Extracts from the records: 1639

Pages 396-407

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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12 January 1639.

Anent puir.

Efter guid advyse and consideratioun had be the saidis provest and bailyies anent the sustentatioun of the poor, wha is now detenit in thair awin houssis, they have statut and ordanit that thair be advancit to this effect the sowme of sex hundrethe pundis money, and for the bettir inbringing thairof they have ordanit that thair be ane fyft pairt eikit to ilk persounes stent, and the bailyies to collect the samein in with the stent moneyis.

Presentatioun, beddell.

The provest, bailyies, and counsall, wnderstanding that it is necessar thair be ane beddle provydit for the Blackfreir Kirk, thairfoir they, as patrownis thairto, be the tennor heirof, dois present Patrik Wilsoun, younger, to the kirk sessioun of this brughe to the effect they may admitt him thairto.

19 January 1639.

Moondayis marcat.

It is statut and ordanit that ane lettere be drawin vp in the best forme and be sent to the provest, bailyies, and counsall of Edinburgh anent the changeing of the Monondayes marcatt, conforme to the act and ordinance of the Generall Assemblie and eschewing of the abuis of the Lordis Sabouth day.


Forsameikle as the said provest, bailyies, and counsale wnderstandis that Patrik Wilsoun, younger, is admittit beddel in the Blackfreir Kirk, conforme to thair presentatioun grantit to that effect, and that he hes gottine allowit to him for his service the thrid pairt of the Yooll wedges, mariadge and baptisom silver, and of all vther casualities belonging to the kirk sessioun, equall to the beddellis of the vther kirkis within this citie, quhairby it may seim that Patrik Wilsoun, elder, his father, wha hes bein ane old honest trew servand, will be defraudit now in his old adge of his Yoill wadgis quhairof he ever gatt the equall half heirtofoir, thairfor the saidis provest, bailyies, and counsale, for the cair and respect they have to the said old man, that if it sall happin att ony tyme tharefter that his thrid pairt of his Yoill wedgis be les nor fourtie fyve pundis (quhilk is the sowme he hes gottine this yeir) that they sall mak it vp to him yeirlie during his lyftyme out of the townes awin rentis.

7 February 1639.

Commissioners, arms.

The saidis provest, bailyies, and counsale hes ellectit and nominat James Stewart, lait provest, thair commissioner to meitt with the lairdis of Mynto, Castelmilk, younger, maister Johne Dunlop of Gardin Kirk and maister Alexander Waddrop of Carntyne, commissionaris appoyntit within the presbitrie of Glasgow. And becaus they vnderstand yait thair is ane great number of the inhabitantis of this brughe wha ar not provydit in armis, thairfor it is statut and ordanit that all the inhabitantis within this brughe be sufficientlie provydit with all sort of armes according to thair rank and estait with all diligence, ilk persoun vnder the paine of tuenty pundis money.

9 February 1639.

Anwalis awand to toun and grammer schooll.

Forsameikle as the saidis provest, bailyies, and counsall, wnderstanding that thair ar divers small annuallis dew to be payit out of certane houssis, barnes, killis, and vthers within this citie, yeirlie, to the thesaurer thairof, and to the maister of the grammer schooll, quhairof sum ar alreddie gon out of vse of payment and vtheris lyk to be, to the great prejudice of this citie and commoun weill thairof, thairfor it is statut and ordanit that in all seaseings to be givin heireftir be ony maner of persoun of ony landis within this brughe, that the dewtie and annualrentis, if ony be awand out thairof, aither to the toun or grammer schooll, be insert and ingrossit be the toun clark for the tyme in the bodie of the seaseing of all such landis.

Anent Inglisch scoolles.

For certaine guid consideratiounes moveing the saidis provest, bailyies, and counsall, it is statut and ordanit be them that nae mae Inglisch scoolles be keipit or haldin within this brughe heirefter bot four only, with ane wrytting schooll, and the maisteris thairof to be admitit be this place and receave injunctiouns thairfra anent the place of thair duelling, and vtheris neidfull, and ordanis this to be intimat be sound of drum.

Warrand, muscattis, etc.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of ane thousand aught hundrethe threttie aught pundis aught schilingis aught pennis debursit be him for muscattis, powder, match, bullatis, and vthers bought be him to the tounis vse, conforme to the particular compt producit and allowit, and for his chargis ingoing to Edinburghe to by the same.

12 March 1639.


It is statute and ordanit that the money ingottine of the stent sall be avancit and debursit be the bailyies for bying and provyding of mae muscattis, powder, and match to the townis vs, and to pay for thaise that the provest hes spokine for in Edinburgh.

