Extracts from the records: 1662

Pages 480-498

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 2, 1630-1662. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1881.

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1 January 1662.

Linnishaugh bocht.

Report was made be the provest, baillies and wthers, who wer appoyntit to speik to William Andersoune anent the buying from him of Linningshaugh, that they had endit with him and he was to be bund for absolut warrandice. The pryce is sex thousand markis, the ane halfe quherof to be payit in hand, the vther at Witsonday nixt; and becaus the present tennent therof [is] to brook the samyne for twa yeares to com, conforme to the tak, the tennent is to pay in to the toune yearlie the saidis twa yeares threttie bolles beir as a particular dewtie agried wpon betwixt them and the said William Andersoune, and the toune is to be assigned therto.

Inchgrein.; Warrand, thesaurer, Kilburnie.

John Barnes made report that he, with Johne Boill, went, conforme to the magistratis ordouris, to Inchgrein for taking of the mens oathes anent the bargane now in hands betwixt the toune and Kilburnie, quhilk was accordinglie done; and ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of twelfe punds 18 s. deburst for their charges and horsses hyre.

11 January 1662.

Officiares, Charles M'Cleane.

Appoyntis the officiares, weiklie about, to helpe and assist Charles M'Cleane in attending the prissoners in the tolbuith.

Officiares wands.

Ordaines the officiares to be warned to produce their wands the nixt meiting.

18 January 1662.

Mr. Ralph Rodger to preach in the Laigh Kirk.

The magistrats and counsell of the said burgh, being conveined, and having caused reid the act set doune on the xxvj of October last, wherby it is appoyntit that Mr. Ralph Rodger preach in the Trongait Kirk as the ordinarie minister therof, by pluralitie of votis it was declared, this day, by them that they did adhear therto; and appoyntis him to preach in the said kirk both befor and after noone, on the Lords day, except at such tymes in the afternoone quhen Mr. Baillie desyres to preach, and appoyntis Mr. Patrick Bell and William Cumyng, baillies, to intimat the samyne to him.

Warrand, Purveyance.

Appoyntis John Purveyance to pay out of the first and reddiest of the stent he hes collectit for vse of the lords of sessioune the first of the twa monethis cesse was appoynted to be payit in to them, and quhilk is for the moneth of November last, and that according to ane desyre of ane letter sent heir theranent by the lord president, and appoyntis the provest to wryt ane ansuer therto.


Appoyntis John Bell and the thesaurer to speik with the laird of Silvertounhill that, in regaird he requyres continowatioune of the monyes awand be him to the toune till Witsonday nixt to come, that he may give band not to vse any suspensioune or ony wther law that may hinder any executioune, ather reall or personall, against him, and that he wold give allocatioune for securing of the toune in the futur of the twa chalder victuall dew yearlie by him, whilk if he failyie to doe appoyntis the captioune the toune hes now against him to be put to executioune with all dilligence.

Report, Pollok and warrand.

James Pollok made report of his last dilligence in Edinburgh to the particular conventioune of burrowes, and seeing he was direct of befor anent Puckie and Puckie Mylnes and hes receavit satisfactioune, appoyntis now the thesaurer to pay to him farder twentie dollouris; and it is appoyntit to be remembrit that quhat monye hes bein deburst to him anent Puckie and Puckie Mylne that the samyne be takin aff the first monye comes in for the saidis lands and payit in againe to the toune.

Officiares, halbertis.

It is appoyntit and ordained by the haill magistratis and counsell that the haill officiares mak vse of and carie their halbertis at all tymes, and not to be sein at no occasioune without the samyne on their shoulders, as aught and should be, and that vnder the paine of deprivatioune, altho their be no wther fault to lay to their charge, and that in respect of the vnseimlie abuse thay are com to by carieing of wands and staffes insted of halberts.

31 January 1662.

Well in Trougait.

It is concluded that the haill old work in the well of the Trongait be takin out therof and that the samyne be reformed in ane vther maner as sall be best thought wpon.


Appoyntit that the maister of work bring in the compt of the pewes the nixt meiting.

Lightbodie to be benished.

Ordaines William Lightbodie, ane of theis who was appoyntit to keep the poor aff the streitis, with his wyfe and childerin, to be all benished the toune for his scandelous living, and all maner of persones discharged to reset any of them, and this to be intimat with touk of drum.

15 February 1662.

Hie Kirk steiple to be mendit.

Ordaines the leid of the Hie Kirk steiple, quhilk is now wronged with the stormie wether, be sightit be the deane of gild and wthers he pleases to tak with him, and thairafter mendit and repaired with the best conveniencie.

Band subscryvit to Andersoune.

There was subscryvit ane band for thrie thousand markis in favouris of William Andersoune, younger, portioner of Newtoune, as borrowit monye, but it is to be vnderstood that it is for that quhilk is restand of the pryce of the landis of Linningshaugh.

20 February 1662.

Dennestoune, captive among the Turkis.

