Extracts from the records: 1671

Pages 148-159

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 3, 1663-1690. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1905.

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7 January 1671.


Recommendis to baillie Colhoune to discharge the fleshouris to kill any bestiall on the hie streit or within the mercat, and to caus tak doune their toofall at the fleshmercat at the end of the Candle Streit, and to discharge them to lay any filth or dirt ather ther or theraboutis or ony pairt of the hie streit.

Warrand, thesaurer, provest.

Ordaines the theasurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of twa thousand thrie scoir eight pundis payit be him to the proveist, quhilk compleitis his haill expenssis and charges, ordinarie and extraordinarie, during the haill tyme of the said twa last sessiounes of parliament, and in meiting and convoying the commissioner into England at the begining and end of both the said sessiounes; conforme to the compt given in theranent, red and allowed; quhilk compt is as fallowes: His extraordinarie charges and expenssis that he was at the tyme of the said conventioune of burrowes amountis to nyne hundreth and fourtie pundis. As also he gave in, in the said compt, the nummer of dayes that he was at and attending on the said conventioune of burrowes and twa sesiounes of parliament, and in meiting and convoying of the commissioner to and from England, but as to his ordinarie charges and expenssis he referred the same to the counsell. And after ingiving of the said compt the provest did remove him self out of counsell, and so Frederick Hammiltoune, eldest baillie, did preceid therintill; and the baillies and counsell, after consideratioune of what ordinarie charges and expenssis their said commissioner had bein at the said tyme, did all in ane voyce approve of his compt of nyne hundreth and fourtie pundis of extraordinarie expenssis, and allowed him for his ordinarie expenssis the said tyme twa thousand thrie hundreth twentie eight pundis. Quherupon the provest was callit in to the counsell and the said Frederick Hammiltoune appoyntit to give him thankis for his service to the toune the tyme forsaid.

14 January 1671.


For divers reasones and considerationes moving the said magistratis and counsell, it is statut and ordained by them that the officers of this burgh carie their halbertis both wark day and Sabboth day, quhen thei attend the magistratis, under the paine of being imprisoned fourtie eight hours for the first fault, and deposed aff their office for the secund fault.


Ordaines ane band to be subscrivit be the toune to Grissall Andersoune for the pryce of the landis of Burnecrookis, bocht be the toune fra her and utheris interested, and to delyver the band wpon recept of ane sufficient dispositioune to the toune.

Warrand, building of tombis.

Recomendis to the deane of gild to sight the place where John Bomanno, Thomas Cauldwell, and James Thomesoune intendis to build ane piece of the kirk yaird dyk to be tombes, and to measour aff the samyne to them, and for that effect grantis them warrand to doe the samyne accordingly.

13 February 1671.

Hors guard.

Appoyntis the baillies, deane of gild and deacone conveiner to meit with Mathow Colhoune and to setle with him anent his keeping of the hors guard.

11 March 1671.

Warrand, M'Cuir.

Ordaines Robert M'Cuir to have ane warrand for the sowme of seavine hundreth sextie seavine pundis Scotis deburst be him, out of the excyse monye, to Peter Gemmill for tries bocht fra him for the tounes use, and for twa hodheidis of French wyne was sent east to his Majesties commissioner; (fn. 1) and for the sowme of ane hundreth twentie eight pundis payit to Hendrie Craig for his last yeares receaving the turnouris fra the collectouris at the mylnes and buying purses to put them in.

Hors guard.

Frederik Hamiltoune, baillie, and theis who wer appoyntit to be with him made report thei had setled with Mathow Calhoune anent the hors guard for four pundis ten shilling weikly, quhilk was allowed and approvine.

Minister at the Barrony kirk.; New vennell.

Appoyntis baillie Colhoune, deane of gild, conveiner and thesaurer to meit with Mr. David Liddell, minister at the Barrony Kirk, and compt with him anent quhat stipend will be awand to him. And to meit with the maisteris of the colledge for buying ane piece of grund foiragainst the new vennell for washing and bleitching of clothes.

Tounes wrytis reproduced.

The provest made report of his last dilligence at Edinburgh anent the tounes affaires, and produced the tounes wrytis wer sent east the last year to be confirmed in parliament, with the new confirmatioune therof.