23 March 1639.


It is ordanit that ane proclamatioun be sent throw the toun be sound of drwm that na maner of persoun lend his armis to ane vther vnder the pane of fourtie pundis, and that ilk man be reddie to give his aith att the wapingschaw that the armis he caries ar his awin, vnder the lyk pane.


Nota. Thair is send to Edinburghe out of the stent money aught scoir dollouris and sex hundrethe pundis to pay for the muscattis, powder. and match that the provest boucht the last time he was in Edinburgh.

1 April 1639.


Gabriell Conynghame and Coline Campbell, younger, ar ellectit to ryde to Dumbartane to meit with the earll of Argyll conforme to ane lettere direct fra the said earll to this brughe to that effect.

6 April 1639.


Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of tuenty pundis debursit be him to Quintein Muir for instructing of certaine young men to handil thair armis.

10 April 1639.

Men sent out.

It is concludit be the saidis provest, bailyies, and counsall that thair be sent out ane hundrethe men to the bordour to the commoun defence, and to be menteanit vpon the commoun chargis of the toun, and to intimat with all diligence with sound of drum to requyr all eable men wha will goe on the said service to inroll themselffis.


Gabriell Cunynghame is ellectit to ryde to Edinburgh to attend the meitting thair with all diligence, and ordanis the clark to subscryve ane commissioun to him to that effect.

13 April 1639.

Porterfeild capitane.

George Porterfeild is ellectit and choysine capitane to that companie to goe out foir this brughe to the bordour, and ar to martch to my lord Mountgomries regiment, conforme to the promeis maid be the saidis provest, bailyies, and counsall to his lordschip thairvpon, and the said captane and his companie ar to be subject in all things to the magistratis of this citie during thair abod thairin, as also efter thair returne thairto, quhairvnto the said captane did hartillie agrie and acceptit the said charge.

Letter from committee.

Nota. The lettere direct from the committee daitit the fourt of this instant annent the outputting to the lordis of the fourt man cam not to thair handis quhill this day.

16 April 1639.

Provisioun of powder and matche.

Ordaines ane proclamatioun to be sent throw the toun with sound of drum, commanding all inhabitantes within the samein wha ar myndit to carie musquattis that they have in redines, ilk persoun, twa pund weght of powder, twa pund leid, and fyve fadoun of match, and that all persones be readie with thair armis vpon tuelff houris warning, and who sall be fund negligent in provyding of the said powder, leid, and matche he sall be onlawit in twenty pundis and farther punischit at the sight of the magistratis.

20 April 1639.

Capitanes electit.

The provest, bailyeis, and counsall, considdering how necessar it is at this tyme to have thair burgessis and inhabitantis trainit vp and exercisit in handling of thair armes, they have dividit the citie in aught quarteris, and hes choysine the persones following capitanes in the severall quarteris as follows:—viz., Walter Neilsone to have the charge of thais duelling behind the Kirk Yle in the Drygait, the haill Hie Streit on the east syde from the Wyndheid dounward to the Blackfreir Wynd, including the said wynd thairin; Johne Stirling and Dauid Stewart ar ellectit his serjandis; item, [here follow the names of the other captains and districts.]

Mae men sent out.

The saidis provest, bailyeis, and counsall hes concludit to send fyftie men farther to the bordour nor the hundrethe they appoyntit of befoir.

27 April 1639.


The saidis provest, bailyies, and counsall hes concludit that the poor be keipit in thair houssis for ane quarter to cum, and ordaines ane contributioun to be gatherit to that effect, and ane proclamatioun to be maid throw the toun, be sound of drum, to cum on Wandisday nixt att the ringing of the bell and pay the samein, with certificatioun to be poyndit for the double.

18 May 1639.

Compt, armes, warrand.