Recommends to the deane of gild and Johne Purveyance to wrytt to (blank) Robesoune, at Londone, anent the releiving of ane sone of vmquhill Andro Denestounes, who is now lying captive among the Turkis, and to vse ther best dilligence therintill.

8 March 1662.

Vacand steipands.

Recommends to the provest and John Bell ather to agrie with Mr. Johne Wilkie anent the vacant steipands cravit be him, or then to suspend the charge given at his instance.

Barnes, baillie of Gorballes.

Johne Barnes, last baillie of the Gorballes, is conteinowed in that charge quhill Michaelmes nixt.

Guard discharged.

The aforsaids magistratis and counsell, for divers consideratiounes moving them, discharges the keeping of a guard any longer quhill further ordouris.

Beggers aff the streitis and wthers.

It is recommendit to the magistratis to agrie the best they can with thrie or four men to put the beggers aff the streit and hold the toune frie of them.

22 March 1662.

Warrandis, Grammer School, mendicaments, &c.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of twentie dollouris deburst to Mr. Johne Andersoune, ane of the doctouris of the Grammer School, at the counsellis command, for divers respectis, and for dedicating a book to the magistratis; and for wther twentie dollouris deburst to James Robesoune, elder, for his helpe and supplie; and for ten dollouris given to a Jew; and sex pundis to James Franck for furnishing of divers medicamentis to sundrie poor persones, by warrand and command of the magistratis; and for thrie scoir thrie pundis xiiii. s. deburst be him to Johne Young, the tounes agent, and quhilk he deburst in the tounes affaires since the beginning of the last sessioune.

Bogilis well.

Approves the agriement made betwixt the deane of gild and Robert Bogill, anent the building of ane gavill at that pairt quhair Bogilles well is, but ordaines nothing to be done therin except by the tounes sight.

Leid for the Hie Kirk.

Report was made be the deane of gild that he had spoken with James and Mathow Colhoune anent the faultie lead in the Hie Kirk, and that Mathow is to put on the old lead so far it will serve, and recommends to the deane of gild to sie that work perfyted, and ordaines the said Mathow to set wp againe the old mull [which] stood att the Hie Kirk.


It being concludit, for many guid and weightie reasones, that it was conducable for the toune that the fewdewties and annual rentis adebtit furth of the tenementis and wthers within burgh should be sold at seavintine yeares purches and the monye gottin in be applyed for paying of the pryce of Linningshaugh, ordaines therfor ane bank to be sent throw the toune, and whoever desyres to buy them at the rate forsaid that they com and buy the samyne and pay therfor accordingly, and with certificatioune to all that will not com but delayes to buy their awin fewdewties or annualrent the toun will sell the same to whom they pleas.

12 April 1662.

Cleanshers of the casy.

The baillies had made report that they had agried with twa men John Williamsoune and (blank) to keep the beggers aff the casy and was to pay to ilk ane of them monethlie (blank) quhilk was allowed and approvine; and ordaines ilk ane of them to carie ane staff throw the toune as they walk, having the tounes airmes therwpon.

17 April 1662.

Hie Kirk; Chancellor.

Ordaines the partitiounes of old put wp in the Hie Kirk to be takin doune, and recommends the doeing thairof to Mr. Patrick Bell, baillie, who made choyss of James Pollok and James Colhoune to be with him. And recommends to the magistrats to bestow on the chancellor and noblemen that comes with him als noblie as they can and the toune will afoard.

26 April 1662.

Warrandis, Bishop, diurualles.

[Ordained the treasurer to have warrants for (1) £313 "deburst be him for the expenssis and horssis hyre of theis who wer sent east to meit with and attend the bishop homwardis," and (2) £19 4s. "quhilk he deburst for diurnalles."]

5 May 1662.

Allocatiounes, steipands.

The forsaids provest, baillies and counsell, doe heirby reshind, cass and annull, the act of counsell formerlie given out in favouris of Mr. Robert M'Quard, and appoynts Mr. Robert Goveane to collect the victuall allocat to him as a pairt of his steipand for the tounes vse, and the rest of his steipand to be withdrawne in respect quhat they payit it with is now to be payit to the bishop; and ordaines Mr. Hugh Blaires allocatioune to be divydit from that quhilk was allocat to vmquhill Mr. George Young, and Mr. Robert Goveane to collect the same with the rest of the tounes rentall, and the said Mr. Robert to be payit for all his paines.

Warrand, chancellour.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of ane hundreth markis deburst be him to James Pollok to pay the charges of the young men who wer sent to the wast cuntrie with the chancellour, conforme to nyne shilling starling the man, for his charges and horssis hyre, and for iiij li. deburst to Claud Cleland, officiar, for the hyring the horssis.

Chancellour and bishop.

Ordaines the magistratis to heir and revise the haill comptis of the particulares spent at the coming of the chancellour and bishop here, and to caus calculat and lay the samyne, and therafter ordaines the clark to subscryve ane warrand to the thesaurer for payment of the samyne; quhilk after reveising is fund to extend to eight hundreth four scoir sextine pundis sex shilling ten penneis, as the compt subscryvet be the deane of gild beares, and ordaines the thesaurer to pay the same.


