Extracts from the records: 1652

Pages 216-253

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 2, 1630-1662. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1881.

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3 January 1652.

Old ruynous hous.

Ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the towne; be sound of drume, to warne all persones wha desyres to buy that heich hous in the eist syde of the Saltmercat that was vmquhill Jacob Andersones, that they come this day aucht days to bid thairfor, to the effect the samyn may be repaired for the better decorment of this citie, conforme to the act of parliament givine out anent reparatioun of landis within brugh.

10 January 1652.


Appoynts Johne Grahame, the dein of gild, William Home, Niniane Gilhagie, with so many of the magistratis as can be present, to meit with the buikbinders anent thair supplicatioune, and to report.


In regaird of the straits the towne is put to by thair sesse quhich the weiklie collectioune is not able to beir, and for helpe of these wha war weisted to get some releife, it is condescendit and inactit that thair be ane stent presentlie castine for 3 monethis mentenance, viz., 3600 li. And for eschewing all mistackis anent the stentmasters thair awne stentis, it is condescendit that in all tyme comeing the stent masteris sall be restranit fra the power to impoise thair awne stentis and ar heirby discharget thairof. And the magistratis and counsell ar heirby in all tyme comeing to stent the stent masteris.

17 January 1652.

Moneys for armes imployit on poore boyis.

Appoyntis and ordaynes that the moneyis gottine or to be gottine fra friemen or gild brether for airmes for the yeir to come, with the byganes, and ay and quhill the counsell recall it, be imployed for the vse of the poor boyes; and the committee heirby authoreizit to call for the compt thairof for byganes.


Item, it is recommendit to the deikine conveaner to conveine the craftis for getting it condiscendit that who takis poore boyes to be prentessis that they may be priviledgit to tak a vthir.


A commissioune is granted to Patrik Bryce and Robert Wilsoun and the clerk to setle with some honest knyfmaker to be brocht to the towne and to prese his fredome for taking of twa boyes prenteise frie.

21 January 1652.


Committs to the laite proveist, James Hammiltoune, dein of gild, and deikine conveaner, to meit vpon the buikbinders supplicatioune and to draw ane dracht thairof.

24 January 1652.

Poor boyis.

The deikine conveaner maid report anent the boyes and shew the deikins ar content to dispence with thair actis anent the prenteissis, dischairgeing any to tak prenteissis bot ane in seivin yeiris, in respect of the poor boyes.


Appoyntis Johne Grahame, the clerk, James Hammiltoune and Edward Robiesoune, to meit in James Hammiltouns house and to setle with Simon Pickersgill anent the boyes.

6 February 1652.

Waistit cornes.

William Lychtbodie, Thomas Broun and Ninian Gilhagie ar desyred to inform themselfis of these who ar disabled to saw thair ground by reason of the losses they had fra the Inglische.

8 February 1652.

Inhabitants to be convened.

In relatioune to the former appoyntment anent the chuising of twa commissionars, the stent roll was red over and swa many of the number thairin layd asyde as was thocht to be troublers of the peice of the towne, and the rest appoynted to be warnit to meit at his place the morne at twa efternoone for that end.

10 February 1652.

Towne pople convenit.

The burgesses and neichbouris of this brugh being conveaned for electing of ane commissionar to the meitting appoynted to be haldine at Dalkeith the saxteine of this instant, Mr. John Spreule, clerk, was electit preces of the said meitting, and efter advyce takine it was thocht guid twa commissionars sould be chosine, bot they to conclude nothing quhill the towne got tymeous adverteisment quhat was requyred; and efter voitting, Johne Graham, laite proveist, and the said Mr. Johne Spreule, be pluralitie of vottis, wer electit commissionars to that effect, beiring thame to repair to Dalkeith the said day to meit with the commissionars of the parliament of Ingland to heir and receave overtouris as sall be proposed in ordour to the setlement of a weill groundit peace in this natioune, with full power to conclud and aggree to all suche proposallis as sall consist with the guid of religion and our just fredome and weellbeing; and appoynts William Yair, thair commoune servand, in respect the said Mr. John Spreul, clerk, is electit ane of thair commissionaris, to subscryve thair commissiouns.

14 February 1652.

Poor boyis.

It is ordanit and appoynted that suche boyes as ar put to craftis and takine out of Hutchesones Hospitall that the maister of the house be bund for them quhair they want parentis, and the deine of gild and deikine conveiner to be bund for all vther poore boyes put to crafts be the towne; and the saids proveist, bailleis, and counsell obleissis them and thair successouris to releive them of all danger they can incur thairby.

21 February 1652.

Inhabitantis convenit.

The burgesses and inhabitants of this brugh conveined, and haveing chosine Robert Mak, balyie, to be preces, Johne Grahame and Mr. Johne Spreule, [quha] wer chosine commissionars of this brugh to meit with the Inglisch commissionars, producet the twa declaratiounes givine out be the saids Inglisch commissionars, quhilk being twyse red at lengthe, with these particulars demandit be them, efter all men were requyred to declare thair judgments thairintill, all present declared that they wer not satisfeit thairwith.

13 March 1652.

Grahame, commissionar, Argyle.

Johne Grahame is desyred to goe downe to Dumbarton on Wadnesday nixt to attend the Marqueis of Argylle and to sie quhat can be gottin of the townes or hospitallis annualrentis.


Appoynts the proveist, bailees, dein of gild and deikine conveiner, to compt and reckning with the ministeris anent quhat moneyes ar payed to thame since (blank) last, in regaird they got not thair Witsonday termes payment compleited to them, and to allow to ony of the ministeris out of the moneyis that is payed them ony of the byruns of thair supperplus pryces of the localiteis the croppe 49 and 50 yeirs that is dew thame, and alse ordaines that Mr. James Durhame be payed his Witsonday terme insewing furthe of the excyse.

23 March 1652. (fn. 1)

Election of magistrates and council by warrant of the parliament of the Commonwealth.

At Glasgow, the twentie thrie day of Marche, 1652 yeiris, forsameikille as vpon the occasioune of ane proclamatioune issued be warrand of the commissionars of the parliament of the commounewealthe of Ingland appoynted for ordering of the effairis in Scotland, anent the conveaneing of the neichbouris and inhabitantis of this brugh this day for electing of thair magistratis for the better governement of this citie, thair did conveine within the tolbuith tharof, for obedience of the said proclamatioune, ane guid considerable number of the between 13th March and 2nd April, excepting this act. A space of more than a page is left blank. neichbouris and inhabitantis, quha haveing of befoir wpon the occasioune of ane former proclamatioune, issued also be that same auctoritie, mett and conveinet in the Merchand Hospitall within this brugh, and they haveing then electid and chosine James Pollok, merchand, and Walter Neilsoune, maltman, their commissionaris for them and in thair names to repaire to Dalkeithe to the forsaids commissionaris of the parliament of the commounewealth of Ingland, and thair in thair names to accept the tender offerit for incorporating Scotland in ane commounewealth with Ingland, and the saidis James Pollock and Walter Neilsoune haveing returned and haveing produced befoir the saids neichbouris and inhabitantis this day conveanet the warrand and commissioune efter specifeit, beiring dait the eightein day of March instant, according to thair calculatioune, dewlie subscrybit be four of the saidis commissionaris,—Makeand mentioune by the commissionars of the parliament of the commounewealth of Ingland for ordouring and manageing effairis in Scotland; quhairas the brugh of Glasgow have by thair deputy declared of thair accentance of the tender of the parliament of the commounewealthe of Ingland to be incorporated into the commounewealth of Ingland and to be one thairwith, and haveing ingadgit themselfis to leive peceablee vnder and yeild obedience vnto the auctoritie of the parliament of the commounewealthe of Ingland exercised in Scotland, quho ar thairfor takine into the speciall protectioune of the parliament, and applicatioune hath beine since maid to ws by the saids deputy praying our grant and commissioune quhairby the said brugh may be authoreizit to elect officeris to governe the said brugh; wpon serious consideratioune thairof, and being desyreous to endeavour by all wayes and meanis that the people of that towne may have governement and justice administrat, we, by vertew of the auctoritie on that behalf givin ws by the parliament of the commounewealth of Ingland, doe authoreize and appoynt the neichbouris and inhabitants of the towne and brugh of Glasgow, according to thair former rites and customs, from tyme to tyme, to nominat and chuise thair magistratis and officers for the governement of the said towne and brugh and liberteis thairof till furder ordour; quhich magistratis and officers, from tyme to tyme chosin by tham, ar heirby constituted in thair severall and respective offices and are authoreized to proceid in the executioune of thair severall trustis and places and in the executioune of the governement within said towne and brugh according as hath beine vsuall and accustomed; provydid that in all caices quhair formerlie the name or styll of King hath bein vsed in the exercise of the aforesaid governement of the said brugh the name of the keepers of the (blank) of Ingland, by auctoritie of parliament, be vsed insteed thairof, and that the persouns from tyme to tyme electit and chosine as aforesaid sall not proceid to the respectiue offices and plaices vntill the aithe ensewing be administrat to them by suche as we shall appoynt to administrat the same; as the said commissioune of the dait forsaid mair fullie proportis. Quhilk being red and the saids neichbouris and inhabitantis conveined, finding themselfis thairby fullie authoreized for the making choyse of magistratis for the better governement of this brugh; and first for ane more ordourlie proceiding thairintill, be pluralitie of vottis, Johne Bell, merchand, was elected preces of the said meitting, and thairefter it being voyced to the saids haill persounes conveined quhither they wald delay the said electioune to ane farder tyme or proceid thairintill presentlie, it was condiscendit be the maist pairt of the persons conveined that they sould mak choyse of the magistratis presentlie without farder delay; quhairvpon, with consent of the maist pairt of the persouns conveined, thair was sett on lyte thir thrie persounes fallowing, all merchandis, to the effect that ane of them might be chosine proveist of this brugh till Michelmes nixt, the ordinary time of the electioune of the magistratis thairof, viz., Robert Campbell, Johne Andersone, elder, and Daniell Wallace; quhilks being voitted, be pluralitie of vottis, the said Daniell Wallace was elected proveist of this brughe dureing the said space, quha being sent for came and accepted the said office and chairge in and vpon him. And thairefter the said Daniell Wallace, proveist, and haill remanent persouns conveanet, with ane consent, maid choyse of twa lytes of the merchand rank, ilk lyte conteaning thrie persons of that same merchand rank, to the effect that twa persouns out of these sax micht be chosin to beir office as twa of the bailleis of this brugh, conform to the ancient custome; as also sett down ane lyte of the craftis, conteining thrie persons thairin, to the effect that ane out of these thrie might be chosin to beir office as the thrid baillie within the samyn, conforme to the said accustomed maner; and thairwpon, efter voyceing, be pluralitie of , thir thrie persouns fallowing, viz., Johne Andersoune, elder, the said James Pollok, merchands, and the aforesaid Walter Neilsoune, wer elected and chosin to be the thrie bailyeis of this brugh to the nixt ordinar tyme of electioun. And the saids James Pollock and Walter Neilson, being present, accepted thair saids charges and offices in and vpon them. And then the haill remanent persons conveined did give and grant thair full power and warrand, in name of the haill neichbouris and inhabitantis of this brugh, to the saidis proveist and bailleis, newlie elected, to meit and convein at thair awne tymes and to mak choyse of suche persounes as they sould think fitt to put on the towne counsell. And, within some few dayes thairefter, the saids magistratis haveing mett and conveined for the choyseing of the persouns to be on the towne counsell for giveing voyce thairin as ordinar counsellouris, they produced ane list of the persounes fallowing, quhom they had nominat and elected, conform to the warrand and commissioun givin to thame to be on the said town counsell quhill the ordinar tyme of electioun, viz., Merchandis: James Bell, Coline Campbell, Mr. John Dunlop, James Hammiltoun, James Trane, Androw Conynghame, Johne Herbertsoune, elder, James Bornis, Piter Cumyng, John Andersoun, younger, Patrik Park, William Barclay, Johne Walkinschaw. Craftis: William Neilsoune, James Colquhoune, Johne Pittilloche, Johne Hall, Robert Cumyng, Johne Glen, Phillen Snype, George Browne, Adam Wilsoune, Johne Millar, Androw Mudie, Alexander Taccattis.