30 March 1671.

Warrand, thesaurer.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of ane hundreth markis, deburst be him to Mr. William Abercrumie for his bygaine preaching in the hie kirk.

1 April 1671.

Warrand, thesaurer.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of ane thousand eight hundreth sextie sex pundis eight penneis Scotis, deburst be him to the tradis for the expenssis they wer at in sending ane commissioner to London for defending their priviledges in sommer last, and for uther expenssis deburst be them in going severall tymes to Edin burgh to advyse and consult the same with advocatis, conforme to the accompt therof red, allowed and approvine.

Frier meadow.

Appoyntis the deane of gild to sight the brig at the Frier meadow.

15 April 1671.

Warrand, Cauldwall, quartering.

Ordaines John Cauldwall to have ane warrand . . . for the sowme of ane hundreth markis Scotis payit to Williame Sympsone and his wyfe for bygain quartering of my lord Linlithgow and Sir George Currier.

Fear, Provand, loches.

Appoyntis baillie Colhoune [and three others] to goe to the Provand with the first conveniencie and stryk the fear there; and to sight the cast at the Provand betwixt the twa loches.

16 May 1671.


Appoyntis the proveist, baillies, deane of gild, deacon convenier [and four others] to meit with Garnekirk anent the Cashnoch hill, and to report theranent to the counsell.

Fruit sellers, gairners ges.

It is statut and ordained that all persones who brings fruit to be sold within this burgh to theis who retaillis the same therintill, or who buyes fruit in great quantitie to be sold over againe, that they measour the same with the visitour of gairners gess, (fn. 2) quhilk is sealled with the deane of gilds mark and seall, and to pay the ordinarie dewes therfor, conforme to old use and wont, and that under such paines as it sall pleas the magistratis to inflict upon them.

Survay anent strangers and beggers.

The magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune the great abuse committed by divers persones within this burgh who settis housses to strangers and forraigne beggers, who therafter proves burdingsome to the toune, notwithstanding of many proclamatiounes made in the contrair, therfor thei have concludit that ane survay be made throw the haill toune that notice may be taikin what houssis ar to set, and of their number and the burdine thei may draw to the toune, to the effect theis that settis the houssis may be unlawed conforme to the said former proclamationes emittit theranent; and ordaines the said straingers to be removed within twentie four houres, and to exact aff ilk contravener or setter of the said houssis fyve pundis. And to this end ordaines thir persones to survay the toune, viz.: [here follow names of visitors for each of "Mr. Mylnes quarter, the persones quarter, Mr. William Stirlings quarter and Mr. John Bowies quarter;"] and to mak their report at the nixt meiting.

Survay, Gorballis.

Appoyntis baillie Fairie [and four others] to goe throw the Gorballis and to mak ane uther survay therin immediatly after the toune surveyers have done with their survey.

Warrand, thesaurer.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of fyve pundis four shilling starling payit be him to Robert Mein for newes letters and gazetis sent be him to the toune, from the first of Aprill 1670 to the first of Aprill last was.

27 May 1671.

Surveyers for strangers.

Appoyntis the baillies and theis who wer ordained with them to survay the toune to keep among themselfes ane committee, and to fyne all such persones who sall be fund guiltie for setting of houssis to straingers without licence obteined therto, and to imprisone them quhill thei pay the fyne, and to caus remove the straingers and their childerin, and to doe all things theranent as becometh.

Presentatioune, Watsoune,

Appoyntis ane presentatioune to be given to Mr. John Watsone, sone lawfull to (blank) Watsoune, tailyeour, of that place of bursarie of theologie in the colledge presenly possest be Mr. John Simpsoune . . . conforme to umquhill Mr. William Struthers mortificatioune.

3 June 1671.

Warrand, Abercrombie, Blair.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of ane hundreth markis payit out to Mr. William Abercrumbie for preaching in the Outer Hie Kirk; and for ten pundis payit to Thomas Blair for ringing the counsell and deane of gild bellis.

Bowie, warrand, Cauldwall.

In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be Nathaniell Bowie, craving payment of halfe ane yearis stipend he alledges was awand to his deceast father the tyme of his deceas, quherunto he pretendis to have right, the toune finding themselfes not lyable for any stipend after their ministers ar dead, yit, in respect of the said Nathaniell his present conditioune and that he is to be lauriat, thei ordaine John Cauldwall to pay to him out of the excys twa hundreth markis out of their charitie.

