Extracts from the records: 1655

Pages 303-324

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 2, 1630-1662. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1881.

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20 January 1655.

Cuik and M'Kinnie, buriall places.

Licence was granted be the saids magistratis and counsell to Balyie Pollok and to his brother, Thomas Pollock, to build ane peice of the kirk yaird dyke for ane buriall place at the futt therof. As also licence is granted to Johne Cuik and Alexander M'Kinnie to build ane vther pairt of the said dyke for ane buriall place at the southend of Commissar Fleymings tombe; and Johne Cuik to have the rowme nerrest thairto.


Forsameikill as the insufficiencie of taning of lether be the tanneris within this brughe has beine heirtofoire remonstrat to the saids magistrats and counsell, and they being sensible thairof and most willing that these and all the lyk abuises sould be removit and remeidit for the guid of the haill inhabitantis and others of the countrey, it is therfor heirby inactit, statute and ordanit, be the saids magistratis and counsell, that the haill tanners or barkers within this brugh shall heirefter bring all the hydes that they shall sell within the samyne to the mercat place to be appoynted be the towne counsell, and that they be sufficientlie tannit, quhilkis shall be tryed be visitouris to be appoynted be the towne counsell for that effect, and gif ony lether shall be fund vnsufficient the samyne shall be destinate for the vse of the poore, be sicht of the said towne counsell.

17 February 1655.

Prenteissis enterand gild brether.

The foirsaids magistrats and counsell, taking to thair consideratioune the great hurt, domage and prejudice, susteanit be the haill merchand rank within this citie throw admitting these to be gild brether quha obtenis thair burgesschip be right of thair prenteisschip at so easie ane rate as hes bein observit heirtofoire, quhairas all these being in ane maner straingers aucht naewayes to be respectit or come in competition with burgessis bairneis borne and broght vpe within the towne; for remeiding quhairof, and for the better stirring vpe and moveing all suche of that qualitie to marie gild brethers dochters, quhilk will be to these parents ane great comfort and ease, as is expressit in the lettre of gildrie, it is thairfor heirby inactit, statute and ordanit, be the saids magistrats and counsell, that nae maner of persoune, either merchand or craftisman, wha shall obtein his burgesschipe be right of his prenteisschipe in tyme comeing, shall not be admitted gild brother within this brugh be vertew thairof wnles he serve his master or other friemen four full yeirs efter he is past burges be right forsaid, and that without any gaine or proffeit to be maid to himselfe bot to his master allanerlie, unles he pay to the hospitall of his calling the sowm of ane hundrethe merkes Scotis money. And this is nowayes to be extendit to burgessis and gildbrether bairnes nor to these wha maryes the dochters of burgessis and gild brether.


The afoirsaids magistrats and counsell, takeing to thair consideratioun the great and exhorbitant pryces takine be the cairters within this brught serveing about the Water of Clyd, and they being most willing to remeid the samyne, alse weell for inhabitants as strangers, have thairfor heirby inactit, statut and ordanit, that nae kairter vseing that tread for the present or quha shall vse the samyne heirefter sall preswme or tak vpon hand to tak any mor pryces for thair drauchts nor is heirefter expressit, to wit, for everie draught from the Bromelaw to the Stokwell, Briggait and Wynes, ane schilling four penneis; item, from the Broomelaw to the Trongait, Gallowgait and Saltmercatt, twa schillings; item, from the Bromielaw to any pairt betwixt the cros and the colledge, twa schilling aucht penneis; and from the Bromielaw to above the colledge to the Wyneheid and fardest place in the towne, four schillings; item, for ilk draucht from the Wynehill to the cros, four schillings; and frae Kelveinpott, sex schillings; and from these pairts respectivlie to any pairts above the cros, ane schilling Scotis farder. And quha ewer dois in the contrarie heirof, be exacting mair for thair draughts nor is above specifeit, they ar to be punisched in thair persoune and guids according to the will of the magistratis and counsell and discharget of the libertie to leid with ane kairt in all tyme heirefter. And ordaines thir presentis to be intimat throw the towne be touk of drume.

24 February 1655.


Forsameikill as it is greatlie regraited be sundrie of the inhabitants of this brugh that they ar verie much prejudgit and damnifeit throw the holding and keiping of swyne within this citie and permitting of them to goe abroad out of houssis, quhilk is contrair to the ancient and laudable actis of this brugh sett down of befoir thairanent, and therefor it is heirby inactit, statute and ordanit that nae maner of persone or persones within the samyne doe preswme or tak vpon hand to suffer any of thair swyne to goe throw the streitis or to be seene thairin, or in any vther menis skaithe or yairds, frae this day furthe, wnder the payne of ten pundis to be exactit aff everie persone vnforgivin how oft and swa oft as they shall contravein the premissis. And ordaines the samyne to be intimat be touk of drume throw the towne.

2 March 1655.

Obleisment by College as to Mr. Zacharie Boyds mortification.