William Hynschaw, maister of wark, producit ane compt of certaine particularis belonging to the toun quhilk he had sauld as followis, viz., 4 pickis at £4 the peice; 32 musquattis at £9 16s. 8d. the peice; mair, 5 musquattis sauld att £13 6s. 8d. the peice; mair, 4 musquattis at £12 the peice; and ane vther musquatt sauld for £10; item, 112 lb. 15½ oz. of powder sauld at 27s. the lb., inde £152 10s. 10d.; mair, sauld 35 lb. 13 oz. weght of billottis at 4s. ilk pund, inde £7 3s. 10d.; mair, thrie staine sex pund aught vnce leid att 34s. the staine, inde £5 15s. 10d. Summa of the haill charge is vjc xx li. xvj s. vj d. Quhilk is haillalie debursit and farther, conforme as the particular compt thairof beirris; and in speciall the comptar hes for leid and carriadge, £116 2s. 6d.; item, for twa new tentis and mending of the ald tent, £152 10s. 10d.; item, giving to maister Henrie Gibsoun for instructing of the inhabitantis to handle thair armes, £100; item, for careing of hering, acquavytie and butter to Edinburgh, £21 13s. 4d.; mair, for swordis sent with Capitane Porterfeildis companie, £50; mair, giving to James Padie for powder and cariadge thairof, £115 15s., by and attour sindrie vther sowmes conteanit in the particular compt red and allowit; and ordaines the thesaurer to pay the said maister of wark the sowme of ane hundreth thrie pundis twa schilings debursit be him in the townis effairis, conforme to the foirsaid particular compt red and allowit, attour his intromissioune above wryttine.

25 May 1639.

Anent tymes of dreilling.

Capitane Cunynghames and Capitane Derroches companies ar ordanit to dreill ilk Tuisday in the weik, Capitane Nisbitt and Capitane Morsounes companies ar ordanit to dreill ilk Wandisday in the weik, Capitane Andersones companie and Captane Flemyngs ar ordanit to dreill ilk Thursday in the weik, Captane Colquhoun and Captane Neilsones companies ar ordanit to dreill ilk Fryday in the weik.

4 June 1639.

Mills, etc.

[The following common good set for a year, viz., mills, 5000 merks; ladles, 2040 merks; mealmarket, 550 merks; tron, 380 merks; bridge, 500 merks; "gres of Lytill St. Mongowis kirk yaird," 54s.; "gres of St. Rollokis kirk yaird," 30s.]

7 June 1639.

Andersone, capitane.

John Andersone, cordoner, sumtyme ane of the bailyeis of the said brughe, is ellectit capitane to the companie quhilk is now to be direct out presentlie by and attour the companie direct out first with capitane Porterfeild, and he and his companie to be subject to the magistratis of this brughe quhill thair depairtur aff the samein and efter thair returning thairto.

13 June 1639.

Proclamatioun anent silver plait.

It is ordanit that publicatioun be maid throw the toun, be sound of drum, that the inhabitantis of this brughe bring thair haill silver plait to be bestowit in defence of the good commoun cause in hand, conforme to the ordinance of the committie att Edinburgh, and ordaines James Stewart, lait provest, Walter Stirling, deane of gild, Johne Bornes and Gawane Nisbitt to attend vpon the resaveing of the said silver plait, and to meitt the dayes following att nyne houris in the morning and to sitt till tuelff and at twa efter none to sitt whill four to that effect.

Warrand, drummer.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of tuenty seavin pundis money debursit be him to Johne Cuthbertsone, drummer, in consideratioun of the extraordinarie paines he hes takine thir tymes bygane.

15 June 1639.


Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of fourty pundis money debursit be him to Gabriell Cwnynghame for 20 dayes absence in Edinburgh as commissioner for the toun preceiding the 6 of Maij last, and for aught pundis for his horsis hyre, and threttie pundis he debursit for the tounes hand chinay and making thairof to Capitane Porterfeildis companie, and for thrie scoir pundis debursit be him to the said Gabriell for 30 dayes absence sensyne as commissar for the toun in Edinburgh, aught pund for his hors hyre, 30s. for careing eist of the townis coffer with his cloise to Edinburgh, 28 schilings for careing of 8 pickes from Edinburgh to Heddingtoun to the saidis Capitane Porterfeildis companie, and tuelf schilings he debursit to ane porter; and ordaines the said thesaurer to pay to Cloud Cleyland ten pundis for attending the said Gabriell the tyme forsaid.

19 June 1639.

Silver wark.

Ordaines the persones efternamit to goe throw the toun and tak vp the inventar of the silver wark, to the effect the samein may be moir readdie to send to Edinburgh conforme to the directioun of the committie for supplie of the commoun cause, viz., [two persons in each quarter.]

Warrand, Capitane Andersone.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of twa hundrethe and fyftie dollouris debursit be him to Capitane Andersones companie att thair away going.

Warrand, suanis fetheris.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of thrie scoir pundis money debursit be him to Robert Wilsoun, smythe, for 29 scoir and 2 suanis fetheris that was sent to Edinburgh.

29 June 1639.

Anent portis building.

It is statut and ordanit that ane dyk be buildit at the Stockwallheid and ane port put thairin, and to build ane dyk from the lithous to the custome hous with ane port thairin lykwayes, and betuixt the bridge and vmquhill Johne Holmis hous, in ane cumlie and decent forme and with all convenient diligence.