It is concluded that ilk persone within this burgh who wer commandit to ryd out and convoy in the chancellour and bishop, and did not give obedience, that ilk ane of them pay ane vnlaw of twelfe pundis Scotis, the merchandis vnlaw to be payit to the deane of gild and the crafts to the deacon conveiner, to be wared out wpon their respective hospitalles.

14 May 1662.

Visitatioune, Grammer School.

Ordaines the Grammer School to be visited wpon Friday nixt at twa afternoone.

Oath of alledgence takin.

The forsaidis haill magistrats and counsell did most gladlie, cheirfullie and wnanimouslie, accept and tak the oath of alledgence affecting the Kings Majesties his royall prerogative over all persones and all causses, conforme as the samyne is set doune at the end of the alevinth act of this parliament, and by holding wp of their handis befor the eternall God and confessing the samyne with their tunge.

26 May 1662.

Bank for the few dewties to be bought in.

Ordaines, of new againe, ane bank to be sent throw the toune, with touk of drum, to wairne all pairties who desyres to buy in their few dewties or annualrentis, conforme to the former proclamatioune, that they com in and pay their monye; and for their securitie to be frie therof in tyme coming, all the few dewties that sall be bought sall be scored out of the rentall, and the name of the buyers to be ingrossed in ane particular act, to intimat to all in the futur that they have done so, and also that they get ane note vnder the clarks handis to be frie therof in all tyme coming.

Twa doytis to pas for 2d.

The forsaidis magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune the great truble and fasharie that is amongst neighboures for want of copper monye to mak wishell, and the great scruple made at the receaving of doytis, for remeid quherof they doe heirby enact, statut and ordaine, that twa doytis sall pas for twa pennies Scotis as they doe in vther pairtis.

Warrand, mathematician, etc.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of fourtie eight pundis deburst be him to James Cors, mathematician, for his book he hes given to the toune, being a burges sone, for his better incuragment; and for twelfe pundis deburst to (blank) Kinkaid, measoune, for his supplie.

Act in favouris of the tanners and cordoners.

Anent the supplicatioune and complent given in befor them be James Mitchell, present deacone of the cordoners of the said burgh, for himselfe and in name of the rest of the bretherin of that calling, makand mentioune that quhair it is the vse and custome of all weill governed burgeses within this kingdome, and of the tounes and cuntrie here about where we dwell, as Hammiltoune, Paislay, Kilmarnok, and wthers, that whosoever buyes the hydis of slaine bestial getis the feit with them, as can be made cleirly appeir by severall instances be their awine tanners, in Edinburgh, Stirling, Linlithgow, Hammiltoune, Paislay, where they bought hydis and got the feit with them, and by so doeing the feit defrayed the charges of the cairiage of the samyne, whilk vse and custome was observit also within this burgh, as can be made out by manye of our old tanners yit living, and now of lait the fleshouris of this burgh hes convoyed the mater so that they keep the feit hinging at the hyd ay and quhill the tanners buy the hyd, and therafter, being bought, then and not befor that tyme, they cutt them away, and this they doe to fallow out ane double decept, as at the first quhen the tanners paises ane of theis hydis the feit hinging at them as said is they cannot know the guidnes of the hyd, for the weight of the feit hinging at them makis the samyne appeir to be ane thrie pairt weight moir nor it is, and all to deceave the buyer; and agane quhen they cutt aff the feit they cutt ane lairge peice aff the hyd away at everie foot of the four at everie hyd, all to the great prejudice of the buyers and consequentlie to the supplicantis the handie labourers; and seing it be the vse and custome that the feit goe with the hyd or be cut away befor the selling therof, therfor earnestlie requeisting and desyring their lordships to tak the mater to their lordships most wyse consideratioune, being of so great importance, and that their lordships wold be pleased to ordaine, conforme to the said ancient ordour observit in all weill governed burghes and tounes (except this place) that ather the feit goe with the hydis, or then, for eshewing of all fraud and decept, that the feit may be cutted away befor the hyd be offered to be sold, to the effect the buyer may the better know the worth of that quhilk he buyes; as the said supplicatioune in itselfe mair fullie proportis. Whilk being red, the said James Mitchell, compleiner, being present, the saidis magistratis and counsell did send for George Broome, present deacone of the fleshouris within this burgh, who being sent for com and appeir with wthers of the said calling, in presens of the saidis magistratis and counsell, and againe the said bill being punctuallie red over, and the said George Broome being interrogat if it was the custome of the bretherin of the calling to cut away the feit from the hyd befor they be sold and not befor that tyme, who confest the samyne to be trew; and being againe interrogat wpon what grund or reasone the samyne was done, declared he had no reasonable grund but onlie old vse and custoume; and therafter the saidis provest, baillies and counsell, having weill weighted and considered the said mater, and finding that the not cutting of the feit away from the hyds befor the selling therof was but great iniquitie and meir fraud to deceave the buyer, to the effect the hydis might seim heavier then reallie they ar, the feit not being cutt from them as said is; therfor they heirby enact, statut and ordaine, that the haill fleshouris within this burgh, both frie and wnfrie cutt the feit from the hydis immediatlie after the killing of the bestiall or cattell, and that they doe not present any hyd to be sold quhill the feit be cutted from them, and that no tanner nor vthers buy any hydis within this burgh quhill the feit be cutted from them (except cuntrie hydis brought in be cuntrie men) and that vnder the paine of twentie pundis to be exactit aff ilk contraveiner how oft and sua oft as they sall contravein.