2 April 1652.

[The newly elected provost and bailies, and sundry councillors, being convened, "compeired Capitane James Thompsoune, governour of Dumbarten, and teuk the saids proveist and bailyeis aithes according to the ordour prescryvit by the commissionars of the parliament of the commounewealth of Ingland."]

3 April 1652.

Offices accepted.

The proveist and thrie bailleis being conveined thair convened also with them the haill persons latelie elected counsellouris abovenamed (except the said Colin Campbell, James Hammiltoune and William Barclay) and accepted thair said office and chairge in and vpon them and gave thair aithes of fidelitie as vse is.

Election of magistrates and council by warrant of the parliament of the Commonwealth.; Actis for lyttis, deane of gild, dekine convenar.

It is appoynted and ordained that the haill merchand rank be wairned to meit in thair Hospitall and the haill craftis to meit in thairs, vpon Manonday nixt at ten houris, for electing of thair several lytes, conform to the ancient custome, to be presented to the magistratis and counsell, to the effect that the dein of gild and deikin conveaner may be elected and chosine alse neir as may be in all things conform to the said ancient custome observit thairanent of befoir.


Appoyntis James Bell and Mr. Johne Dunlope to speik with Mr. John Spreule and to crave the keyis of the presse in the inner clerks chalmber, with the towns rentallis and vther things belonging to the towne, as also anent his acceptance of his place, and to mak report thairof.

Clerk electit.

William Yair is elected and chosine clerk of this brugh, and power granted to him to exerce the said office and the fies and casualiteis belonging thairto, dureing the will of the saids magistratis and counsell.

5 April 1652.

Officers elected.

[James Hammiltoune, dean of guild; Manasses Lyill, deacon convener; James Govan, merchant, master of work.]

10 April 1652.

[Gabrell Corbett, treasurer; James Moresoune, visitor of maltmen; John Wilsone, water bailie.]

12 April 1652.


Appoyntis Mr. Johne Dunlope and Johne Bell to goe to the meitting of the sessioune, and to schaw the grit numerous billis of poore people givine to the magistrats and counsell from tyme to tyme, and to craive ane accompt of the moneys collected for these vses, and to report.

18 April 1652.

Aill, beir.

[Beer to be sold not dearer than 3s. the pint, and good ale 2s. 8d. the pint.

Bailyie, Gorballis.

"Ane lite of four persones being present, to the effect ane of thame micht be chosine conjunct bailyie with James Andersone, balyie of Gorballis, till the nixt electioune," Frederick Hammiltoune, merchant, was elected to that effect.]

Commissioun, Bell, justiciarie, commissariotis.

Appoyntis a commissioune to be sent to James Bell to petitioune the commissionars at Dalkeithe for obteining the justiciarie of this brugh to the magistratis and thair successouris, for the better punisching of theives and malefacturis, and anent the setleing of testamentis of defunctis persounes within this brugh and liberteis thairof, it being reported that commissariotis ar laid asyde and the commissioune to be left blank for inserting the name of the commissionar, to the effect he may aither fill vpe his awn name thairine or any vthers he pleasses; and ordanes thair clerk to sealle and subscryve the samyne.

Buriall place.

The twentie pundis that was gottine fra the freindis of Mr. John Forsyth for his buriall place in the Hie Kirk was givin in keiping to the clerk.

24 April 1652.

Poor boyis.

Appoynts the deikine conveiner to speik with the rest of the deikines, and they with thair respective callings, for taking as prenteissis the sax puire boyes in Hutchesounes Hospitall, and to report.


Appoynts ane banck to be sent throw the towne be touk of drume for intimating the setting of the manufactorie to any quha will give maist thairfor, and to geive guid securitie of payment.

27 April 1652.

Writtis producit.

Compeired Mr. Johne Spreule, late clerk, for himselfe and in name of the late magistratis and counsell, and gave in and producet the towns wrytis, efter specifeit, viz., the assignatioune maid be the Lord Blantyre to the towne of the teyndis, with the principall tack and wrytis he gave thairwith; item, ane registrat dispositioune maid be the laird of Minto to the towne of the dischairge of the reversioune of the few dewtie that was payable out of the killis and Subdeane Mylnes, with the chairtor and seesing fallowing thairvpone; and the wrytis belonging to Hutchesons Hospitall, amongst the quhilkis thair ar thir bands, viz., Fergoushillis band, the townes twa bandis, Caipringtoune and Mr. Robert Stewartis bandis, Argyles twa bands, Lamontis, with the comprysing, Johne Stewartis, Wnderwoodis, William Muiris, Mr. Patrik Gillespeis bands; item, ane registrat dispositioune granted be Sir Robert Douglas and his ladie to the towne of the landis of Gorballis, with the chartour and seasing fallowing thairvpon, with ane dischairge granted be him of fiftie thowsand merks as a pairt of the pryce thairof and his ladies for twa thowsand merkis.

Money for armes suspendit.

Appoyntis to suspend, till farder consideratioune, the exacting fra burgesses of four punds and fra burges and gild brether ten pundis that wont to be exacted aff them wnder the notioune of buying of airms.


Appoyntis Mr. Johne Spreule [and three others] to meit betwixt and Setturday nixt for setting downe of ane compt of the moneys waired vpon the manufactorie and of the cloathes that ar sold, to the effect the stock of the house may be the better knowne.

Memorandum, 20 li.

Memorandum. The twentie pundis that was gottine fra the freinds of vmquhill Mr. John Forsyth for his buriall place in the Hie Kirk was givin to the relict of vmquhill James Andersone in Gorballis to buy seid corne; and Robert Stirling, thair, past his word to the proveist to pay it back againe.

1 May 1652.

Wrang, Moresone.

It being provine sufficientlie that Alexander Maxwellis wyfe had wrought and enjuret the ballees, and speciallie John Andersone, in poynding of deirer aill sold contrair to the towns actis, and in saying to the said John schoe never saw grace in his face and that thair was never grace in Glasgow the tyme he did beir office. Schoe is therfor convict in ane wrong and to remaine in fast ward quhill shoe give satisfaction.

8 May 1652.

Manufactorie fermed.

The tack of the manufactorie set to Simon Peckersgill was subscrivit, viz., fra the first of Maij last to the first day of Maij nixt, for the sowme of twa hundrethe fourscoir pundis sterling.

20 May 1652.

Barrillis, jadge.

Ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the towne be touk of drume for making of intimatioune that nae couper quhatsomevir presume or tak vpone hand to mak any barrellis bot suche as sall be on the gadge, and that everie one of them put on thair awne marks vpon such barrellis as they sall mak, and for eschewing of fraud and deceit to dischairge all maner of persoun to mak vse of any barrellis for salting of herring bot such as ar the full gadge, and that vnder the payne of former proclamatiounes givin out thairanent.

Outtin townsmen.

It being takine to consideratioune that dyvers straingers outintownismen enteris burgessis within this brughe quha ar not knowne quhat qualitie they ar of nor quhat childreine they have, quhairby it oftymes falls out that many of them ar raither prejudiciall then helpfull to the place, it is thairfore statute and ordanet that the dein of gild admit no such persones burges quhill he and his successouris first acquent the counsell thairwith.

Anent rowpping the commoun good.