Be it knawne to all men be thir present lettres, ws Mr. Patrick Gillespie, principall of the college of Glasgow, Mr. Robert Baillie and Mr. Johne Young, professouris of theologie within the said college, Masters James Veatche, Patrick Young, Androe Burnet and Georg Sinclair, regentis therof; with the speciall advyse and consent of Sir George Maxwell of Nather Pollok, knight, rector, and the said Mr. Johne Young, dean of facultie of the samyne. Forsameikle as be vertewe of ane contract, of the dait the eight day of December 1635 yearis [here the contract, mentioned antea, pp. 36, 37, is narrated]. And now at the making heirof, in regaird James Hammiltoune, elder, present dean of gild of the said brughe, and his bretherin of counsall of the merchand rank, hes reallie and in effect payit and delyverit to ws the saids principall, professouris, regentis, and remanent members of the facultie of the said college, the forsaid principall sowme of ane thousande poundes, monye forsaid, which was mortified be the said deceast Mr. Zacharie Boyd in manner above written; and that to the end the samyne may be secuired in manner wnder exprest for the effect above mentioned, wherof we hold ws weill contentit, satisfeit and payit, and, for ws and our successouris, exoneris and simpliciter discharges the said James Hammiltoune, dean of gild, his said counsall and ther successouris and all otheris whom it effeires therof for now and ever; lykas, in regaird that we have belonging to ws in the name of the said college, in the handis of William, Earle of Glencairne, the sowme of four thousand merkes monye, and for securitie wherof we stand infeft and seasit in all and haill his fyve merke land of Titwood, as ane pairt of his landis and baronie of Kilmares, . . . of the which four thowsande merkes ther being ane thowsande poundes therof which was mortified to the said college be vmquhill Mr. Thomas Hutchesone of Lambhill, for the building of that pairt of the college which we ar about presentlie, God willing, to build, and which we had purpos and resolved to have vplifted from the said noble earle for that effect with the first; but sieing the said dean of gild and his said counsall has payit to ws, as said is, the forsaid sowme of ane thowsande poundes mortified be the said deceast Mr. Zacharie for the vse aforsaid, which we behuiffed of new againe to lend out for that effect, and it being alyk to them, to the college, and to all pairties interested, that the said sowme mortified be the said deceast Mr. Thomas Hutchesone and lent out in the handis of the said noble earle, as ane pairt of the said four thowsande merkes for the vse of the building, should lye still and be converted to the vse and for the end to the which the forsaid ane thowsande poundes mortified be the said deceast Mr. Zacharie was ordained, and that we should mak vse of that ane thousande poundes payit in to ws in nam of the said Mr. Zachareis mortified monye in place of that ane thowsand poundes mortified be the said deceast Mr. Thomas for the building. Therfor we have aggried and condiscendit so to doe, [and have destined and appropriated] the forsaid soume of ane thowsande poundes in the handis of the said noble earle, and as ane pairt of the greater sowme aforsaid to the propper vse and end for the which the said deceast Mr. Zacharie did mortifie his said ane thousand poundes, and declair heirby that the samyne ane thousande poundes now lying wpon the saidis landis of Titwood, as a pairt aforsaid, is and sall be holden, repuitt and esteimed for the said sowme mortified be the said deceast Mr. Zacharie as is above exprest, and that for all the intentis and purposis respectivelie above and wnderwritten, according to the tennour of his said mortificatioune and respective obleismentis therintill conteinit heirintill specifeit in all poyntis. But also, in regaird of our willingnes to obey the will of the defunct mortifier, for freithing the said dean of gild and his said bretherine of counsall of the merchand rank of any obleisementis conteinit in the said mortificatione, and for performeing of the trust putt upon them therby, we bind and obleis ws, with consent forsaid, and our successouris, that the principall of the said college or any other professour of theologie who shall happen to be admitit and have place within the samyne, shall accept and receave the student of the qualitie and qualificatioune above written to be presentit to them be the said dean of gild, his said bretherin of counsall and ther successouris in office from tyme to tyme, provydit they be presentit allanerlie for the quantitie of yearis above exprest, and to receave them so far as the annual rent of the said mortified sowme will extend to his maintenance within the said college; lykas, incaice the said student so to be presentit shall, haveing his parentes on lyf within the said citie, rather desyre to have the annual rent of the said ane thowsande poundes yearlie at the forsaids twa termes proportionallie then to board himselff in the said college, we bind and oblidge ws and our forsaidis to pay to him the samyne annual rent yearlie therat for his sustentatioune in household with his saids parentes in the caice aforsaid and no otherwayes; and shall fulfill, keip and performe all the obleismentis conteinit in the said mortificatioune in everie poynt, so far as relaites to ws or we ar heirby bund, but any fraud or gyle.

3 March 1655.


Ordaines the chirurgeounes to be warnit to produce thair gift to the nixt meitting, and in the meane tyme to tak bak the charges givin be them to our neichbouris and to proceid no furder.

17 March 1655.


The twa precepts that wer obteanit be Robert Blair against the parochiners of Drymen, with the lettres of horning laitlie raisit thairvpone, ar givine to James Mudye, messour, to put to executioun.

24 March 1655.

Coill heuche.

Forsameikle as ane motioun being maid be Patrik Bryce, weivar, and James Andersoune, in Gorballis, for the wining againe of the muir heughe thair, and the saids magistratis and counsell being most willing to entertein the same for the guid of this citie and haill inhabitantis thairof, hes condiscendit and aggreit to deburse, for advancement of the said work, twa thowsand merkis Scotis, and to draw vpe ane contract with the saidis persounes in this maner:—The saids Patrik Bryce and James Andersoune ar to be obleist to keipe the work on futt threttein yeiris and to have the first yeir frie, but payment of any dewtie, and to pay in yeirlie to the towne for ilk yeir thairefter sax hundrethe merks, and at nae tyme to exceid four schillings for the pryce of the hutche of coallis, and to mak the hutche of the quantitie of nyne gallowns, and they ar to be bund onlie for aucht hewaris and ar to imploy nae mae; and the foirsaid twa thowsand merkis is to be payit at thes terms, the equall half thairof at the begining of the work and the other equall half thairof at Lambes nixt.


Ordaines the maister of work, with all dilligence, to cause repair that pairt of the tolboothe that was last brokine be the theifes, with ane grait of iron.

Report, Walkingschaw, stipend.