6 June 1671.

Mills, etc., set.

[Common good set for a year as follows:—mills, 10,050 merks; ladles, £2,400; mealmarket and pecks, 830 merks; customs and casualties of the tron, 1,150 merks; bridge, 1,600 merks; grass of St. Mungo's Little Kirkyaird, a rex dollar to the officers.]

17 June 1671.


It is concludit that the Howgait be mendit and repaired, and the inhabitantis to be charged to help to doe the same, and that ane persone out of ilk familie come out for that effect as they sall be wairned by the drum, under the paine of fyve pundis of unlaw.


Appoyntis Gawine Listoune to set doune ane roll to pay in locallitie to the maried sojouris sen Mertimes last, and the roll to be revised be the deane of gild, deacon conveiner [and three others].


Ordaines Peter Gemmill to have ane warrand to pay to the awiners of the militia horssis quhat is dew to them at this terme, out of the excyse, and he is to receave their discharges.

29 June 1671.

Call to Cook.

Appoyntis the proveist and theis whom he takis with him to Dundie that quhen they come bak to Edinburgh they repair to Prestoune panis to give ane call to Mr. (blank) Cook to be minister here in Glasgow.

6 July 1671.

Great brig.

It is concluded that the south bow of the great brig be takin doune for eshewing of danger, seing it is not lyklie to stand, and that John Clark, measoune, doe the same in ordour to the best saiffing of the breking the stones.


Appoyntis the customer of the brig to provyd cobillis be sight of the baillies.

Timber to be bocht.

Appoyntis the deane of gild [and two others] to buy timber for the use of the brig from John Barnes the best way they can for the guid of the toune.

17 July 1671.

Provand mylne.

Recommendis to the deane of gild and conveiner to set the Provane mylne at the best rate they can on guid securitie.

Warrand, Cauldwall.

Ordaines John Cauldwall to have ane warrand for the sowme of twa hundreth markis for oackin plankis bocht fra John Nisbit in Dumbartane for the use of the bridge.

5 August 1671.


Recommendis to baillie Colhoune [and two others] to setle and agrie with what warkmen workis at the brig.

Tak of Provand mylne and landis.

There was ane tak subscrivit of the Provand mylne and mylne landis, in favoris of Walter Scott for nyntine yeares, and appoyntis James Andersoune, baillie of Provand, to put him in possessioune.

Warrand, Gemmill.

Appoyntis Peter Gemmill to have ane warrand . . . for thrie hundreth and nyntie pundis, deburst to the proveist, quhilk he deburst to advocatis and their servandis in severall consultatiounes anent the tounes affaires, and for drawing wp of ane [supplicatioune] to be presentit to the privie counsell anent the getting supplie for building the brig, and anent what was deburst to the clarkis of the counsell.

10 August 1671.

Key of Newport.

Appoyntis baillie Colhoune [and three others], or ony twa of them, to repair doune to Newport Glasgow to sight the key ther, and appoyntis them to doe quhat is neidfull to be done theranent.

19 August 1671.

Maxwellis right of burgess and gild brothership.

In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be Alexander Maxwell, merchand, informing that one Ninian Davidsoune, merchand, had maried ane doughter of his named Jeane Maxwell, and begottin by her twa bairnes, viz., Jonet and Issobel Davidsounes, and that he had desertit her and left the bairnes theis manye yeares bygaine, wherby it is lyk the bairnes will los their right of burges and gild brothership, their father never being entred be right of his wyfe as a burges and gildbrotheris doughter; the magistratis and counsell being loth that the said bairnes should los their benefeit and friedome, in caice it please God that they live to brok the same, doe therfor heirby conclud and ordaine that the said twa bairnes sall have the benefeit of their burges and gild brothership, at their perfect age, als frielie as if their said father had entred by right of the mariage with his said wyfe, and that in favouris of the said Alexander Maxwell their guidschir.

2 September 1671.

Warrandis, brig, Balgrayhill.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have aue warrand for the sowme of ane hundreth pundis starling deburst be him to John Clark, measoune, to help the payment of the work men at the brig to ane compt. And for twentie fyve markis payit out be him in compleit payment (fn. 3) to the man that mendit the hie way on Balgray hill.