Burgesses readmittit.

The forsaidis provest, baillies and counsell, being conveined as said is, for mony gud causes moving them, hes statut and ordained that all persones whatsomever who hes bein admitted single burges, or burgesses or gild brother in the Vsurpers tyme, that they be of new again readmittit be the deanes of gild, present and to come, without payment of any fynes quhatsomever, and that the oath be takin in relatioune to the Kings most excellent Majestie, as vse is now and was befor the said Vsurpers tyme, and that the clark caus insert all theis that enters not in a book by it alone, and that the clark give everie one of them the extract of their oathes taking wpon some reasonable satisfactioune.

Aikines well.

In answer to the supplicatioune given in be manye of the inhabitantis of this burgh dwelling neir the foot of the Saltmercat, craving and desyring ane brig to be buildit over the burne there, for the better friedome and passage to that well there callit Aikines well, on the east syd of the said burne, in respect of their scarcetie of water for supplie of their families, recommends to the deane of gild to caus build there ane litle stone brige and to fix it weill that it be not carried away with the water, for all the neighbouris in that gait their better commodious passage to the said well.

Form of act anent thes who byis in thair fewdewteis.

The scroll of ane act drawn wp be the clark in favouris of theis who will buy their few dewties and annualrentis awand out of their landis in from the toune, conforme to the proclamatioune emittit theranent, the samyne was allowed and approvine, and quhen all hes bought that will by the said few dewties, ordaines the said act to be insert in the book quhairin the rentall is wryttin, quhilk is delyvered to Mr. Robert Goveane to be collected, and that at the end of the said rentall.

31 May 1662.


Recommends to Johne Young, the tounes agent, to prosecut, with dilligence, the caus intentit be the toun against George Campbell for infefting of the toune in the landis of Silvercraigs, and to vse his best meanes to get the samyne effectuat, as also to advert to the summondis given to the toune at the instance of the aires of vmquhill Johne Stewart.

3 June 1662.

Common good set.

[Common good set for a year as follows:—Mills, 8,750 merks, "and that by and attour fyftie bolles grund malt to be payit ather to the bischop or to the toune as the toune sall give ordour, conforme to old wse and wont;" ladles, 2,920 merks; meal market and pecks, 1,020 merks; tron, 890 merks; bridge, 1,460 merks; grass of the Meikle Green, £60 Scots; grass of St. Mungowes Litle Kirkyard, a rex dollar, given to the officers; excise of acquavitæ sold within the burgh, £18 5s. sterling.]

14 June 1662.

Monye given to the Hie Kirk thesaurer.

It is concluded that the old remainders of the poores contributioune that was collectit laitlie be appoyntment of the magistrats and counsell be collectit together and given to the kirk thesaurer for the vse of the poore, and that it be formalie recordit that he may [be] the better chargit thairwith.

Compt pewes, and thesaurer chargit.

The maister of wark gave in the compt of the pewes laitlie builded in the Laigh Kirk, quhilkis wer sett out at Mertimes last for ane year therafter, the maill quherof extendis to thrie hundreth threttie eight pundis viij s. Scots, quhilk is delyvered to the thesaurer, and he is to be chargit therwith at the making of his compt.

Warrandis, thesaurer, well, diurnalles.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of ane hundreth twa pundis eight penneis, deburst be him to James Colhoune for the casting and laying the conduit pype of leid at Bogiles Well, conforme to the agriement made with the deane of gild and wthers and him theranent; as als for fourtie shilling starling was sent to Edinburgh to John Nicoll for his service in sending diurnallis to the magistratis this year bygaine and wrytting of occurantis from tyme to tyme.

Meiting hous for the deane of gildis counsell.

It is concluded that the deane of gildis counsell, quhilk ordinarlie did meit, ilk Thursday, in the councill hous, keep now their meitings in that hous above the councill hous quher of lait the comissar held his courts.

28 June 1662.

Brige at St. Tenowes burne and casayes.

It is concluded that ane handsome litle brige with ane penn be put over St. Tenowes burne, and that the casay be brought in therfra to the Wast Port, and recommendis to the maister of wark to send for the calsay layer, in Rutherglen, and to enter him to lay casay at the Wast Port, and he to lay wastward qubill he and wther casay layers there meit who layes the casay from the said brige to the port.

Warrand, Bogilles well.

[Ordained the treasurer to have a warrant for £33 disbursed to James Colhoune "for making of the bras cock to Bogilles well and inputting therof," and for £9 12s. 6d. "for lead that was furnished be him therto."]