It being also taking to consideratioune the prejudice not onlie sustenit to the takismen of the commoune guids be roppeing the samyne yeirlie vpone the first Teysday efter Whytsonday, it being moveable, swa it maks some tyme ane longer yeir and some tyme ane shorter yeir; for preveining and eschewing of the lyk heirefter, it is statute and ordainet that the mylnes, laidillis and all vthers the townes commoune guidis, sall be roppit yeirlie in all tyme comeing on the first Teysday of Junij yeirlie, and that for ane yeir thairefter; this yeir being excepted in respect of the sett to the present takismen.

29 May 1652.

Hie Kirk.

Appoyntis the deine of gild and maister of work to visite the Hie Kirk this efternoone, and especiallie ane jeist in the hie stiple that is said to be brockine, and to give ordoures for remeiding thairof with diligence for preveining of farder dainger thairby.

Anent the townes debtis.

Appoyntis James Bell, Coline Campbell, Mr. John Dunlope, the deine of gild and deikin conveiner, to meit first amongst themselfis and to set downe certane particulars in writ to be interrogat at George Porterfeild, Johne Grahame and Mr. Johne Spreule, and vtheris they pleis of the lait magistratis and counsell, for getting knowledge of the townes burdein and debttis and quhat they have done with these moneyis and quhairwith these moneys wer payed that was payed, and haveing met with thame to interrogat anent all these and vther particulars concerning the towne, and to report again in writ from thame, to the effect that the townis burdeings may be the better known and the more spidie course gone about for releiving thairof.

To poynt the townes houssis.

Appoyntis the maister of work to caus provyde materiallis to point the houssis beyond the brige, the Grammer Scooll, manufactorie and Blackfreir Kirk.

Sessioun, poore.

Appoyntis Mr. Johne Dunlope to speik againe with the sessioune anent the making of the compts of the contributioune and distributioune thairof to the poore.

Stentaris, cess.

Appoyntis the persouns fallowing to meit and convene for setting downe ane stent roll vpon the landis within this brugh belonging to outtin townis men and straingers for vplifting out thairof ane monethlie cess for tyms bygane and to come, for releif of the town pro tanto as a pairt of that quhilk they [pay] monethlie to the Inglisch, viz., William Neilson [and eight others].

1 June 1652.

Pittie customs.

Appoyntis ane bank to be sent throw the towne be touk of drume for intimating the tyme of the setting of the townes commoune guidis conforme to the former act set down thairanent, and to intimat that the pittie customs quhilk fallis to be collectit at the brig and water will be collectit at the bridge; and the rest of the pittie customs to be set with the rest of the portis severallie.

Office of clerk declared vacant and ane appointed.

The saids magistrats and counsell, considering that Mr. Johne Spreule, lait clerk, had now efter so long tyme left and desertit his chairge, altho oft requyred be sundrie of them to continow thairin, and moir publictlie of lait, in presence of Governour Thomsone, the most pairt of the counsell being present for the tyme, they thairfoir heirby declair his office as clark of this citie vacand, and reschindis and annullis all actis or quhat ellis maid in favouris of the said maister Johne thairanent formerlie so that the samyn sall be heirefter haldin null as tho they had newer bein maid or granted; and approvis of the election maid be them of William Yair to be thair clark, and grantis him heirby full richt to the haill feis belonging thairto as of befoir.

3 June 1652.

Hutchesones Hospitall.

The proveist, balyeis and counsell, haveing seriouslie takine to thair consideratioune the present estaite and conditioune of the foirsaid Hospitall, and finding that the haill sowmes of money now awin to the house will scairce pay the debt awine for itis pairt of the Gorballis boght, and that thair is no rent quhairwith to keip the boyes in the house or to hold the scoolmaster as hes bein heirtofoir, seeing the haill rent almost that the said Hospitall hes to susteine any of these consistis most of the lands of Gorballis quhilk hes now beine eattine vpe and destroyet these twa yeiris bygane, and that the annuallis of the sowmes awin to the house will scairclie pay the annuallis of the sowmes awin be the hous for itis pairt of the landis of Gorballis; it is thairfor resolvit that the fyve poor boyes that is presentlie .in the hous be put home to thair parentis, and the maister of the hous to pay thair parentis for thair enterteinment as he and they can best aggree, and to see them trained vpe at scooles; and Johne Bell vndertakis to susteine Johne Shirielaw, sone to vmquhill Johne Shirielaw, in respect he wantis parentis, and the maister is to pay him fourtie pundis be yeir with his cloathes, and Johne Bell is to see him trainit vpe at the scooles; and John Walkinshaw vndertakis for James Clydisdaill, ane vther of the poor boyes, vpon the same conditioun; and dischairges any farder stipend to be payed to the scoolmaster, bot he to have the vse of the hous and scooll dureing the counsellis will allanerlie; and appoyntis the maister of the house to furneis the puir boyes cloathes and to accept of Thomas Hutchesoun, litster, thairin, in place of Mathow Bannantyne, and he with the rest of the old men poor thairine, in respect they are not able to mak any kynd of shift, to be enterteinyeit be the master of the house as easilie as may be.

Pittie customes.

It is statute and ordanit, for eshewing of wrong and abuisses heirefter, that guidis haveing once payed the pittie custome at ane port sall not be maid again to pay at ane vther; and that any countreyman haveing bocht some candille, such as ane pund, or any vther small commoditees for furneising of his house at home, or any small quantitie of iron for laying of his pleugh irone, of ane staine wecht or within, sall [not] pay any pittie custome; and that nae victuall exported, except such laidis of meill that is bocht in the mercat and exported be strangers, sall be lyable in the pittie custome.

5 June 1652.

Ane meitting.

Mr. Johne Dunlope maid report that the interrogatoris appoynted be the counsell anent the conferring with George Porterfeild, Johne Grahame and Mr. John Spreule wer sett downe, and thairfor it is thocht fitt that they be all convenit by auctoritie; and recommendis the samyne to be done be the magistratis so convenientlie as they can.


Ordaines the trensch at the eist end of the Meikle Greine to be cast in and ane bank to be sent throw the towne commanding all maner of persounes to send out thair servandis to doe the same at sick tymes heirefter as the magistratis sall give ordour.

8 June 1652.

Common good set.

[Common good set for a year as follows:—Mills, 9800 merks (with 42 bolls unground malt, or 50 bolls ground malt, to the Duke of Lennox); ladles, 4100 merks; mealmarket, 850 merks; tron, 550 merks; bridge, 1400 merks; petty customs at the Gallowgait and West ports, "the craimes at the crose and lining claith sold thair quhilk hes not payed the pittie customes at the ports bot is stolne in privisie," £120; the petty custom at the Stable Green port, 340 merks; grass of Litle St. Mungos kirkyard, 56s.]

12 June 1652.


In regaird that many of the townes people ar summondit to goe to Edinbrugh anent the Inglischmans tobacco, and seeing Walter Neilsoun, ballie, and James Trane ar to goe thither, it is recommendit to them to cause procure ane commissioun for trying of that mater heir.

Warrand, water.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Johne Wilsoune, water balyie, twentie punds viij s. for the redding of the water of the stobbis was thairin, for the better passing of boattis.


Appoyntis James Bornis, Johne Walkinschaw and Patrik Park to cognosce quhat will be awin to everie minister.

22 June 1652.

Quarter maisteris, fyre.

The foirsaidis magistratis and counsell being conveaneit, and takeand to thair consideratioune the lamentable desolatioune hes fallen in this place, quhairby many of thair neichbouris throw suddent fyre ar destitute of houssis, and they being most willing that all of them off all sortis be provydit and accommodat, and that the magistratis latlie for that effect had nominat certane quartermasters in everie streit of the towne, they have thairfor allowit and approvin the samyn according as they ar sett downe in list, and does heirby grant vnto them thair full power and warrand to tak notice of all the houssis in the towne quhich ar saif vnburnt, and quhat everie man may spair to his neichbour thairof; as also to decyd in all contraversies anent the removeing of tennentis to and from landis, and presentlie to remove these whom they think aucht to remove and place vthers thairintill, according as they find aggreable to law and conscience; as also with discretioune to remove the haill landwart people wha hes houssis abroad, to the effect that all suche people wha hes thair houssis burnt may be accommodat.

Suddent fyre.

Forsameikill as it hes pleased God to raise on Thruisday last was, the 17 of this instant, ane suddent fyre in the hous of Mr. James Hammiltoune, above the crose, quhilk has consuimet that close, the haill close on bothe sydes belonging to William Stewart, Thomas Norvell, and vtheris, with the haill landis nixt adjacent thairto, quhilk belongit to vmquhill Piter Jonstoun and Patrik Maxwell, baith bak and foire, and the haill tenement bak and foir on the southe syd of the said vmquhill Patrik Maxwellis tenement betwixt that and the lands occupyet be John Bryssoune, and siklyk the haill houssis bak and foir vpon bothe syds of the Saltmercat, with the houssis on the west syd of William Lawsouns close in Gallowgait, and the houssis on the west side of Gilbert Merschellis close, with dyvers housses on the north syd of the Briggait; quhairby, efter compt, it is fund that thair will be neir four scoir closses all burnt, estimat to about ane thowsand families, so that vnles spidie remidie be vseit and help soght out fra such as hes power and whois hartis God sall move, it is lyklie the towne sall come to outer ruein; and thairfore they have concludit and appoynted that the proveist, with Johne Bell, to ryde to Air to the Inglisch officers thair, quha hes bein heir and seen the towns lamentable conditioune, such as Collonell Overton and vthers, and to obteine from them lettres of recommendatioune to suche officers or judges wha sitts in Edinburgh, to the effect that the samyne may be recommendit be them to the parliament of Ingland that all helpe and supplie may be gottin thairby that may be for supplie of such as hes thair landis and guids burnt.

25 June 1652.

For sighting of brunt landis.

