Extracts from the records: 1649

Pages 157-182

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 2, 1630-1662. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1881.

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6 January 1649.


For these who does not enter with the town to tak their teithes, it is appoynted that these landis quha sould pay xxiiii. li. of entres, and enters not betwixt and Candilmes nixt, that they pay yeirlie for ilk aiker thrie firlotts victuall, and they quha payes xx li. for each aiker to pay half ane boll thairfor, and that nae tak be sett be the counsell efter Candlemes nixt.

Kirk, timber.

Appoyntis the deine of gild, Niniane Gilhagie, and the maister of work, to buy alse muche timber as to boold twa loftis foranent the pulpeit in the Grit Kirk now repairand, and the Gramer Scoole seatt, and recommends to the deine of gild and deikine conveiner to boold twa loftis in the twa gaibillis therof.

Leid, kirk.

Appoynts the deine of gild to buy ane thowsand stoane of leid for the Hie Kirk, and James Colquhoune to be spokine thairanent.

13 January 1649.


Appoynts the baillees, [and six others,] to meet on Teysday nixt at twa afternoone to geive instructiounes about the aggreement with the baronie.

Nicolas hospitall.

Appoynts ane commissioun to the proveist to vse all meines possible for the getting Nicolas Hospitall and the persones lands to the townes vse, and they to be superiors thairof.

Silver plait, townes burdens.

Appoynts a commissioun to William Hoome to goe eist and supplicat for the 20,000 li. and silver plait and the townes burdeings.

27 January 1649.


The clerk maid his report of the lawyres report anent the teithes.

30 January 1649.


Efter mature deliberatioune had anent the offir maid to the towne of the Gorballis, it is resolved, inacted and concludet, that a commissioun sall be sent to the proveist to offir to Sir Robert Douglas, on the townes name, ane hundrethe and ten thousand merkis thairfore, with some litle moir befoir the bargane give vpe.

3 February 1649.


Anent the pryce of the Gorballis, it is farder thocht that thair sould be fyve thousand merks moir nor the particular sowme abov expressit, condiscendit to be givine thairfore, left to the proveist to goe and come vpon.


Appoyntis Manonday at twa efternoone for goeing vpe to see the Inner and Outer Kirkis, and to advyse with the ministers anent setting of saitis for boyes and almes hous men.

10 February 1649.

Proclamatioune anent the Kingis Majestie.

Proclamatioune anent the Kingis Majestie.

Forsameikill as the proclamatioune anent the Kings most excellent Majestie only come to the magistrats hands yesternight late, they thairfor, and the haill persones of counsell abovewrittin, ordaines the said proclamatioune to be procleamit this day at xi houris with the gritest solempnitie; and for this effect ordaines the baillie, Ninian Andersone, to reid the samyne to the messenger quha cryes it out, and the haill counsell to goe to the crose be twaes in ane comelie maner and to stand thairon vncoverit, as also the haill people auditors thairof dureing the haill reiding of the samyne, and the haill bellis in the towne to ring fra the ending of the proclamatioune to 12 houres in the day.

17 February 1649.


Appoyntis the deine of gild and deikin conveauer to meit thair bodies betwixt and the nixt day and to report about poore schooles and thair stipendis.

Hutchesones Hospitall poore boyes.

In ansuer to Hendrie Forsythes supplicatioune, it is granted that he be one of the poore boyes in Hutchesones Hospitall and remaine thair till he learne his grammer.

Warrand, beddelis.

Appoyntis to the thrie beddelis, in compensatioune of thair candills, thrie dollouris.

21 February 1649.

Gillespie, minister.

Ordaines the four men appoynted to goe to Edinbrugh to attend the call geiven to Maister Patrik Gillespie for transporting of him to Kircaldie with ane commissioun to them to doe everie thing that may stop or interrup that transport. The men chosin ar Niniane Andersone, balyie, John Graham, William Lychtbodie and the clerk.

24 February 1649.

New Kirk, psalmes.

Appointis the thesaurer to give to Hew Young, in recompense of his paines in taking vpe the psalmes in the New Kirk, for all byganes, fourtie punds money.

28 February 1649.


The persones fallowing, viz., George Broome, James Hammiltoune, sone to Robert Hammiltoun, Ritchart Allan, John Flemmyng, younger, Cuthbert Campbell, Andro Love, John Cottis, James Armour, ar chosine to be the aucht capitaines of the towne.

10 March 1649.


Appoyntis the magistratis, [and eight others] and the clerk, or any sax of them, to meit with the baronie men about thair teyndis, with power to them in name of the towne to offer ane valuatioune and to submitt to arbiters for that end.

24 March 1649.


Anent the report maid be the proveist about thair commouneing with the baronie in relatioune to ane peceable valuatioune of the teyndis, and that they have nameit for the towne the commissar, maister Johne Dunlop, and maister Johne Maxwell of Boigtoun, to be arbiters for that end, it is vnanimouslie approvin.

Drymen teyndis.

Recommendis to the magistrats to meit with the commissionars of Drymen anent the teynds and to report.

27 March 1649.


Anent the vplifting of the men for the outreik, it is thocht expedient and inactit and ordainet that they sall be put out according to the rule of the mentenance quhich is payit be each persoune, and for that effect that the stent roll being devydit in aucht pairtis conform to the 8 quarteris, that eache quarter put out ane proportionable number; for outputting quhairof appoyntis four men for ilk halfe quarter, viz., [here follow names]. The proveist and Robert Hammiltoun, super numerari; and Robert Hammiltoun to be conveaner. And these four to hawe power to choyse vther twa to themselfis in thair awin quarteris, and they to walk be the rules to be subscrivit be the magistratis, dein of gild and deikin convener.

31 March 1649.


In regaird that bothe the synod is to be attendit about maister James Durhame quha is thocht to be transported fra this to Edinbrugh, as als that the levie is pressit for with expeditoune, therfor appoyntis the proveist to goe to Air to attend that actioun, and the baillees to remaine at home to attend the levie, and siclyk the commissar, William Hoome, and the clerk, ar ordanyt to goe to Aire.


Appoyntis ane bank to be beattin throw the towne to try quha will tak on for the towne, and to discharge all inhabitantis not to remove aff the town, wtherwyse not to be receavit bak againe.

Stirlings warrand.

In ansuer to Walter Stirlings desyre anent his silverwork, it is inactit and ordanit that the thesaurer sall lend him twa hundrethe merkis wpon his band to be granted to the towne quhairin he sall assigne his silver work pro tanto for farder securitie.

7 April 1649.


Ordaines inhibitiounes to be vsit at the kirks of Drymen, Dryffisdaill, Cambusnethane and Traquaire, and the samyne to be sent eist for.