7 July 1662.

Warrand, preaching, kirkis.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of ten dollouris deburst be him to Mr. Ninian Patersoune for his preaching in suplieing the vacancie of the kirkis.

Act, tacksmen of the mylnes.

It being regraited be the tacksmen of the mylnes that divers men brings to the mylne sex furlotis for fyve furlotis malt to be grund, and yet payes onlie the dewes for fyve, quhilk is both prejudiciall to him and the toune anent the excyse, ordaines therfor the said taksmen to tak his ordinarie moulter for fyve furlotis or for a boll mair or les, and quhat malt is fund in any seck given wp for moir nor it is given in to be grund to pay the ordinarie dewes, permittis the said taksmen to confiscat the samyne.

12 July 1662.

Spreull, brunt monye.

Ordaines Mr. John Spreull to be requyred to produce the book anent the monye collectit for supplie of theis who had their land brunt.

Wrytis to Edinburgh.

Ordaines the clark to send east to John Bell the wrytis anent the tyndis he writ for, for getting of the takis prorogat.

19 July 1662.

Boyd, guids in a ship sequestered.

The saidis provest, baillies and counsell, tacking to their consideratioune that wmquhill Robert Boyd, merchand in Stockholme, sone laufull to Robert Boyd, tailyeour, burges of this burgh, who hes laitlie deceast since his coming to this toune, had brought in to the River of Clyd ane schip loadned with iron and tar, and seing the said ship is yit vnlivered and that they ar most willing and cairfull that non should susteane prejudice theranent, they thought fitt that the guidis should be sequestred and secured, and therwpon did send for the skipper, ane Dutcheman, who declared that there was a charter pairtie and bill of loadining extant, and that ane pairt of the guidis did belong to the said vmquhill Robert Boyd and pairt to wthers in Stockholme; and therfor, after advyce takin be the saidis magistratis and counsell, it was concluded that the saidis haill guidis should be sequestred and brought within the Merchand Hospitall quhill it war farder cleired to whom they doe belong and that twa new lockis be put on the doore quherin they sall be put, the key of the one quherof is to be given to the deane of gild and the wther to the said wmquhill Robert Boydis friendis. Therafter compeired David Boyd, merchand, burges of Edinburgh, cousing german to the said Robert Boyd deceast, with the aforsaid Robert Boyd, the defunctis father, and in his name desyred the saidis magistratis and counsell to suffer and permitt them to tak intromissioune with the guidis, and they will find sufficient cawtioune within burgh to mak the samyne furthcomand to all parties havand or pretendand to have intres in the same; quhilk was refuised be the saids magistratis and counsell, adhearing to their former conclusioune.

Contributioune book of the brunt monye.

The book that Mr. John Spreull had formerlie, quhairin is conteined the distributioune of the monyes formerlie collectit for the helpe of theis who had their land brunt, was produced; and appoyntis the deane of gild, deacon conveiner, James Campbell, John Barnes and Peter Gemmill, to reveise the samyne, and therafter to report; and the book is given to the deane of gild for that effect.

9 August 1662.

Act in favouris of the kirk sessioune.

In ansuer to the suplicatioune given in be the moderatour of the kirk sessioune of this burgh to the saidis magistratis and counsell, shewing the great burdine that lyes on them in provyding for the poor, who are verie numerous and incresses daylie, and for provyding of fielles to their officiares and publict servandis, quhilk they are not able to doe and performe vnles that it wold pleas the said provest, baillies and counsell, to condeschend and appoynt that the penalties of all skandelous persones, and monye gottin for thrugh stones and buriell places, might be given over be them in the favouris of the said kirk sessioune for supplie of the defectis forsaid; as the said supplicatioune mair fullie proportis. Whilk being red, and after consideratioune had therintill, it was yealded vnto and condeschendit be the saidis provest, baillies and counsell, that the said kirk sessioune sall have full power to wplift the haill penalties dew to be payit be all furnicatouris, and wther such scandelous persones in the lyk, and quhat is gottin for thrugh stones and buriell places, and they also to have power to call such persones to ane compt who hes bein formerlie neglectit be the justices of peace, and that for the helpe and supplie of the poor of this burgh, and that during the will and pleasour of the saidis magistratis and counsell allenerlie, and wpon this expres provisioun that no part of the saidis penalties and wtheris forsaid sall be destribuit or delt to any persone quhatsomever without the speciall advyce and consent of the saidis provest, baillies and counsell, present and to com, be first had and obteined therto; and if the said kirk sessioune failyie heirintill, then this present act is to be null and of non availl as if the samyne had never bein made, and the saidis magistratis of this burgh ar to returne bak againe to the wplifting of the saidis penalties and wthers above mentionat as they, as justices of peace forsaid, were in vse of befor.

Heid court, Gorballes.

Ordaines ane heid court to be keeped at Gorballes on Moonday nixt, at ten houres, and that theis who ar to be persewed for breking of the box be conveined therto, and that Claud Pauleis complent be hard anent the want of his fiell.

