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Pages 688-691

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Series 2, Volume 1, Henry VII. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1898.

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Ibecombe Close, in Worthy, in Berry Pomeroy, co. Devon, 1167.

Icford, co. Bucks. See Ickford.

Ichenestoke, co. Hants. See Stoke, Itchen.

Ichyngton, Long, co. Warw. See Itchington.

Ickford, Icford, co. Bucks., land in, 465.
-, ……, co. Oxford. See Draycot.

Ickleton, Iklyngton, co Camb., manor in, 632.

Icklingham, Iklyngham, co. Suff., land in, 1007.

Idbury, co. Oxford, manor of, 659.

Iddesleigh, Yeddeslegh, Yeddesley, co. Devon, advowson of, 785; manor of, 249, 785.

Iddeswourth, co. Hants. See Idsworth.

Idelcote, co. Devon, land held of manor of, 855.

Iden, Thos., esq., 428.

Idstone, Edeston, Edewynston, co. Berks., manor of, 414.

Idsworth, Iddeswourth, co. Hants, manor of, 822

Iford, co. Sussex, rent (1/8) in, 878.

Ightham, co. Kent, Le Mote in, 373.
-, ………, Thorpe, John of. See Thorpe.

Iklyngham, co. Suff. See Icklingham.

Iklyngton, co. Camb. See Ickleton.

Ikworth, co. Suff. See Ixworth.

Ilbury, Yelbery, co. Oxford, land in, 131.

Ildesley, Thomas. See Ilsley.

Ile Abbates, co. Somers. See Isle Abbotts.
-, ……… Brewers, co. Somers. See Isle Brewers.

Ilfardescombe, co. Devon. See Ilfracombe.

Ilfeld, John, 1192.

Ilfercomb, co. Devon. See Ilfracombe.

Ilfracombe, Ilfardescombe, Ilfercomb, co. Devon, land held of manor of, 661; Mellecote in, 155.

Ilkeston, co. Derby, land held of manor of, 383.

Illerssh, co. Devon, manor of, 155.

Illesley, John. See Ilsley.

Illestre, co. Herts. See Elstree.

Illington, Illyngton, co. Norf., manor (1/2) of, 384.

Illingworth, Illyngworth, Yllongworth, Richard, gent., 515.
-, ………, Richard, knt., 1166.

Illyngton, co. Norf. See Illington.

Illyngworth, Richard. See Illingworth.

Ilmer, Elmer, co. Bucks., land in, 106.

Ilminster, Ilmyster, co. Somers., land in, 1134.

Ilmyster, co. Somers. See Ilminster.

Ilsley, Ildesley, Illesley, John, 136.
-, ………, Thomas, esq., 1004.
-, ………, William, 1252.

Ilsyngton, co. Norf See Islington.

Imberlynges, messuage called, co. Essex. See Hallingbury (Great).

Incledene, John, 1231.

Ingaldesthorp, co. Norf. See Ingoldisthorpe.

Inge, Hugh, clk., 1134.

Inge Bourton, co. Oxford. See Bourton, Inge.

Ingelby, John. See Ingleby.

Ingelisthorp, Joan. See Ingoldisthorpe.

Ingelton, Sibyl. See Ingleton, Sibyl.

Ingelwodd, co. Cumb. See Inglewood.

Ingelwood, co. Cumb. See Inglewood.

Ingestons Hold, Le, co. Heref. See Brockhampton, Upper.

Ingham, Yngham, co. Linc., manor of, 1037.
-, ……, co. Norf., manor of, 1097.
-, ……, co. Suff., land in, 1007.

Ingilby, co. York. See Ingleby.

Ingleby, Ingelby, Ingilby, Ingulby, Loryng alias Cald Ingleby, co. York, knight’s fee in, 612.

Ingleby. John, chaplain, 1193.
-, ………, William, 612.

Inglefeld, Thomas. See Englefield.

Inglesthorp, Joan, &c. See Ingoldesthorp.

Ingleton, Ingelton, Ingylton, George, land held of, in co. Bucks., 465.

Ingleton, George, Bedf., 968; Bucks., 967; N’hamp., 966.