Maister of work.

Ordaines the maister of work to enter to wrichts for perfecting the west loft and the rest of the lofts in the Hie Kirk vpon Manonday nixt, and Mathow Colquhoune to attend the work peremptorlie and to be payit as of befoir.

Hall and Flaikfeild.

James Hall is admited leivtennent to his half companie to be levied, and David Flakfeild to be ensigne, and they to choose thair serjand and corporall.

Musketis, picks and swords.

Appoyntis Johne Grahame, William Lychtbodie, Robert Wilsone and Edward Robisoune, to buy musketis, picks and swords, for the sojeris, aff the first end of the money.

14 April 1649.

Doctors, Grammer Scool.

Anent the doctors of the Gramer Scoole, becaus that they hawe hitherto had no setled stipend, quhich hes causit some of them tak course for deserting of thair charge quhilk haizards the los of the scoole, tharfor, efter serious consideratioune, it is inactit, concludit and aggreit, that the first doctor sall have ane yeirlie stipend of ane hundrethe pundis, and the second ane hundrethe merkis yeirlie, furthe of the teyndis grit and small of the kirks mortifiet to the towne.

Hie Kirk.

It is ordanit that thair be ane new staine gait pennit and put vpe at that passadge that goes in at the Grit Kirk, at that place betwixt maister Zacharees dwelling and the castell. Item, that ane entrie be maid to Fergous Ile for the ministers buriall places.

21 April 1649.


Ordaines that the airmes and claithes bocht by these imployit be the magistratis for the vse of the sojouris be payit furth of these moneys colecting for the outputting of them.

Band for securitie of ministers stipends.

Band for securitie of ministers stipends.

Band for securitie of ministers stipends.

Band for securitie of ministers stipends.

The band and securitie condiscendit on of befoir for the ministers stipendis was subscrivit and ordanit to be recordit in the counsell bookes, and extractis thairof to be geivine furthe vnder the clerkis hand to all pairtees haveand interest, quhilk they doe heirby declaire sall be of equall validitie, force and effect, for binding and obleising them and thair successores in office to the performance of the haill obleismentis therin conteaneit in favores of thair saids ministers, and for secureing of them in the teyndis thairin exprest, in maner mentionat in the mortificatioune craveit in thair favores in all poynts as gif the samyne principall writt and securitie wer reallie delyverit to them, renunceand all exceptioune in the contrair; quhairof the tennour fallowes:—Be it kend till all men be thir present lettres, ws, George Porterfeild, proveist, Niniane Andersoune, Thomas Allane and Piter Johnstoune, baillees of the brugh of Glasgow, Williame Dunlope, deine of gild, William Lychtbodie, deikine conveaner, James Kincaid, thesaurer of the said brugh, and remanent counsellouris of the samyne vndersubscryveand: Forsameikille as we find it necessarlie incumbent to ws that ane effectuall course be taken for setleing and secureing of competent stipends to suche of our ministers who ar not yet so provydeit, especiallie the minister serveing at the Blakfreir Kirk and the twa ministers at the New Kirk in Trongait, in regaird that the stipend dew to the minister serveing at the Blakfreirs was by the first establisment thairof bot the annualrent of ten thowsand pundis money, quhilk hes beine hitherto vncertane payment and is now brocht to ane lower raite nor it was formerlie, and als the stipend of ane of the ministers of the said New Kirk haveing never had any certane designatioune bot of fyve chalders victuall payable be the archebischope, and the vther minister at the New Kirk his stipend was onlie payet out of the townes commoune guids yeirlie; lykas, efter mature deliberatioune had be ws anent the premisses, we have vnanimuslie aggreit that thair sall be ane thowsand pundis money of Scotland secuireit to be payit yeirlie to ilk ane of them furthe of the teynds of the lands eftermentionat, as ane resonable and competent stipend for ilk ane of the forsaidis thrie ministers: Thairfore wit yee ws to have allocat, mortifeit, assignet and disponit, and heirby allocats, mortifees, assignes and disponis to and in favores of the minister at the Blakfreir Kirk and of the vther twa ministers at the said New Kirk, and to thair successores in office respectiue, dureing thair lyftymes and serveing of thair cuires, all and sundrie these teyndis and teynds bollis of the personadge of Glasgow off the particular landis, rowmes and maillings, eftermentionat, viz., Dalmarnok, Burrowfeild, Nicolhous, Broomehill, Liningshauche, Dalbeathes, Eister and Wester, Eist and West Thornes, Towcorse, wester quarter of Schettilstoune, midle quarter of Schettilstoune, Sandihills, Nether Newtowne, Over Newtoun, Stabcorse, Cowcaddens, Litle Cowcaddens, Woodsyd, Garroche, Gairbraid, Lambhill, Ruchehill, Keppoche, Nether Possill, Over Possill, Kenmuir, Cautstoun, Kendihill, Haghill, Over Carntyne, Nether Carntyne, Eister and Wester Craigs, Kelveinehauche, Drummoder, Proveistis Hauche, with all and sundrie the pairts, pendicles, and pertinentis of all and sundrie the foirnameit haill lands, rowmes and maillings, all lyand within the baronie and regalitie of Glasgow, and that in swa far as the saids teynds and teynd bollis may or can be extendit for payment yeirlie to ilk ane of the saids thrie ministers and thair successores of the forsaid sowme of ane thowsand pundis money yeirlie; and for that effect we bind and obleiss ws and our successores in office to secure thame thairintill omni habili modo quo de jure. Lykas, becaus it will be verie troublesome and prejudiciall for our saids ministers to vplift and imbring the saidis teynds themselfs, thairfore we heirby binds and obleissis ws and our successors in office now as gif they wer alreadie secureit thairintill, and then as now, to vplift and imbring the samyne ourselfis, and to pay furthe thairof, in swa far as they will reatche, yeirlie and ilk yeire to ilk ane of the saidis thrie ministers, dureing thair lyftymes and serveing the cuire, and to thair successors respectiue, the forsaid sowme of ane thowsand pundis money yeirlie, at twa termes in the yeir, Witsounday and Mertimes be equall portiounes, beginnand the first termes payment therof at the terme of Whitsounday nixttocome, and swa to continow in thankfull payment of the said sowme of ane thowsand pundis money, and quhatewer the saidis teyndis sall come schort yeirlie of the forsaid sowme we bind and obleis ws and our forsaids to mak vpe the same ourselfes out of the first and reddiest of any vther teynds belonging to the towne aither grit or small, and being maid vpe to mak compleit payment of the said sowm of thrie thowsand punds money to our saids ministers and thair successores yeirlie as said is. In respect quhairof it is heirby declareit that, notwithstanding of the modificatioune above writtine, it sall be lauchfull for ws and our successores in office to sett tackes of the forsaids teynds for long or schort space, provydeing the samyne be without diminitioune of the old rentall bollis. And siclyke, becaus of the mortificatioune above writtene, quhairby the stipend of the Blakfreir Kirk is sufficientlie setled and secuiret, we have thairfor appoynted and does heirby appoynt that the forsaid sowme of ten thowsand pundis money destinate for ane stock to the stipend of the said kirk sall be vplifted and taken in be ws and our successores quhairwith to pay ane pairt of these moneys contractit be the towne at the buying of thair teynds for the pryce thairof; likeas, we heirby declaire that now as gif the samyne wer vplifted, and then as now, it sall be laufull to ws and our saids successores in office to vse and dispone vpon the said sowme of ten thowsand pundis money as ane pairt of the townes commoun goodis in all tym heirefter. As als, it is declaret heirby that the forsaid sowme of ane thowsand pundis money yeirlie sall be in full satisfactioune to ilk ane of the saids thrie ministers off all prior obleisments or conditiounes maid be ws or our predicessors in office to them [or] ony ane or vther of them for thair stipends be word or writt. Attour, becaus we intend that all our ministers sall be alyk weell provydet, incaice that Maister Robert Ramsay sall raither desyre to have ane thowsand pundis money yeirlie over heid for his stipend then the victuall and silver tack dewtie with the manse and gleib quhairvnto he is presented, then and in that cais wpon thair dispositioune and renunciatioune to be made be thame to ws of thair saidis provisiones, dureing thair lyftymes and serveing of the cuire, we bind and obleiss ws and our successoris in office to thankfullie content and pay to ilk ane of them yeirlie and ilk yeire dureing all the dayes of thair saids lyftymes and serveing the cuire, all and haill the sowme of ane thowsand pundis vsuall Scottis money at the foirnameit twa termes in the yeir, beginnand the first termes payment thairof at Whitsonday nixttocome, and swa furth to continow in thankfull payment. In witnes quhairof, thir presents writtine be Alexander Pettigrew, wryter in Glasgow, and subscrivit be ws, being conveanit in counsall, the twentie ane day of Apryle jm vjc fourtie nyne yeirs, befoir thir witnessis William Yair, noter in Glasgow, Robert Landes, writter thair, the said Alexander Pettigrew and Williame Reid and Robert Johnestoune, officers, burgessis therof. [Here follow signatures.]