Kye, Broomielaw.

It is concluded, for many guid reasones and consideratiounes, for the moir commodious laidining and landing of boatis, that their be ane litle key builded at the Broomelaw, and that the samyne be done and perfectit with the best convenience, be sight and advyce of the magistratis, deane of gild and deacon conveiner.

16 August 1662.


Ordaines the clark to wrytt ane letter, in their names, to Silvertounhill, to desyre him to caus bye James Bowies tyndis, and that he wold mak pay ment of the monyes awand be him to the toune, quhilk should have bein payit at Witsonday last.


Ordaines the monye alreddie receavit from the burgessis to buy armes be deburst for partisenes so far it will extend.

31 August 1662.

Blair of Phinik.

The aforsaidis magistratis and counsell, for divers guid reasones and consideratiounes moving them, have quitt to Robert Blair of Phinik the haill bygaine tak tynd dewtie of the landis of Garroch that he was restand awand to the toune, the haill yeares and cropis he was awand, the tyme he sold the samyne to Mr. Niniane Hill.

15 September 1662.

Poores contributioune.

The magistratis and counsell being informed of the great out cry made throw the haill toune be the poor, for want of the distributioune formerlie payit to them, quhilk is brought to pas throw the slak and not tymeous payment of the contributioune, and the said magistratis and counsell being most willing to remeid the same in the futur, have concludit that Peter Gemill, elder, and Mungow Mathie, merchandis, sall be imployed in seiking in the said contributioune from the inhabitantis, . . . and that monethlie during the counsellis will, and they ar to be comptable for the haill rolles and all conteined therintill as the samyne sall be delyvered to them subscryvit be the clark of the kirk sessioune. And for the better ingetting therof, grantis full commissioune and power to the said Peter Gemmill and Mungow Mathie to imprissone all maner of persones who refuissis to mak payment, ilk ane for ther awine pairtes of the said contributioune, quhill they mak payment therof. And ordaines the officiares to be assistant to them for that effect, and for their paines there is to be allowed to ilk ane of them weiklie four pundis Scotis.

Compt of the partizans.

The compt of the partizanes wer given in be the maister of work was allowed and approvin and is as fallowes:—In the first, deburst to Alexander Goveane for irone work to fourtie new partizans and dressing four old quhilkis were borrowed, ane hundreth thrie scoir thrie pundis iiii. s.; item, to Mr. Robert Duncan, for silk, seavintie ane punds alevine shilling twa penneis; item, to Thomas Miller for timber work and twa stafes, to Williamsoune and his commerad that dightis the tolbuith, fyftie pundis; item, to Issobell Lang for furnishing of roones, threid and workmanship, twentie nyne pundis xiiii. s. and viii. d. Summa of all is thrie hundreth fourtine pundis nyne shilling [whereof there was paid out of the money received from burgesses to buy arms £210, leaving £124 9s. 10d. to be paid by the treasurer].

20 September 1662.

Licence of transporting stones.

Johne Bell producit ane licence grantit be (blank) Bruce, who hes ane patent of his Majestie anent the not transporting of stones, yit licence is grantit be him to the merchandis of this burgh to transport the samyne according therto.

30 September 1662.

The provost nominat.

The forsaid provest, baillies and counsell, being conveined in their counsell hous anent the electioune of the magistratis of this burgh for the year enshewing, conforme to the ancient custome, compeired Mr. Williame Forbus, servitour to the right reverend father in God, Androw archbishop of Glasgow, and produced ane paper subscrivit be his lordship, quherin his lordship presentis and nominatis Johne Bell of Hammiltoun Ferm, merchand, burges of this burgh, to be provest therof for the year enshewing; after reading quherof the said Johne Bell being sent for come and desyred whither or not the said counsell wold receave such ane nominatioune and presentatioune; and after votting, the samyne was acceptit; wherwpon the said Johne Bell did accept the said office; but befor he wold give his oath did protest that that nominatioune now made be the said archbishop should not be prejudiciall to the toune heirafter anent their former right they had to the electioune of their magistratis.


[From a leet of nine persons, named by the provost, baillies and council, the archbishop elected James Campbell and Robert Rae, merchants, and James Colhoune, craftsman, to be bailies for the year to come.]

The old provest.

It was concludit be the said new electit provest, new electit baillies and wtheris on counsell above named, that for ane year to com, during the absence of the present electit provest, the old provest, Coline Campbell, should preceid in counsell.

3 October 1662.

New counsell.

[The magistrates of this and the two preceding years elected thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be on the council for the year to come.]

4 October 1662.

Boyd, goods in ship.

[Ordained two bailies and the dean of guild to meet the representatives of the owners of the goods in Robert Boyd's ship and agree with them for delivery thereof and payment of expenses.]

8 October 1662.

Election of office-bearers.

[Office-bearers elected as follows:—John Barnes, dean of guild; John Miller, deaconconvener; John Watsoune, visitor of maltmen. Election of the others delayed on account of the provost's absence.]