The saidis magistratis and counsell being conveinet, and finding it expedient for the better trying of the towns losses that the names of the heretouris of the haill burnt lands, with the tennents and occupyers thairof, be inventarit and takin vpe, they have thairfor nominat and appoynted the persounes fallowing to goe about the samyne with all diligence, viz., James Bornis, John Walkinschaw, Edward Robiesoun, James Govane, James Kinkaid, Johne Andersoune, Dowhill, with Androw Conynghame, and James Bradwood, to survey to the effect foirsaid the haill landis burnt on the west syde of the Saltmercat and north syd of the Briggait; item, Adame Wilsoune, Johne Buchanan, Thomas and Robert Scottis, Johne Glen, Johne Miller, maltman, John Cuik, to tak survey of the haill houssis as is aforesaid on the eist syd of the Saltmercat and southsyd of the Gallowgat; item, Johne Herbertsoun, Johne Hall and William Stewart to tak a survey of the haill burnt lands above the cros as is above wrytin; item, Patrick Park, Robert Merschell, John Wilson and John Kilpatrick ar to visie the haill houssis in Trongait on both sydis that ar burnt; and all of thame ar to tak vpe the names of the heretouris and occupyers of these burnt landis, and to report thair dilligence this day betwixt and twa houris efternoon.

Warkmenis pryces.

The foirsaidis magistratis and counsall, takeing to thair consideratioune the present hard conditioune of the towne, and for the better encouradgement to everie man to helpe to repaire his awne, seeing the work is lyklie to be great anent the building vpe and repaireing againe of the decayit pairts of the towne, and that the work is of suche a necessitie that it must be presentlie gone about, the necessitie of many poore people requyreing the samyne, they have thairfor statute and ordanit that the haill wreichtis and maissounes of the towne shall serve and work according to the pryces fallowing, viz., the maisterman his waidges to be threttein schilling four penneis ilk day, and the servand being fund ane sufficient qualefeit craftisman for ten schilling a day, and vther prenteisses according to thair worth. And seeing that the wreichtis and maissouns of this citie, for the better preservatioune of thair liberteis, ar first to be imployit in the said work, the samyne is granted to them wpon thair observatiounes of the cautiouns fallowing and no otherwayes, viz., gif so be they cannot get that work they sall be imployit in be the townes people tymeouslie wroght, according as they wha imployes them may get it done by others not exceiding the pryces foirsaid, it sall be lisome to the townes people to imploy any countreymen or others for working of thair said work, Item, that everie craftisman of the qualitie foirsaid sall work out and compleit the haill work they ar imployed to work within the towne and shall not leive the samyne, quhither it be task wark or dayes wark, or seick any augmentatioune of thair pryce and workmanschipe, aither for task or daylie waidges, quhill first the samyne be fullie compleit according to thair aggreement with the pairtie. Item, that none of the saidis craftismen, naither maissounes or wreights, tak any mair work in hand nor that quhilk they ar able to performe within the dayes aggreit vpone betwixt them and the pairteis. Quhilkis cautiones gif any of the saids craftismen does transgresse it sall be lisome to any of the townes people to imploy any others for working of thair wark. And as for the exorbitancie of all task wark or insufficiencie of any work quhatsomever to be wroght be any of the saidis persounes, vpon ane complaint maid be any pairtie quhatsomewir, the present magistratis ar to decyde thairwpone and the samyn to be done according as they sall modifie. And this present act to stand and indure till the first day of October nixttocome.

28 June 1652.

Pollok and Govane to ryd.

James Pollock, balyie, and Mr. Robert Govane ar appoynted to ryde to Edinbrugh, with all dilligence, and thair to learne the way the best to goe about for seiking supplie to helpe to mak vpe the desolate condition of the towne, and appoyntis James Bell, Mr. Johne Dunlope and John Bell, to meit and sett downe instructiounes for them.

Brunt houssis.

Appoyntis these quha formerlie touk vpe the number of the brunt houssis to tak vpe now the value of them also and of other losses sustenit be the laite suddent fyre.

For cleiring the calsay of red.

The counsell, taking to thair consideratioune the grit number of red quhilk is to be takine, and that it is verie necessar that the streit be red thairof and maid patent, they have thairfor maid choyce of Mr. John Dunlope, Johne Bell, Robert Merschell, Piter Cumyng and Thomas Pollok, to wryt out lettres to the countrey to sik places and to sik tymes as they sall think convenient for getting in of some horsses out of the countrey for helpeing away of the said red, and to mak choyse of such persones of the towne wnder them as they think convenient for attending the saids horsses quhen they come in and giveing ordours to such men quha comes in for cleanseing the haill streitis.

Kirk dooris oppinit.

The saidis magistratis and counsell, taiking to thair consideratioun how that many honest people does now want, throw occasioun of the lait suddent fyre, chalmbers and vther places to reteir to for making of thair divotioune, they have thairfor appoynted John Andersoune, balyie, to send for the bedellis of the severall kirks and to cause them mak patent and oppin the kirk doires as they wont to be of befoire.

Warrand, petitioune, horse hyre.

Appoyntis the thesaurer to pay to Walter Neilsoune, bailyie, threttie seivine markis quhilk he debursit to the townes advocattis for drawing vpe of ane petitioune for obteining ane commissioune to hold our people at home who wer summondit anent the tobacco; as also to pay him four pundis for his horses hyre that James Pollok, balyie, raid vpon the last tyme he was at Aire.


Recommendis to James Bell to get quarreouris and put them in the towns quarrell for the guid of the townes people.

3 July 1652.


It is statute and ordainet that nae windskews or hallens above doir heidis be sufferrit to be put out heirefter, and that the deane of gild present and to come tack speciall notice therof, except that it fall out that some buithes be betwixt twa hinging stairis, in that cais the awneris of which buithes ar licentiat to put out ane windskew or hallen above thair buith doirs, bot the samyne to come no farder out nor the saids hinging stairis sall be, and no hallen at all to be sufferrit to be farder out without hinging stairs. And seeing now that the maist pairt of the foir landis in Saltmercat will be re-edifeit againe, it is statute and ordainet that nae maner of persoune be sufferrit to come farder out then another, and that all houssis on both the sydes of the gait be buildit conform to ane straicht lyne and none to come farder out then another, and that the foirsaid dein of gild present and to come tak speciall heid therto.

All sort of meassounes and wrightis to be imployed.

The magistratis and counsell, taking to thair consideratioune the desolate conditioune of the towne throw the lait suddent fyre, and that sundrie of the inhabitantis ar of intention to repaire some places for thair dwelling befoir the winter come on, and knowing perfectlie that the haill maissounes and vthers of that kynd ar not sufficient for that work, they, haveing respect to the guid of the place, doe heirby licentiat all maner of persounes quha hes ony work or building to performe to imploy any wreicht, maissones and vtheris, fitt for the work, quherewer they can get them, in the countrey or ellis quhair; and this to stand dureing the counsellis will allanerlie; and ordains intimatioun to be maid heirof be sound of drume.

Warrand, fyre.

Ordanis the thesaurer to pay . . . to William Clydisdaill fyve punds ten schilling for the cureing of one Jonet Wood quha was deidlie woundit in helpeing to quench the fyre quhich brak vpe in the north syd of the Trongait.

Tack, manufactorie.

The tack that was subscrivit of befoir betwixt the towne and Simon Pickersgill of the manufactorie is of new againe subscrivit this day to James Hammilton, Thomas Allane and John Neill, vpon the same conditiounes.

8 July 1652.

Report, Pollok and Govane.

James Pollok, bailyie, and Mr. Robert Govane maid report of thair dilligence in goeing to Edinbrugh anent the seiking supplie for making vpe again the desolatioun of the town, quhilk was allowit and approvin, and appoynts them to produce the accomptis of thair charges, and the samyne to be allowit and payed.

10 July 1652.


Appoyntis ane proclamatioune to be maid on Maunonday nixt befoir noone to warne the haill neichbouris and burgessis of this brugh to meit that same day at twa efternoon in the tolboothe for the electing of ane deputie or commissionar for attending the great meitting to be at Edinburgh in August nixt.

Compt, communalitie.

Appoyntis James Bell, Mr. Johne Dunlope, the deane of gild and Johne Bell to meit againe the committee of the communalitie and to tak the comptis of moneyis they have aff thair handis, to the effect that these honest men wha wantis thair moneyis may be repayed.

13 July 1652.

Wallace, commissionar.

Ane great number of the burgessis and neichbouris of this brugh being conveined, conform to the invitatioun maid for electing of thair deputie and commissioner to keip the great meitting quhilk is to be at Edinburgh vpon the (blank) day of August nixt, be pluralitie of vottis, Daniell Wallace, present proveist of this brughe, was electit and chosine for that effect, and the electouris did subscryve or mark his commissioun.

Stockwell calsay.

It is recommendit to the deine of gild to imploy the maister of work for to cause mend and repair the most ruinous pairt of the casey in Stockwellgait, and that with the best convenient dilligence, and to cause all wha hes staines on the said casey remove the same for that effect.

17 July 1652.

Provest, commissionar, Young.

The proveist is nominat and electit commissionar to the general assemblie, and appoyntis him to have ane commissioune seallit and subscryvit for that effect, conforme to the commoune ordour; and Mr. George Young is chosin to goe with him; and they ar bothe ordanit to attend the said assemblie and to contribute thair best diligence for the helpe of the towne in relatioun of the great desolatioune maid therin be fyre . . . And siklyk the said proveist is electit and chosine commissionar to attend the meitting of the burrowis in August nixt; and appoyntis thair clerk to give him ane commissioun for that effect; and John Wilsoun, cordoner, is chosine to be assessour to him.

Pittie custome.

Recommendis to the balyeis [and others] to resolve the best way for rectifieing the table of the pittie customes for the guid of the towne, and that all the takismen be wairnit to bring in thair severall brods for that effect.

19 July 1652.

Summondis, ministeris.