Ingleton, Robert, s. and h. of George, 966.
-, ………, Sibyl, 753.

Inglewood, Ingelwodd, Ingelwood Forest, co. Cumb., encroachments in, 157; Kyrkethuayte in, 157; lands, parcel of, 112; puture of, 157, 695.

Inglos, Henry, knt., 190.

Inglyssh, William. See English.

Ingoldesby, Agnes, &c. See Ingoldsby.

Ingoldesthorp, Joan, &c. See Ingoldisthorpe.

Ingoldisthorpe, Ingaldesthorp, Ingelisthorp, Inglesthorp, Yngaldesthropp, co. Norf., land in, 210; manor of, 210.

Ingoldisthorpe, Edmund, knt., 212, 1085, 1088, 1090, 1130.
-, ………, Isabel. See Nevill, Isabel, Marchioness Montague.
-, ………, Joan, late wife of Edmund, knt., sister and co-heir of John Tiptoft, Earl of Worcester, 21, 212.

Ingoldisthorpe, Joan, late wife of Edmund, knt., sister and co-heir of John Tiptoft, Earl of Worcester, Camb., 1085; Essex, 1087; Hunt., 1086; Kent, 1090; Linc., 1133; Middx., 1091; N’hamp., 1112; Salop, 1111; Suff., 1088; Surrey, 1130; Wilts., 1092; Worc., 1141.

Ingoldisthorpe, Joan, &c., land held of, in co. Essex, 886.
-, ………, Margaret, mother of Edmund, knt., and d. and h. of Elizabeth De la Pole, 212.

Ingoldisthorpes manor, in St. Mary alias East Rainham, co. Norf., 210.
-, ……… manor, in Wimbotsham, co. Norf., 210.

Ingoldmells, Ingoldmels, co. Linc., land in, 686, 1127.

Ingoldmels, co. Linc. See Ingoldmells.

Ingoldsby, Ingoldesby, Agnes, late wife of Ralph, Bucks., 844, 853.

Ingoldsby, John, grandson and heir of Agnes, 844.
-, ………, Ralph, 844, 853.
-, ………, Thomas, s. and h. of Agnes, 844.

Ingulby, William, &c. See Ingleby.

Ingylfeld, Thomas. See Englefield.

Ingylton, George. See Ingleton.

Inhwe, Philip, 759.

Inkberrow, Inkebarrowe, Intebergh, co. Worc., land in, 1224; manor of, 888.

Inkebarrowe, co. Worc. See Inkberrow.

Inkersall, Hynkyrsull, co. Derby, manor of, 3.

Inquisition voided, 833.
-, ……… voided because county not specified, 594.
-, ……… voided because not indented, 267, 593, 755.

Instow, Yenstowe, co. Devon, advowson of, 155; manor of, 155.

Intebergh, co. Worc. See Inkberrow.

Inttewode, co. Norf. See Intwood.

Intwood, Inttewode, co. Norf., land in, 1229.

Inwardleigh, Inwarlegh, co. Devon, land in, 685.

Inwarlegh, co. Devon. See Inwardleigh.

Inworth, Inwourth, co. Essex, land in, 1144.

Inwourth, co. Essex. See Inworth.

Ipilpen, co. Devon. See Ipplepen.

Ipplepen, Ipilpen, Ipylpen, co. Devon, land in, 755; manor of, 728.

Ippollitts, St. Ipolite, co. Herts., Calton, Robert, vicar of, 406.

Ipswich, co. Suff., Aylesborn by. See Aylesborn; messuage in, 265; St. Peters Priory, land held of, in co. Suff., 909.

Ipwell, co. Oxford. See Epwell.

Ipylpen, co. Devon. See Ipplepen.

Irby, Ireby, co. Linc., advowson (1/2) of, 883; land in, 706, 883, 1257; manor (1/2) of, 883.

Irby, John, clk., M.A., 631.

Irchester, co. N’hamp., land in, 966; manor of, 573.

Ireby, co. Linc. See Irby.

Iren Acton, co. Glouc. See Iron Acton.