Forsameikill as the towne being chairgit to mak payment of the vacand stipend quhilk wont to be payit to the deceist Mr. Zacharias Boyd, and they haveing direct Johne Walkinschaw to Edinburgh to aggree with (blank) Glasfoord, quha is commissionat for ingathering of these vacand stipends, and seeing he hes aggreit with him for four chalders victuall, by and besyd the twa chalders payable be the laird of Sillertounhill, and hes payit him accordinglie twa pairt meill and thrid pairt beir, at fyve merkis the boll meill and four pund 3s. 4d. the boll beir, and that for the croppe 1654 yeiris; and seeing the said Johne Walkinschaw hes givine his ticket and band to pay twa chalders farder be that same rate if the said (blank) Glaisfoord mak it appeir that it is awine; the samyne haill proceedings was allowit and approvin be the saids magistratis and counsell.

31 March 1655.

Suckine perpetuall.

Forsameikill as it was remonstrat and shawine be bill given in befoir the saids magistratis and counsell, at the instance of the procurator fiscall, that in anno 1608 the said brugh for the tyme being in great burdeings of debtt, and sundrie overtouris being maid for releife thairof for the tyme, nane was fund so valeid for releiving the said debtt and advancement of the commoune guid then to suckine and thirill the haill inhabitantis to the towne mylnes, according to the guid example of all vther weill governed borrowis, quhilk throw the blissing of God was concludit vpone and aggreit vnto be the haill magistratis and counsell for the tyme, with consent of the haill merchands and craftis vnanimuslie according thairto, and that for the space of ten yeiris; lykas in anno 1615 these worthie men, magistratis and counsell for the tyme, they weell weying the guid tharof, with consent of the haill deikins of craftis, did then statute, inact and ordaine and subscryve with thair handis that the haill burgessis and inhabitantis of this brugh sould be thirled and suckinet to the towns awin mylnis perpetuallie in all tyme thairefter, and for the better keiping and observeing thairof they did ordaine the dein of gild for the tyme and all vther succeidand deine of gildis sould tak the aithe of everie burges at thair entrie that they sould keip the samyne inviolablie, and quhilk aithe hes beine administrat and takine accordinglie, wherby the towne, be the blissing of God, hes bein inabled to repair thair kirkis, brigs, build thair tolboothe, commoune caseys, paying thair ministers stipends, and many mae commoune workis, to the great guid, commodatioune, and decorment of the citie, and now of late sundrie persounes within this brugh, and thes of guid qualitie wha reapest the greatest benefite therine and sould prove guid example to vthers, does sundrie things contrair to all these laudable actis sett downe for defence of the said suckine, not onlie in causeing brew malt in thair houssis not grond at the towne mylnes bot also of lait be bringing in of barrellis of aill out of the countrey for serveing thair famileis, quhilk gif these and the lyk be sufferrit will not faill to breck the said suckine quhilk the saids magistratis and counsell and thair worthie predicessoris hes setled with so great paynes to the great guid of the said haill citie and inhabitantis thairof; and the foirsaids magistrats and counsell, taking that so weghtie a mater to thair wyse consideratioune, and knowing the haill particularis contenit in the said bill to be trew, for remeiding quhairof they doe vnanimuslie heirby ratifie, allow and approve the haill actis, statutes and ordinances, sett downe of befoir be them and thair worthie predicessoures for setleing the said suckine and thirlidge of the haill inhabitantis to the saidis towne mylnes, and ordanis the samyne to have the full force and strenthe in all tyme comeing, and does heirby faithfullie promeis to abyd thairat themselfis and to menteine and defend the samyne to thair outermost, and hes dischargit and does heirby discharge the inbringing of any barrellis of aill or beir in barrellis or any vther veschellis out of the countrey to this brugh. And for the wrang that the said Coline Campbell hes done thairintill alreadie, he being removet from the table, they vnlawit him in fourtie pundis, quhairof he is to get bak aucht for some malt he grand at the saids mylnes and payit the dewis therof, and ordanes the bailleis to be comptable for the vnlaw to the counsell this day aucht dayes.

Woodsyd mylne.

Ordaines the magistratis to appoynt Johne Low to attend on the Woodsyd mylne and to tak speciall notice of all townes people that repairs thairto with thair malt or cornes.

The place as Bibliothecarius declarit vacand.

That place as bibliothecar in the colledge, foundit be Mr. Thomas Hutchiesoune, quhilk was the last counsell day granted to Mr. Robert Hoggisyard, sone to Robert Hoggisyard, tanner, is this day declairit vacand, and that presentatioun to be haldin as null and of nane effect, becaus efter tryell takin many and sundrie of the counsell quha was ther present at thair downe sitting was removit and went away befoir that mater came in voyceing.

Presentatioun, Baillie.

The saids magistrats and counsell, for dyvers guid and resonabill consideratiouns moveing them, they did give and grant, and be the tennour of this present act gives and grants to Mr. Robert Balyie, sone to Mr. Robert Balyie, professour of theologie within the colledge of Glasgow, the place of bibliothecarius foundit within the said colledge be vmquhill Mr. Thomas Hutchesoun of Lambhill and is at thair gift and presentatioun as patrones thairto, and that for the space of four yeiris nixt efter his entrie quhilk is to be and begin at Lambes nixttocome, and does heirby desyre the governouris and masters of the said colledge to admit and receave him thairto.

7 April 1655.

Warrand for 20 li. to Lindsay.

Appoynts the twentie pundis consignit be George Ros for ane libertie to burie ane bairne of his in the kirk to be givine to James Lindsay, officer, to helpe him to get fosterit and brocht vpe ane young bairne he hes wha is motherles and is out at the fostering.

14 April 1655.

Candle making.

Appoynts the former act made anent the not making of candle within the towne to stand in full force, and of new againe it is heirby statute and ordanit that na candle be made within the towne, conforme to the tenour of the said act and wnder the paines thairin contenit.