28 April 1649.

Act anent the ministers.

It is statuite and ordainet, in relatioun to the band and mortificatioune granted be the towne in favoures of thair ministers of the dait the twentie ane of this instant, in cais that heirefter it sall be fund expedient for the guid of this brugh that thair sall be onlie one minister to serve the cuire at the New Kirk in Trongait and that the vther of tham sall serve in any vther kirk of this brugh by commoune consent, then and in that cais swa soone as it sall happen swa to fall out and accordinglie to be put in executioune, it is heirby declaret and ordanit that the haill heids, clauses, obleismentis and conditiounes, conteaneit in the said band and mortificatioune, in swa far as the samyne might or could be extendit for the behove of the second minister at the Trongait Kirk in cais he had beine continowit in serveing the cuire thair, sall be of that same extent and force in all respectis in favouris of the same minister and his successouris in office quhen his service of the cuire sall be in any vther place of this burgh; and alse in cais any vther of the present ministeris or thair successors sall by commoune consent serve the cuire in any vther kirk of this brugh nor that quhairvnto they ar or sall be presented, then and in that caice it is heirby declaret, inacted, and ordanit that it sall nowyse be prejudiciall to thame of the benefite of the haill obleismentis and claussis conteanit in the said mortificatioune bot that they sall have alyke good and vndoubtit richt thairvnto and to crave implement thairof alse frielie in all respectis as gif they had not beine at all changeit.

Distink congregatioun.

Thair was ane modall produceit from the sessioun anent the erecting of fixt and distinct congregatiounes within this brugh, quhilk, efter the samyne was red, hard, seene and considerit, was approvine.

7 May 1649.


Appoynts the magistrats and so manie of the counsell as may convenientlie goe to the prisbetrie and entreat that they wald clois the modell for fixing of the sessiounes.

12 May 1649.

Stiple, kirk.

Appoynts the chalmber of the new stiple to be sequestrat for the vse of the kirk.


Of new againe commissioune is granted to Piter Johnstoune to clois bargane with James Bell in buying of the work loomes in the manufactorie wpon his renunceing the hous and booth in favouris of the towne.

Gallowgait port.

In regaird of the subscrivit nott geivin in be the heritouris of the Gallowgat port, tharfore it is inacted and ordanit that the deine of gild and deikin convener, with some of the magistrats, aggree with the first oportunitie with the maissounes for taking downe the twa ports in the Gallowgait and building of ane new port thair; provyding that quhen the port comes calsey hicht it be stopt til the heritouris doe thair duetie. And that they calsey sax ellis for thair sydwall.

15 May 1649.

Common good set for a year.

[Mills, 10,200 merks; ladles, 3,510 merks; bridge, 1,070 merks; tron, 1,000 merks; mealmarket and pecks, £500.]

19 May 1649.

Magistratis for the sessiounes.

It is appoynted that these persons fallowing quha ar vpon the sessioun that they in absence of the present magistratis have commissioun to exerce the civille power requyrit against delinquentis and vtheris lyable to censure that come befoir that judicatorie, viz., in Mr. Robert Ramsayes quarter, James Stewart and Robert Hammiltoun; in Mr. James Durhames quarter, Robert Mak and James Hammiltoune; in Mr. Patrik Gillespeis quarter, Cuthbert Campbell, Robert Findlay; in Mr. Hew Blairs quarter, Johne Graham, William Comyng, Thomas Inglis; and in Mr. George Youngs quarter, the dein of gild and Peter Comeing.

24 May 1649.

Drymmen teynds.

The articles of aggreement betwixt the commissionars of the towne of Glasgow and heretouris of the parochein of Drymen, dew bothe for byganes and to come, ar as fallowes.

Imprimis, it is condiscendit that in regard of the grit losses the parocheiners hes had by the troubles, quhairby thair tennentis hes beine spoilleit of thair guids and thair landis castine wast, that thairfore the heretouris sall geive sufficient suirtie to the towne for fiftie fyve merks for eache chalder teynd dew be them for the cropp 1647 yeirs and all byganes against Lambes nixt, and that the towne sall joyne with them in getting of thair boll brocht to that pryce by ane liquidatioun befoir the commissar, and sall accordinglie geive dischairges.

