiounes abone writtin, and he to find cautioun for thair indempnitie that thai happin to sustene thruche away passing of ony prissoner furthe of the said ward; and for observing of sik vther heidis as thai haue appoynttit to be putt in the band to be gevin be him and his cautioneris to thame thairanent. In witnes quhairof the said Gawan and the commoun clerk of the said burghe for the tyme, at thair command, hes subscrivit this present act.

5 May 1627.

Carriouris of coullouris.

Williame Norvell, mercheant, and John Wilsoun, cordiner, ar electit and nominat to carie the tounes cullouris at the muster in Junij nixtocum.

12 May 1627.

Warrand, brig anseinyeis.

[The treasurer ordained to have a warrant for £25 8s. 8d., "debursit be him for stanes to the brig," and also a warrant for £132 17s. 4d. given "for tua anseinyeis of taffetie and workmanschip thairof."]

15 May 1627.

Commoun good rowpit.

[The mills set for a year for 6060 merks; the ladle duties for 1375 merks; the custom of the tron for 530 merks; and the custome of the brig and "gers of the grein" for 260 merks.]

16 June 1627.

Cuthbertsone, drummer.

Johne Cuthhertsoun is admittit and ressauit ane of the ordiner drummeris of this burghe during his guid behaviour and thankfull service, and he vndertuik to learne John Jemesoun his college the tailyeour craft sua lang as the counsell sall appoint, becaus thay onlie tane thame tua to be drummeris and na ma.

25 August 1627.

Missour for metting of fruct.

The proueist, bailyeis, and counsell haifing ordanit the gairneris to haue ane commoun measour for metting of all sort of fruttes to be bocht or sauld within this burghe sealet be the dean of gild, quhilk is alreddie done, thairfoir ordanes the haill persounes quha mettis with ony vther measur ony kynd of fruct within this burghe and libertie thairof to be citat befoir the dean of gild and his counsell and fynnet and puneist as accordis.

25 September 1627.

Lethame, burges.

Ordanes the deane of gild and his counsell to ressaue William Lethame, officer, burges and gildbrether of the burghe of Glasgw, to succeid to his bairnes efter him, and the thesaurer to be fred and exonerit of his fynes inrespect he hes vndertan to go in the Kingis service to France with the Erle of Mortoun at thair desyre, and als thay haue ordanet that [at] his returning fra the said service, incais of peace or vtherwayes, that he sall be reponet to his office and admittit of new ane officer of the said burghe, but impediment.

Metrapoline kirk.

The proueist, bailyeis and counsell hes condiscendit and aggreit in ane voice that incais maister John Bell, younger, help maister Robert Scott in serving the cure in the Metrapolitane Kirk of this burghe for ane yeir to cum, to give to him frelie for his support tua hundrethe merk for the said yeir allanerlie. [The foregoing act is deleted and the following note written on the margin:—] Sexto Octobris 1627. This act fund falt with and deleit be proueist, bailyeis, and counsell, at thair command.

29 September 1627.

Warrands, tolbuithe.

Ordanes the thesaurer to haue ane warrand for the sowme of fourtie sax pund xv s., gevin for bras and copper to be the kok and thanes to the Tolbuithe, conforme to the compt; and als tuentie merk to William Duncan for the warkmanschip thairof, and the clippingis thairof to himselff.

Ordanes the thesaurer to pay to Gabriell Smythe fourtie four pund j s. iij d., and that for fourtein stane allevin pund of maid irne to the kok, bell, and thanes of the Tolbuithe, and als ordanes the thesaurer to gif him for his bountethe fiftie merkis money becaus he wrocht the haill irne work for ane merk betuix the stanes being gude chaip, and als to gif his servandis ane dolour for thair drink silver.

Ordanes John Boyd, maister of work, to haue fra the thesaurer, for his bountethe and deligens in building the Tolbuithe, the sowme of ane hundrethe pundis money to be payet be the thesaurer to him.

Warrand, tolbuithe.

Ordanes the thesaurer to gif to the quareour and his men ten pund of drinksilver.

2 October 1627.


[At the desire of the archbishop, the bailies and council admitted James Hammiltoun provost for the ensuing year.]


[From a leet of nine persons, six merchants and three craftsmen, the archbishop elected James Steuart, William Neilsoun and George Barclay, bailies.]

6 October 1627.


[The old and new provost and bailies elected thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be councillors.]


Ordanes the thesaurer to haue ane warrand for the sowme of ten pund viij s. deburset be him for wyne and confeittis quhen the Erle of Nithisdaill was maid burges.

10 October 1627.

Deane of gild, etc.

[The provost, bailies, and council elected Colein Campbell dean of guild; Ninian Andersoun, deacon convener; Ninian Gilhagie, visitor; James Padie, treasurer; Gilbert Merschell, procurator fiscal; and George Cuik, master of work.]

The thesaurer ane ordinarie counsellour.

The proueist, bailyeis and counsell, haifing consideratioun that the thesaurer of the said burghe ever of befoir was onlie ane extraordiner counsell, and haid na voitt thairintill, albeit he aucht to be ane speciall ordiner counsell as the vse of vther borrowes is, thairfoir they haue statute and ordanet that thair thesaurer, present and to cum, sall be in all tyme cuming ane ordiner counsellour of this burghe, and haue his voitt in all caussis with the rest as vther ordiner counsellouris in all respectis.

13 October 1627.


[The last treasurer ordained to have a warrand for £292 3s. 4d. "deburset be him to the aucht souldertis they conducit to go to France for the Kingis service."]


[The council ordained forty shillings to be given "to James Wood for the ledder and formeing of the same to hing the tung of the bell."]

20 October 1627.

Kok giltit.

The proueist, bailyeis, and counsell hes ordanet the thesaurer to pay to Vallentyne Ginkingye the sowme of threttie pund for gilting the cok and thanes and cullouring of the same yallow, with the glob and standart and stanes about the stepill heid.

27 October 1627.

Statutis, beir, aill, etc.

[Ordained that no higher prices than the following be charged, viz., ale, 1s. 4d. the pint; bear, 1s. 8d. the pint; the loaf of twelve ounces, 8d.; the tron stone of "ruch" tallow £2; and the troy stone of candle for £2 8s.]

17 November 1627.


Ordanes Thomas Reid, boit wricht, to be ressauit be the dean of gild and his counsell ane burges of this burghe, for fourtie pundis money to be payet be him to the thesaurer, in respect thair is nane of his craft within this burghe and sua necesser to the toun.


Ordanes the thesaurer to gif to Johne Neill for chainging the knok and bywork ten pundis money.