Gorball men.

Appoynts the baylies and dean of gild to speak with the men of the Gorballs anent the money to be gottin to the work of the coall hew.

Well in Trongait.

Ordaines the well that was appoyntit to be sett downe in the Trongate to be begune to with all diligence, conforme to the former act sett downe thairanent, and the maister of wark to goe about the samyne with the best conveniencie.

19 April 1655.

Contract subscryvit anent the coill heuche.

The contract set downe with Patrick Bryce anent the coall hew in Gorballs was subscryvit, for payment yeirlie of saxe hundereth merkis be yeir, to be payed couforme to the tennour thairof.

21 April 1655.


The magistrats and counsell of the said brugh, being convenit and having heard the supplicatioune given in and subscrivit be the deacon of the skinners, for himself and in name of thair haill calling, and be sindrie wthers of the merchant rank, all burgesses of the said brugh, shawing that be the laudable auld actis of this brugh, and ratifyit from yeir to yeir be the saidis magistrates and counsell and thair predecessours, it is statute and ordanit that the hyds and skinnes of all sort of vivours, as calf, scheip, veill, and all vtheris of that kynd, sould be brought with the boukis to the mercat place to be sold; but trew it is thair are sindrie travellours, inbringers of thaise commodities, quha of late does sell thair skinnes in the country to wnfrie persounes and brings thame not in to the mercat with the boukis to be sauld according to the said actis, and gif they bring thame in at some happining tymes it is not of intentioune to sell thame but to tak thame away againe of the towne for the wse of thaise country men to quhom they have bein formerlie sold or foirbarganed, and for effectuating of this they hauld thame at thrie pryces when they offer to sell the same, quhairby not onlie the haill bretherin of the said skinner craft, but also sundrie vtheris of the merchand rank and wtheris within this brugh, ar greatlie wrongit and prejudgit; as the said bill of complaint mair fullie porports. The foirsaid magistrats and counsell, having weill weyed and considered the said complaint, and finding all that is done conforme thairto is altogither wrang and contrarie to the foirsaid laudable actis of this brugh, and so tends greaterlie to the prejudice of thair haill comburgesses of all ranks, for remeid quhairof they doe heirby inact, statute and ordaine, that all maner of persounes, travellours or wtheris, quha brings anie boukis of anie kynd of the qualitie abovewrittine to this brugh be apprehendit at command of the magistrates be the officeris befoir they be suffered to sell the saids boukis and vivours; and to tak tryall anent the skinnes thairof, and to tak thair oaths that the samyne skinnes ar nawayes sauld nor foirbarganed be thame to anie maner of persounes wpon onie collour or conditioun qubatsumever, and that the said magistrats tak cautioune of everie ane of thame, at leist ane act wpon thameselfs, that they sall not doe the lyk in tymes cumeing wnder such ane penaltie as they think fitting.

Beatie, licence, wyne.

Robert Beatie, merchand, burges of Edinbrugh, made ane offer for the licence grantit to him to sell his wyne off the sowme of ane hundereth pundis, quhilk was acceptit, and to be given to the twa almeshousses.

Warrand, Cunynghame, Dantzick.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay furthe fiftie merkis to help to transport William Cunynghames sone to Dantzick and to be payed to the honest man quho transports him.

5 May 1655.

Redding the gutter at the West Port.

It being maid knowne to the saids magistratis and counsell that the great abundance of red layed without the West Port had fallin in the guitter and stoppit the current of the water, so that sundrie people on the northe syd of the Trongait wer forcit to mak brige stones for entrie to thair houssis, the foirsaids magistratis and counsell thairfor does heirby inact, statute and ordaine, that thair be no more red laid downe in that pairt heirefter; as also that everie heretor or tennent wha hes either kill or borne on the northe syd of the gait thair, betwixt the west gavill of Hutchisones Hospitall and the Kowlone mouthe, be chairgit at all occasiounes to red the passadge of the water thair foiranent themselfis, and that vndir the payne of fyve pundis, and to be poindit be the officers thairfor how oft and swa oft as they shall contravin.

Merschell, hatmaker.

In answer to the supplicatioune givin in be John Marschell, hatmaker, burges of Edinburgh, shawing that he was willing to come and setle himselfe within this brugh and exerce his calling heir and tak prenteissis and instruct thairin, gif the towne wald grant him his fredome and burgesschip, the samyne was granted to him, and appoints the dein of gild to admit him burges so soone as he is setled but payment of any fyne.


In answer to the desyre proponit be George Broome, desyreing that he and his calling of the fleschors may have libertie of the old quarrell callit (blank) to mak ane fold of for keiping of thair kye, the samyne is granted to them dureing the will and pleasour of the counsell and no farder.

Lettre to Edinburgh, Sacrament.

The counsell, wnderstanding that it is greatlie regraited and recented be verie many of the inhabitantis the want of the celebratioune of the sacrament of the Lords Supper within this brugh thir many yeirs bygane, and seeing the lyk hes beine in Edinburgh, and being informed that something is doeing thair for remeid thairof, appoyntis the magistrats to wryt to the proveist of Edinburgh thairanent.

12 May 1655.

Compt, Govane.

James Govane, lait maister of work, gave in ane compt of the moneys he had formerlie receavit from James Bell to sett downe ane well at the Barresyett and for lifting and raising the casie thair, the samyne compt being red was allowit and approvin, quhairby it is fund that he is super expendit in aughtein pundis 5 s. 4 d., and appoyntis the present maister of work to pay him the samyne and to give it in his compt.

Fewaris, Gorballis.