20 July 1639.

Porterfeild, commissioner.

The saidis provest, bailyies, and counsall, wnderstanding that thair Hie Kirk is now vacand of ane minister, to the grait greif and sorrow of hart to them and the inhabitantis of this burghe, and being most willing that the samein sould be filled and supplied with ane apt and qualified man meit for sutche ane eminent place, they have thairfor appoyntit George Porterfeild to ryde to the wast cuntrie, and thair to speik maister Dauid Dick, minister at Irwing, to that effect, and to vse all the fair and lawfull meanis he can for his transportatioun hither.

27 July 1639.

Licence, Dowglas.

Thair is licence grantit to Sir Robert Dowglas to gett ane hundrethe kairtis of wall stones out of the townes quarrell to help to build out the dyk of his yaird narrest Clyde beyound the bridge.

3 August 1639.


Forsameikle as the provest, bailyies, and counsall of this brughe, wnderstanding the great wrang and injurie done be the fleschouris within this brughe and about the same, in that when they flee thair scheip they leive the substance and strenthe of the skine on the bouk, and therby maks the bouk seime bettir then it is, and so waikins the skines and hollis them that they cannot be maid in wark, to the grait prejudice of the merchandis wha byis them, the craftismen wha werkis them, and vtheris his Majesties leidges; for remeid quhairof in tyme cuming, the saidis provest, bailyies, and counsall hes statut and ordanit that thair be twa men choysine yearlie, ane merchand and ane skinner, quha sall have power to tak tryell of the haill scheip skinnes that ar aither slaine within this brughe or brought thairto anent the sufficiencie and insufficiencie of the samein; and that all be presentit to the mercatt, and ilk skyne that is fund insufficient to be confiscatt be them ad pios vsus and disposit vpon att the sight and discretioun of the provest and bailyies thairof for the tyme; and the saidis twa men to have for thair paines ane penny of ilk skyne fra wnfrie men and tuelff pennis for the scoir fra friemen, to be payit be the awneris of the skynes.

10 August 1639.


Forsameikle as the saidis provest, bailyies, and counsall, wnderstanding the great wrang and abuse done be these quha bringis herring to this brughe be watter to be sauld, in that they put salt watter among the said herring within thair hogheidis instaid of salt, quhairvpon it fallis out that the herring so spilt cannot eschew rotting within tuenty four houris, to the great hurt and detriment of his Majesties leidges; for remeid quhairof in tyme cumming, it is statut and ordanit that na maner of persone wha bringis herring to this brughe heirefter presome nor tak vpon hand to doe the lyk in tyme cuming, vnder the paine of tuenty schilings the first falt, thrie pund the secound falt, fyve pund the thrid, and confiscatioun of the herring sua spilt to the vse of the poor thairefter, toties quoties.

1 October 1639.

Provost and bailies elected.