Irmynglond, co. Norf. See Stiffkey.

Iron (Iren) Acton, co. Glouc., land in, 778, 860.

Irstead, Irsted, co. Norf., land in, 384.

Irsted, co. Norf. See Irstead.

Irthingfoot, Irthyngfote, co. Cumb., fishery in Eden water near, 157.

Irthington, Irthyngton, co. Cumb., land held of manor of, 157; Lanercost Priory in, 157; manor of, 157.

Irthlingborough, Attylborough, Irtilborowe, co. N’hamp., land in, 1179; Lord, John, of. See Lord; manor of, 297.

Irthyngfote, co. Cumb. See Irthingfoot.

Irthyngton, co. Cumb. See Irthington.

Irtilborowe., co. N’hamp. See Irthlingborough.

Irwin, Erwyn, John, 642.

Irygge, John, 436.

Iryngeham, co. Sussex. See Erringham.

Isaack, Isaak, James, 362.
-, ………, John, esq., 134, 138, 362.

Isaak, John, &c. See Isaack.

Isbury, Ysbury, John, esq., 365; land held of, in co. Berks, 1106; in co. Wilts., 956.

Ischirwode, Thurstan. See Isherwood.

Iselham, co. Camb. See Isleham.

Isell, co. Cumb., land in, 15/.

Isfelde alias Hysefeld, co. Sussex. See Isfield.

Isfield, Isfelde alias Hysefeld, co. Sussex. manor of, 522.

Isham, Issham, co. N’hamp., land in, 796, 1178.

Isham, Richard, 753, 845.
-, ………, Richard, gent., 391.

Isham, Richard, gent., N’hamp., 845.

Isham, Robert, brother and heir of Richard, gent., 845.

Isherwood, Ischirwode, Thurstan, 188.

Isle, He, Abbotts (Abbates), co. Somers., Northall manor in, 38.
-, ……… Brewers, co. Somers., manor of, 182.

Islee, John, esq., land held of, in co. Kent, 530.

Isleham, Iselham, Isselham, co. Camb., manor of, 558; Peyton, Thomas, of. See Peyton.

Islington, Ilsyngton, Islyngton, co. Norf., advowson of, 35; land in, 210; manor of, 35.

Islyngton, co. Norf. See Islington.

Isselham, co. Camb. See Isleham.

Issham, co. N’hamp. See Isham.

Itchen Stoke, co. Hants. See Stoke.

Itchington, Egyngton, Ichyngton, co. Warw., land near, 1052.
-, ………, Long, co. Warw., land in, 136.

Ive, Joan. See Courtman, Joan,
-, ………, John, 381.
-, ………, William, clk., 41, 42, 43.

Ivecombe, co. Devon, land in, 930.

Iver, Evere, co. Bucks., land in, 564, 679.

Ivinghoe, Ivyngho, Aston, co. Bucks., land in, 617.

Ivotte, John, 1143.

Ivychurch, co. Wilts., priory of, land held of, in co. Wilts., 770, 829; Thachain, Edward, Prior of, 829.

Ivyngho, co. Bucks. See Ivinghoe.

Iwade, Wade, co. Kent, land in, 606, 1169.

Iwardby, co. Linc. See Ewerby.

Iwardby, Elizabeth. See Elmes, Elizabeth.
-, ………, Ellen. See Knight, Ellen.
-, ………, Joan, late wife of John, esq., 1071.

Iwardby, Joan, late wife of John, esq., Linc., 328.

Iwardby, John, 678.
-, ………, John, esq., 372, 1071, 1080.

Iwardby, John, esq., Bucks., 8; Linc., 6, 1125.

Iwardby, Lady Joan, widow, 372.
-, ………, Margaret, or Margery, d. and ch. of John, esq., 6, 328, 1125.

Iwardby, Margaret, or Margery, d. and ch. of John, esq., Bucks., 1071.

Iwardby, Nicholas, father of John, 8.

Iweherst, co. Surrey. See Ewhurst.

Ixnyng, co. Suff. See Exning.

Ixworth, Ikworth, co. Suff., land in, 495.