Recommendis to James Bell, Mr. John Dunlop, and the deane of gild, to agitat the mater anent the summondis givin to the towne at the instance of the ministers, and to inform the towns ordinar procuratouris theranent the best they can.

23 July 1652.

Teyndis sett.

The teinds of the aickers about the towne that ar in vse to be drawin yeirlie ar set for this present croppe 1652, efter lauchfull ropping, to Alexander M'Kinnie, merchand, and William Fleyming, maltman, for payment of the sowm of twa thowsand fyve hundreth merkis money.

Tyndis sett.

The teyndis of the lands of Gorballis, with the teyndis of the landis of Kelvinghauche, ar sett to John Young, merchand, Robert Robiesoun, baxter, and Johne Mitchell, maltman, for the crop foirsaid, efter lauchfull ropping, viz., twa thowsand thrie hundrethe merkis for the landis of Gorballis and twa hundrethe fourtie fyve merkis for the teyndis of the saidis lands of Kelvinhauche.

24 July 1652.

Commissionars, compts.

It is inactit, statute, and ordainet that nae maner of persone to be chosine commissionar to goe abroad in the townes affaires vplift any money befoir hand fra the thesaurer, or fra any vthers wha hes the townes moneyis, till efter they returne, and then to give in thair comptis and receave payment conform.


Ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the towne be touk of drume that nae maner of persons refuis ryells for fiftie sax schillings, the samyn being guid silver and wecht.

Saltmercat Streit.

Anent the desyre givin in be the heretoris of the lands of Saltmercat for the clenseing of that streit, it is statute and ordanit that nae mair rubisch or red be layed out quhill that quhilk is put out be removeit and takin away, as also that all manner of persones wha ar not of intentioun to build this yeir that they remove thair haill staines aff the casie to back sydes, at leist within the guitter, and that all wha ar in building or intendis to build this yeir lay the staines togither alse neir and alse convenientlie as they can, and to hald them aff the riging of the casey twa ellis on both sydes, at leist sax quarteris, and that also the guitters on everie syde of that casie be red be everie persone foiranent themselfis, with all diligence, to the effect that nae neichbour may receave any hurt or damage thairthrow heirefter. And for the mor better clenging of the streit of the red and rubbisch now lying thairone, it is condiscendit that sax kairters be aggreid with to lead continuallie from morning to evening quhill that haill streit be clenged; and appoints the magistratis, with William Neilsoune, Johne Andersoune, younger, and William Barclay, to aggre with thair kairters for that effect, viz., John Hall, the twa brether Youngis, Alexander Chopman, Robert Forsyth and vmquhill David Halls relict; and appoynts the magistratis to caus everie heretour pay quha is able for removeing away of his awne red and rubisch, and these wha ar not able the magistratis to cause pay for removing thairof.

31 July 1652.

Anent clenging of the Saltmercat streit.

Recommendis to Johne Hall and Androw Mudie to cause the master of work mak four or fyve close things of boordis to be layed on the bodies of kairts for leiding away of the rubbisch and red out of the Saltmercat streit; and for the better effectuating therof, the haill number of the kairters being ten, ordaines fyve of them to attend that service allanerlie, weik about, ay and quhill the samyn be perfected and done; and for this weik fallowing John Hall, the relict of vmquhill David Hall, Patrik Scot, John Young and John Buchannan, and the nixt weik thairefter the vther fyve of the saids ten kairteres, and ilk kairter to have ane schilling sax penneis for ilk draucht they leid; and appoyntis the saids John Hall and Androw Mudie to attend the saids fyve kairters and put them to work for the weik nixt ensewing.

9 August 1652.

Report, proveist and Young, minister.

The proveist and Mr. George Young, being of befoir chosine to repair to the generall assemblie for petitioning the same for ane generall contributioun throw the haill land for supplieing of these wha ar latelie wrakit be the suddent fyre, anent all thair proceidings thairintill, and anent thair speiking with the Inglisch judges anent the townes losses also therby, maid thair report of the granting of the [petition] be the said generall assemblie and vthers thair proceidings, quhilkis wer allowit and approvine.

Pollok, baillie, Air.

Appoyntis James Pollok, baillie, to ryde to Generall-Major Deanes to Air, with all deligence, and to inform him of the caise of the towne and its losses throw the late suddent fyre, and in relatioun thairto to seik ane warrand to get downe the monethlie sesse, and ane warrand also to seik ane contributioune for the towns helpe from the souldiarie.

Report anent quhat is awin the ministeris.

Mr. Johne Dunlope, for himselfe and in name of James Bell, to give in thair dilligence to speik with Mr. Patrik Gillespie and Mr. Johne Carstairs, ministers, and give in thair comptis quhat is awin them of thair stipendis at Whytsonday last, be the quhilk it is fund that thair is adebttit to the said Mr. Patrik seivine hundrethe threttie sax pundis 13 s. 4 d., and to the said Mr. Johne Carstairs fyve hundreth and ten pundis, and ordaines the thesaurer to pay to ilk ane of them with the first conveniencie fyve hundrethe merkis.


It being fund necessar, be the informatioune of these quha kennis best the caise of effaires, that the townes losses be takin vpe particularlie from everie manis mouth as they will declaire wpon thair consciencis, it is thairfor recommendit to thir persones fallowing, viz., to Johne Andersoune, younger, and Johne Walkinschaw for taking vpe of the losses on the west syde of the Saltmercat Streit and Briggait, Johne M'Kewne and Thomas Smythe for taking vpe of the haill losses on the eist syde of the Saltmercat Streit, Robert Merschell, wryter, and Patrik Park to tak vpe the haill losses on the eist syd of the Saltmercat, and Arthour Taketis and William Stewart to tak vpe the haill losses above the crose and Gallowgait, on both sydes; and this to be done be them with all diligence and to give in thair report in wrytt.

Pittie customes dischairgit.

The foirsaidis magistratis and counsell, takeing to consideratioune the great complaintis comes in daylie against the collectouris of the pittie custome for wronging of the countrey people in relatioune thairto, and that no tye can hold them to keepe according to the reule sett downe to them thairanent, quhilk is the occasioune of great murmureing and crying out of the haill countrey people, and, quhilk is worse, occasions great and horrible bannings, swearings and imprecatiouns (oftymes regraited heirtofoir) to the great offence and dishonour of God, and without doubt will not faill to provok Him to great wrathe against this place in ane more havie maner nor yet is felt; and seeing now that, for reparatioune of a pairt of the losses susteanet be many of the inhabitantis of the towne, the generall assemblie hes granted licence for collecting ane generall contributioun throw the haill land, quhilk may be retardit in sundrie pairtis throw the evill and bad reportis that is gone throw the countrey throw occasioune of the collectouris of these pittie customes; tharfor, and for sundrie vther wechtie caussis, and especiallie for eshewing of the great curseing, banning and sweiring, that hes beine committed innumerable tymes heirtofoir, to the great dishonour and offence of God and the greife of many honest harted people quha hes hard the samyne from tyme to tyme, wisching that the samyn micht be mendit and the occasioune thairof tane out of the way, the saids proveist, bailleis and counsell, hes inhibite and dischairget, and does be the tenour heirof inhibite and dischairge the collectioun of the said pittie custom, and ordaines the collectours therof to be conveined and the comptis takine aff thair handis wpon thair great aithes or allowit to them in quhat they debursit thairfor at Witsonday last, and the customes to be collectit at the brig, and all that comes in be the water to be thocht vpon heirefter.

Warrand, assemblie.

[Ordained the treasurer to have a warrant for the following sums disbursed by him to the provost:—£36 "for the prenting of the supplicatiounes that was givin in befor the generall assemblie and actis givin out thairanent in favouris of the town;" 24s. "to the prenteis boy in drink silver;" 48s. "for wrytting of supplicatiounes;" £134 8s. "for his awn charges and Mr. George Youngs ordinar and extraordinar, thair boyes and horses charges quhen they were in Edinburgh the tyme of the late assemblie;" and other sums; amounting in all to £257 8s.]

10 August 1652.

Clark, scoll maister.

In consideratioun that James Clerk, scoolmaster, hes his haill houssis and scooll burnit, and that none in towne hes capacitie for instructioun of youthe to wryte as he can, the foirsaidis magistratis and counsell hes granted to him dureing their wills allanerlie the vse of the sessioun hous in Trongait for ane scoole.

13 August 1652.

Report, Pollok, sess.

James Pollok, bailyie, maid report anent his goeing to Air quhairin he produceit ane warrand for getting downe the half of the sess dureing the Generall-Major Deane his will.

Saltmercat streit clenging.

Forsameikill as divers wayes hes bein soght out and gone about for clensing and reding of the Saltmercat Streit and yet the work is evir ritardit, findis it thairfor necessar that the towne deburs the charges to the kairteris for leading away of the red out of the said streit ay and quhill the samyne be compleitlie red; and ordaines ane perfect nott to be tane vp quhat sall be debursit thairvpon, and the first money that comes in by anie contribution the towne to be payit aff the first end thairoff; and appoynts William Barclay and William Comyng to attend the kairteris and that work the nixt weik and to tak vp ane exact compt of the haill draughtis.

16 August 1652.


Appoyntis ane bank to be sent throw the towne be touk of drum to wairne all such who hes not as yet givin vp thair lossis that they come this day to the tolbuith at twa houris to give vp the same, and to certifie all who does neglect sall not be hard thairanent heirefter.

17 August 1652.

Fewduties in Gorballis.

William Reid, officer, is electit and chosen collectour for the ingathering and collecting of the few dewties dew to be payit off the housses and yairds in Gorballis allenarlie.

Grammer scooll maisteris.

Appoynts James Pollok, bailyie, Mr. John Dunlop, Collein Campbell, and James Colquhoune, to meit with the maister of the Grammer Scoole and Mr. Robert Speir anent the contraversie fallin out betuixt thame, and to report the nixt meiting.

24 August 1652.

Grammer scooll.