Item, that these quha haue payit to the laird of Buchannan thair teyndis for the croppis 1640, or any yeir preceiding, that they sall not be vrged to compt thairfoir again to the towne, without prejudice to the towne to seik the samyne aff the laird of Buchannan.

Item, that swa soone as surety sall be geivin for byganes the towne sall sett to and cause repair the queir with all diligence.

Item, that the towne sall sett the tack of the teynd to the heretouris, lyferentars, and propper wadsettaris of the said parochin, for payment of thair old rentall bollis, conforme to fourscoir pundis the chalder as the pryce aggreit vnto, and that for aleivine yeirs, beginnand the first yeir and cropp 1648 yeirs last by past.

Thir haill articles abovewryttin was aggreit vpon, at Drymen, be the saids townes commissionars and the saidis parochinars, and was this day ratifeit and approvin in counsell.

Anent the forme and draucht of the takis of Drymen for the teyndis thairof for aleivine yeiris tyme, being producit befoir the counsall, and efter it was red it was aggreit vpon and accordinglie concludeit that each heretour sould hawe ane tack of the teynd of his awne land, and conforme thairto the takis following wer subscryvit:—[here follows list of tacks.]

26 May 1649.


Piter Johnestoun, bailyie, maid report of his diligence with James Bell about the manufactorie hous and boothe and declaireit that he had aggreit to give to the said James for the guids in the hous four hundreth merkis, quhilk was approvin and appoynted to be givin to him, he delyvering the tack he had of the towne, vnregistrat, of the said hous and boothe, or then ane sufficient renunciatioune thairof, and appoints the thesaurer to vplift the byrune maills of the boothe for payment of the samyne, and that fourtie pundis vplifted be James Bell to be allowit in his hand of the first end.

2 June 1649.

King, teacher.

Anent that young man, callit James King, quha was recommendit to be a teacher of a Scotis scoole, ordaines he sould be tryed and a proportionall pairt of twa hundrethe merkis to be givin him dureing his abod vnder tryell.

Grammer Scoole.

Ordaines Piter Johnstoune and Mr. John Spreule to clois with Mr. David Will about the doctour of the Grammer Scoole.

16 June 1649.


Appoyntis the maister of wark to caus deisse the wall of the Bellhous rowme quhair the sessioun is to sitt.

Drymen kirk.

Anent repaireing of the kirk of Drymen conditionat to the heretouris, it is condiscendit to, albeit some of the parochiners have not yet enterit, and that the minister thairof be writtin to thairanent; and the non payment to be chargit both for Drymen and Glasgow.


Anent the fleschouris supplicatioun anent the seiking of ane commone mercat of nolt and scheip to be haldin heir certane dayes in the weik, it was thocht good to be intertineit; and Johne Graham and Niniane Gilhagie to speik them about the flaikis.


Ordaines that the towne cause one goe for eache familie to work one day for the [bringing] vpe of the levell of the quarrell.

26 June 1649.


Referris to the baillees, Ninian Andersone, Thomas Allane, Robert Mak, Cuthbert Campbell and Robert Horner, to setle with the sojouris anent thair quarterings, and to compt and pay the baillie for byganes.

Andersone Grammer Scoole.

In regaird of the recommendatioune maid of Mr. Johne Andersoune, scoole maister in Govane, it is aggreit that he be receavit vpper doctour in the Grammer Scoole, and that for ane yeir, and to have twa hundrethe merkis of pensioune.


Boyd, minister.

Anent a motioune made for taking vpe customes at the townes four faires and condiscending on a constant rule for vplifting thairof and the custome of the bridge, it was agreit vpone, and thairfor nominatis Gabrell Conynghame, William Dunlop, James Hammiltoun, William Lychtbodie and Ninian Gilhagie to sett down ane table. And becaus the laird of Minto hes condiscendit the towne hawe the customs of the fair of Glasgow therfor appoynts he be payit thairfor as vthers payit him.

Boyd, minister.

Appoynts that the dekine conveaner go with ane notar to Mr. Zacharias Boyd and mak offir to him of ane assignatioun to sax schalders victuall out of ather syds of the parisch quhair the towne hes richt, in payment of his stipend, for releif of the Duke of Lennox.

Viccaradge fisch.

Appoyntis that the table of the viccaradge fische be subscrivit, and ordaines the water baillie and his serjandis to assist them in the exacting thairof.


In ansuer to the fleschouris supplicatioun about the mercat place for kye and sheepe, appoyntis Piter Johnstoun and Niniane Gilhagie to meit with them and give in overtouris for the best setleing therof the nixt meitting.

28 June 1649.

Boyd, minister.

In regaird that thair is ane lettre come frome the Duke of Lennox commissionars, beiring that thair factor is charget with horning for payment of Mr. Zacharies stipend, quhilk the towne is obleist to pay for the Deukis releif; and becaus they conceave that Mr. Zacharie is a maine cause why the Baronie people pay nocht the towne thair teithes, out of the quhilkis they may pay him his stipend, tharfor it is appoynted that the towne sall suspend Mr. Zachareis charge given to the Dukis factour; and for that effect that the thesaurer advance ane thowsand pundis presentlie, to be sent eist for consigneing to get suspensioune and to plie the caus; and that Niniane Gilhagie goe eist for that end and receave the money fra the thesaurer wpon Setterday nixt at fardest.

30 June 1649.

Customes, thesaurer.

The proveist maid report that he had set the customes of the fair of Glasgow to John Young and James Gardier for twa hundreth and fiftie merkis, quhilk was approvein; and appoyntis that Minto be payit out of the first end thairof, and the rest to be givin in to the thesaurer.



In regaird of the townis neid that they stand in of ane expert and skilfull chirurgeoun for themselfs and for the countrey and how vsefull one micht be for the poore, and considering the ample testimonie gevin to Arthour Temple, chirurgeon, of his qualificatioun in that calling, thairfor it is inacted and ordanit that the dein of gild receave him burges and gild brother for service done and to be done; item, in regaird he hes vndertakine to doe the pairt of ane chirurgeon to the haill poore of this brugh for fyve yeirs to come without any payment therfor, therfore the towne hes granted and inacted themselfs to enter him frie with the calling of chirurgeounes and to pay him ane hundrethe merkis be yeir these fyve yeirs, and als declaires that he sall be frie of all publict burdeings, taxes, watcheings and wardeings, dureing that tyme.

Assignatioun, Boyd.