11 October 1662.

[Office-bearers elected as follows:—Niniane Andersoune, treasurer; Coline Campbell, water bailie; John Or, master of work; John Ker, bailie of Gorbals.]

Catgill, stipand.

It is concluded that the sex hundreth and fyftie markis awand to Mr. Donald Catgill, restand of his stipand the cropt 1661, be payit him wpon ane sufficient discharge to warrand the toune theranent at all handis quhatsomevir.

18 October 1662.

Call to ministers.

Recommends to the magistrats to deall with the bischop to give ane call to Mr. Richard Waddell to be minister in the Hie Kirk; as also it is this day concluded that ane call be given to Mr. John Andersoune, now minister at (blank) to be ane of the ordinar ministers of the toune.

Campbell to Edinburgh.

In respect it is informed be proclamatioune that the haill creditouris of the lait Marqueis of Argyll ar summond to compeir wpon the sext of November nixt, appoyntis therfor James Campbell, ane of the present baillies, to attend the said meiting, and ordaines the haill toune and hospitalles bandis be delyvered vnto him.

Warrand, burrowes.

[Ordained the treasurer to have a warrant for £154 16s. 8d. "deburst be him to the burrowes agent for the tounes pairt of the twa thousand markis was deburst in opposing Bawrowstounnes to be a free burgh royall and the rest therof for the missive dewes."]

24 October 1662.


Appoynt Coline Campbell, lait provest, and John Walkinshaw, to speik with John Biggart anent his giving over of the landis of Linningshaugh his tak right therof.

Tallow, candle and bread, old actis.

[Tallow to be sold for 50s. the tron stone; well made candle, 58s. the troy stone; the 12d. loaf to weigh 11 ounces and 3 drops. "And ratifies and approves the tounes haill former old actis set doune anent the fleschouris and wtheris for keeping guid ordour in toune as formerlie, and ordaines the samyne to be proclaimed as of old."]

Call of ministers.

Report was made be the provest, conforme to the counselles order, that he and the baillies had spokin with the bischop anent the giving of ane call to Mr. Richard Waddell and Mr. Johne Andersoune, ministers, and that his lordship was content to concur with the toune anent the giving the call to the said Mr. Richard, and that he wold give him ane warrand for transportatioune, and that he wold also give vocatioun to Mr. Johne Andersoune but that he vrged that Mr. Johne Burnet might be also admittit as aue third minister, and that ane call be given for that effect; and the counsell having now at their sitting receavit ane letter from the bischop for that effect, wherin he promissis his concurrance, but the counsell finding his letter generall, not relaiting what was past betwixt his lordship and the provest anent the call giving to the said Mr. John Burnet; and considering that ane of the ministers who served in the Laigh Kirk in Trongait was alwayes payit betwixt the toune and the bischop; therfor the counsell delayes the calling of the said thrid minister quhill the bishop condeschend to pay the halfe of the steipand; and does conclud and consent that if the bishop will pay the halfe of the steipand to the thrid minister, that they all thrie be called, viz., the said Mr. Richard Weddell for the Hie Kirk, the saidis Mr. Johne Andersoun and Mr. John Burnet for the Laigh Kirk; and to this effect appoyntis James Campbell, ane of the baillies, and John Andersoune, elder, of Dowhill, to ryd with the best convenience to the said Mr. Richard Weddell and Mr. Johne Andersoune for calling them to this place and to the said Mr. John Burnet also if the bishop condeschend to the steipand as is abovewryttin.

Act anent theis who withdrawes from divyne worship on the Lordis day.

There being producit ane act of the kirk sessioune, quherby itt was regraited to the saidis magistratis and counsell that, throw the withdrawing of manye of the inhabitantis on the Lordis day and wther tymes from divyne worship, the collectiounes at the kirk doores wer diminished, and by that the poor greatlie prejudged, and the saidis magistratis and counsell vnderstanding the samyne to be trew, they therfor ordaine that intimatioune be made to the haill inhabitantis that the forsaid prejudice done to the poore be remeided heirafter, with certificatioune to all who neglectis the samyne their monethlie contributioune will be augmented for making wp of that quhilk is withdrawne from the weiklie collectioune on the Lordis day and wther tymes.

Rodger and Catgill.

Ordaines Mr. Ralph Rodger, minister, to be payit of his stipand till Mertimes nixt and Mr. Donald Catgill to be payit quhat is awand him of his steipand for the cropt 1661, notwithstanding of any ordinance of befor in the contrair, vpon his awine discharge without cawtioune or of ony vther having his power.

1 November 1662.

Call, Waddell.

Report being made be Baillie Campbell that as yit he had not gotin the act of transportatioune for Mr. Richard Waddell, whervpon the counsell did direct wp to the bischope John Andersoune, lait provest, and John Walkinshaw theranent, who having returned ane letter, altho not satisfactorie, it is concluded be the counsell that ane call be given to the said Mr. Richard, and the clark to subscryve the same in their names, as weil as the afoirmentioned Mr. John Andersoune, and that the saidis Baillie Campbell and John Andersoune carie the same.


