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Grey's Debates of the House of Commons: Volume 1. Originally published by T. Becket and P. A. De Hondt, London, 1769.

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VOL. I. Page 3. line 14. For Sir Thomas Howard, read Sir Robert. P. 22. l. 3. from the bottom, for corresponds read corresponded. P. 64. l. 15, and p. 88. l. 19. read Irby. P. 361. 1. 16. read and a rich one. P. 387. l. the last, read, we do agree.

VOL. II. P. 449 In the Note, for 154, read 454.

VOL. III. P. 18. l. 23. for Nolle, read Noli. P. 103. in the Notes, for Sic MS, read a public house so called in Westminster. P. 318 and 319 are paged wrong. P. 379. l. 23. for 200 read 1200. P. 446. l. 2. for the Bill for Exportation of Wool, read the Bill to prevent the Exportation, &c.

VOL. IV. P. 4. l. 12. for referred to. N.B. The Committee of Privileges passed it. l. 13. read referred to the Committee of Privileges, which passed it. P. 190. l. 30. for him read her. P. 217. l. 9. read Mr Bernard Howard, &c. P. 279. l. 25. for he is read I am. Same page, l. 27 for he was, read I was.

VOL. V. P. 3. in the Notes, l. the last, for Prince's, read Princess's. P. 49. l. 24. read, an old Order made when Sir Edward Turner was Speaker. P. 87. in the Notes, for See MS. read Sic MS.

VOL. VI. P. 2. l. 16. for more than once, the thing, &c. read more than once. The thing, &c. P. 131. in the Notes, for 115 read 118. P. 218. l. 35. for man read men. P. 240. l. the last, for heard read hear. P. 404. l. 16. for December 27, read March 7.

VOL. VII. Sheet E is paged wrong. P. 60. l. 1. for Sackville read Sacheverell.

VOL. VIII. P. 161. l. 15. for 2 read 1. P. 176. in the first Note, dele this Report, &c. and add it to the second. P. 341. l. 29. read was charged by Dugdale, &c. P. 373. l. 3. for 1686 read 1687.

VOL. IX. P. 180. l. 17. for her read my. P. 217. l. 36. for alleged to, read alleged by. P. 226. l. 28. for them read him. same page, l. 29. for him read them. P. 549. l. 30. for they read he.

VOL. X. P 54. in the Note, for 41 read 43. P. 146. l. 25. after Conference make a semi-colon. P. 192. l 24. for clear read fair. P. 354. at the end of the Note dele Burnet.