Report being maid be these who wer appoyntit to meit with the maister of the Grammer Scoole and Mr. Robert Speir, ane of the doctouris thairof, it wes agriet and condiscendit vpon that the said Mr. Robert sould be remowed fra his chairge, and appoynts William Neillsoune to goe in name of the saids magistratis and councell to the said schoole and to intimat the samyne and to declair his place thair to be vaiking.

Pollok to Edinburgh.

Ordaines James Pollok, bailyie, to ryde to Edinburgh, with all expediencie, to attend the proveist anent the townes affairis, and to tak with him Lowdounes band and the compt of the townes lossis.

Warrand, manufactorie.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to John Neill vj li. 10 s. for the pryce of ane meikill paper book the lait magistratis and counsell imployit him to mak for the vse of the manufactorie.

28 August 1652.


In answer to ane lettre direct to the saids magistratis and counsell be the Laird of Sillertounhill, craveand the lone of ane sate in the Hie Kirk, in respect of the seiknes of his ordinar pastour, appoynts Walter Neilsoune to speik the beddell of the said kirk for keeping that sate in the said kirk quhilk is commounlie callit Muntroise sate, for the vse of the said laird, his ladye and familie, and that dureing the counsellis will allanerlie.

4 September 1652.

Wilkie, fyre.

It was thoght guid that Mr. John Wilkie sould be imployit to goe to Lundon for agitating of the townes bussines thair anent the making vpe of the townes losses be fyre, and appoyntis the proveist to speik to his brother, Mr. William, for that effect, and lettres to be wryttin to the said Mr. Johne thairanent with dilligence to desyr him to come heir.

Provisioun to ministers.

The foirsaids magistratis and counsell, efter consideratioune of the severall provisiounes appointed to the ministers of this citie, finding some disparitie amongst them by the laite provisioune maid be the former magistratis and counsell to thair ministers, daitted the twentie ane day of Apryle jm vjc fourtie nyne, concerning the conversioune of ane pairt of thair stipendis into victuall at ane hundrethe pundis the chalder, and allocatioune thairof wpone the teithes dew to the towne furthe of the rowms within the parische of the baronie kirk of Glasgow, and that maister George Young and maister Hew Blair, ministers in the Laiche Kirk in Trongait and in that kirk called the Blakfreiris, had onlie converted in victuall and allocat to them fyve chalders victuall betwixt them bothe, quhairof thair was twentie four bollis to hawe beine takin out of the old myln of Partick, ane boll out of the landis called Brumelandis, and ane boll out of the landis called Mylnedame, was not payable nor in vse of payment, quhairas Mr. Patrick Gillespie and Mr. Johne Carstairs, now successour to Mr. James Durhame, twa of thair ministeris, had converted and allocat to eache of them fyve chalderis payable victuall; thairfore, notwithstanding of the said late provisioune, and the saidis Mr. George and Mr. Hew thair acceptance of and acquiesence to the inferior quantitie of victuall dispensed to them, conceaveing it most just and consonant to reasone and equitie and that it became them in dewtie to endeavour that all thair ministers be alyke and equallie provydit, since the burdeing of the ministrie lyethe equallie and alyk vpon them all, and for encouradgement to the saids Maister George and Mr. Hew, the saidis magistratis and counsell have inacted, appointed and ordanit, and by this present inactis, appoyntis, and ordaines that the saidis Mr. George and Mr. Hew, eache of them and their successores, have fyve chalderis victuall converted to them in place of fyve hundrethe pundis of thair former stipendis (quhilk to ilk ane of them was ane thowsand pundis by yeir and four scoir pundis for thair hous maill) and that in all tyme comeing dureing thair lyftymes and serveing the cure at the saids kirks respectivelie, and the particularis of the not payable victuall as is aforesaid of thair former allocatioune supplied for the future by the localitie to follow heirvpon; and in respect that the victuall alreadie allocat to the saids Mr. Georg Young and Mr. Hew Blair, quhilkis compted now as guid payment or to be allocat to eache of them for makeing vpe to ilk ane of them fyve chalderis victuall for the present, is not yet certane what the number of the bollis therof will be, because the teynd of some of these lands hes not beine valued, as also some of these allocat or to be allocat may be affected with tackis, thairfoir the saids magistratis and counsell, be the tennor heirof, bindis and obleissis them and thair successouris in office that quhatewir the saidis Mr. George or Mr. Hew, or either of them, sall be fund to want of thair saids respective fyve chalderis of victuall, by reasoune of any of the causses abovementionat, that the samyne sall be maid vpe to them be the towne, efter just compt and rekning, and dewlie payed with the rest of thair stipendis as effeiris, to ane hundreth punds the chalder, beginnand and enterand to the vptaking of the saids fyve chalders victuall for the cropp and yeir jm vjc fiftie ane yeiris; and becaus thair is allocat and to be allocat to the saids twa ministers ten chalders victuall, it is provydit heirby that they sall vplift the samyne themselfis and exoner the towne thairof except in ony of the causes abovewryttin; and binds and obleissis them and thair successouris in office to warrand the premissis against all deidlie as law will.

7 September 1652.

Report anent the contribution.

James Pollock, bailyie, maid his report at Edinburgh and Leithe and producet ane buike quhairin was insert the contributioune givine be the cheife justices and towne of Leithe and all he had receavit in relatioun to the contributioune, with ane compt of his debursementis in attending thairvpon, quhilk is all ordanit to be wryttine and insert in the said buik appointed for that effect, with all vther contributiouns that sall come or be broght in and the haill expenssis waired or to be waired in ingathering thairof.


Johne Wyllie and James Or, merchandis, wer chosine and appointtit to goe to the northe for collecting and ingathering of the contributioune thair, and William Cumyng and Johne M'Kewne appoynted to goe to the haill boundis of Scotland on this syde of Forthe; quha ar to fallow suche instructiounes as sall be givine them. [All undertook the charge, except James Or, and the provost was appointed] to speik John Semple thairanent.


Appoyntis James Pollock, baillie [and four others] to consider the most necessitat persounes quha ar in building or intentioune to build presentlie, and speciallie to have regaird to widowis and orphandis, and to distribut amongst them with all conveniencie the portioune of the contributione already broght home be the said James Pollok so much as is frie thairof.

Warrand, chirurgeon.

Ordanis the thesaurer to pay to Johne Hall, chirurgeon, for the cureing of ane poore woman, ane burges bairne, quha had the knap of hir elbow struckin from hir be ane of the sojouris quha came from Aire about the maissones, and that in regard of his long attendance be the space of ten weikis in cureing thairof, the sowm of threttie pundis money.

11 September 1652.

Warrand, Pollok, contribution.

James Pollock, bailyie, is appointed to pay to the four men quha is ordanit to goe throw the countrey for ingathering of the contributioune alse muche money as will buy them horses and to beir thair charges, and that out of the first and reddiest of the contributioun money quhilk he brocht in alreadie from Leithe and vtheris.

Comptis of communalitie.

Appoyntis the comptis of the communalitie to be againe revised be Mr. Johne Dunlope and Johne Bell, and be George Brome and suche as he sall bring with him, at sick tyme as they sall aggree vpone, and the moneyis to be brocht in that is to the foire, to the effect that these wha did advance any and yet wantis may be repayit. And becaus Johne Bell, being for the tyme ane member of the said communalitie, was direct to Sir Charles Erskine be the said communalitie anent some cesse the said Sir Charles was craveand of the towne, for the tyme, for the quhilk he then gave his band to the said Sir Charles and quhich is yit lying above his heid vndischarged, and seeing that quhilk he did at that tyme was done for the townes weel [the council bound themselves and their successors to relieve Bell of the bond].

Wood, customes, Inglische.

In answer to James Woods supplicatioune givin in be him anent the lose he sustenit be taking the customes of the brige and gerse of the Greine fra Witsonday 1651 to Witsonday last, and they knowing that the Inglische came heir at the fair of Glasgow that yeir, quhairby the haill gerse of the Greine was eattine, no custome collectit at the said brige and little for a long tyme thairefter, and that his band is lying in the town for thrie hundrethe merkis money, the foirsaids magistrats and counsell thairfor hes remittit to the said James Wood the sowme of twa hundrethe merkis money.

Warrand, Pettigrew, wryttings.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Alexander Pettigrew threttie sax pundis money for twentie indentouris he wreat to the poore boyes, and vther wryttings of the towne, be directioun of the late magistratis, and for many vther publict things he hes wryttin sensyne in copeeing of the haill rentallis and vtheris.

Yair, clerk.

The forsaidis proveist, bailyeis and counsell, haveing now long experience of the former service and cariage of William Yair, thair present clerk, and vnderstanding that he was onlie admittit and receavit clerk of befoir to serve thairin dureing thair will and pleasour, they have thairfore vnanimuslie electit and chosine, and be the tennor heirof electis and choysis the said William Yair, clerk of the said brugh to the first day of September nixttocome, in anno jm vjc fiftie thrie yeirs; with full power to him to exerce the said office and to vplift and dispone vpon the haill feis and casualiteis belonging thairto; quha being present accepted and gave his aith of fidelitie as vse is.

14 September 1652.

Wilkie, contributioun.

It being thoght fitt be the magistratis and counsell that Mr. Johne Wilkie, burges of this brugh, sould be imployit to goe to Lundoun to petitioune in the townes name the parliament thair for ane contributioune for helpeing of the making vpe of the losses of the towne be fyre, and he being wryttin for for that effect and haveing come and compeired this day in counsell, efter much intreatie he vnderteuk the said service; and thairfor the foirsaidis magistratis and counsell appoyntis twa commissiounes to be drawn vpe to that end, ane conteining the proveists name and the said Mr. John Wilkeis, to the effect that the proveist may concurr with him thairintill, being to repair to Lundon at this tyme with the rest of the commissionars of the nation, and ane vther commissioune drawin vpe to the said Mr. Johne his alone; and for his better outreik appoyntis Androw Mudie to pay to the said Mr. Johne twentie pund sterling, out of the first and reddiest of the moneys he receavis fra the colectours of the mylnes, and quhatewir sowmes of money it sall happen the said Mr. Johne to spend in that service and draw vpon the towne, the foirsaidis proveist, bailyeis and counsell bindis and obleissis them and thair successouris in office thankfullie to ansuer and pay the samyne to him or to any vther according to his appointment, as also to pay him honestlie and thankfullie for his payns.