It is concluded, for the better evidencing of the tounes respectis to Mr. Ralph Rodger, that twenty pundis starling be payit to him be Mr. Robert Goveane for his transportatioune.

Warrand, Ker, sojouris.

Ordaines John Ker to pay, out of the monyes he receavit from the collectouris at the mylnes, to Colonel Turnour, ane hundreth and sex pundis starling, for the vse of the sojouris in toune, conforme to the Lord Lyounes ordour.

Instructiounes to the officiares.

The Instructiounes fallowing wer red to the officiares and they ordained to stand and abyd therat and obay the same, vnder the paine of deprivatioune:—

In the first, that all rolmontis and decreitis receavit be them, or ony ane of them, from any maner of persones, be put to dew executioune be them within fourtie dayes, ather be obteining payment of the sowmes conteined in the decreit or be poynding therfor or warding of the persone against quhom the decreit is evictit.

Item, that all persones who ar to be warned to the court [be warned] the day preceiding the court.

Item, that all guidis being poyndit, after the samyne is thrys laufullie roupit at the croce and offered to the partie, that immediatelie therafter they be booked in the tounes bookes.

Instructiounes to the officiares.

Item, that they attend preceislie everie court day at the court, from the doune sitting thereof to its rysing, for revisieing their warnings, and to attend the provest and baillies at all convenient tymes, ather quhen they cum from their houssis or goes home againe, or in the streitis quhen they goe about the tounes affaires; as also it is injoyned that the said officers, conforme to ane act of councill on the eightine day of January last, carie their halbertis at all tymes, and to be sein at no tyme without the same, and that wnder the paine of deprivatioune although there be no wther fault to lay to his charge, and that in respect of the vnseimlie abuse and custome they ar come to be carieing of wandis and staffs in their handis insteid of halbertis.

14 November 1662.

Gorball fewaris.

Recommends to dean of gild, deacon conviner and Johne Kerr, to call the fewars of the Gorballes to ane accompt anent the bygaine stentis collectit be them and there bestowing thereof, and anent the maiter relaiting to there boxe they brack, and there making up off quhat was therin the tyme of the breaking thereof.

6 December 1662.

Report, Campbell and Andersoune, ministers, Burrowes.

Baillie Campbell and John Andersoun, elder, of Dowhill, made their report anent their diligence in goeing to give ane call to Mr. Richard Waddell and John Andersoune to be twa of the ordinarie ministers of this burgh, who producit lettres, ane direct from ather of them, wherby they doe indicat their excuses therfor. As also, the said Bailie Campbell producit ane compt and discharge subscrivit be the buroues agent of the tounes missive dewes this last year; as also ane note subscrivit be Thomas Wyllie beiring him to be payit of the tounes accompt was awand him, quhilk was ane hundreth pundis and is a pairt of the hundreth and fyftie pundis he receavit from the deane of gild, mentioned in the act daitit the first of November last bypast; and that he had deburst out therof also fourtie thrie pundis ten shilling for the extract of the act of parliament relaiting to the tounes abaitment of their excys; so restis therof in his hand sex pundis ten shilling, and their charges being ane hundreth seavintie four pundis xv s. and the said sex pundis xv s. being rebaitit, restis ane hundreth thrie scoir eight pundis fyve shilling; and ordaines the thesaurer to mak payment to them therof. As also the said James Campbell producit ane discharge of the haill excys dew be the toune for all tyme preceiding August last; as also there was producit the principall submissioune and decreit betwixt Glasgow and Air; quhilkis wrytis wer delyvered to be laid wp with the rest of the wrytis of that natur.


Recommends to the provest and baillies to deale with the bischop anent the setling of Mr. Johne Bowie heir within this burgh as ane of the ordinarie ministers therof, the bischop paying quhat his predicessouris wer in vse to pay to ane of the ministers of the Laigh Kirk.

Warrand, thesaurer, well, Wast Port.

Ordaines the theasurer to pay out for the building of that well outwith the Wast Port the sowme of thrie scoir pundis fyftine shilling eight penneis, and recommendis to the deane of gild to sie the samyne covered; and he and the deacon conveiner to set the samyne the most commodius way they can to theis that will give most therfor.


Recommends to the magistratis to doe in the quarterings of the toune as they think most convenient for the ease of the inhabitentis, and to grant assistant quarters as they sall think guid.

Miller, Lipper Hospitall.

Ordaines Archibald Miller to be put in the Lipper Hospitall in respect of his sicknes laitlie fallen wpon him, and he to have quhat belongs therto for his mentinance, be sight of the deane of gild and deacon conveiner.

20 December 1662.

Greg, jadging barrelles.

Compeired Cuthbert Grege, couper, and producit the warrandis he had for jadging of barrelles, and becaus he had given charges and summondis to divers persones in relatioune therto, and that this long tyme bygaine ther hes bein nothing exerceised theranent, and that people now being secur he might tak advantage against them, he was therfor desyred to tak bak his summondis and not to draw people to idles charges, quhilk he promist to doe and so was dimittit.