Appendix: Bishops and Archbishops of Glasgow, 1175-1649

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Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 1. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Glasgow, 1897.

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Bishop Joceline, 1174–1199.

Bishop Hugh (de Roxburgh), 1199. Chancellor of the Kingdom, 1189–1199.

Bishop William (Malvoisin), 1199 or 1200–1202. Chancellor of the Kingdom, 1199. Translated to St. Andrews, 1202.

Bishop Florence (son of the Earl of Holland, and related to King William). Elected to the See in 1202, but not consecrated when he resigned. Chancellor of the Kingdom in 1201–1208.

Bishop Walter, 1207–1232.

Bishop William (De Bondington), 1233–1258. Chancellor of the Kingdom in 1231–1249.

Bishop John (De Cheyam), 1260–1268.

Bishop Nicholas (De Moffatt), 1268–1270. Never consecrated.

Bishop William (Wischard), 1270–1271. Never consecrated. Chancellor of the Kingdom, 1256–1274. Postulated to St. Andrews after death of Archbishop Gameline in 1271, but not consecrated till 1274. One of the Guardians of Scotland.

Bishop Robert (Wischard), a nephew or cousin of Bishop William, 1272–1316. One of the Lords of the Regency on the death of King Alexander III. in 1286.

Bishop Stephen (de Dundemore), 1317. Never consecrated, and supposed to have died on his way to Rome.

Bishop John (de Lindesay), apparently in 1318–1325. Great Chamberlain of the Kingdom, 1279–1285. Chancellor of the Kingdom in 1321 (?). Doubts exist as to the succession to the Bishopric between Bishop Robert (Wischard) in 1316 and Bishop John (de Lindesay). See Pref., p. xxii., footnote 1.

Bishop William (Rae), 1335 or 1336–1367.

Bishop Walter (Wardlaw), 1368–1389. Appointed Cardinal by Pope Clement VII. in 1381. Was one of two Plenipotentiaries for negotiating a truce with England at Boulogne-surMer in September, 1384.

Bishop Mathew (Glendoning), 1389–1408.

Bishop William (Lauder), 1408–1425. Chancellor of the Kingdom in 1423. Commissioner for treating for the redemption of King James I. in 1423.

Bishop John (Cameron), 1426–1446 (?). Secretary to the King, 1424, 1426–7. Keeper of the Great Seal, 1425. Keeper of the Privy Seal, 1436. Chancellor of the Kingdom, 1428, 1429, 1437, 1439–40.

Bishop James (Bruce), 1446–1447; died before consecration. Chancellor of the Kingdom in 1444.

Bishop William (Turnbull), 1448–1454.

Bishop Andrew (Muirhead), 1455–1473. One of the Lords of the Regency during the minority of James III., 1460. Commissioner to negotiate treaty of peace with England, 1462 and 1472. Commissioner to Denmark in 1468 to treat as to the King's marriage.

Bishop John (Laing), 1473–4, 1482–3. Lord High Treasurer, 1465–1468, 1471–1474. Lord Clerk Register, 1468. Chancellor of the Kingdom, 1482–1483.

Bishop George (Carmichael), 1482–3, but he died before consecration.

Bishop, afterwards Archbishop, Robert (Blacader), 1484–1508. See erected into an Archbishopric in 1491. A Commissioner to negotiate the marriage between James IV. and Margaret, eldest daughter of Henry VII., which formed the foundation of the union of the Crowns of England and Scotland.

Archbishop James (Bethune, or Beaton), 1508–1522. Lord High Treasurer, 1505–1508. Chancellor of the Kingdom, 1515–1525. A Lord of the Regency during the absence of the Governor of the Kingdom in France in 1517. Translated to St. Andrews, 1522.

Archbishop Gavin (Dunbar), 1524–1547. Chancellor of the Kingdom, 1528–1543. A Lord of the Regency during the absence of James V. in France, whither he went to marry the Princess Magdalen in 1536.

Archbishop Alexander (Gordon), elected by the chapter in 1547, and proceeded to Rome to receive confirmation, but was never consecrated.

Archbishop James (Bethune, or Beaton), 1551–1568. Went to France in 1560, taking with him the muniments of the See. Appointed by Queen Mary to be her Ambassador at the Court of France. After the Queen's execution, appointed by James VI. to be his Ambassador at the French Court. Restored to the Archbishopric in 1598, but never returned to Scotland.


Archbishop John (Porterfield), 1571–1572.

Archbishop James (Boyd), 1572–1581.

Archbishop Robert (Montgomery), 1581–1585.

Archbishop William (Erskine), 1585–1587. Never in orders, and Titular Bishop only.

Archbishop James (Beaton). Restored 1598–1603.

Archbishop John (Spottiswood), 1605–1615. Nominated by James VI. to be Archbishop, 1603. Appointed by the Queen to be her Almoner, 1602. Received Episcopal Consecration in London, 1610. Translated to the Archbishopric of St. Andrews, 1615. Chancellor of the Kingdom, 1635.

Archbishop James (Law), 1615–1632.

Archbishop Patrick (Lindsay), 1633–1638. Deprived of the Archbishopric and excommunicated by the General Assembly in 1638.