Warrand, beir distribute at the fyre.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Marie Scharpe, spouse to Robert Dorroch, for four barrellis of beir quhilk shoe distribute at command of the magistratis to people the tyme the late suddent fyre brak vpe in the Trongait, scho giving hir aith befoir ane of the balyies of the quantitie and qualitie.


Appoyntis the magistratis to provyde glase wreichtis for the weill of the towne quhairewer they can be had.

Pittie customes.

[Instructed the treasurer to give back to the tacksmen of the petty customs as much money as the bailies consider proper, because the "pittie customes ar now dischairgit be the town and they had no longer collecting thairof."]

Provisioun to ministers. Allocatioun of teyndis.

Forsameikill as the proveist, balyeis, and counsell of this burgh, had of befoir, takeing to thair consideratioune the declaret intentioune of the former magistratis and counsell to have allocat to thair ministers, in pairt payment of thair stipends, the teynds boght be the toun, and to have maid them all alyk thairanent, yett finding the allocatioune maid in favouris of Mr. George Young and Mr. Hew Blair to be far schort of any locatioun granted to ony vther of thair ministers, and they being most willing, so far as did lye on them, to mak them all alyke, according to these prior intentiones, quhilk is most consonant to reasone and equitie, as the act maid be the present magistratis and counsell of the dait the fourt day of this instant beares, they thairfore conforme thairto haveing caused draw vpe the allocatioune vnderwryttin, quhilk was this day red, allowed, and approvin by them, and ordanit heir to be buikit in thair counsell buik, and therefter delyvered to the saids Mr. George Young and Mr. Hew Blair, quhairof the tennour followis:—Be it kend till all men be thir present letteris, we Daniell Wallace, proveist, Johne Andersoune, James Pollok and Walter Neilsoune, balyeis of the brughe of Glasgow, James Hammiltoune, deane of gild, Manasses Lyill, deacone conveiner, Gabriell Corbet, thesaurer therof, and remanent counselloures of the samyne vnder subscryveand; forsameikill as we be our act of the dait the fourt day of September instant [the act printed, supra, pp. 240–2 is here narrated] as our said act of the dait foirsaid mair fullie proportis; and we being most willing that they be sufficientlie secured in thair said localitie and maid alyk with thair saids colligs abovenamet; thairfore, and for many vther guid reasones and causses moveing ws, wit yee ws, for thair farder securitie therintill, to have farder allocat, mortifeit, assignit and disponit, lykeas we, be the tennour heirof, by and besyde that which is allocat to them alreadie and is guid payment, allocats, mortifeis, assignes and disponis to and in favours of the saids Mr. George Young and Mr. Hew Blair, equallie betwixt them, dureing all the dayes of thair lyftymes and serveing the cure within the said brugh, and to thair saids successouris in office, all and haill the personadge and great teyndis of all and haill the particular lands, rowmes and maillings, efterspecifeit, to wit, the landis of Haghill, Keirhill, and Coline Campbell his pairt of Newtoune, Over and Nether Newtounes, besyde Coline Campbells allocat in the article befoir, and besyd that which is sett in tak to Mr. Robert Stewart, Ruchehill, Liningishauch, the twa Woodesydes belonging to Coline Campbell and Robert Fleyming, Stobcorse, with Drumoders Aikers, and Raikinghauche, Eister and Wester Craigs, Camlauchie, Garroch, the landis in Gallowmuir pertening to the airs of vmquhill Georg Hutchesone, the landis in Borrowfeild, quhilk was boght be the said vmquhill Georg Hutchesoune fra vmquhill Adame Whyte, the teynd quhairof is payable be Mareon Stewart and hir tennentis, the landis of Over Possill, except that which is sett in tak to Mr. Archibald Fleyming; and that by and attour the great teyndis and teynd shaives of the lands vnderwryttine quhilk was allocat to them of befoir, to wit, Over and Neather Carntynes, Kennihill, Wester Neather Possill, Kelveinhauche, Kingisinch, (quhich ar onlie in vse of payment), and quhilk we be the tennour heirof doe ratifie, allow and approve And, for the implement to them of the former clause contenit in the said act, quhat bollis victuall ar alreadie allocat to them conforme to the former provisiounes and allocatiounes or is now presentlie allocat be ws to them, in the quhilk they sall fall schort of payment, it not being yet certane quhat the number of the bollis therof will be, because the teyndis of some of these landis hes not yet bein valued and some of these teyndis allocat now and of befoir may be affected with tackis; thairfore we the saids proveist, balyeis and counsell, be the tennor heirof, binds and obleissis ws and our saids successoures in office that quhatewer the saids Mr. George or Mr. Hew, or either of them, sall be fund to want of thair saids respective fyve chalders of victuall, throw any off the causses abovewryttin, to mak guid and thankfull payment to them or either of them with the rest of thair said stipend as effeirs, at ane hundrethe pundis the chalder, and that yeirlie at the feist of Witsoundaye, and compt to be maid thairat yeirly, and quhat they sall be fund wanting of thair said localitie to be thankfullie payed at the said terme conform to our said obleisment above specifiet; quhilk dispositioune, allocatioune, and vther premissis abovewryttin, we bind and obleis ws and our said successours in office to warrand, acquyet, and defend to the saids Mr. George Young and Mr. Hew Blair and thair successouris at all hands and against all deadlie as law will.

17 September 1652.

Order by parliament for payment of £1000 stg. to poor who have suffered by fire. (A.P.S., vol. vi., part ii., p. 775.)

Ordered that the sum of one thousand pounds sterling be paid out of the treasury of the sequestrations in Scotland, to such person or persons as the commander in chief, the governor of Edenburgh, and the commissioners for sequestrations in Scotland, or any three of them, shall appoint, to be distributed to such of the poor of the city of Glascow in Scotland as have suffered by the lamentable fire which lately happened there, and in such proportions as the said commander in chief, governor of Edenburgh, and commissioners for sequestrations in Scotland, or any three of them, shall direct and sett down.

25 September 1652.

Report, Pollock.

James Pollok, balyie, maid report of his dilligence in Edinburgh anent the getting of ane lettre subscryvit be Generall-Major Deane to maister Johne Wilkie for his goeing to Lundon, quhilk he did, as also ane warrand subscryvit be the said Generall Major to the soldiarie for the contributioun.

5 October 1652.


[From a leet of three persons, the commissioner of the Duke of Lennox nominated Daniell Wallace to be provost for the year to come.


John Andersone, elder, and James Pollok, merchants, and Walter Neilsoun, craftsman, elected bailies.]

8 October 1652.


[Thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen elected councillors.]

13 October 1652.

Officers elected.

[James Hammilton, dean of guild; Manasses Lyill, deacon-convener; John Louk, treasurer; John Wilsone, water bailie; James Govane, master of work; John Miller, visitor of maltmen.]

16 October 1652.

Bailleis, Gorballis.

Ane lyte of four persones being presented be the fewars of Gorballis, to the effect that ane of tham micht be chosin to be ane of the balyeis thairof the yeir ensewing, be plurality of vottis, Robert Stirling, thair, is electit for that effect; and John Bell, merchand, is electit and chosin, efter votting, to be the vther balyie thairof the said space; and appoyntis the balyeis to fix ane court in their own convenient tyme and to repair thither for taking of thair oathes.

Hie Kirk.

Appoynts the dean of gild, maister of work, to goe to the Hie Kirk and to tak ane compt fra James Elphiesten of the haill leid and vther worklumes thairintill, and to tak vpe ane perfect inventar thairof.


It being perfectlie knowne that sundrie captiones and actis of wardings ar past against John Wallace, jeylour, and that sundrie hes escaped furth of the tolbooth throw his default, quhilk may prove dangerous to the magistratis, and that now he hes takin vpe his dwelling in the said tolboothe, ordaines him thairfor to provyde ane vther house for himself against Mertimes nixt.

Statutis, aill, beir, etc.

[Ordained no higher prices than the following to be charged:—Ale, 2s. 8d. the pint; beer, 3s. the pint; tallow, 50s. the tron stone; candle, 58s. the troy stone.]

23 October 1652.

Lettres, Edinbrugh.

Ordaines ane lettre of thankis to be wryttine to the magistratis of Edinbrugh for the contributioune sent heir be them, quhilk was colected for the vse of these wha had thair land brunt, as also ane vther lettre of thanks to be sent to James Farquhair, merchand, burges of Aberdeine.

Malt, Gorballis.

It is appointit and ordanit that all the malt grund at the towne mylnes quhilk is to be brewne in the Gorballis pay at the saids mylnes conforme as the burgessis and neighbouris in this brugh does pay, for defraying of thair publict burdings; and the collectouris to give out ane testificat of all such malt that it hes payed the dewis; as also the haill colectours to delyver thes moneys to John Bell, balyie of the Gorballis, ilk Setturday at nicht, to the effect that he and his collige may see the samyn imployit for defraying of the commoun burdeings thair.

Merchand buithis, Gorballis.

For many wechtie reasones and consideratiounes moveing the haill magistrats and counsell of this brugh, they be the tennour heirof inhibitis and discharges any merchand buith quhatsomewer to be keipit or maid vse of in the Gorballis, aither be the burgessis and neichbours of this brugh or any vther persone quhatsomevir, and recommendis this to John Bell and Robert Stirling, balyeis thair, to sie the samyne fulfilled and performed.