For certane guid caussis, respectis and consideratiouns, moveing the saids magistrats and counsell, they have grantit that the fewars in the Gorballis shall be frie of the customs formerlie payit be them at the brige, and that dureing thair will and pleasour allanerlie, and the brige to be sett at Witsonday nixt with that qualitie.

Confiscatioun, malt, mylnis.

The foirsaids magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioun that sundrie persounes, contrair thair oathe givine at thair admissioune as burgessis, hes caryed thair malt by the townes mylnes to other mylnes, the bruit quhairof may prove verie hurtfull and prejudiciall to the towne at the tyme ensewing for setting of thair mylns, it is therfor heirby inactit, statut and ordanit, that it sall be lisome to the takismen and fermorers of the mylnis, wha ewer they be, to confiscat and tak to themselfis the haill malt they can apprehend belonging to the inhabitantis of this brugh wha ar lyable and bund to the suckine and is ground at other mylnes by the towns mylnes, and to appropriat the samyn to themselfis, they paying what is dew to be payit thairfor to the collectoris at the mylnes; and appoyntis this to be intimat be touk of drum befoir the nixt setting of the mylnes.

19 May 1655.


The saids magistrats and counsell, wnderstanding that manie and dyvers persounes this last yeir hes attempttit sundrie things against the suckin of this brugh and law sett downe thairanent for keiping of the samyne, and seeing the samyne hes beine verie cairfullie gone about in former tymes be the proveist, balyeis, and counsell of this brugh for the tym, for keiping the suckine fast for the guid of the towne, it is thairfor heirby inactit, statute and ordanit, be the saidis magistratis and counsell, that all burgessis and inhabitantis of this brugh, of what qualitie soever, that shall happen heirefter to breck the suckine or law sett downe anent the samyne, be most seveirlie punischt according to the forme and tennour of these lawis with all rigour.

Well at the Barresyet.

Appoynts the maister of work to build two staine heicht farder about the well at the Barresyet.

Act in favouris of the fewaris in Gorballis.

The foirsaide magistratis and counsell, taking to thair consideratioune that the fewars of the Gorballis hes, for the guid will and respect they have and beire to the wining of the coall againe of the coall bewghes in Gorballis, hes givin and advancit thairto the sowm of ane thowsand markis money, in consideratioun quhairof, gif it shall happin to fall out at any tyme heirefter that the saids fewars shall want moneyis of thair awne to defray thair publict burdeings, the saids magistratis and counsell does heirby bind and obleis them and thair successouris in office to lend them some money for that effect.

26 May 1655.

Ranfrew bridge.

Wpone ane motioun maid be Coline Campbell, anent the granting of supplie to the repairing of the brig of Ranfrew, it is condiscendit be the saids magistratis and counsell that the towne shall pay twentie punds thairto when the work is compleit.

Saett in the Hie Kirk to ancient and young men.

The foirsaids magistrats and counsell, wnderstanding that the counsell seatt in the Hie Kirk is oftintymes thronged wnmanerlie be young men in the toune who hes not seats provydit for them, it is therfor heirby condiscendit and aggreit that twa or thrie of the foirmest furmes of the loft, in the westmest end of the innerwork, be maid readie and repaired for thes young men and vther honest people of the towne of guid faschion, and that the samyne be keipit for that vse, ilk Sabbothe day, be ane of the townes officeris.


It is heirby inactit, statut and ordanet, that the haill chopman standis above the cros be removit als far vpe as vmquhill Patrik Maxwellis lands, and that none of the saids chopman stands be sufferit to be covered.

5 June 1655.

Common good.

[Common good set for a year as follows:—Mills, 8450 merks; ladles, £1806 13s. 4d.; meal market, 710 merks; tron, £480; bridge, 1320 merks; grass of Little St. Mungows kirk yard, ane dollour "givin to the officeris."]

9 June 1655.


Ordaines ane lettre to be wrytin to Mr. Johne Wilkie anent the fermeing of the excyise.

Glen, skellet bell.

Appoynts Charles Glen to get ane tryell of the skellet bell for aught dayes.

Gres, Somerhill and wtheris not to be sett.

It is appointtit that the gerse of the Simerhill and the lone that passes to the Woodsyd not to be sett heirefter, bot to lye for the vse of the towne kye allanerlie, and non others to cleame right thairto, and James Mudi to get bak his money againe.


Appoyntis the bailleis, Garnekirk, dein of gild deput, and John Walkinshaw, to meit with Coline Campbell anent his offer maid of the Woodsyde.

16 June 1655.


It is appoyntit that the elements be provydit for the communioune, as also the tables repairit sufficientlie, with the cloths wanting for the samyne.


Appoyntis the thrie baillies, the deane of gild, deacoune conveinar, Mr. John Dunlope and William Neilsoune, to sight and view the landis of Woodsyd in respect of the offer therof made be Coline Campbell to be sold to the towne.

23 June 1655.

Patersone, buriall place.

Ordaines William Patersoune, maltman, to get the twentie pundis that Mr. William Wilkie sould pay for his wyffe buriall in the Hie Kirk to help to buy him ane kart and hors.

30 June 1655.

Old burgessis.

Ordaines the old burgessis who hes had thair residence outwith the towne above yeir and day be cited in, in the ordinar way, to come in and mak thair residence within fourtie dayis, vtherwayis thair friedom to be cryed downe.


In ansuer to the principall and professours of the colledge thair desyre requyring help and supplie of the towne to thair work now in building, although the towne formerlie had given for that effect twa thowsand merkis, yit, for thair care and respect they beir to the said colledge, it is condescendit for advancement of the said work to cause buy ane thowsand daills or to give in money.

Offer of wynes.