Anent Mr. Zachareis stipend, thair was condiscendit to subscryve ane assignatioune to him of the sax chalders victuall, quhilk was accordinglie done, and appoynted the deikine conveaner to mak offer thairof to him or yit in his choyse to offer in the townes name that they will concurr with him to obteane payment off his parochineres for his behove of the said victuall if he be willing to embrace the samyne.

21 July 1649.


Ordaines the thesaurer to cause advance the work of the spoutis with all diligence, and that in the most comelie fashione, be advyce of craftismen, and most commodious for the towne.

4 August 1649.

Bell, Hutchesones Hospitall.

The questioune being proponed anent the buying of ane bell of Hutchesones Hospitall, quhither to send over money of the hospitallis for buying thairof or to employ a merchand to wair his money, it was aggreit that the maister of the hospitall sould send over some money for that effect.

Rydding teithis.

Anent the ryding of the teithes of the baronie perisch, it is concludit vpon that honest men be imployed for that effect on Manounday nixt, and that they be attendit be the baillies, Thomas Allane and Piter Jonstoune, the deaue of gild, Niniane Gilhagie, Thomas Broun and Piter Cumyng; and they to advyise how to intertinie these honest men and the clark that sall be with them.


It is inacted and ordainet that nae heretouris get any tacks of thair teyndis except they pay ane yeiris annualrent with thair entrie.

10 August 1649.

Teynds sett.

Efter laufull roppeing, the drawn teynds of the aikers about the brughe ar sett to Walter Neilsone for payment of twa thowsand sax hundrethe merkis to be payit in hand.

11 August 1649.

Tyndis, towne mylne landis sett.

The proveist maid report that he had set the teynd schaves of the towne mylne lands to Walter Neilsone for this present yeir for ane hundrethe merkis money, quhilk was allowit.

Drymmen kirk.

[John Graham reported that he had agreed with Robert Reid "anent the reparatioun of Drymen kirk and furneising all materialls thairto" for 800 merks.]

14 August 1649.

Tyndis, Kelvinhaughe.

[The teinds of Kelvinhauch set to Ninian Gilhagie for a year for 330 merks.]

18 August 1649.


The proveist shew that thair was publict ordouris come for to have quarters for some Irisch sojouris in this towne and the neichboring shyres, over and above the mentinance for 15 dayes tyme, quhairanent it is thoght meit to wryt eist to try thair allowance per diem and how the town sall be fred of thair burdings and quhen it began, and to try if any be appoynted of the Hilendaris to quarter heir.

Allocatioun, ministeris.

Appoyntis the magistratis, Gabrell Conynghame, Johne Graham, Johne Bornes and Ninian Gilhagie, to convean about a motion, made for allocating thair teynd to thair ministeris.

[25] August 1649.


Anent the report maid be the baillie, Piter Johnstoune and Niniane Gilhagie, about thair aggrement with the fleschouris priviledging them to sett vpe a mercat for schipe and to sett flaikes vpon the streit neir the West Port; in regaird that they have maid the flaikes themselfis, and to incouradge them to prosecut the mercat, the samyne was ratifeit and approvine, quhilk was that they sould have for thair so doeing twa penneis Scots for ilk schip and four penneis for ilk kow for four yeirs tyme, they leiving them guid and sufficient flaikis to the townes behuiffe.

Allocatioun, ministeris.

The act about the ministers provisiounes and allocatioune vnanimouslie approven and be drawn vpe be advyse of the magistratis and buikit.



Item, anent a motioun maid for recompense to the twa professors, viz., maisteris David Dikson and Robert Bailyie, becaus of thair service to the towne and to encourage them to continow, tharfor it was resolvit, inacted and ordanit, that eache of them sould have the sowme of twa hundrethe pundis money yeirlie dureing thair lyftymes and preaching as they have bein in vse to doe once in the weick, at the terme of Mertimes, begining the first yeirs payment at Mertimes nixt.


It is thocht meit that Gartinkirk and John Stewart be the townes arbiters with the Baronie, and the magistrats to meit with them.

Warrand, Wilsone.

Appoyntis Mr. Gilbert Wilsoune to have xxvij li. x s. for this yeirs service and James King to supplie that charge and Mr. Gilbert go to the New Kirk.

8 September, 1649.

Ministers stipends, allocatioun and mortification.

Ministers stipends, allocatioun and mortification.

Ministers stipends, allocatioun and mortification.

Ministers stipends, allocatioun and mortification.

Ministers stipends, allocatioun and mortification.