25 October 1652.

Pollok, commissionar.

It being regrated that the magistratis and counsell ar slichted and vilipendit be sundrie of the ministeris and kirk sessiones, and how the poore is neglectit therby and the contributioune appoyntit to be colectit for thair mentenance is slichtit be many, appoyntis therfore and for vther maters concernis the towne, as the contributioune and other things, that James Pollok, balyie, repair to Edinbrugh to doe thairin as he sall think fitting quhen he comes thair, and appoyntis William Cumyng to goe with him and to attend thair ane space for ingathering of the contributioune fra the presbitrie of Edinbrugh and thairabout, and appoyntis ane lettre to be sent to James Colquhoun, merchand, to be assistant to William Comyng thairanent.

Committee, contributioun.

Consideratioun being takin be the saids magistratis and counsell anent the inbringing of the contributioun for supplie of these wha hes thair landis and guids brunt, and in regaird that the counsell cannot be convenit at all occasiones anent everie particular insident thairintill, they have thairfor electit and nominat, and be the tennour heirof electis and nominatis thir persones, viz., the balyees, James Bell, Colin Campbell, Mr. John Dunlop, the dein of gild, deikin conveiner, James Bornis, John Louk, and Patrik Park, and ony fyve of them to be ane quorum, to whom the saids magistrats and counsell does heirby give thair full power, warrand, and commissioun to meit and conveine at sick tymes as they sall appoynt amongst thamselfis, and to treat, resolve, and goe about all lauchfull wayes for the inbringing of the said contributioun or advanceing and setting forward thairof, aither heir at home or abroad in vther pairtis, and to caus send out and direct lettres for that effect.

30 October 1652.

Gibbit burne to be mendit.

It being takine to consideratioune the great lettis and impedimentis the kairteris hes at that pairt callit the Gibbet Burne quhen they bring stones from the quarrell to the neichbouris and inhabitantis, and now in this tyme quhen thair is so great employment for them the samyn proves prejudiciall to verie many people, for remeiding quhairof it is resolvit, statute, and ordanit that that pairt of the way be most commodiouslie mendit be the sicht of the best craftismen, and recommendis the doeing and overseeing thairof to the master of work and Johne Herbertsone, and appoynts them to speik to the quarreouris for wining of stanes and leiding of them thairto frilie without ony payment.

M'Cleane, jevillour.

The place of the jealourschip in keiping of the tolbooth is declairit vacand, and Charles M'Claine is electit, nominat, and appointed to be ad mittit and receavit thairto at Mertimes nixt, he findand sufficient cautioune be band, conforme to the ordour.

6 November 1652.

Collectour, Gorballis.

[Appointed William Colquhoune, writer, to be collector of the rents of the Gorbals, and he to have 100 merks for his pains.]

Persone land.

Appoyntis James Pollok, bailyie, to speik to Albert Nisbet anent the summondis givine to the townes people quha hes the persones lands, and to report.

Dekine convenar.

In answer to ane demand givine in be Manasses Lyill, deicon conveiner, for himself and in name of the haill deikines of craftis within this brugh, shewing that thair poore decayit brethrein did daylie greatumlie multiplie and increase, and they had keipit litle or nothing in thair hands to supplie tham now in thir great strates, be reasone of the moneyis they had debursit for the lands of Gorballis, quhairby the poore wha wont to be supplied and supported be thair severall tredis and craftis ar greatlie prejudged and damnifeit, and therfor craveand that the severall deikines, visitor of maltmen, and thair maisters of craft, may tak and exact aff everie man being ane strainger and ane new enterand with ane of the craftis ten pundis, Scotis money, as ane mair augmentatioune for thair entrie or vpset nor wont to be payit of befoir be these of that qualitie; quhilk being considerit vpon be the foirsaid balyeis and counsell, they doe heirby grant licence and libertie to everie deikine and thair severall maisters of craftis and quartermaisters, and thair successouris in thair respective offices, to exact aff everie new enterand frieman with them, not being ane burges sone nor mareand ane burges dochter or ane prenteis to ane frieman, ten pundis Scottis mair nor ewir they had warrand of befoir to tak and was in vse of; and to tak fra everie man quha is or sall be admitted burges grates and sall desyre to be admitted frieman in ony craft twentie punds Scottis money, in maner as is abovewryttine; and that for the furder supplie of the foirsaid poore decayit brethrein for ilk tred and calling. Provyding alwyse that it sall be lisome to the magistratis and counsell to moderat the haill premissis quhen ewir the samyne sall come before them; and that this act be not extendit against burgessis bairnes or these wha hes maryed burgessis dochters or prenteissis to friemen.

13 November 1652.

Campbell, commissionar.

Coline Campbell is electit commissionar to ryde to Edinburgh to attend the particular meitting of the burrowes to be convenit thairat vpon the 26 day of this instant.

Lipper Hospitall.

Appoyntis James Bell, Mr. John Dunlop and James Hammiltone, to meit with such as hes chairge of the abacie of Pasley and with the Laird of Nether Pollok, and to speik with them anent the meill that wont to be payed be thair predicessouris to the Lipper Hospitall beyond the brige.

No landward malt to be grund befoir presentit to mercat.

The magistratis and counsell of this brugh, vnderstanding the former actis of this brugh sett downe of befoir that all landwart malt broght in be countreymen to be sold and brewne within this brugh sould first be presented to the mercat, to the effect that the sufficiencie thairof may be seen and tryed and the dewis of the laidillis and firlottis payed thairfore in the mercat place as becomethe, and they now being certainlie informed that the takismen of the laidillis doe laidill the samyne malt in houssis and vther places altho it wer newer presented to the mercat, quhilk is not onlie contrair to the former actis bot also proves oftintymes prejudiciall to the said malt and to the customers of the peckis anent thair dewis to be vplifted thairfor; and thairfor it is heirby statute and ordanit, be the magistratis and counsell of this brugh, that no suche malt broght in be landward men to be brewne within this brugh be laidled befoir the samyne be presented to the mercat, as also that all the lyk malt that is brocht to be brewne within this towne sould not be grond at any of the mylnes belonging to the towne, by thair mylners, colectors, or servandis, untill the tyme that the awners of the said malt report to them ane testificat wnder the visitouris hand, or vthers whom he sall appoint, that the samyne is sichted and tryed be him, and none to be laidled at the said mylnes heirefter.

20 November 1652.

Persone land.

Appoyntis James Bell, Coline Campbell and Mr. John Dunlop to speak of new againe with Halbert Nisbit anent the chairge givin to thes anent the person landis.


Appoyntis ane watche to be keipit nichtlie in town dureing the counsellis will and pleasour, and recommendis the same to the magistratis to see it exactlie performed.

Gorballis, malt.

In ansuer to ane supplicatioun, givin in be James Scot and John Filp, for themselfis and in nam of the haill fewars in Gorballis, that ane ease may be granted to them of these moneys exactit at the townes mylnes for malt brewn in the Gorballis, the saidis ballees and counsell, for thair better ease, remit for the present ane fyft pairt thairof, swa that they ar now onlie to pay threttie twa shilling for the fourtie they payed of befoir, with this condition and provision that, in regaird these moneyis swa colected ar to be aplyed for payment of the commoune burdeings of these landis of Gorballis, that if the samyn burdeings doe encrease that quhilk is now remited sall be thairefter exactit and is to begin imediatlie.

27 November 1652.

Comptis, communalitie.

Appoyntis Johne Bell, and any four of the communalitie he pleassis to tak to himself, to put in ordour the communaliteis comptis, and to forme the samyne in the best and the breifest way that they may be buikit.

Poor boyis.

Recommendis James Mayne and John Baird, twa poore boyes craveand to be put to craftis, to the baillees for getting som of the money that is colected for the vse of the poor to them for that effect.

4 December 1652.

Clark, scoole.

Appoyntis James Clerk to remove his scoole out of the stiple in Trongait this nixt weicke, and he to try out, be sicht of the maister of work, ane scoole in ane more commodious place, and the towne is to help him to pay the maill thairof.


It is thocht fitt and convenient that ane man be send to Aberdeine and other pairtis thairaboutis anent the mater of the contributioune, and ane of the sessioun to be electit to goe with him; as also James Campbell is electit to goe to Aire anent the same particular with the souldiarie and others thair; and appoyntis William Cumyng to repair to Linlithgow against the twentie twa of this instant for that same effect.

11 December 1652.


It is thocht most conduceable, bothe for the ease and guid of the towne and for the guid and proffeit of the Hospitallis and poore thairin, that the lands of the Gorballis be delt to the effect that each of them may know thair own pairtis thairof, and that fitt men be thocht vpone to be chosin out to that effect this day aucht dayes.

18 December 1652.

Report, Pollok, £1000 granted be parliament.

James Pollok, balyie, maid report of his haill last diligence in Edinburgh anent the obtening warrands for making payment to the towne of the thowsand pund sterling granted be the parliament of England and anent the distributers thairof.

25 December 1652.


Appoyntis Johne Bell, ane of the bailleis of Gorballis, to choyse out and elect some of the most wysest and judicious men of these in the Gorballis for devyding of the lands thairof in four severall quarteris, haveing relatioune to the superioritie of the saidis [lands,] toure, houssis and yairds belonging thairto, and this to be done with the best convenient diligence, and thairefter to produce what is done be them therintill to be weell thocht vpon be the magistrats and counsell befoir any setled divisioun be set down thairanent.

Men to the northe.

Recommendis to Balyie Neilsoune and the dein of gild to haste away these men that sould goe to the northe anent the home bringing of the contributioune.

27 December 1652.

Lettre, Argyll.

Ordaines ane sharpe lettre to be sent to the Marqueis of Argylle for ingetting of these moneyis awin be him to the towne and hospitallis, for defraying of the towns burdeings.


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