Henrie Gardiner, merchand, compeirit and made offer to the towne of nyne butts of Canarie seck for twentie saxe pundis sterling the butt, and because the towne lyked not the pryce they grantit him libertie to sell it to whom he pleisit, he not selling it cheaper then he offered it to the towne and giving some thing to the poore. As also, James Hammiltoune, deane of gild, made offer of fourtein or fyftein tunnes of French wyne for threttie pundis sterling the tunne, and becaus the towne could mak no guid wse thairof they grantit him libertie to sell the samyne the best way he can.

28 July 1655.

Sex hundrethe pundis to the College.

Notwithstanding the towne payed of befoir to the colledge twa thowsand merkis for the helpe of the fabrik thairof, yett for the love and respect they have to the flourisching estait of the samyn, it is aggreit and condidscendit to be them to bestow farder therin sax hundreth ponds, and ordains John Andersoun to deburse the samyne out of the first end of the moneys he receaves from the collectors of the mylnes.

Gerse in new kirk yaird.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to David Boyd aught pundis quhilk he debursit for the gerse in the new kirk yaird, in respect he got not licence to mak vse of it becaus L.-Coll. Simons maid vse thairof with his horse.

Poore in Hutchesones Hospitall.

Appoints the maister of Hutchisouns Hospitall to augment to the poore thairin the saxt pennie mair nor they gott at Beltan last.

4 August 1655.

Gorballis coall heuchis.

[Ordained the treasurer to pay Patrik Bryce 2000 merks "for the setting downe of the coall heuchis in Gorballis," whereof 1000 merks had been received from the feuars of Gorbals.]


Appoynts James Clerk, scoole master, to have ane chalmer in the hospitall, and grants libertie to James King to tak vpe ane Inglisch scoolle in the towne as he had of befoir.

Craftis pairt, Gorballis.

Notwithstanding of ony former divisioun maid anent the landis of Gorballis, it is vnanimouslie condischendit to that that divistioun conteaning the south syd of Paislay Lone, Grayis Hill or Craft Angrie, Bryces land, and that pairt of the muire land belonging thairto, shall perteane and belong to the dekin convenar and craftis for thair fourt part of the saidis landis of Gorballis in all tyme cuming.

18 August 1655.

Stewart, doctour, grammer scooll.

In answer to the supplicatioune givin in be Mr. Johne Stewart, sone laufull to Williame Stewart, merchand, the said Mr. Johne is admitted and receavit to be doctour in the grammer scoolle, in place of the deceist Mr. Hew Young. Mr. Francis Kincaid, master of the said scoolle, concurred with him.

Patersone, 12 s. weiklie.

Appoints the master of work to pay weiklie to Johne Patersone for his supplie twelf schillings Scotis, as also to deburse to the poore man wha had his leg brockine in Hammiltoun wood, in the towns service, ten merkis.

Burgessis depryved.

["Anent the precept raisit at the instance of James Hammiltoune, deane of gild of the said brugh, against the particular persones eftermentionat, they ar to say, Cuthbert Robisoune, merchand, now in Ireland, Robert Calmerone, wright, now in Edinburgh," and thirty others (of whom twelve were resident in Ireland), who had been admitted burgesses of the burgh, but remained furth thereof for a year and day, "togidder with thair wyffes, bairns, and families, without beiring of any burdein within the samyne," and they being properly called and not appearing, the magistrates and council deprived them of their burgess-ship.]

23 August 1655.


[After rouping, the teinds of the acres about the town were set for 1610 merks, and the teinds of the lands of Gorbals for £900 Scots.]

25 August 1655.

Puckie and Puckie mylne.

Efter reading of ane lettir direct from Scotstarbett anent the setting of the landis of Puckie and Puckie Mylne, the toune inclynes that the band sould be keipit at the old bollis reather then to be sett for soe maney yeirs, as the tack producit beares, for moneyis convertit for victuall.


Having considered the supplicatioun given in be David Weir, cordoner, grantis to him libertie to exerce his trade within this burgh as frielie as any tradisman quhatsoever, and ordaines Archibald Andersone, deacon of that trade, and James Mitchell, ane brother of that trade, to remayne in fast warde quhill they produce befor the counsell thair lettir of deaconheid and thair bookis conteaneing thair actis of craft.

Elspeth Hammiltoun, liberty to sell as a burgess.

In ansuer to the supplicatioun given in be Elspeth Hamiltoune, grantis libertie to hir to brew, sell and tap aill and acquavitæ, according as ane simple burges may doe, and that dureing hir lyftyme, becaus she has payit in fourtie pundis, quhilk is ordained to be given to John Wilsone for his supplie, bot if she marie and not marie a burges man this act is null and of na availl as gif it had nevir beine grantit.

Well above the cros.

In ansuer to the supplicatioun given in be the nychtbouris duelling from the croce to the colledge, on both sydis of the gait, appoyntis ane well to be set doune with all convenience about the entrie of the Stinkand Vennell, for all thair commodities.

1 September 1655.


Ordaines the cordonneris book with thair act of gildrie to be producit this day eight dayes befor the counsell.

22 September 1655.

Hie Kirk.

Apoyntit the south tofall of the Hie Kirk to be mendit and repairit, with all diligence, and the maister of wark to speik to James Gray and John Ottirburne to entir thairto, and becaus the tymber thairof is gritlie decayit apoyntis als much tymber to be bought for that effect, and that be sight of the baillies, dean of gild, maister John Dunlop, and William Neilsone.


It is appoyntit that the leddiris new made be the toune be placit as fallowis, viz., some in the Hie Kirk, and the keepers of the doores to be ansuerable for them, some in the meill mercat, and the keeper of the keyis thairof to be ansuerable for them, some in the back gallrie, some in the fleshmercat, and the keeper of the keys thairof to be ansuerable for them, and thrie of them to be put in Coleine Campbells hooft and he to be ansuerable for them.