The foirsaids proveist, baillees and counsall, taking to thair consideratioune that it might conduce for the guid of this brugh, and be ane meane to better thair ministers provisiounes, without any detriment to the towne, that ony teynd quhilk the towne hes belonging to them furthe of the baronie parisch sould be allocat to thair ministers, and that they thamselfis sould have the power of intrometting thairwith in thair awne persounes, thairfor they have reshindit, retreat and annullit, and reshundis, retreatis and annullis all and quhatsomevir actis and statutes, vther bands and obleisments quhatsomewir, formerlie made be them, and that in swa far allanerlie as in ony sort may or can be interpret to the hinderance and prejudice of the premissis; declareing heirby that it sall be frie for to allocat the saids teynds and teynd bollis conforme to the allocatioune and mortificatioune vnderwryttin, quhilk was this day red and subscryvet be them, quhairof the tennor fallowis:—Be it kend till all men be thir present lettres, ws George Porterfeild, proveist, Niniane Andersoune, Thomas Allane and Piter Johnestowne, baillees of the brughe of Glasgow, Williame Dunlope, deane of gild, William Lychtbodie, deikin conveaner, James Kinkaid, thesaurer of the said brughe, and remanent counsall of the samyne wnder subscryveand; forsameikle as the haill personadge teynds of Glasgow and of some vther parosches ar be his Maiesties gift, wnder his hyenes grit sealle, mortifeit to ws and our successours in office, quhairwith to beire the burdein of the ministers stipends serveing the cuire at our Hie Kirk and the burdein of fyve chalders of victuall payable to ane of our ministers of our New Kirk, with severall vther burdeings at mair lenthe specifeit in the forsaid gift; lykeas, in regaird that we wer necessitat for obteaneing possessioune of the saids personadge teynds of Glasgow to advance grit sowmes of money to the Lord of Blantyre quhairwith to buy in fra him the tack quhich he had of ane grit pairt thairof, in consideratioun quhairof and for severall vther onerous causes ws moveing we hawe resolved and concluded to mak ane allocatione to our ministers respectiue efternameit in maner eftermentionat, of severall of the saidis teynds in pairt of payment to thame of thair stipends in maner vnderwryttin; and thairfore, wit yee ws to hawe allocat, mortifeit, assignet and disponit, as be the tennour heirof, allocats, mortifeis, assignes and dispones to and in favores of Mr. Patrik Gillespie, Mr. James Durhame, Mr. George Young and Mr. Hew Blaire, four of our ordinar ministers, yeirlie and ilk yeire dureing all the dayes of thair lyfetymes and serveing of the cuire within the said brughe, and to thair successores in office, ilk ane of thame respectiue for thair awin pairts, in maner as is heirefter devydit, all and sundrie the personadge or grit teynds and teynd schaives of the particular lands, rowmes and maillings efter specifeit, together with the vther victuall eftermentionat belonging to ws, viz., to and in favores of the said Mr. Patrik Gillespie and his successores all and sundrie the personadge or grit teynds and teynd schaves of all and sundrie the landis fallowing, viz., of all and haill the lands of Kenmuir, Kowcaddens, Sandihillis, Blaidhill, Glendufhill, Wester Schettilstowne and Midlequarfcer of Schettilstowne; item, to and in favores of the said Mr. James Durhame and his successores all and sundrie the personadge and grit teynds or teynd schaives of all and sundrie the lands eftermentionat, viz., Watsounes and Crumlatthillis, Dalbeathes, Eister and Wester, Eist and West Thornes, Dalmarnok, Broomehill and Proveist hauche; item, to and in favoures of the saids Mr. George Young and Mr. Hew Blair, equallie betwixt thame and their successores, all and sundrie the personage and grit teyndis or teynd schaves of the lands vnderwryttin, viz., of all and haill Brumelands, Lands Aiker, Carntynes, Kendihill, Kelveinhauch, Kings Insche and Mylne Daily, Wester Nethir Possille; togither with all and haill twentie four bollis victuall dew and belonging to ws furthe of the old mylne of Partik. And that for this instant croppe and yeir of God jm vjc fourtie nyne yeirs and yeirlie thairefter in all tyme comeing dureing thair lyftymes and serveing of the cuire as said is. Lykeas, we have turned and transferred and heirby turnes and transferrs to and in favores of our forsaids ministeris and ilk ane of thame respectiue and thair successours, in maner forsaid, all and sindrie the foirenameit teyndis and vtheris forsaids, surrogatting substituting and imputting them in our full right, tytle and place thairof, and of the inhibitiones, ane or mae, raiseit, vseit and execute at our instance thairanent, in swa farr only as the samyne can be extendit towardis the teynds above allocat this instant yeir and in tyme comeing, with power to our saids ministers and thair foirsaids, ilk ane of thame respectiue for thair awin pairtis, to aske, crave, vplift, intromett with, and receave frae all and quhatsomewir persoune or persownes subject in payment the saids teynds and teynd schaves, yeirlie, and vthers forsaid; and to cause inhibit all vthers to meddle thairwith, call and persew gif neid beis thairfore, and to prosecute the actiones to be intentit thairwpone to the fynall decision thairof, decreits to obteane, and the samyne to dew executioun cause be put, compone, transact and aggree thairanent, acquittances to grant on the receipt of payment, and generallie all and sundrie vther things neidfull or requisite concerning the premissis to doe, hant and exerce, alse amplie in all respectis as we might hawe done ourselfs at or befoir the making heirof, quhairat we obleis ws to abyde firme and stable, but reclamatioun. Attour, quhairas be vertew of ane former act and ordinance maid be ws in favores of our ministers we did obleidge ourselfis and our successores that eache ane of thair stipends sould be worthe in money or vtherwyse ane thowsand pundis money yeirlie, in the first end of payment quhairof the foirnameit allocatiounes ar made and granted by ws in favores of the saids four ministers, compting ilk chalder victuall quhilk they ar to hawe be vertew heirof for ane hundrethe pundis of thair saids stipendis communibus annis and proportionallie conforme for the od bollis if any beis; bot in respect that for the present it is no yet certane quhat the number of the bollis above allocat will be, becaus that the teynd is no yet valued, thairfore we heirby bind and obleis ws and our successoris in office to mak compleit payment to the said Mr. James Durhame, Mr. George Young and Mr. Hew Blair, ilk ane of them respectiue for thair awin pairts, and thair successores, yeirlie and ilk yeir the space foirsaid, off sua much of ilk ane of thair thowsand punds money yeirlie at the term of Witsounday (that quhiche they hawe alreadie receavit of this yeirs stipend being alwyse compted in the first end of payment for this yeir) as sall not be deduceit and satisfeit to them by the foirsaids allocationes of victuall estimat at the foirsaid rate and granted in thair favores in maner respectiue abovewryttene; and siklyke, in regaird that as many bollis victuall as sall be fund belonging to the said Mr. Patrik, be vertew of the foirsaid allocatione, they ar heirby declairet to be in compensatione to him and his successores of the lyke quantitie of bolls of victuall to be deduceit off the first end of the ten chalder victuall quhich is the stipend quhairvnto he is presented; and for that pairt of the said ten chalders victuall quhich sall not be maid vpe to him be vertew of the forsaid allocatione, we heirby bind and obleis ws and our successoures in office to pay to the said Mr. Patrik and his foirsaids yeirlie ane hundrethe pundis money for ilk chalder thairof and proportionallie conforme as pryce aggreit vpon betwixt ws, and that yeirlie and ilk yeir at the said terme of Witsonday (that alwayes being allowit in part of payment thairof quhilk he hes alreadie receavit of this yeirs stipend). Quhilks allocationes and mortificationes, respectiue abovementionat, we bind and obleis ws and our successores in office to warrand, acquyet, and defend to our saids ministers, ilk ane of them respectiue, for thair awine pairtis, as is devydit, in maner and forme as is above wryttin, for all inconveniences quhatsomevir and against all deidlie as law will. Attour, because that Mr. Robert Ramsay his stipend is onlie fywe chalders victuall and twa hundrethe pundis in silver, with his gleib and fourscoir pundis for his manse, thairfore, for putting of him in ane equall conditioun with the rest, we hawe augmented and doe heirby augment his stipend the sowme of twa hundrethe punds money yeirlie; quhilk sowme of twa hundrethe punds money we heirby bind and obleis ws and our successors in office thankfullie to pay to the said Mr. Robert Ramsay and his successores yeirlie and ilk yeir at the said terme of Witsounday. And farder, becaus, efter mature deliberatioun, it is thoght neidfull that thair sould be ane resonable allowance granted in favores of our saids ministers for thair house maillis, in regard they hawe no manses, quhiche we hawe condiscendit sall be according to that quhich hes beine alreadie payit to Mr. Robert Ramsay for his manse as said is, thairfore we heirby bind and obleis ws and our successores in office to thankfullie pay to the said Mr. Robert Ramsay and his successors in office yeirlie the forsaid fourscoir pundis money quhich formerlie hes bene payit to him in consideratioun of his manse, as also to pay to ilk ane of our vther four ministers and thair successors yeirlie the sowme of four scoir punds money in consideratioun of thair house mailles yeirlie, beginnand the first yeirs payment thairof wpone Witsounewine nixttocome as for the yeir jm vjc fiftie yeirs, qubich is heirby declairet to be the first yeir. Quhilkis premissis granted and conceavit now and of befoire by ws in favores of our saids ministers is heirby declaret to be in full satisfactioune and contentatioune to them, ilk ane of them respectiue, of all farder stipend they can aske or crave of the towne in tyme comeing, and alse in satisfactioune and contentatioune to them of all vther manses, gleibs, horse or kyes grese, appoynted to be giwine to them be the lawis and acts of parliament and swa accepted be them and no vtherwys.