The [bailies and council] being convenit, and vnderstanding this day to be the first Tuisday efter Michaelmes, and so the ordinar day quhairon the magistratis of this brughe hes bein ellected, and they having ane grait regaird to the weill of the samein brughe, befor they did pas to the said ellectioun did all, in ane voyce, ratifie and approve, and be the tennor heirof dois ratifie and approve thair act of counsall sett doun of befor vpon the nyntein day of August 1637 yeiris anent the forme of the ellectioun of the toun counsall, and als the act maid anent the collecting and inbringing of the vnlawis to the commoun vse of the brughe, and statutis and ordaines the samein actis to have full strenthe and effect in all tyme cuming conforme to the tennor thairof in all poyntis; and thairefter, forsameikle as the saidis persones wnderstanding that his Majestie and his most noble progenitouris had lang of befor, and now of lait in anno 1636 yeiris, errectit and incorporat this brughe in ane frie royall brughe, with all priviledgis, liberties, immunities and jurisdictiounes quhilk be the law and consuetud of this realme dois or can appertein to ony vther frie brughe royall within the samein; thairfor they maid the ellectioun of thair majestratis, provest and bailyies, in maner following, to witt, James Stewart wha was provest in anno 1638 yeiris, in absence of Patrik Bell, the lait provest, requyrit particularlie everie one of the forsaidis persones convenit what thrie persones of thair number sould be put on lyt, to the effect ane of them might be choysine to beir office as provest of this brughe for ane yeir to cum, be pluralitie of voittis the forsaidis Patrik Bell, lait provest, Gabriell Conynhame and Coline Campbell, elder, war ellectit and put on lyt to the effect forsaid and the said Patrik Bell being absent in Edinburghe, imployit in the tounes effaires, and the vther twa removit out of counsall, the said James Stewart requyrit att everie one of the persones present quhilk of the saidis thrie persones now on lyt they wald choyse to be proveist of this brughe for ane yeir to cum, and, efter voycing, the said Gabriell Cwnynghame, be pluralitie of voittis, was ellectit provest of this brughe for ane yeir to cum, quha being callit in againe acceptit the said office in and vpon him and gave his aithe de fideli administratione thairintill. And then the said Gabriell, new ellectit provest, with advyse of the saidis persones of counsall present, putt out the lyttis for the baillies, and first for the merchant rank, out of the whilk lyttis thir sex persones war choysine, viz., Johne Andersone, Johne Barnes, Walter Stirling, George Porterfeild, James Trane, Thomas Glen, quha being all removed, be pluralitie of voittis the saidis Johne Andersone and George Porterfeild war ellected for the merchand rank to beir office as baillyies for ane yeir to cum; and the saidis sex persones being callit in againe the said provest, with consent forsaid, sett out the lyttis for the craftismen out of the whilkis lyttis thir persones following, viz., John Andersone, elder, Ritchart Allane, tanners, and Ninian Gilhagie, maltman, war ellectit and choysine to be put out on lyt, to the effect ane of thame might be nominat to beir office as ane of the bailyies of this brughe for ane yeir to cum, conforme to old vse and wount; and they being removed be pluralitie of voittis the said Ritchart Allane was ellectit for the craftis rank to beir office as ane of the thrie bailyies for ane yeir to cum. Quhilk Johne Andersone, elder, George Porterfeild, merchandis, and Ritchart Allane, tanner, new ellectit bailyies, being all thrie present, acceptit the said office in and vpon them and gave thair aithes de fideli administratione thairintill as vs is. And the saides persones vpon counsall forsaid ordaines this forme of ellectioun to stand for this yeir enschewing, and vther overtouris be concludit vpon be them and thair successores anent the electioun of thair majestratis in all tyme thairefter of the qualitie forsaid aggriable to the lawis of this kingdome.

4 October 1639.


[Thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen elected councillors in manner prescribed by the act of 19 August 1637.]

16 October 1639.

Dean of guild, etc.

[Walter Stirling elected dean of guild; Ninian Gilhagie, deacon convener; William Coattis, treasurer; Thomas Glen, water bailie; Peiter Cwmyng, master of work; Walter Neilsone, visitor.]

26 October 1639.


The saides provest, bailyies, and counsall, wnderstanding the commendable cair hes bein had of the poor this tyme bygaine, be keiping of them aff the calsay fra opin beging and interteining af them in thair awin houssis, to the glorie of God and good report of this citie, thairfor it is statut and concludit that that ordour be keipit for this yeir to cum, and that the contributioun be collectit to that effect, and the old rollis to be presentit, and the bailyies, with elderis and deacones, to ingather that whilk is restand awand thairof vnpayit; and intimatioun to be maid be sound of drume to certifie all persones wha cumes not to pay thair contributioun att the ringing of the bell, as salbe appoyntit to that effect, sall be poyndit for the double, and thair names oppinlie publisched in the kirkis wha refuissis to doe the samein.


[Ordained that no higher prices than the following be paid, viz.: ale, 1s. 4d. the pint; bear, 1s. 8d. the pint; tallow, 46s. the tron stone; candle, 4 merks the troy stone. Ordained that "the remanent auld actis" be proclaimed and well kept.]

Visitor of maltmen and mealmen.

It is statut and ordanit be the saidis provest, bailyies, and counsall, for eschewing sindrie evillis and abvssis lyklie to arryse, and for vther good consideratiounes moveing them, that the visitor of maltmen and meilmen sall beir nae langer office as visitor nor ane yeir togidder and not twa yeiris or mae as vse hes bein heirtofoir, and that he sall not be put on lytt the secound yeir.

23 November 1639.


Ordanes John Barnes and Williame Neilsone to ryde to Kilwinning and requyre maister Robert Bailyie to cum heir conforme to the ordinance of the last provinciall assemblie.

30 November 1639.

Warrand, Bailyie.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of tuelff pundis money debursit be him to Johne Barnes and Williame Neilsone for thair chargis in going to Kilwinning to desyre maister Robert Bailyie to transport himselff to this brughe, conforme to the ordinance of the last provinciall assemble, and for fyve pundis aught schilings of thair horssis hyre.