29 September 1655.

Warrand, Hie Kirk.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of aucht hundreth and four scoir merkis money debursit be him for four scoir tries bocht be these apoyntit for the wse of the Hie Kirk.

Lectour, Candle.

In ansuer to the desyre maid anent furnishing of candill to the lectour, it is apoyntit that the samein be done accordinglie dureing the inshewing winter, and to be payit be the towne.

2 October 1655.

Commissionaris, anent taking excys.

Baillie Polok and James Campbell ar heirby commissionat to repair to Edinburgh or Leithe, and thair to tak the townes excys for the wse and behove of the towne, wpon the best condistiounes they can.


[A leet for the election of provost having been sent to the Duke of Lennox, at the castle, and Sir George Maxwell of Nether Pollok having produced a "commissioune subscrivit be some of the said Duike of Lennox freinds, quhilk was cleir contrair and disconforme to" the act of parliament dated 16 November 1642, the magistrates and council elected John Andersone, late bailie, to be provost for the year to come.


[Johne Andersoune and Johne Walkinschaw elected bailies for the merchand rank, and William Neilsone bailie for the crafts rank.]

3 October 1655.


It is condishendit wpon be the saids magistrats and counsell abovewrittin that thair commissioners appoyntit to ryd east anent the taking of the townes excys sall tak the samein for ane yeir, wpon the best and eassiest condistiones they can, for the guid of the towne, with this caviat, if possiblie it can be obteanet, that the towne may be frie at the end of ilk quarter of ane yeir; and they to offer for the samein ane hundreth pund sterling monethlie, or ane littill farther as they think sall stand best for the guid of the towne.

12 October 1655.


[Fourteen merchants and twelve craftsmen elected to be on the council for the year to come.]

13 October 1655.

Collectioun at the mylnes.

The forsaids proveist, baillies and counsell, being conveinet, and takeing to thair consideratioune how that they and thair predicessouris had, with ane wnanimous consent of the haill towne, collectit at the mylnes fourttie shilling Scottis aff ilk maske malt that was to be broune within the towne be comoune tapsters and wtheris lyable in publict burdeins of the towne, and als for defraying of thair ministers stepend, cess, and wther great and havie burdeines lyand on the towne; and sieing thair is now ane excys imposed wpon bear and aill, to the effect that the topsters and wtheris lyable thairin may be the better inabled to pay the same to thes haveand right, it is thairfor concludit and condeshendit wpon be the saids proveist, baillies and counsell, that thair sall be onlie collectit at the mylnes aff ilk mask malt, furthe and fra Sonday nixt, twinttie shilling Scottis, and that for defraying of the saids burdeines.


Apoyntis the thesaurer to pay to the ministers quhat is dew to them at Whitsonday last, and apoyntis Baillie Andersone, James Trane and James Barnes to compt with them first.

17 October 1655.

Office-bearers elected.

[John Bell, dean of guild; Walter Neilsone, deacon-convener; Mathow Aitkin, treasurer; John Miller, water bailie; John Miller, visitor of maltmen; David Scott, master of work.

Aile, beir.

[Ordained that no person sell dearer ale than 2s. Scots the pint and bear than 2s. 4d. the pint.]

20 October 1655.


[Ordained that the stone of well-made candle be sold for 5 merks, and the stone of rough tallow for 4 merks 3s. 4d.]


Ordaines the maister of wark to repair the meill marcat, with all diligence, in the best comodious way he can for the present, to the effect thes that bringes in meill may stand drye, as alsoe to repair the guard at the cors.

Lettre to Bradie.

Ordaines William Bradie to be wryttin to for raiseing of letteres aganest the heritouris of the west grund at the vennell, for declairing thair right to be voyd, conforme to the act of parliament, in respect the samein hes lyne west above the fyftie yeiris.

27 October 1655.

Warrand, Myllar.

Ordanis Johne Millar to have a warrand for the sowmes of money fallowing, debursit be him to the ministers for thair steipands the Witsonday terme last was, to wit, to Mr. John Carstairis £580, to Mr. James Durum £333 6s. 8d., to Mr. Androw Gray £580, to Mr. George Young £520 12s. 2d., to Mr. Hew Blair £520 12s. 2d.; extending in haill to the sowme of £2534 11s., conforme to thair severall dischargis contenit in the buik made to that effect.

King, schoole.

Appoyntis James King to haw ane schoole in the hospitall, be sight of the deane of gild, James Trane and the maister of wark.


Appoyntis James Mudie to receave fra Archibald Edmistoune twentie pundis that he was awand to the towne as restand of the tyndis of sume landis in Dryman, the crope 1649, and he to give ane discharge thervpone, and to delyver the said twentie pundis to the drumer to buy clothis.

3 November, 1655.

Bailie, Gorballis.

[James Pollock elected bailie of the Gorbals; and also James Andersone elected bailie thereof from the leet presented by the feuars.]


Appoyntis thais persones fallowing to keep the keyes for the townes laithirs lyes, to wit, Johne Weir for the Hie Kirk, quhairin is fyve long lethirs and one schort; James Stirling, for the Gramer Schoole Wynd, wher ar sex; Frathrick Hammiltoune, for the Flesche Mercat, quhair ar aught; and Thomas Broune, for the Hospitall, quhair ar sextein.

10 November 1655.


Appoynts Bayllie Walkingschaw, John Grahame, Mr. John Sprewll and James Barnes to meat with Towcors anent the matter of his teyndis that is in contraversie betwixt the toune and him.

Water wark. Thomas Hutchesones portratour.