Graham, Boyds stipend.

Appoyntis Johne Grahame to goe to Edinburgh anent Mr. Zacharias Boyds stipend and to cloise with him thairin.

2 October 1649

Provost.; Bailies.

[In the absence from the castle of the Duke of Lennox or his commissioner, the provost, bailies and council, elected George Porterfeild to be provost for the year to come. Williame Dunlope, Williame Hoome and Niniane Gilhagie elected bailies.]

5 October 1649.


[Thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen elected councillors.]

10 October 1649.

Office-bearers elected.

[John Grahame, dean of guild; William Lychtbodie, deacon-convener; Thomas Inglis, treasurer; Robert Findlay, water bailie; Edward Robisoune, master of work; Walter Bryce, visitor of maltmen.]

Meill mercatt.

For many guid respects and consideratiounes knowne to the magistratis and counsell of this brugh, tending to the weell thairof in this hard and strait tyme, it is statute and ordanit that the meill mercat breck on and begin everie mercat day heirefter at ten hours befoir noone and continow als long efternoone as the sellars pleissis, and the kaik baxters to have no farder priviledge nor they had befoir.

20 October 1649.


[Wheat bread, same as before; ale, 2s. the pint; beir, 2s. 4d. the pint; rough tallow, £3 the stone; candle, £3 6s. 8d. the stone.]

Visitor, mercat.

It is thoght verie fitt and convenient for the guid of this brugh and remanent of his Maiesties leidges that thair be some persones appoynted for visiting of the meill mercat and beir mercat with the visitour.

Appoyntis the deikin conveiner tak notice of the election of all the deikins, quartermaisteris and clerkis, that they be all according to the acts of parliament, and he to report.

27 October 1649.


Ordaines Thomas Allane and the maister of work to provyd bucketis incais of danger, and recommendis to the Hospitallis to doe the lyk.

3 November 1649.


Anent the poores bussines, it was thoght meit that the names of the poore be extracted and the merchandis get the names of thair poore and ilk craft get thair poore.

Coall and lymecraig.

Anent the coall and lymecraig it is ordourit to be set for twa hundrethe merkis not above sevin yeiris, and the towne to have libertie to work themselfis.

10 November 1649.


Anent the removeall of the poore, the baillees are desyred to meit be themselfis and with the ministers theranent for prepareing of rules towards everie case they ar in, and the deikin convener to be with them. Thomas Campbell and the baillie, William Dunlope, and deikin convener to provyde a moneths mentinance for the poore.

17 November 1649.


Anent the motioune maid about the poore, it is vnanimoslie condiscendit, for the present interim, quhill ane solide course be setled, that Thomas Campbell deburse ane monethis mentinance, viz., for fyve scoir thairof that Alexander Maxwell ansuer him, for twentie the merchandis, twentie the craftis, and the last twentie Hutchesones Hospitall; and the baillees to put out the strainger poore and to report.

24 November 1649.

Allocatioune, warrand.

Thomas Browne maid report of his dilligence in Edinbrugh quha was sent thair by ane privat meiting to get the allocatioune of the ministers setled and approvin be the commissioune for plantation of kirks, and declaret the samyne was past, and that he had debursit of chairges to ane advocat viij lib. viij s., to his man xxiij s., to the maissers xlviij s., his awin chairges being ten pundis and fyve pundis for his hors hyre, therfor ordaines the thesaurer to pay him the same.


The agreement made with Robert Reid, Hendrie Orr and Johne Colquhoune, for making the portis for twa hundrethe and fourtie merkis, was approvine.


Ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the towne to command all poore quha ar straingers to remove, and that nane of the townes poore quha ar appoynted to get mentinance be seene begging on the streits or at doires, with certificatioune to these quha contraveines they sall be depryved of thair mentinance and put aff the towne.

Hutchesones hospitall.

Appoyntis the master of Hutchesones Hospitall to conveine thrie or four persones for setleing of the ruile of the poore and planting of that hous according to the mortificatioune, and that the deine of gild and deikin conveaner meit in their houssis for setleing of thair rules.


The deane of gild and Piter Johnestoune ar appoynted to giwe James Colquhoune content for his chairges and advyce to the Gallowgait streit and port and Outer Kirk, and to tak the money dew be William Craig for that end.

1 December 1649.

Ministers allocatiounes.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Mr. Patrik Gillespie the fourtie fyve pundis 6s. he debursit in expeading the ministers allocatiounes, with fourtie punds to himselfe for chairges in attending the passing thairof.

Overtour for planting Hutchesones hospitall.

Thair was produceit the overtours sett downe be the committee for planting of the poore in Hutchesones Hospitall and the way of thair intertinment recordit in the paper and ordanit to be buikit, quhairof the tennour fallowis:—In the first, that thair be aleivine old men, conforme to the fundatioune and mortificatioune, and becaus that Johne Gilmour, Mathow Banantyne, and David Hutchesone, ar placed thairine alreadie, they ar ordainet to be payit as fallowes, viz., the saids Johne Gilmour and Mathow Bannantyne aucht schillings ilk ane of them per diem, and the said David Hutchesone 4s. per diem, and the vther (blank) to have auchteine schillings per septimanam.

For the young ones.

Overtour for planting Hutchesones hospitall.

It is thoght expedient that none bot orphantis be thair, gif they can be had, and necessar they eitt and bed within the hous.

Item, it is thoght that the fyre in the hous quhair the scoole now is may suffice thame all, and that twa rowmes and twa beds in eache of thame may suffice, and eache of them to have ane peck of meill weikle.

Item, they must hawe one quha will mak thair meit and wash thair cloathes, quha must have food and rayment, and thairfor at leist must have 4s. per diem, and that scho be tain speciall notice of to be trustie.