After consideratioune had be the magistratis and counsell, grantis warrand and libertie to the haill tradis within this burgh ather to elect new deacones at the ordinarie tyme or to conteinow theis who ar present.

Maltmen in Gorballis.

In regard to the great complent given in be the maltmen of this burgh against divers young men who keepes malt killis in the Gorballis, quhilk they aught not to doe, being nather fewars nor rentallers, contrair the old actis set doune theranent, the magistratis and counsell therfor statutis and ordaines that no persone of that qualitie presum to mak any malt in the said village of Gorballis, and recommendis to the baillie of Gorballis to put the same to executioune.

25 September 1671.

Warrand, denner, nobleman, brig.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of twa hundreth seavintie sex pundis xviij s. vj d. Scotis monye deburst be him to Jonet Reid for the tounes denner at Witsonday last, and for drink spent with noble men sen that tyme. And for twa hundreth thrie scoir ten pundis Scotis monye deburst be him to Alexander Eglingtoune for work wrought be him at the brig and uther partes.

30 September 1671.

Takis subscrivit.

There was twa takis subscrivit, ane to Alexander Jamesoune of some landis in muir of Gorballis possest be him, for twa nyntine yeares, for payment of fyftie markis; and ane uther to John Scheillis there for the same space, being a pairt of the landis of Cauplahillis, for payment of threttie pundis; and it is declared, albeit the tak be sett be the toune and the dewtie payable therby to them, yit the same belongs to Hutchesounes Hospitall.

3 October 1671.

Nominatioune of proveist.

The quhilk day, being the ordinarie day for electing of the magistratis of this burgh, compeared George Andersoune, ane of the ordinarie clarkis therof, and producit ane letter direct to the proveist, baillies and counsell of the samyne, daitit att Whythall the alevinth of September last bypast, quherof the tenor fallowes: Assured guid friendis,—Ye may remember that, in respect that the archbishop of Glasgow was not setled, his Majestie the last year did nominat and appoynt William Andersoune to be proveist of Glasgow, and now upon the same consideratioune his Majestie is pleased to ordour and appoynt that the said William Andersoune continow proveist of Glasgow for this nixt enshewing year. This the King hes commandit me to signifie as his expres pleasour. So, being confident of your redie obedience, I rest your assured guid friend, sic subscribitur: Lauderdaill. After reading quherof, the said William Andersoune was receavit and conteinowed proveist of this burgh for this said next enshewing year, and that unanimously, who being present did accept and give his oath as use is. Therafter the said magistratis and counsell went on to the electioune of their baillies for the said next year.

Election of bailies.

[From leets made up in the same way as in the previous year, Robert Rae and John Cauldwall, merchants, and William Wallace, craftsman, were elected bailies for the ensuing year.]

6 October 1671.

Toune counsell.

[The magistrates of this and the two preceding years chose thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be on the town council for the ensuing year.]

7 October 1671.

Warrandis for excyse of malt forbidden.

The proveist, baillies and counsell present, taking to their consideratioune the great los susteaned be the toune by granting of warrandis for grinding of malt not broune in the toune to pas excyse frie, they have therfor ordained and heirby ordaines that no warrand be grantit to the effect forsaid in tyme coming, to no persones quhatsomever, nather to magistratis, counsellouris or ony uther inhabitent within this burgh, under quhatsumever pretext; and that non of the collectouris accept of ony warrand or suffer any malt to pas excyse frie, under the paine of ane hundreth pundis and deprivatioune of their places.

11 October 1671.

Deane of gild, etc., chosen.

[From leets made up as formerly, the following office-bearers were chosen for the year ensuing:—John Walkinshaw, dean of guild; James Fairie, deacon-convener; John Braidie, treasurer; John Brysoune, water bailie; Thomas Bogle, master of work; Donald M'Gilcreist, bailie of Gorbals; William Hutchesoune, visitor of gardeners.]

Warrand, denner.

Ordaines the lait thesaurer to have ane warrand . . . for the sowme of ane hundreth nyntie pundis seavine shillings iiij d. deburst be him to Jonet Reid for the tounes denner at Michaelmas last, and spent with utheris sen syne.