Appoyntis James Colquhoune to repair to Edinburgh or Leith to sie the water work that is ther. And appoyntis James Tran, maister of Hutchesones Hospitall, to pay to the said James Colquhoune twa hundreth markis, and that in pairt of payment of working vmquhile Mr. Thomas Hutchesons portratour.

Relict, Wright.

Appoyntis the magistratis to putt the wyfe of vmquhile Patrik Wryght off the toun, becaus it is alledgit schoe ludges all vagabondis, strangers, that comes to hir hous, contrair the proclamatiounes emittit theranent.

17 November 1655.

Teyndis, Cambusnethan, Drysdall, and Traquair.

The saidis magistratis and counsell, taking to ther consideratioun that the actioune anent the teynds of Cambusneathan, Dryisdaill and Traquair, is to be brought in this sessioune, appoyntis therfoir Bayllie Walkingschaw, Collein Campbell and Johne Grahame, to meatt, consult and advert anent all things belonging to that actioune and anent the goeing about therof, and to tak the haill charge therof vpon them.

24 November 1655.

Portratur, Huchesoune.

It is condiscendit that James Colquhoun sall have fyve hundreth markis, Scotis money, for the hewing, forming and putting vp of Mr. Thomas Hutchesouns poirtratur in the Hospitall; and he hes vndertaken to accomplisch the samein with all diligence.

Teyndis Cambusnethan, Dryisdaill and Traquair.

Efter consideratioune had off the actioune now intendit anent the teyndis of Cambusneathan, Drysdaill and Traquair, itt is concludeit that Mr. Johne Sprewll sall goe east to Edinburgh and to attend the samein and calling therof and to doe his best to bring that maitter to ane clois, and he to have his charges fully payit to him, and also satisfactioun for his payns according to the sight and discretioune of the saidis magistratis and counsell as they think he sall deserve.

1 December 1655.

Memorandum anent furneisching the gairdis.

Ordains the coall, candle and peitis furnisched be Charles M'Claine to Colonell Tabartis chamber, and for the coall and candle he furnischt to the gairdis on Sonday last, to be payit, becaus it was not includeit in his last compt; and it is to be remembrit that the Englisch enterit to furnisch coall and candle to ther awin gairds vpon Monday the 26 of November last, and ar to tak vpon them, without consent of the toune, the vplifting of the locality appoyntit for that effect.

8 December 1655.

Proclamatioun, ale and beir.

Ordains ane proclamatioune to be sent through the toune, be touk of drum, that noe maner of persone sell any beir or aill nor is warranted be the former proclamatiouns, quhilk is twa s. the pynt of aill and twa s. four d. the pynt of beir, and that furth and fra this tyme and in tyme comeing, vnder the paynes therin conteinit. And permitts the sojouris to pay noe mor therfor bot according to the saids former proclamatiounes, drink quhair or quhat they pleys.

Lettre anent the lossis be France.

Recommendis to the deane of gild to acquant the merchandis with the letter direct from the toune of Edinburgh anent the losses susteinit be the French.

Scheill bridge.

It is concludit that how soone the contrie layis sand and stons to the Scheall bridg, near Ranfrew, that the toune sall caus calsay the samein.

Well at the Barresyet.

It is concludit that twa dollouris be payit yeirlie to ony honest man quho will tak the charge of the keiping of the kie of the wall at the Barrasyet, and for opening and steiking the sam at convenient tymes, and Baillie Andersoune took the kie to try for ane man to that effect.

22 December 1655.


In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in and presentit be the maissones of this burght, be pluralitie of vottis, it is concludit, inactit, statut and ordainit, that the maissouns, friemen of this burgh, sall have the lyke benefeit of strangers of that calling quho workis within the toune as the wrightis hes of strangers of that calling; and it is concludeit that both the friemen wrights and friemen maissons sall hav of ilk stranger of thes respectiue callings, quho work within the toun and vplifts wages, threttie schillings Scottis, quarterlie, to be applyit for the vse of ther respectiue poor.

Anent the baxteris.

The foirsaidis magistratis and consell, takeand to ther consideratioune how that oftymes heirtofoir they have admonisched the baxteris of this burgh anent the insufficiencie of wheat bread quhilkis they wold never mend heirtofoir, so that they mak the citie ane commoun vpcast to all nychtbouris every quhair throwgh ther basch cariage in baiking of the said bread, it is therfor this day vnanimously inactit, statut and ordainit, be the saidis haill magistratis and counsell, that noe baxter within this burgh bring or present to the mercat anie wheat bread quhatsumever bot that quhilk is well and sufficientlie leavened, of sufficient flour, well bouttit and baikin, vnder the payn of confiscatioune for the vse of the poor of all such bread as shall be brought or presentit to the mercat. As also, ordains publicatioune to be maid heirof be touk of drum, and to intimat friedome and libertie to all foirraners and strangers to bring to this burgh sufficient wheat bread, to be sold at all tyms and dayis quhatsoevir, quho sall be protectit be the magistratis and counsell at all occasiouns, and to be keipit frie of all burdein and truble; and this to enduir dureing the will of counsell. And, also, it is inactit, statut and ordainit, that noe measour sall be vsed be the baxteris, aither in buying or selling, bot quhat sall be markit with the dean of gild his mark and cros bardit with iron; and it is recommendit to the dean of gild to be cairfull heirof and to sie it done; and sicklyk it is inactit statut and ordainit that the saidis baxteris sall sell ther bread according to the weight and pryce set doun in the table.

29 December 1655.

Warrand, teinds.

Ordeins the thesaurer ane warrand for ten dollouris, debursit be him to James Mudie, in pairt payment for sumonding of the thrie parochis of Cambusnethane, Drysdaill and Traqwair, and for the sumonds given be him to thais in the Barrownie parosch.