Item, they must have once eache day ane herring to ilk ane of thame ewerie vther nicht. It is thoght they wald have kaill, and so for this must have twa peckis of grottis in the monethe and a schilling in that tyme for the kaill and alse a leg of beife in the moneth.

Item, it is thoght meit that they be small drink browne to them, about twelfe penneis the pynt, by some neichbour, quhairof they must hawe four pyntis eache day.

Item, the master of the house to buy them bed cloathes and weiring cloathes with fyreing.

Item, finds it necessar the ministers be desyred to convean thair committees for finding out of the young orphantis and rectifeing of the poores rollis and setleing thair voluntarie contributioune, and that the dene of gild and deikin conveaner setle thair pairt of the poore.

Act, allocatioun for ministers.

The foirsaids proveist, baillees and counsall, takand to thair consideratioune that quhairas thir dyvers yeirs bygane they and thair predicessouris in office have had the proper wadsett of ane yeirlie few dewtie of sax hundrethe punds Scotis dew and payable furthe of our millis and killis lyand without the Drygate port, quhairby we gatt the benefite redounding to ws furth of the samyn millis and killis imployed, with certane vtheris of our commoune guidis, in paying of twa of our ordinar ministers quha hes bein serving the cuire at our New Kirke and had no provisioune vtherwyse; lykas, becaus as it hes bein our practeis to mak the benefeit of the said propper wadsett forthecoming to the behove of our saids ministers in tyme past so we ar most willing to secure thame thairin for tyme to come in pairt of payment to thame of thair saidis stipends, thairfoir wit yee ws to have allocat, mortifeit, assignet and disponit, as be the tennor heirof allocatts, mortifeis, assignes, and disponis to and in favoris of our saids twa ministers, yeirlie and ilk yeir dureing thair lyftymes and serving the cuir within our said brugh, and thair successoris in office, in pairt of payment to thame of thair stipends as said is, all and haill the foirsaid propper wadsett of the said sowm of sax hundrethe pundis money few dewtie, together with all vther heretable richt, cleame, entres, kyndnes, propertie, possessioune, quhich we have had or can pretend thairto in any tyme to come; with power to them and thair successoris forsaid yeirlie equallie betwixt them to intromett thairwith, vplift and receave the samyne, call and persew thairfoir if neid beis for payment thairof yeirlie, acquyttances to grant on the recept, and to doe all vther things neidfull or requisite anent the premissis als amplie in all respects as they might have done thairselfis befoir the making of thir presentis.

Poore, voluntar contributioune.

The forsaids proveist, baillees and counsall, takand to thair consideratioune that in regard that the birding of the poore within this brucht will be verie considerabill efter all the hospitalls hawe done thair best to ease the town of swa many of them as they could, and being verie desyreous no to tak a course (blank) thair comburgesses for thair mentinance as is allowit be the law swa long as they may doe vtherwyse, tharfor they hawe resolvit to desyre the kirk sessioun to fallow furthe the way of ane voluntar monethlie contributioune for the poores mentinance, and quhatewer the said voluntar monethlie contributioune sall come schort fra tyme to tyme of the allowance that is condiscendit vpon to be ane sufficient mentinance for the poore, it is heirby appoynted, inacted and ordainet, that the samyne sall be payit furthe of suche of these moneys quhich have beine vsuallie collected at ther mylnes in name of excyse and sall be fund restand due to the town over and above that quhilk sall pay the tak dewtie of their excyse or vtherwyse satisfie therfor monethlie, and quhich sall be over and above the sowme of (blank) money as being that quhilk accressis by the od fyfteine schillings appoynted to be takin vpe thair for the easing of the towne of ane pairt of ther monethlie mentinance due to the publict; and for that effect appoyntis the vplifter of the saids moneys monethlie to ansuer the samen. Lykas in cais thair sall be any more fund of the saids moneys nor to satisfie the vses foirnameit, it is inacted and ordanit that the samyne sall be vplifted and imployed for the payment pro tanto of the sowmes of (blank) receavit be the town fra the executouris of Mr. Johnestoune for thair manufactorie.


It is thoght meitt and convenient that, in respect the old magazeine is worne and spent away, that ane new magazein may be maid vpe be these quha enters burgess or gild brether be making payment of sic sowmes as sall be modifeit be the saidis proveist, baillees and counsell, heirefter.

8 December 1649.


For the better purging of this citie of poore straingers and vnkow beggers, it is thoght gud and convenient that four persones of ilk severall perisches of this brucht be nominat to meit and conveine on Teysday nixttocome at ten houris for the conveing and expelling of the saids vnkow and strange beggers and poore, viz., [here follow names;] and that the remanent elders and deikins in the saidis severall quarters respectiue be assistand to the forsaidis persones to that effect.

22 December 1649.

Pittie custome.

Appoyntis Gabrell Cvnynghame, Johne Grahame, deine of gild, Niniane Andersone, Piter Johnston, Thomas Allane, or any thrie of them, to sett downe ane table for pittie customes vpon guids imported and exported at brig and ports, and to report the nixt meitting.


The forsaids proveist, baillees and counsell, takand to thair consideratioun the motioune maid of befoir wpon the first of this instant, for buying and provyding of magazeine and airmes to the towne, it was thoght expedient that each burges in his admissioun, quhither he be ane strainger or burges sone, sall pay for that effect four pund, that eache persoune enterand burges and gild brether sall pay ten punds money of quhatsomeuir qualitie.


Anent the supplicatioune givin in for removing of the candilhoussis, it is thoght meit that it be remited to the deine of gild and his brethreine, and in the meane tyme it is thoght expedient that they sould be put to some convenient place quhairby the towne may be frie of danger in respect of the many suddent dangers hes fallin out throw occasion of fyres rasit thairin.

25 December 1649.


Appoynts for the poores mentinance that the aucht pairt of the present stent roll sall be the proportion to be payet be the poore, quhilk sall be presentlie castine.

Hutchesones hospitall.

The young aleivin boyes presented be the maister of the hospitall of Hutchesounes, whose names fallowes, were allowit, thair being one in the hous already for compleiting the number, and the aucht old men inrollit, viz., the names of the young ones:—(blank.)


Item, it is inacted and ordanet that all old able poore men who get mentinance sall be diligent in searching the strainger poore in the towne and to put them out of the towne, and if they refuis to bring them, as alse any towne poore being goeing to the magistratis themselfis to los thair pensions.


Ordaines no burgesses nor gild brether be admited quhill it be condiscendit quhat augmentatioune they sall pay, and the augmentatioune to be fra this day furthe.

29 December 1649.


Item, anent the inbringing of the poores mentinance, it is inacted that the refuissars be quarterit vpon with sojouris.