21 October 1671.

Statutes, breid, candle, and tallow.

[The wheat loaf weighing 10½ oz. to be sold for 12d.; rough tallow for 41s. 8d. the stone; well made candle for 48s. the troy stone.]

Bandis subscrivit, minister, brig

Ther was ane band subscrivit to Mr. David Liddell, minister of the Barrony Kirk, of twa thousand markis quhilk, with fyftie markis payit to him be the lait thesaurer, compleitis to him all bygaine stipendis to Mertimes nixt. As also ane band subscrivit to John Barnes, elder, of ane thousand thrie hundreth thrie scoir nyne pundis vj s. viij d. for the pryce of treis and timber bocht fra him to the use of the brig.

Call to Hoome.

Appoyntis John Johnstoune, or ony utheris the magistrates sall please to send with him, to repair to the paroch of Dingwall, or els where, to give a call to (blank) Hoome, minister, ther, to come and serve as ane of the ministers of this burgh, (fn. 4) and the clarkis to subscryve a letter to them for that effect.


Ordaines Johne Cauldwall to have ane warrand for the sowme of thrie hundreth markis payit farder to Mr. Nathaniell Bowie nor the twa hundreth markis he recevit of befor, quhilk is in compleit payment of all he can crave fra the toune for wmquhill Mr. John Bowie, his father, his bygaine stipend.

28 October 1671.

Few dewties of Candlerig and utheris.; Litsters, Walkmylne.

Recommendis to the baillies, deane of gild, and deacon conveiner, to modiefie the fewdewties of the Candlerig and utheris set out in few, at the bak of the fleshmercat, quhairwpon the candlemakers hes builded their houssis and yairdis, and that quhilk is to be sett out, in respect the samyne is over dear. As also recommendis to the same persones to meit with the litsters and to setle with them anent their letter of deaconrie they ar seiking of the toune, and anent the setting of the tounes Walkmylne to them, the best way they can.

Warrandis, Bryce, lait thesaurer.

Ordaines Patrick Bryce, lait thesaurer, to have ane warrand for the sowme of twa thousand sex hundreth and fourtie pundis Scotis deburst be him to sundrie persones anent the tounes affaires, viz., sent to some persones at Londone agenting to get ane contributioune for the brig and in uther particularis concerning the toune; and to severall uther persones at Edinburgh and Glasgow theranent, conforme to the compt, quherintil is included that quhilk was given to Alexander Todrick quhen he come here with the Kings letter at the electioune of the magistratis at Michaelmes 1670.

4 November 1671.

Warrand, provest, to London.

Appoyntis the proveist to tak any person he pleaseth with him ather fra Glasgow or Edinburgh to wait on him to London; and ordaines Peter Gemmill to have ane warrand for the sowme of fyftie pundis starling given to the proveist for paying that persones expenssis he sall tak with him, and to deburs utherwayes anent the tounes affaires as he sall think necessar for geting ane contributioun for the brig or utherwayes for the weill of the toun.

Monye to Dainzell.

Ordainis four hundreth pundis Scotis to be given to John Dainziell for his pairt of the brunt monye, provyding he build his windowes with daillis in Saltmercat; but if he build them with stone he is ordained to have sex hundreth pundis, and that imediatly after his topping of the said windowes.

2 December 1671.

Warrandis, herring, etc.

Ordaines Peter Gemmill to have ane warrand . . . for fyve hundreth alevine pundis seavine shillings viij d. Scotis, deburst be him for herring sent to Edinburgh to the tounes advocatis and utheris, and for herring and strong waters sent to severall persones at London and for the tounes advocatis fiellis this last year.

6 December 1671.

Agriement with Clark.

The deane of gild made report that he had agried with John Clark, measoune, to big the port at the south end of the brig and haill uther work yit undon, to quhilk the toune was to furnish materiellis, and to pay to him fyve hundreth pundis, and ane uther hundreth pundis Scotis in the proveistis will, at his returne, quhilk was allowed and approvine be all present.


  • 1. The earl of Lauderdale.
  • 2. "Gess," perhaps gage or gauge, a measure.
  • 3. On 17th July £50 Scots were authorised to be paid "for helping the way at the Balgray hill."
  • 4. It was reported on 6th December that Mr. Hoome was "not willing to come."